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Chapter Twenty-Five

Midnight Sun 8-12


"Ghost," Jacob read. "I wonder what that means."

"Ghosts aren't real … right?" Bella said, right about now, nothing would surprise her.

"Not that I know of," Jacob chuckled. "But what do I know?"

Mentions my existence seemed more like that of a specter than a vampire:

"Ah … that's what it meant," Bella said.

"What's a specter?" Jacob asked.

"Basically, a ghost," Bella said, thinking that was pretty obvious.

Mentions but the sun seemed to make her happy, so I could not resent it too much:

"I do like the sun," Bella sighed, thinking that she was going to have to wait more than a month before it was going to be sunny here … and that she wasn't going to be able to see Edward that day because of it.

Mentions her hair caught the sun in unexpected ways giving off a reddish shine that I had not anticipated:

Bella smiled at that, she had always liked how the sun had made her hair look and she was glad that he appreciated that too.

Mentions she greeted Mike with enthusiasm to make him ecstatic, and me the opposite:

"Hm … I thought you didn't like Mike … um … at least not like that," Jacob said.

"I think I'm just happy about the sun really," Bella sighed, a little upset with herself for reacting that way. She must have noticed that Mike liked her, she shouldn't encourage him. "Besides, he's my friend … I should be able to smile at him."

Mentions about the essay they had due and form the faintly smug expression on her face, hers was already done:

Bella looked both put out and pleased about that. The strange thing was she felt both of these things for the same reason … because Edward knew this about her.

"I take it, you think you did it already," Jacob chuckled.

"Probably," Bella shrugged.

Mike says I was going to ask if you wanted to go out:

"That's kind of lame," Jacob said.

"You shouldn't tease him … it's hard enough to ask someone out," Bella said automatically.

"You want him to ask you out?" Jacob asked, raising an eyebrow and chuckled at the face Bella made. "That's what I thought. And I was just saying that he didn't ask you out … why not say it with confidence instead of wishy-washy like this."

"Not everyone can be confident when it comes to things like this," Bella mumbled … she had a feeling that she would be that way. Of course, that might not matter now … not with this book. It definitely is a confidence booster knowing that Edward likes … loves … her.

Mentions I broke another tree trying to hold myself here:

"Leave the trees alone, Edward … they didn't do anything to you," Jacob shouted like an idiot.

"I think there's more than a few to spare in this town," Bella mumbled.

Bella says I think, and if you ever repeat what I'm saying right now I will cheerfully beat you to death:

Jacob really laughed at this and Bella smiled weakly.

"I'd like to see that," Jacob said through his laughter.

Bella says but I think that would hurt Jessica's feelings:

"Old man Edward isn't going to like hearing that," Jacob laughed.

"Don't call him that," Bella said sharply and noticing the look in his eyes, added "I mean it."

"Fine," Jacob grumbled.

Mentions it was second place, not as good as if Bella had felt that way:

Bella grimaced at that and hoped that somehow Jessica would become first place. Not only would that mean that Mike wouldn't bother her anymore, as she was sure her book-self wanted, it would also mean that the relationship between the two would be stronger. You should always be first with the person you're with … or so Bella thought.

Mentions I wished there was some way to thank the Weber girl for being a nice person, it made me feel better to think that Bella had one friend worth having:

"Yep … definitely going to make friends with her," Bella said, though she wondered how that was going to happen. One thing was for sure … her first day of school should be interesting.

Mentions this surprised me, I thought the sun would be enough to keep her smiling:

"But without you there … the sun doesn't mean anything," Jacob said in a horrible imitation of Bella.

"Shut up," Bella glared at him, though it had been what she was thinking.

Mentions that Bella glanced at the Cullen table, it gave me hope, perhaps she missed me too:

"But should I want her to miss me," Jacob said as if he was reading. "It would be better for her if she didn't …."

"Jacob, stop," Bella said, her eyes narrowed.

"How could you tell that I was making it up?" Jacob pouted, he thought that he had captured Edward's character, in this instance, pretty well.

"I just can," Bella said simply.

Mentions Mike invited Jessica out on the date he'd planned for Bella:

"Argh … can't even think of something new," Jacob rolled he's eyes. "Each girl is different."

"Would you do anything different if you were in his shoes?" Bella questioned.

"Honestly I don't know," Jacob blushed a little. "I never really gone out with someone before … but I have to think that I wouldn't treat girls as interchangeable as this guy does."

Mentions ah, more classics, she was an Austen fan:

"Austen?" Jacob said puzzled.

"Jane Austen," Bella looked at him incredulously … she didn't think he would have read any of her books, but one would think he would have heard of her at least.

That didn't really do anything to help Jacob to know what Bella was reading but he didn't care that much so he just started reading again.

