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"Winter is nearly here."

"Well, father was bound to be right sooner or later..."

~Siblings Reminiscing.

Keep Your Wits About You


Gods be good, Mance had thought them dead, and now he'd seen them twice.

A searing sea of flames burned before his massive Wildling army; ts intensity matched only by the roar of dragons filling the air. Each of the great beasts landed behind their blazing declaration, a massive black behemoth loomed large before the other two, eyes filled with fire and fury. Two riders disembarked to stand beside the beasts, and in an instant, Mance Rayder knew what was about to transpire.

Defy and die.

"Tormund, Ygritte, with me." he held up a hand to stay the people he had commanded,, "All the rest of you, stay put."

The flames flickered, slowly dying down as the two rider's approached the searing line of flames.

"Mance Rayder?" the male questioned.

"Aye, who be you?" he shot back.

"Naruto Baratheon, Crown Prince of the Seven Kingdom's, heir to Stannis Baratheon the King of the Seven Kingdom's." came the reply.

Aye, this one had the look of Stannis about him. There was a certain set to his jaw, a stubborn gleam in his eyes. And there besides him...



...well, well. Today was a day of firsts indeed.

"And I can only assume that this is a Targaryen, Daenerys precisely." he said as he glanced toward the platinum blond, "Thought you were in exile?"

"I was," came her unamused reply, "Before a certain former Master of Coin tried to pull a fast one on all of us." despite the bitter chill in the air, she remained every bit at her ease, "I have been home for quite the sum of years now, as have my dragons."

Bloody lovely.

"Well, I'd say welcome back, but that wouldn't be true exactly. Never supported the Targaryens or the Baratheons."

"I'm well aware." the Prince regarded him with a face carved from stone, to stern was his countenance. Regardless, what are your intentions?"

Mance made to retort, but a certain fiery lass beat him to it. "We're going south, away from what seeks us." Ygritte spat at him.

"And, what exactly, would that be?" Dany asked her.

"Are you daft? The White Walker and their bloody army!"

"White Walker's, huh?" Something passed across the prince's face then, a dark flicker of concern, "So they aren't a myth?" he asked.

"They never were." Tormund stepped up to face, "We've been fighting the damned bastard's for the last four thousand years, never been able to so much as kill 'em."

"Precisely." Mance told the two royals, "I united the clans beyond the Wall to protect them. Swore to them that I would get them away from the approaching undead. And your Wall is in our way."

Daenerys tutted. "Well, we can hardly let you pass, it's almost an invasion on your part."

Mance spat on the ground, "Do you know what it takes to unite ninety clans, half of whom want to massacre the other half for one insult or another?" he asked of them, "They speak seven different languages. The Thenns hate the Hornfoots, the Hornfoots hate the ice-river clans, everyone hates the cave people. So, you know how I got moon-worshipers and cannibals and giants to march together in the same army?...I told them we were all going to die if we don't get south. 'Cause that's the truth."

Viserion growled as Mance stepped towards his master, his teeth flashing through the fires.

Tormund took one look at the dragon and grinned, "You're a big beasty, ain'tcha?"

"I dare you to try it." the Prince smirked.

"Don't tempt me now, I'm pretty sure I could worm my way into said beasty's heart and steal it from ye."

A moment passed between them.

The prince tilted his head. "Did we just become friends?"

"I think we just did."

"Oh dear gods, there's two of them now?" Ygritte shivered.

"Why do you say it like that?" Daenerys questioned in confusion.

"We're doomed... utterly and horrifically doomed." the Wildling girl shuddered anew.

Mance glanced to Giantsbane, "Tormund, enough games."

"No promises there mate." he grinned back.

"Look, we can't just allow you to pass, no Wildling has ever gone past the Wall and survived, and with as big an army you have, it'd be a war on your hands." Daenerys stated, "Perhaps you would be so kind as to find another way to secure their safety that doesn't involve moving southwards...?

