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Chapter Forty

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"The End,"Esme read and then put the book down.

"It almost makes me sad that it's over," Emmett said.

"It's not really over," Edward said. "There is so much to do now."

"I know... but it's still so long before she gets here," Emmett pouted. "I mean, there's still twenty-four days left."

"I know, Em," Edward said. "Trust me, I know..."

"Do we really have to wait that long?" Emmett questioned. "We could think of some reason to go to Phoenix..."

"No... I think it's best that she comes here first," Edward said.

"Is there anything else in the book?" Emmett asked. "So we can do something while we wait for Bella to come?"

"You make it sound like we don't have a life without her," Rosalie said, rolling her eyes. "I mean, we all know that Edward doesn't now, but the rest of us have other things to do."

"Oh, come on," Emmett huffed. "You know you want this all to get started – now that you know what's going to happen... or at least what could happen."

"True," Rosalie admitted, so she picked up the book and opened it up.

"I think I have something for us to do... and I think you might be particularly interesting in this, Em," Edward said, his tone was suddenly dark and it got everyone looking at him. Everyone that is, except for Rosalie.

"Hey, there is something in here that is interesting," Rosalie said, not paying attention to her brother's tone. "There's a note addressed to us... it's from whoever it was that sent these books to us..."

"Really?" Carlisle asked, not liking Edward's tone at all, and would much rather hear what Rosalie had to say. "What does it say?"

"It says..." Rosalie started.

"What do you mean, Edward?" Emmett asked. He looked confused and excited at the same time.

"I think Rose should read first," Edward said and then looked at Rosalie patiently, as Emmett crossed his arms, pouting.

"Well, are you going to read or not?" Emmett huffed when his wife made no appearance of doing anything.

She smiled at him, prolonging his torture a little longer, before reading the letter that was in the book:

Dear Cullen Family,

You don't know who I am and I don't know if you are real or just a creation of my imagination

"Hmph," Emmett said. "That's a rather rude thing to say...we're real!"

Rosalie rolled her eyes before she started reading again.

but I have just spent the last two months writing this story (all four books that is) in a daze, so a large part of me believes that you must be real.

"See, Em... she thinks we're real, are you happy now?" Alice chuckled.

"Yeah, that's much better," Emmett said. "But now I'm wondering what this person is talking about..."

"So am I," Carlisle said. "I would gather from the opening that this person is a mortal, because why else would they think that we wouldn't be real. However, it says that it only took the person two months to write all these books... that does not seem possible. Rose, please keep reading."

It's odd, I feel like I even know how you would react to this, wondering if I'm a mortal and how I could have written this book in such a short period of time.

"This person is good," Emmett chuckled.

As an answer to the first question, yes I am a mortal and before two months ago I never would have imagined a world like yours could have possibly existed. Now, I'm not so sure. I suddenly find myself believing that things like this could not only be possible, but probable... that there really is magic in this world. The main reason I believe this, though, has to do with the second question I thought you might be thinking. For I must admit, I'm not sure if I really wrote these books at all or if I was merely the tool that was used to put these words to paper.

As I said before, I wrote this in a daze, or at least that's the best way I can describe it. It seemed as though I was unaware of what I was doing... like I was sleep-typing, as strange as that sounds. An urge to type would come over me and the next thing I knew, I was staring at a screen that had a chapter or two worth of words on it. And what's more, it was grammatically correct and there were no spelling errors... I don't think I've ever written anything without making a mistake somewhere down the line before this. No, there are too many weird things at play here for me to believe that I just made up this story.

I'm not looking for anything but a little peace of mind. I want to know that you're real... for if you're not, I think I just might have gone crazy. Either that, or I'm a literary genius and it's a blessing that I'm able to write this so easily (something any writer would kill for, I'm sure). Please, give me some sign that you are real, I don't care how small it is. I think I just might like to have these books published because I'm sure that they would be popular. (Though I'm deathly afraid of what would happen to me if this turns out to be real and I publish this... somehow I don't think I would be around long enough to see how well they do).

Thanks for your time,

Stephenie Meyer

"Wow," Emmett said, as Rosalie read the address which was left there, so they could contact this person.

"You said it," Carlisle said. "That's a rather unique talent."

"Hmph," Alice huffed.

"She certainly seems to have a very clear and complete view of our future," Edward said in his normal tone, though of course, he was trying to tease Alice a little.

"It's only for a short time," Alice huffed at that.

"And yet so much happens in that time," Emmett said, teasing Alice too. "It really is a rather impressive gift...and to think, she's is only a mortal."

"We really should send her word that we are indeed real," Esme said before Edward could tease Alice any more. "And show our gratitude for what she has done for us."