Mentions I caught a glance of the title page, she was starting a new story:

"So what story were you reading first and why did you change," Jacob asked and started laughing when Bella blushed. She had a pretty good idea of how to answer both questions, but she wasn't about to do that.

Mentions I couldn't ignore the rainbow sparkles that reflected onto her skin when I got closer:

"Rainbow sparkles?" Bella questioned, she wasn't able to picture what he looked like, but she had a feeling that it wasn't as bad as Edward seemed to think it was. He did like to over-exaggerate his 'bad' points.

Mentions the heat seemed to sweeten the smell:

"I thought he said I smelled good when it rained," Bella said. "Does that mean I smell even better in the sun?"

"I don't know," Jacob said stiffly, this wasn't a subject he was ever going to be comfortable talking about.

Mentions when my eyes stopped automatically at my name, the character Edward Ferrars being introduced for the first time:

"Oh …." Jacob said chuckling. "Is that what it was?"

Bella just blushed more then she had been before, but that seemed to answer the question nicely.

Bella says in her sleep, Edmund, ahh, too close:

"Um …." Jacob started looking at Bella, who was trying to control her expression, but she couldn't help but be flustered by this. "Too close to Edward right," he went on laughing now.

Mentions Charlie's love and concern for his only daughter were nearly overwhelming, yet his words were terse and casual:

Bella looked at the book in awe, she was never sure how her dad felt about her. Oh, she knew he loved and cared for her, she just didn't know how deeply it was.

Mentions I would not trespass on her privacy the way a peeping tom would:

"No, you'll just sneak into her house once she's asleep," Jacob said. "Am I the only one to see that what he's doing is worse?"

Bella shrugged; she was already used to the idea of him coming to watch her sleep.

Emmett note says Football at the Rainier field, c'mon, please:

"Hm … I wonder how vampires play football," Bella said thoughtfully and was a little surprised to the fact that she wouldn't mind watching that to find out.

Mentions when Bella spoke, she mostly muttered derogatory things about Forks:

"Hmph … stop bad mouthing Forks in your sleep Bella!" Jacob snapped mockingly at her.

She just rolled her eyes in response.

Mentions she wore a deep blue blouse today, and the color set her skin off perfectly, making it look fresh cream:

Bella raised an eyebrow at that … he liked her blue blouse (she was sure she knew which one he was talking about); she'd have to remember that.


Port Angeles

Angela says I don't mind going back to the store, do you think Bella will be looking for us, though:

"Looking for us … where are you?" Jacob asked. Bella just looked at him for a few seconds until he smiled sheepishly at her, "Right … you don't know."

Mentions I got a brief glimpse of the bookshop Jessica thought Bella had gone to:

"Oh," Bella said, it made sense that she would want to go to a bookshop, and she would definitely want to be alone if that was where she was going.

Angela thinks I wonder if it's because of Edward Cullen, I'll bet that was why she was asking about his family:

"Aw … you're obsessing over Edward," Jacob teased, trying to not get too worried.

Mentions this wasn't something I considered, Bella taking off on her own, and I had no idea how to find her:

"You would think he could just roll down a window and sniff you out," Jacob said.

"That sounds ridiculous," Bella shook her head.

Mentions she had been here, on the sidewalk, but there was no hint of her fragrance inside the shop:

"See … he is trying to sniff you out," Jacob said looking pleased.

"But it looks like the sun is going to keep him from doing a thorough job of it," Bella said.

Continue with Edward trying to find Bella ending with was she lost, well that possibility didn't sound entirely out of character:

"I don't like this," Jacob said, Edward was right, there really wasn't anything in that direction and the thought of Bella wandering around alone wasn't pleasant. He shook his head then; no, he was just letting Edward's panic get to him … Bella was fine.

Mentions his mind was a stranger to me, and yet, not totally unfamiliar. I had once hunted exactly such minds:

There was more shivering at that.

"Get over there!" Jacob shouted.

Mentions my foot shoved the gas pedal to the floor, but where was I going:

"Dammit … how could you not know where she is at a time like this!" Jacob shouted again, angry at Edward for letting his guard down for even a second.

Mentions Bella was not his first victim:

"Dammit," Jacob repeated, and was thinking fiercely for Edward to hurry up and get to Bella already.

Mentions it excited him, he began to imagine her pleas, the way she would beg:

Bella was reading this in a voice that seemed to be distant. She was terrified … she didn't like this one bit … she knew her book self would feel hopeless and wouldn't have any way out of this … However, she, in this room, knew that Edward was going to save her. It gave her the courage to keep reading.