"Can't do that, we're trying to survive, not die, and back north lies imminent death, I ain't bout to let all these innocent people just die and feed the Night King's already vast army. It's well over 250,000. The decomposing bodies still fight even as bone's, the dead don't die as easily as you think. You wanna risk placing another 100,000 more in his grasp? Your Dragon's would come to their ranks, the devastation them three could unleash if added in would make the Night King untouchable."

Oh, how she bridled at that! She had her father's fire in her veins. Pity it wouldn't be enough against the coming storm.

Naruto sighed. "Dany, return to the Wall...Inform Lord Commander Alister Thorne of this information and-"

Mance to interrupted him with a harsh laugh.

"That prick? He already knows of the Night King and its army. Why do you think he's been recruiting these last two decades, to fight us, prevent the Wildling's from surviving the oncoming slaughter that would happen when the Night King arrives. We have abandoned our homes, our lives are in danger, our very ways of life ending could be what destroys this entire world, we gave up everything to get here on this day, to get to a better place for each of us. Women and children are already starving, I can't just allow that to continue, not with what's coming. We need to get passed that damned wall of ice." he told him jabbing a finger in the direction of the Wall itself.

"Well, fuck." Naruto stated.

"What do you want us to do about it?" Daenerys questioned her husband.

"How long... how long has Allister Thorne known about this?" he asked.

"Twenty fuckin years." Mance answered, "Longer since he's taken the vows of Lord Commander of the Crows."

Naruto stayed quiet for a minute, and then he looked to Mance, "How long until the undead reach this exact position?" he questioned.

"A month, maybe less. They don't stop, they don't rest. Have no need to." Tormund shrugged, "It's why we fled."

"Would you be willing to wait for at least a weeks time, 'cause I'm sure that Allister is preparing for your arrival, and if what you say is true... then we're all dead." he said.

"That's what I've been telling ya." Mance stated, "We stay here, we are all dead." he said angrily.

"You didn't answer my question, King of the Wildling folk." Naruto said seriously.

"Three days, no more." Mance told him, "If we stay here any longer, we risk coming into contact with the undead. I ain't staying put for no longer. You don't come by then, we move to that Wall, and we will take it. By force if we have to."

"You'll die, if it comes to that."

"Aye," he growled, "but at least you'll burn our bodies."


The tides were turning.

Margaery could see it plain as day.

With the influx of fresh fighters, the men of the Night's Watch had rallied. Their spirits were higher now than they'd been in decades. That, surely, was a good thing. Te

And yet.

The North was no place for a flower. She must tip the balance.

Daenerys had blood and three dragons. Not fully grown to be sure, but growing larger every day; large enough to be ridden and wreak havoc all the same. They were her children. Her weapons.

And what weapons did she have? Her charms, her wit, her will. Highgarden and all its resources, food to feed a realm ravaged by the horrors of war. Those might pale compared to dragons perhaps, but they held value all the same. She didn't just want to be Queen, she wanted to be THE queen. If that meant sharing power for a time then so be it. She would have her day in the sun. She wasn't certain if she was with child yet, but if she was...then she must be careful.


Viserion hurtled by and she glimpsed a shock of bright hair on his back. His wings beat against the gravity exerted over him by the world, and then he planted his feet to land on the ice, allowing his rider to dismount before taking off to join his brother's.

She would never ride a dragon. She'd made peace with that. But someday her children might. It gave her some small measure of comfort.

"May I speak with you?" She didn't miss the quick flash of anger that flitted across the face of Daenerys as she said the words.

"Yes, of course." he answered her.


He sighed. "Margaery-

"It won't take but a moment, your grace." she pleaded.

'Don't call me that. I'm not king yet." he huffed out to his second wife.

True. Stannis, his father, was king for now. A king who had taken the realm by storm, like his brother before him. A king with the red woman whispering in his ear, a king with few friends, a king much unloved by his people. How many years did he have left? Ten? Perhaps twenty if the gods were good?

Her day would come. Until then she would bide her time.

And dig her roots deep.

Very deep ndeed.