"Yes, I quite agree with that," Alice said. "Don't worry; I'll take care of it."

"Do you really think it's okay for us to confirm that this is all real?" Rosalie asked. "You've seen what happens to mortals who know too much."

"She already knows too much," Alice shrugged, and her eyes went blank as she made up her mind to not let Stephenie know that they were real. Sure enough, in a year's time, Twilight would have been released, and it would have caused them a lot of trouble in the small town of Forks. "And it will be a lot more dangerous for everyone if we don't tell her that it's real."

"She's right, Rosalie," Edward said, frowning at what Alice had just seen. "We don't have much of a choice. Besides, I agree with Esme, we owe this person a lot."

"Whatever," Rosalie said. "Just don't ask me to do anything about this."

"I said that I was going to handle it," Alice said.

"Okay, now that that's all settled, what was it you were going to say before, Eddy?" Emmett said again, impatient to know what Edward was thinking.

"Well, there's something that I have been thinking about from time to time while we were reading, and it's something that I think needs to be dealt with," Edward said. "You've thought of it a few times yourself, Jazz."

At that, Jasper raised an eyebrow and looked more intrigued than he had before. He also looked like he had a much better idea of what Edward was going to say next.

"Enough with the round-about speech just tell us what it is already," Emmett groaned impatiently.

"It's about James's coven," Edward said, hissing as he said the name.

Carlisle's expression turned grim as he asked, "What about them?"

"Most of the danger that is coming for our family is because of them," Edward said, already thinking of the best way to answer this question for he knew that Carlisle would ask it whenever he chose to bring this up.

"That is true," Carlisle said softly, his tone was grave when he continued to speak. "However, I somehow doubt that you are mentioning this so that we could just warn them against coming here... or make sure that they didn't get too close to Bella."

"No, I think any warning we give them might entice James as it did in Twilight," Edward said. He kept his voice even, but his eyes showed all the anger he felt about that. "Besides, if he gets near us, I don't..."

"I would not be able to control myself," Jasper finished for Edward, his voice too was even, he was just stating a fact. He made no effort to control the anger that was flowing off him and how determined he was to make good on his threat.

"I see," Carlisle sighed. Being affected by the wave of anger, he raised an eyebrow at Jasper and it stopped. Jasper had agreed long ago to never try to sway a family meeting with his gift; at least as much as he could help it.

"And I agree with Edward. They pose too much of a threat to our family, especially to Bella," Jasper said. He didn't add that most of his anger was due to what happened with Alice, but everyone knew that already.

"They have not done anything yet and it's not right to condemn them before they have done anything wrong," Carlisle argued, trying to instill reason into them, though he knew it wouldn't work. He could see that all three of his sons were already edger to hunt down the nomads who had wreaked great tragedy on his family in these books. The hardest thing for him was that he could understand their point of view and he hated the real threat the nomads represented – but at the same time, this wasn't something that he would ever agree with.

"What about what happened to me?" Alice asked, drawing everyone's attention, but Carlisle was who she was looking at. Her voice was hard to read and her thoughts were nearly as clouded. "From all that I've heard about my human life, I'm happy that I was turned. I don't like thinking about being forced to stay in an asylum –" Esme sighed and Jasper's eyes looked forlorn. "– and I've had a much better life as a vampire.

"But what about the vampire who turned me?" Alice continued. "The one who James implied had a fascination with humans... perhaps he was even like us... like you, Carlisle. Either way he saved me, and James killed him for that, just because he put a stop to his game." Alice's voice was now angry and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She would have liked to have known the vampire who turned her. "Not to mention, he left me alone..."

Jasper tensed at that as Alice trailed off again. She reached out to grab his hand. Alice's mind and voice weren't conflicted any more. She was now just as angry as her husband and brothers. "And I will not stand for him getting anywhere near Bella."

"You have all already made up your minds," Carlisle sighed, for he saw that Rosalie agreed too, though not as vocally or as extremely as the others. There was no way that anyone could have talked Emmett out of a fight like this, though Carlisle had a feeling that this time it was more than just the thought of a fight that he was feeling. Emmett had always been protective of everything he cared about. Even as Carlisle looked at his wife, he could see in her eyes a look which clearly said that she didn't like this, but at the same time, looked as all the others did.

"Yes," Edward answered for everyone, thought he knew he didn't really need to.

"This is a grave thing that you speak of," Carlisle sighed, "I must ask if all of the coven must be...?"

"Victoria will go to any lengths to avenge James' death," Edward said.

Carlisle sighed and bowed his head. This, of course, was true. In many ways, Victoria might even be a bigger threat to them... she certainly was in these books. "And Laurent?"

