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lineline itsaline

Knock Knock

"hmmm, I wonder who that is." Harry pondered as he walked to the door to check who it was.

Looking though the peep hole, he saw a man in a worn suit, holding a equally worn breifcase. "Hello Mr Potter, My name is Rafael Bishop, Im from the Federal Bureau of Magical Investigation. and i would like to talk to you about your stay in america." Said the man as Harry opened the door.

"Well come in then" harry says stepping aside. "would you like a cuppa?" asked Harry as they moved to the living room. "A cuppa?" he asked "Ah um It's a cup of tea." Harry replied "Oh, Yes please." "Great, make yourself comfortable, ill be just a tic."

As Harry went about making his guest some tea, Rafael sat down and opened his briefcase. Harry walked in with his tea tray floating behind him. "Milk, sugar?" Harry asked as he reached the couch and sat down. "Ah no, I am lactose intolerant." Rafael said with a smile. "Just some sugar please." "Alright, here you go." Harry said handing Rafael his tea. "Now, What can i do for you Mr. Bishop." He asked taking a sip of his own tea. 'Mm that hit the spot' he thought waiting for Rafael to reply.

Rafael nods his head and unlocks his briefcase "Mr. Potter, We at the FBMI would like to offer you a job. San fransisco is very lacking in wand users, but very prevalent in Magick users. If you accept we would have you liasioning with the local police department so that any case that is magical in nature you could take over, solve and keep under wraps." Rafael replied.

Harry looked at Rafael and asked "Why me?" "Well, like i said there are not many wand users in San fran and well' he pause as he sucked in air between his teeth and sighed heavyly.' any wand user we send in gets killed by demons" Rafael finished.

Harry narrowed his eyes "I see, very well i'll take the job." " will? Thank you Mr. Potter thank you! I have some papers you need to sign, then I can go back to the office and start the paperwork to get you all set up for you to start in two or three weeks." said Rafael as he got the papers for Harry to sign.

Harry looked through the forms and after seeing nothing amiss signed and initials all the forms and handed them back to Rafael."Here you go all signed." "Thank you Mr. Potter. I'll mail you some books about the diffences between British and american procedures and customs that you will need to know and you will be tested in three weeks, pass that and then we are all good." Rafael said as he put the papers away in the briefcase.

Standing up and offering his hand to Harry he said "Well Mr. Potter, here's to a long and prosperous relationship." Harry smiled and shook his hand, then led him to the door. "I'll see you in a couple of weeks Mr. Bishop." "Yep, goodbye Mr. Potter." Rafael replied as he walked down the hall.