Walking to a secluded room within the Keep, the redhead watched as the Prince collapsed and laid back onto a bed with a groan.

Margaery sat beside him on the bed. "I would speak with you."

Naruto sighed. "We're doing that right now, aren't we?"

...I was referring to the matters of succession."

His face closed down. "No, no, no. We are not doing this again."

"And whyever not?"

"Because, who I choose as my heir, will be the one who is most fit for the claim." he held up a finger, forestalling her argument. "I will not choose because of age or time of birth. For all we know, our first child could be born a lunatic or idiot, and I will not have either choice take the throne when I step down or die."

"But tradition-"

"Fuck tradition!" he growled as he sat up, "Every time you look through history, before the rise of the Seven Kingdoms uniting under the Targaryen rein, you see that every time the eldest son being picked, and their rule never leading to the prosperity of the realm they held. When Aegon united the Seven Kingdom's, his eldest son was weak, and his second eldest a cruel madman. Jaehaerys alone made the realm a united and prosperous kingdom. Viserys ruined that peace when he died and allowed his Hand to scheme behind his back, pushing the King's son to be made king and not the daughter who was already made the heir."

"The dragon's were pushed to extinction because one man couldn't stand the idea of a woman sitting on the throne, and started a civil war." he told her. "If he were smart, Viserys would have made his heir wed his son, peace would have remained, and the Targaryen Dynasty would have remained untouched, their dragon's would still be alive, and the Rebellion my idiot uncle began would have died the moment it had began."

A fair response, but she stills clung to her own. "But we aren't Targaryen, wedding our children together would make us just as bad off if not worse."

"Ugh, no, I don't plan on having that occur." he cringed, "What I'm saying, is that the child who shows the best qualities in leading the people, will become my heir. I just don't care which one becomes that heir. Their age, their birth, and everything else does not matter to me. The one who shows most promise, will be the chosen heir."

"But, why choose this course, when so many king's before you chose their eldest? Is that now the way all king's rule...?"

"Because, there is always the chance that the first born is not capable of ruling properly." he told her before sighing, "Margaery, I understand that you think our eldest would be most suited for the throne, by right of birth and all that I truly do...But, there have been times when a younger sibling was better suited for the title of King. I aim to make sure that the child we have, any of them be they boy or girl, know what it means to rule. It'll be the same when it comes to any child I have with Dany. You are both Baratheon now, by name and law. This means, that any child I sire could inherit the throne when I no longer rule, but I want to make sure that any one child is ready to take the reigns of responsibility that comes with the power of the Iron Throne."

Margaery hummed in thought. She could somewhat see where he was coming from. He knew that with two wives, multiple heirs would be born between them. But, she could tell that he wasn't pragmatic in the idea of putting the eldest of his children on the throne simply because they were the eldest and therefore immediately in line for inheritance by age. He wanted the realms to prosper under a worthy ruler when he was no longer capable of commanding the people, and as such wanted the one most suited for the position to command the position, "

"I see. Forgive me, your grace. I did not mean to assume, the many points you made are indeed quite wise of you to point out." Margaery stated as she stood up and greeted him with a warm smile.

"No apologies necessary. I might be a prince, but this is something the three of us should have discussed long ago, and I am sorry for allowing you to suffer the notion of such. As a Queen, it is your right to know which heir will inherit which rights and claims," Naruto replied with a small amount off humility.

"I know, you only wish the best for the realms as a whole, my own selfishness and greed had gotten the better of me. We are husband and wife, such minor inconveniences should not be the thing that breaks us apart." Margaery inquired, "But if you had to choose, which would you have, a boy or a girl?"

"Well, personally I feel that having one of both would be a wonderful learning experience, but having more than one of each would always make life more enjoyable when they accomplish something-even the more minute things people seem to take for granted." he told her, "Hmm, and judging by the fact you ask such a question, I take it you made a decision." Naruto inquired.