Jacob on the other hand just kept on getting angrier and more anxious the longer this guy was mentioned, and Edward still hadn't shown up. Stupid freaking bloodsucker, Jacob kept thinking in his head, get there already.

Mentions they were following Lonnie's lead blindly, he'd promised them a little fun:

"And that makes it okay!" Jacob shouted and Bella flinched. Jacob started taking deep breaths … it would be easier for him just to shout out, but he noticed how tense Bella was and knew that he had to try and control his anger. But really … harassing a girl like that! How is that freakin' fun?

Mentions Bella locked her jaw and braced herself, he was surprised, he'd expected her to try to run:

Bella let out a groan there, showing a bit of the terror she was trying to keep under control … which was made easier with her belief that Edward would save her. However, knowing that the fact that she couldn't run without falling made her curse her own clumsiness.

Mentions I would see how he enjoyed the hunt when he was the prey, I would see what he thought of my style of hunting:

Jacob didn't think about that comment at all … he didn't care what Edward had just thought because at the moment he was thinking something similar (though perhaps not how Edward had meant my style of hunting).

Edward says get in, and then herd thoughts, what the hell, knew this was a bad idea she's not alone, should I run:

Bella grimaced at these thoughts, wondering if Edward was really going to kill them. They had seemed so normal … and yet what they would have done to her … She shivered at that thought.

"Are you okay?" Jacob asked, his face was stony at the moment, but it was clear that he was relieved that Bella, book Bella that is, was safe now.

"It's hard reading this," Bella said.

"Do you wa … ?" Jacob started to ask.

Bella shook her head, "I'll read … anyway, it's thinking about it …."

"Yeah," Jacob agreed as they both shuddered.

Mentions she looked up at me with the most trustful expression I had ever seen on a human face, and all my violent plans crumbled:

Bella was a little relieved by that.

Mentions I could not leave her in the car in order to deal with the four men:

"Argh … obviously you can't do that," Jacob said thinking about what that would look like and cringing at the idea. Then he cringed inwardly at the fact that he didn't really care at the moment if Edward did rip these guys … not just the sick bastard … apart limb from limb. Then he thought of what the bloodlust might do to Edward if that did happen … and how much more dangerous he would be to Bella then … No, Edward had to leave those guys alone.

Mentions she seemed oddly relaxed, it didn't make sense to me, not with what she'd just been through:

"Why are you so relaxed?" Jacob asked, and he noticed that she seemed that way now too. If he had been reading that about himself, he would have been panicking by now.

"I'm good with compartmentalizing things like this," Bella said.

"How many times have you been through something like this?" Jacob exclaimed.

"Relax, Jake," Bella said, "I just meant bad situations … nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Plus … Edward is there … I think that must be making me feel safer."

Bella asks are you okay:

"Shouldn't he be asking you that?" Jacob said, trying to force himself to regain his calm.

"I suppose," Bella shrugged. "But you have to admit that Edward at this moment wouldn't look okay."

Mentions that would entail leaving her here alone, unprotected in the dark night:

"Don't go," Bella said, she wanted him to stay, and she didn't what him to kill that guy.

Mentions she must be so frightened:

"Well, of course she is … she was nearly attacked and …." Jacob started hissing and trailed off at the end with a shudder.

Mentions I was in no condition to comfort her, even if I knew how that was to be accomplished, which I did not.

"You are comforting me," Bella said. "Just by being there."

"Wow, that was cheesy," Jacob teased her and Bella rolled her eyes.

Edward says just prattle about something unimportant until I calm down:

"Just prattle about something … that's kind of rude to say," Jacob said.

"Jake, he …." Bella started, staring at him oddly.

"I'm trying to calm down here too," Jacob shrugged. "I usually do that by joking around …."

"Right, sorry," Bella said. "That just wasn't a very good joke."

"I'll try better next time," Jacob shrugged.

Bella says, I'm going to run over Tyler Crowley tomorrow before school:

Jacob started laughing at that, albeit it was a weak laugh, but still.

"Why would you do that?" Jacob said, but Bella didn't answer.

Mentions the threat of violence coming through her lips was hilarious so comical it was jarring:

"I can cause violence," Bella mumbled.

"Sure, you can," Jacob said laughing.

Bella glared at him, which only seemed to make Jacob laugh more.

Mentions her voice filled with her tiger-kitten outrage.

More laughter at that from Jacob and Bella glared at the book. However, she did note that this talk had definitely helped both her and Jacob relax a little after what had just happened. Her glare loosened as she thought of that and her tone was lighter when she started reading again.

Mentions did she not see the appeal she had for me, either:

Bella blushed at the idea that she appealed to the other guys at school, but that wasn't anything to the blush she had at the mention of her appeal for Edward.