This question had various reactions from the people in the room.

"I don't think it's wise to leave any of them alive," Edward said, his jaw set and his voice firm, but he could see that this time, it wasn't going to be as easy to get what he wanted.

"I agree," Jasper said immediately. He didn't like the idea of this vampire that they didn't know having the chance to make trouble for them at some later date.

Emmett's grin fell from his face and he sat down, looking a little annoyed, but he didn't say anything. He knew that if they were not going to fight this Laurent guy, then he would have less of a chance to fight himself. However, he understood that this wasn't a very good reason to condemn someone, so he was going to let the others decide.

"But he could be Irina's mate," Esme said softly, flinching as she thought of all that happened.

"And that could bring a terrible fate down on all of us," Edward snapped. "You know what happened to her in the book because of him."

"I can see that she cared deeply for him," Esme retorted, cringing at Edward's words – which, in turn, made Edward cringe a little himself. "The things which were done... as regrettable as they were, showed that she had to care about him…"

"He didn't seem to care about her, though," Jasper countered. "He just left her to do what Victoria asked..."

"Victoria didn't really come across as someone you could say 'no' to," Carlisle pointed out. "And we all saw how determined she could be if she put her mind to it. I'm not sure how much of a choice Laurent had..."

"He didn't seem to have been forced to go back to Forks," Edward growled.

"No, but even if he was, he wouldn't have acted that way," Carlisle said. "But Laurent would know better than anyone just how dangerous Victoria could be after however long it was that they had known each other. He probably wouldn't pose a threat to us if... if he didn't have outside influences." He said the last part gravely and was saddened that he had nothing he could say to save the others. Still, he wasn't going to let this same fate befall Laurent, too, if he could help it.

"Think about this, Edward, if he really is Irina's mate and you kill him... it would be the same as if you were never able to meet Bella," Esme said. "You were happy enough before, but you can't ever be truly happy until you meet her," she smiled there and said in a softer voice as she smiled at him. "You didn't even have to meet her. Just hearing about her has changed you so much... made you come alive.

"Do you really want to stop Irina from having that –" Esme asked, pleading again, " – from having a chance to be truly happy?"

"When you say it like that, it's hard to argue with you," Edward sighed. Indeed his resolve on this matter was wavering. "And yet, I still don't like the idea of leaving him alive."

"But is it really your, or I should say our, choice to decide who lives or dies?" Carlisle asked.

Edward stared at Carlisle, thinking about his earlier days when he had hunted humans, and how killing even those monsters had weighed down heavily on him. Still, he gave Carlisle the best answer he could. "Then, I'll make it his choice. I'll let Laurent decide if he wants to side with the others or if he wants to find happiness with a mate. It's the best I can do."

"I understand," Carlisle said and Esme smiled. She seemed to think that there was only one choice that Laurent would make. "When are we leaving...?"

"We... as in me, Jasper, and Emmett," Edward said pointedly and heard Alice growl at him in her thoughts. "... and Alice too… are going to leave as soon as possible."

"You don't want us all to come?" Carlisle said.

"No," Edward said. He didn't want to put Carlisle through any more pain than he knew he was already causing him.

Carlisle nodded at him, unsure if it was better that he went or didn't. Sitting at home didn't exactly feel right to him, but he wasn't going to argue.

"So, I'm not allowed to come," Rosalie said, narrowing her eyes. She didn't like the thought of not being near Emmett and she wasn't opposed to helping out either.

"Jasper thinks it would be better if we have smaller numbers – that way, they won't be too afraid of meeting us," Edward said.

"Don't blame me," Jasper hissed, as he felt Rosalie's anger directed at both of them.

"But James likes a challenge," Rosalie hissed. "I'm sure he'll love being outnumbered like this."

"Yes, but Victoria might sense our intent and the fact that we pose a real danger to them and will try to avoid us," Edward replied. "Again, this is what Jasper thinks..."

Jasper and Rosalie growled in answer to that, though for different reasons of course.

"You had better not be gone too long," Rosalie snapped at Edward, but then looked at Emmett, sadly.

"Don't worry Babe, we'll be back before you know it," Emmett said, winking at her. "Besides, you can occupy your time by thinking about the little nudger and how you're going to spoil her when you get to meet her."

"Hm... I like that idea," Rosalie had to admit with a smile. "But still, hurry back."

Emmett wrapped his arms around her, and even though he was excited for the coming fight – hoping that Laurent would put up some kind of struggle, whatever his choice might be – he still didn't like the thought of leaving Rosalie behind. Even for this short amount of time, it was painful to think of. But this was something that had to be done to protect his family, so he would just have to endure.

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