"I have indeed. I am thankful that you are so considerate despite my own lack of morallity towards your own thoughts, I have trained my whole life for Queenhood. I'm too far in, as they say, to back out now. Additionally, I wish to repay you properly for allowing me the chance to grow to love you as I have these past months." Margaery said.

"It wasn't exactly an issue." Naruto answered, "But, if you ever wish to discuss such problems, I am always here to speak with you, from here to my last."

Margaery let out a chuckle and opened her night robes. Naruto took in the sight of Margaery, gazing upon her beautiful form, admiring her ample bust, flat stomach and sexy legs. He was fucking her with his eyes but was determined to keep the power and control here.

"Perhaps I might convince your Majesty to make me your one true Queen. I am after all the most suited amongst your wives to rule alongside you." She said suggestively as she sauntered over to him, letting her robe fall to the floor as she did so.

"In another life, you likely would have been the one true Queen, Margaery. But now, there will be at least be two other queens that will rule with me, perhaps even three," Naruto stated with a confident smirk. "Show me why you should be one true queen out of all of them."

Lemon Time

With those words, Naruto wrapped his arms around Margaery and pulled her in tight. He kissed the beautiful woman on the neck, causing her to moan very aggressively. His fingers rubbed down the side of her neck before moving down to her ear, as he kissed her several times over.

Naruto took his time exploring her luscious body with his hands. Every inch of the former Queen's body served as a reminder of just how gorgeous she truly was. Margaery felt her entire body just swim with pleasure.

"You're mine now, and you always will be." he stated as he discarded his clothes and pulled Margaery into a deep kiss, slipping his tongue into her mouth to dominate her. Margaery gave it right back, running her nails all over the side of Naruto's arms, making out very aggressively with him while the loud sounds of their kisses echoed through the chamber.

Soon, Margaery dropped to her knees and took Naruto's rod into her mouth. She worshiped her husband, taking him as far into her mouth as possible and sucking him hard, working her lips right around his thick rod. He snaked his fingers through her hair and hammered into her mouth, causing a muffled cry of pleasure to emit from her.

Ever since she had been married to the otherworldly and powerful prince, she indulged in fantasies of engaging in the most lewd and sinful of acts with him, and now she was getting to fulfill those desires.

Despite some of those fantasies coming true. fire lit within her core as her desire and lust for her husband reached it's peak. Naruto laid her back on the bed as he climbed on as well, spreading her legs. Her eager pussy parted for him and Naruto slid a couple of fingers deep into her pussy, causing Margaery to arch her back and thrust her hips toward him.

She was like a mare in heat, demanding the cock sliding inside of her body. Naruto pushed his slick rod deep into Margaery, parting her wet folds, hilting himself inside of her pussy. Her walls, tightening around him, squeezed onto Naruto the very second that he drove into her. He began to thrust into her, causing her wonderful legs to wrap tightly around his waist; it only deepened his ride. Naruto cupped Margaery's breasts, kneading and playing with them as he drove deep into her.

Margaery attempted to flip him over so she could ride the Stag. However, Naruto grabbed her arms and pinned her down on the bed. The weight of his chest, pushing up against hers. Margaery cried out, lust just building through her body. "One does not simply tame a wild animal, love" Naruto told her teasingly. "Many have tried, but none so far have succeeded."

Margaery's mind was flooded with images, possible conquests, as she came around his thick rod, her walls tightening as she tried to squeeze Naruto and drain his balls. Margaery grew weak with desire at all of the thoughts of what he might do with her, both now and in the future.

"Don't worry, tonight, it's just us." Naruto said and pushed deep inside of her body, rocking her up against the bed. Margaery clamped down hard onto him, crying out in pleasure the faster Naruto rocked her into the bed.

He fucked Margaery long and hard for another hour, getting her to cum several more times. Right at the hour of the Wolf, she was going to cum again and this time, she would make sure that her husband would cum along with her. Margaery squeezed his rod with her cunt, enjoying the thickness of his balls beating down on her thighs.