Bella says if he's paralyzed from the neck down, he can't go to the prom either:

"What's the matter, Bells, don't you like that Edward already knew about this?" Jacob chuckled and she glared at him.

Mentions Bella deserved better than a killer:

Bella smiled at this, it was rather intoxicating to know that she had this kind of power over him. Though she didn't think of him as a killer, it was still nice to know that he was trying to be better for her.

Mentions even if I didn't drink their blood, the evidence blazing red in my eyes, wouldn't she sense the difference:

"That depends," Bella said.

"On?" Jacob encouraged her to continue her thought.

"On whether he acts differently or not," Bella said. "If he starts acting even more moody than he already is, it would be hard to miss."

"Would you forgive him … if he did kill this guy?" Jacob asked.

"I don't think he's the monster that he seems to think he is," Bella said in a way to answer.

"That's not an answer," Jacob said.

"I don't want him to kill him," Bella said, "but I'm not sure that would change the way I think of him."

Mentions after all of this, even with as much as I love her, she still made my mouth water:

Jacob shivered at that, a little afraid how Edward would react to this in his maddened state, but he wasn't too worried.

"How does my scent make it so he doesn't deserve me?" Bella said a little angrily.

Mentions well she wasn't screaming, not yet:

"Why would you be screaming?" Jacob asked.

"Because he admitted that he wanted to hunt those people down," Bella said after a moment's thought. "I think. You know because most humans wouldn't say something like that."

"Yeah, right," Jacob said angrily. "I wouldn't mind hunting those bastards down."

"Then maybe it was something else," Bella shrugged.

Mentions instead of finishing the inquiry, Bella just shook her head and half-smiled, and Edward thinks what did that mean:

"I don't know," Bella said, she was questioning her reaction just as much as Edward had.

Jacob started chuckling at her expression.

"So, I guess that's the face that you make when you're annoyed that Edward can't just read your mind so you would know what your book self was thinking," Jacob said laughing harder as Bella stuck her tongue out at him.

Edward says I'm taking you to dinner:

Bella smiled at that. Dinner … with Edward!

Mentions was this because she wasn't used to being treated like a lady, or she didn't think of me as a gentleman:

Bella rolled her eyes at this, chuckling. "I've never had my car door opened by someone else before."

"Yeah … who still does that?" Jacob chuckled too.

"I suppose I'll have to remember that he likes doing things like that," Bella mumbled to herself.

Hostess thinks, maybe she's his cousin, but family, definitely, he can't be with her:

Bella grimaced at that, knowing that by all accounts the hostess should have been right, but still she was a bit smug by the fact that she was completely wrong.

"Jealous much," Jacob said. "She's just trying to build herself up by taking you down."

"Whatever," Bella shrugged before reading.

Edward says I dazzle people and then thinks interesting phrasing, accurate enough for tonight, I wondered why the difference:

"Well obviously it has something to do with Bella," Jacob smirked. "Everything that's different with you is, after all, her fault."

Bella says frequently:

Bella was blushing a little there too, but mostly she was pleased that Edward might finally understand that she liked him too, so he could stop thinking so hard about not deserving her.

Edward says the color blue looks lovely with your skin:

Bella smiled, blushing.

"Good with your skin!" Jacob repeated laughing. "That's a weird way of putting it."

"Shut up," Bella hissed at him, she didn't need his laughter at the moment.

Mentions her instincts were all wrong, backwards:

"There's nothing wrong with my instincts," Bella huffed.

"I'm not so sure about that," Jacob said. "Honestly, you should be scared of this guy … but whatever."

Bella says you're always crabbier when your eyes are black, I have a theory about that:

"What's your theory?" Jacob asked.

"Stop interrupting so much," Bella huffed at him.

"Sorry … I'm just so drawn into this," Jacob said, "I keep forgetting that you don't know anything."

Mentions but how would I answer them, with lies, or would I drive her away with the truth, or would I say nothing, unable to decide:

"The truth, please," Bella said.

"I don't think you get to choose," Jacob chuckled at her expression.

"Still, I think it's about time the truth was put out on the table," Bella said. "I want to see how he'll react once I know what he is."

Bella asks why are you in Port Angeles:

"Well, somehow I don't think he's going to answer that question," Jacob chuckled. "You know, he can't really say 'I was stalking you'."

Bella says let's say, hypothetically, that someone could know what people are thinking … with just a few exceptions:

"What?" Jacob said. "How the hell did you figure that one out?"

"I don't know," Bella shrugged. "Maybe when he was talking about Mike's thoughts and all."

"You really are perceptive," Jacob mumbled.

Mentions It could be worse:

"He's not shocked at all that you figured that out," Jacob muttered. "I thought it was shocking."

Edward thinks about Carlisle figuring out about his mind reading ability ending with he'd understood before I did:

Bella smiled, imagining Edward when he was first turned doing just that. For some reason … though she knew it wasn't right, she imagined Edward as a little boy. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that it was associated with him learning something as he would when taking his first steps or talking for the first time. She could also picture a vague image of Carlisle, Edward's father, helping him learn how to work through this.

"Um … what's so amusing about that?" Jacob questioned her when he noticed the look in her eyes.

"It's nothing," Bella shook her head.

Bella says you can trust me, you know and mentions reached one hand to touch his hands:

"Ha," Bella said, "I knew this whole touching aversion thing was all in his head."

Mentions I pulled them back, hating the thought of her reaction to my frigid stone skin:

"If I'm reaching for you, I don't care about that," Bella said a little irritated by his reaction.

Mentions I couldn't trust her not to be horrified by them:

"But she's not normal, remember?" Jacob said.

"You want him to tell me, too," Bella said.

"You're right, I'm so over this part where he thinks how horrified you should be," Jacob said.

Bella says I thought you were always right:

Both Bella and Jacob laughed at that.

"He'll have to change that now," Jacob laughed even harder. "He's always right except when it comes to you."

Edward says unequivocally:

"What's the matter with saying yes?" Jacob rolled his eyes.

"It wouldn't be Edward," Bella shrugged with a smile.

Mentions I wanted her to know me:

Bella really smiled when she read this. In some ways this had more of an effect on her than when he had said that he loved her, for now she could see that he really was trusting her … opening up to her. She really liked that.

Mentions I'd just admitted to stalking her, and she was smiling:

"Weirdo," Jacob shook his head. "He's stalking you!"

"I know," Bella said.

"That doesn't creep you out at all?" Jacob questioned.

"Not when he's telling me the truth for the first time," Bella said.

Mentions she knew, she knew that I had wanted to murder her:

"Did you really know that he was going to murder you?" Jacob asked. "I know you can't answer that … but I would really like to know the answer to this."

"I doubt my book self knows it like I know it," Bella said. "But I must have realized what the look meant."

Edward says I could have let you go with Jessica and Angela, but I was afraid if you left me alone, I would go looking for them:

"Okay … so now he's admitting to be a murderer … or at least having murderous thoughts," Jacob said. "You're going to take this just as calmly as the stalking thing, aren't you?"

"Probably," Bella shrugged. "Though the more he talks like this, the more I feel like I really do know what he is already."

"Yeah," Jacob groaned. "I know what you mean."

Mentions tell me her latest theory, did I want to hear it, I was anxious for it, but would it be worse than not knowing:

"No," Bella said.

"Though I'm not so sure I can say the same thing," Jacob said, feeling more and more like he didn't want to know what her theory was.

Mentions she must have had enough truth for one night:

"Yeah right," Bella rolled her eyes; there were so many other things that she knew that her book-self wanted to know about.

Mentions a card with her name and telephone number on it:

Bella was now glaring at the book.

"That's ridiculous," Jacob said shaking his head. "He's obviously there with you … how cheesy is it to try and give the guy a number then?"



Bella asks, can I ask just one more:

"No … I said it was my turn," Jacob said, laughing.

Bella rolled her eyes.

"But seriously, don't let her ask another question," Jacob said. "I want to know what she's thinking already."

This time Bella chuckled.

Mentions I sighed at the dilemma, and then said, one:

"Hm … I don't know if one would be enough," Bella said, and Jacob groaned.

"You really are going to stretch this out, aren't you?" Jacob asked and Bella shrugged.

Mentions how ironic, she was relentlessly evasive, without even trying:

"Well, it beats being purposefully evasive," Bella said defensively and Jacob laughed at that and the face she was making.

Bella says and then you didn't answer one of my first questions:

"Ha … I knew you wouldn't stop at just one," Jacob said.

"Well at least this isn't a new one," Bella shrugged looking amused. "I must be thinking that I have to get answers out of him as long as he's being honest with me …." she added thoughtfully, and she was now frowning. It was sad that her book self really had no idea what Edward was thinking … or how much he really cared about her.

Edward says I always drive like this:

"Well at least I know that's true," Bella said. "Hm … I don't know if I'm going to be riding in his car too much."

"If you look at Edward, I'm sure you wouldn't notice anything," Jacob said, and then chuckled. "You'll be dazzled by him …."

"Shut up," Bella blushed and Jacob laughed harder.

Bella says no, it was Saturday, at the beach:

Jacob groaned; his first fear was confirmed and the second was sure to come true any second now.