Right as Naruto was about to let loose, Margaery tried to flip him over again and this time, Naruto let her have it as he allowed himself to be flipped over. His balls burst and shot Margaery's body up with a tremendous load. He shot his virile seed straight into Margaery, who pushed against his muscled chest and arched her back as she howled in pleasure. The deeper Naruto plunged into her, the more she took inside of his body.

Once her womb was full and he emptied his load, Margaery laid down on him, planting soft kisses on his chest.

Lemon End

"Not bad, love, not bad," Naruto chuckled, "I think we should have had this conversation all the more sooner, don't you agree."

Margaery hummed softly against his chest, pleased with herself, even though it had been pretty much guaranteed that Naruto was going to make her one of his queens. "You never cease to spoil me, but next time go a bit easier, I am not as energetic as Daenerys is." Margaery mentioned, trailing circles along his chest with her finger.

"Yes, Dany has better stamina, but you were just as good as ever love" Naruto said, "Never doubt your own faults, embrace them and let them improve you for the better."

Margaery felt his cock harden against her cunt and looked at him with flirtatiously. "Again?"

"My little Rose, you will learn that I have many needs." Naruto said as he moved behind her, putting her on all fours and lining his cock up with her ass. "I've got at least one more round left, and have one more hole to take." With that Naruto slowly worked his cock inside her asshole, causing Margaery to howl in pleasure as the two continued their debauchery.


"One hundred thousand?" Ser Barristan asked the Prince to be sure what he had heard.

Naruto nodded, "Aye, and the Night King commands more than double that in numbers." he stated, "His army hasn't stopped growing for over four thousand years, it's a wonder why it isn't any larger."

Allister Thorne bit his lip.

Ser Barristan Selmy's face was carved from stone. "A mighty force indeed. Do you think we will prevail?"

Ulric barked a laugh. "We've got dragons, you daft cunt. We've already won."

"No." Naruto stated, slamming a fist down on the table, "We will do no such thing." he growled, his eyes turned to Thorne, "You... knew..." he said as he looked at the Lord Commander, "You knew, this entire time, that the undead would be approaching, and you did nothing!?" he demanded.

"I sent a damn wight cut in half to Joffery when he was King, you think I didn't warn the people in the south?" Allister demanded in response.

"Joffery couldn't have cared less about the people living if it meant he could torment them. The boy was half mad as it were when he was King before I killed him." Naruto stated angrily, "You should have warned Stannis when he came into the Crown, then we would have made a plan that didn't resort to you potentially fighting a Wildling army over 100,000 strong with the added force of the Undead standing over 200,000 strong." he told him, "That's over 300,000 bodies that could threaten the safety and security of all of Westeros. Add in three damned dragon's, then there is no force on earth that can counter the dead."

"I did-


A fist smashed across Allister's face, snapping his head

"You did what you wanted, fuck the people of Westeros! I offered you a chance to get out of your vows, to free yourself from this Wall and the forsaken cold!" he told Allister angrily "As far as I'm concerned, you are a liar and traitor and a fool to your fellow man!"

"I ain't about to break the four thousand year standing of not letting a single Wildling pass my Wall." Allister snarled back through bloody teeth.

"That is no longer your concern." Naruto growled.

"It bloody well is!" the man responded just as quick.

"No, it's not." Naruto said, "I know that you know that the Undead are real, and that you won't let the Wildling's pass because of some slight, but the right to live is not your right to choose."

"If this traitor's words are true, and the evidence you claim to have is as well, then we have no choice, we fight or die, or we flee and gather power to repel this legion of undying filth." Barristan stated.

"We can plan a much better offense if we bring them onto our side." Daenerys offered.

"And how in the name of the bloody seven do you suppose we keep these savages in check, they're Wilding's!" Allister sneered at the Prince.

"That may be, but they are also people." Naruto said with narrowed eyes, "They wish to survive, like any one of us. They want their children to grow and thrive, to live happily and peacefully without the threat of the undead stealing them away in the middle of the night."

The man spat blood. "And? Let them die I say, the less of them we have to worry about the better."

"And each one of them can provide that much more to the Night King's army, you are either a daft cunt or fool to think I would sacrifice that kind of power to the undead."

"And, how exactly, do you plan to keep these barbaric animasl out of the Night King's clutches?" he questioned him.

"That is for me to figure out, but if I find out that any single one of those people died, I'm gonna feed you to the dragon's myself." the crown Prince growled, "Slowly, intimately, in every way that you fear! And then I'll step back just long enough to see my good work, and when you scream and beg for mercy, I'll split your skull! This is MY bargain, you mewling quim!"

He stalked off, temper blazing before he could cut him down on the spot. Stay calm. Don't lose yourself.

Keep your wits about you. He'd show them. Show them all.

Three days, Mance had said. Time to make use of them.

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"Ygritte, don't!"

Jon raised a hand.

Rhaegal trilled softly...and lowered his head.

Arya looked on with wondering eyes. "That's not possible...

"I swear to you, those who would harm you will die screaming."

Show your strength to them.

Here. Now."

Dark steel flashed in the gloom. The battle was joined.

"It's okay, Dany. I can do this alone. All I have to do is fall. Anyone can fall."

"There's too many of them, we need to flee!" Alister said in horror.

"It's futile, we can't survive against that kind of force!" Ygritte said in panic.

"It is far from futile." a voice said drawing everyone's attention.

The gate leading to the secret tunnel began to crank, rising upwards as it was opened up. A boot stomped into the ice, cracking it from the force of the single step taken, the wind howling for blood as eyes turned to gaze upon the speaker. The shadows hidden within the tunnel seemed to wiggle and writhe, as if something was staying the hand of whoever was about to come out from the darkness. Then, the speaker stepped out, and the men of the Night's watch gasped, "Prince Naruto!" one of the man gasped, and then the shadows fled back, revealing what appeared to be a small army of men.

"Wait... those troops... Gold Cloaks..." Alister said in awe.

"The Wildling's who died, and the sacrifice of your brother's in arms weren't wasted at all." the Prince stated as a gleam of power seemed to flow from his gaze, "From here on, this battlefield belongs to us!" he stated. The troops he commanded stood in line with one another-shoulder to shoulder-massive shields covering their front's and the spears that many held gleamed in the fading sunlight, a message about to be sent like no other.

With his own spear, Naruto planted it firm and stood tall before the tunnel, a beacon of strength and pillar of hope. And then his voice rose, a cry filling the air that shook the hearts of the scared and fearful, "Molon Labe!" Naruto roared out.

"MOLON LABE!" the army called out, the spearmen pounding their weapon's onto the hard ice at their feet.

"Molon Labe!" Naruto roared out, once again smashing his own spear into the packed ice.

"MOLON LABE!" the small army shouted once more, the spears pounding into the ice again as they chanted the call. the declaration echoing across the tundra.

"What does that mean?" Sam asked, somewhat awed, and somewhat confused.

Awed by the declaration shared by the small army of spearmen.

Confused by the chant.

"It's High Valyrian. A statement of defiance, meaning 'Come and take them.' in layman's terms." Alister stated, a small smirk growing on his lips, his hope and morale rising from the sight playing out before his eyes.

"Take what, exactly?" Sam questioned

"Our lives, our freedom." Alister stated.

"All who stand here, be they Wildling or Crow are the only thing standin' between that ugly bastard and a land of countless people! Now we have a choice here: we either sit and wait, where we will all certainly die, or we take our swords and spears and do something really stupid." Tormund stated seriously.

"How stupid we talking?" Naruto asked.

"Stupid enough to make the God's themselves question our existence." Tormund smirked.

"I'm in...Let's crush some undead." Jon nodded.

"We answer in blood, we answer in fire!" Daenerys called out.

Drogon snarled with his brother's, their heads rearing back as they roared as one, fire blazing up in momentous pillars of light that banished the darkness of the night.

A crack spread across the egg. Another. Another, now. Another yet still.

And then...

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