Mentions I hadn't expected that, the local gossip about us had never strayed into anything to bizarre, was there a new rumor:

"He knows what beach you were at … how could he not figure this out?" Jacob hissed, in a foul mood because of what he was sure was going to happen and he wanted it out there already.

Bella says I ran into an old family friend, Jacob Black:

Jacob sighed again, it was true then … great.

"I'm sorry," Bella said.

Mentions Jacob Black, Ephraim Black, a descendant, no doubt:

"Who's Ephraim Black?" Bella questioned, really wanting to know the answer to that, but mostly asking because she hoped it would calm Jacob down a little.

"He was the chief of our tribe the last time the Cullens were here," Jacob said. "He's the one who made the treaty … the treaty I apparently broke when I told you about the vampires … Er … and I think I broke it in real life yesterday, too when I told …."

"You didn't really break it," Bella shook her head. "Um … I mean, I don't really know what this treaty says, but if it had something to do with telling me about the Cullens you didn't really do that … well, not yesterday at least. I knew there was something wrong with them … and the number of times that the book said it … I was going to know anyways. You just helped me to understand sooner."

"Thanks," Jacob said. "But that doesn't seem to help me out in this book."

"Sorry," Bella said, but Jacob did look slightly better now.

Mentions she knew the truth:

"Yes, yes, I know the truth … now talk to me about it," Bella said and Jacob had to smile at her childish behavior since she rarely acted this way.

Bella says he was telling me about some old legends, trying to scare me, I think, he told me one:

"I would not just tell you about these things," Jacob hissed, looking angry and Bella wasn't sure if he was angry at what her book self just said or if he was angry because he thought his book self would have said that.

"Um … We're not sure what happened on the beach," Bella said, hoping that would calm him down a bit … it didn't work.

Mentions it was the younger generation, who would be warned, but think the ancient superstitions laughable, that was where the danger of exposure lies:

Jacob was seething as he read this, feeling both guilty and angry about what his book-self had done.

Mentions I supposed that means I was free to slaughter the same, defenseless tribe:

"NO!" Bella said furious as Jacob looked angrily at the book; seeing how dangerous this slip really was.

Bella says he just thought it was a silly superstition, he didn't expect me to think anything of it:

"You must have realized how he was reacting to this," Jacob hissed in a tight, angry voice.

"He never would have hurt your family anyway," Bella said; she knew that was true, no matter how mad he was at the moment, he wouldn't do that.

Bella says it's my fault, I forced him to tell me:

Jacob raised an eyebrow at that. Forced me, he thought, how could she force me?

Bella says and an older boy for the tribe said your family didn't come here, only it sounded like he meant something different:

"Well, at least you're not the one that mentioned the Cullens," Bella said and Jacob felt slightly better about that.

Bella says I got Jacob alone and I tricked it out of him:

And now he looked completely hurt. That really didn't make her sound too good … nor did it sound like they were remotely friends.

Bella put her head in her hands, she felt horrible. How could she have done that to Jacob?

"I'm sorry," Bella said quietly.

"Whatever," Jacob said bitterly.

Bella says, I tried to flirt, it worked better than I thought it would:

"You flirted with me," Jacob said, yeah that would do it. He couldn't lie, he definitely thought Bella was beautiful, and if she would be up for it, he would love to go out with her. But that option clearly wasn't available to him, not with Edward. And that was okay, because he liked hanging out with Bella … it was nice being around her … her friendship was enough.

Still, to hear that her book-self had flirted with him, just so he would spill the beans about his family heritage … that wasn't nice at all. Nor was hearing her say she tricked him … like he was some kind of fool. Did she even like him? He wondered as he gave her a cold look.

Bella didn't say anything, she heard the hurt and anger in his voice, and she really hated herself at the moment. How could she play with a boy's affections so carelessly like that? She wanted to apologize again, but the words didn't come out. So, she just sat there waiting for him to start reading again. The garage they were sitting in seemed to have gone cold as she waited for him to read …

Mentions but I was suddenly full of pity for the unsuspecting boy she'd unleashed such a potent force on:

"Thanks," Jacob spat bitterly and Bella flinched. Was she really that attractive to guys?

Bella says I did some research on the internet:

Bella let out a tiny sigh, knowing for sure they were done talking about Jacob now.

Jacob glared at her when she sighed, and she tensed as her lip trembled.

"Do you even like me?" Jacob asked sharply at that point, he wasn't one to run away from conflict and he needed this question answered now.

Bella looked at him shocked and hurt that he had to ask that. "Of course, I do."

Jacob sighed. "Then stop worrying about this … I'll get over it."

"I'm just … I'm sorry," Bella said. "I don't know why I would …."

"Trick me into telling you a secret that could have destroyed my tribe?" Jacob hissed then, he really didn't want her to try and explain herself to him.

Bella gasped and shook her head. "No … I couldn't have known the potential danger to your tribe …." she said this as if she was talking to herself. She wouldn't have done that, right?

"No, I suppose you wouldn't know about the treaty." Jacob said, "But still, it's just not like you to use someone like that. And it hurts that it was me that you tricked."

Bella swallowed. "I'm sorry … I don't know what else I can say about that …."

"Oh, Bella," Jacob groaned. "Of course, you don't know what to say … we don't even know what was said on the beach … I'm sorry for blaming you … you really haven't done anything to me."

"But …." Bella said, but he cut her off shaking his head.

"Seriously, Bella, drop it," Jacob said. "We're cool now."

"Okay," Bella nodded her head sadly and Jacob rolled his eyes … she so wasn't going to just drop this, but whatever, he wasn't going to think about it anymore.

Edward says what, and then thought what had she found, what had made sense of the nightmare for her:

Jacob chuckled there, it was a little forced, but it still sounded natural. "You really have this guy on the edge of his seat with all the suspense you're building here."

"I doubt I know what I'm doing," Bella said, her voice a little distant. She really didn't know what she was doing when it came to boys; which was clear enough by the way that she had handled Jacob.

Mentions her reactions were always wrong, she pulled danger towards herself, invited it:

"Why is he taking that so badly?" Bella asked, a little confused. "Is it bad that I've accepted him?"

"Um … I'm not sure," Jacob said thoughtfully. "You know this guy … he always reacts the wrong way," he laughed this time and so did Bella.

"I suppose two wrongs do make a right then," Bella chuckled.

"That's not how the saying goes," Jacob shook his head.

Mentions I supposed that I could arrange for her to receive the best care available:

"I am not crazy, Edward Cullen!" Bella yelled.

"You are yelling at a book right now … that might be considered a bit crazy," Jacob pointed out with barely concealed laughter.

"Shut up!" Bella hissed at him.

Mentions I would watch over the facility, and visit as often as I was allowed:

"Well, then I wouldn't be cured you idiot, because the reason is that I like you!" Bella yelled again.

"Yep … not crazy at all," Jacob really laughed this time and she glared at him furiously. She might have been a fully grown house cat, instead of a kitten with that glare, Jacob mused, laughing harder.

Bella asks how old are you and Edward says seventeen:

"Liar," Jacob said.

"Hmm … I'm sure that's true … in a way," Bella shrugged.

Bella says well, Jacob said something about that:

Bella flinched at the mention of Jacob's name, but Jacob really was over that now. Or at least he wasn't going to waste energy on getting worked up about it again. "It looks like I told you about their vegetarian ways," he said.

Bella says he said you didn't hunt people, he said your family wasn't supposed to be dangerous because you only hunted animals:

"That seems to be a bit nicer than what I would say," Jacob said.

"Really?" Bella questioned.

"Yeah … I mean before this I never really believed the legends, but still," Jacob said and then shrugged there. "They're bloodsuckers that we had an uneasy treaty with … I'm not about to say something nice about them."

Edward says they're right to keep their distance from us, we are still dangerous:

"Yes, they are," Jacob frowned, this book did prove that in a way. The vampires really did have a somewhat daily struggle just to be close to humans … and then if there was one that smelled too good … they would lose themselves in the monster. And yet, it was hard for him to hate them, because they were trying to stop their very nature …

Mentions my mouth was swimming with venom:

Jacob sighed; he really didn't want to hear that right now … it made it easy to hate them again.

Edward says I don't want to be a monster:

Bella smiled at that, thinking how that proved that he wasn't a monster.

Bella says you're eyes, I told you I had a theory, I've noticed that people, men in particular, are crabbier when they're hungry:

"That is ridiculous," Jacob said in mock indignation.

"Are you hungry now?" Bella questioned.

"I could do with a bit of eating, yeah," Jacob admitted.

"I rest my case," Bella said and Jacob rolled his eyes.

"But we are going to eat dinner after this, right?" Jacob asked, now that she's got him thinking about food, he really was hungry.

"I guess," Bella said. "I think I should call Charlie and see what's going on … he should be getting home soon."

"Yeah, that's a good idea," Jacob said. "But let's finish this chapter first, okay?"

Mentions did I love her enough yet to be able to bear leaving her:

Bella growled, really annoyed by that. If he didn't stop thinking about leaving her … saying that his leaving proved that he loved her, she was going to scream.

Mentions Bella cared for me too:

Bella smiled.

"I don't think he's going to stop his negative thinking," Jacob pointed out to her.

"But it's still nice to know that I like him … and he knows it now," Bella said.

Mentions I knew it could be nothing in comparison to how I loved her:

"And apparently he's still going to underestimate you," Jacob chuckled.

"Um … well, he might have a point," Bella said. "I mean, you heard how he described how vampires love …."

"Yeah," Jacob agreed, knowing that it was close to what was described in his legends. "But if that is true, it's probably easy for you to feel the same way," he added a little reluctantly. "I mean if someone loves you like that … don't you think it would be easy … even for us lowly humans … to love the same way."

"I suppose," Bella said. "Still, I'll have to meet him before I really understand my feelings."

Mentions would that stop me from staying now, from making it worse:

Bella grimaced, but now she was determined … she was going to have to make it clear to him that leaving wasn't an option. Of course, how she was going to do that was the more difficult problem.

Mentions Alice's visions swirled into my head, Bella's blood red eyes staring back at me, hate me for stealing everything from her, her life and her soul:

Jacob grimaced; he did not like these semi constant reminders of Bella becoming a vampire. It helped that Edward was so dead set against it, but still … it seemed like this was an eventuality that he really didn't want to happen.

Bella, on the other hand, disagreed with what Edward thought, believing that if she was a vampire in the future … it would be her choice. She knew better than to voice this thought though, Jacob looked tense enough as it was.

Mentions instinct to reach out toward her, and in that one second, I felt more human than ever, but then I remembered I was not, and lowered my hand:

"You're human to me," Bella said, it would be nice if he comforted her there, though she wasn't sure if she was sad or angry … she cried when she's both.

Edward says you were right, I'm definitely fighting fate trying to keep you alive:

"Or maybe fate is putting me in danger so that you won't leave me," Bella said.

"What?" Jacob asked.

"Well, it seems like Edward might have left if my life didn't need saving," Bella shrugged. "Plus, I doubt I would ever have found out about him if it weren't for the van accident … and knowing his secret will only improve our relationship."

Mentions Bella was safe, Angela and Jessica were also safe in their beds:

"He has a point," Jacob hissed. "That man can't be allowed to just walk free … you're not the only one in danger."

"True," Bella said, but she was hoping for imprisonment.

Alice says I'm sorry too, by the time I saw what was going to happen, you were on your way:

Bella shivered as she wondered just how much Alice had seen.

Alice thinks I paid better attention later, are you going to tell them that she knows:

"Oh," Bella said a little tensely. Now wondering what the rest of the family would think about her knowing their secret. She couldn't help but be a little reminded about their conversation after the van accident and it made her shiver. But surely, they wouldn't be so hostile about her this time, right?

Mentions I tried to block the image I didn't want to see, Bella and Alice, best friends:

"There is nothing wrong with that," Bella said firmly.

"Of course, there is," Jacob said just as firmly. "I'm your best friend."

"Sure, you are," Bella rolled her eyes, and laughed when Jacob pouted.

Mentions Carlisle would know what to do:

"I can relate to that," Jacob said, thinking of the many times he had gone to his dad for help with things. This right here really made Edward seem human to him.

Carlisle thinks she's very good for you, isn't she, so much compassion, so much control, I'm impressed:

Bella blushed at this, taking this as confirmation that Carlisle approved of her.

Carlisle says I'll take care of it, you can rest easy, no one else will be harmed in Bella's place:

"Good," Bella said looking relieved. "But then again … that doesn't really mean anything does it … He's still out there … only in this book is he being taken care of."

"We'll just have to make sure to tell someone about this guy," Jacob said.

Carlisle thinks I didn't foresee she would be so good for him, that's unexpected, perhaps this was somehow meant to be, perhaps it serves a higher purpose:

Bella smiled at that … yes, she really liked Carlisle, too.

Carlisle thinks Edward deserves happiness, he's owed it, there must be a way:

"Oh, there will be a way … I'll make sure of that," Bella said firmly.



As soon as Jacob and Bella got to Jacob's house, Bella called Charlie. She tried their home first, but he wasn't there, so she called the office. It was almost seven o'clock, but it seemed that Charlie was still there. He seemed a little flustered when she called, he definitely wasn't used to having someone waiting for him … though in this case that was true, she wondered if he was always going to stay at the office late. He said that he was just going to eat at the office and asked that she was home before ten.

"So, what's up?" Jacob asked, finishing making enough spaghetti for three people; Billy was sitting in his chair watching TV.

"I don't have to be home until ten," Bella shrugged, and then whispered so only he could hear, "that should be enough time to finish the manuscript."

"Yeah, it should be," Jacob said looking at his dad warily. "Do you think I should tell my dad about this …?"

"I don't know, Jake," Bella frowned, that was a good question. "What do you think will happen if you do?"

"I'm not sure," Jacob frowned, too. "But I'm going to have to tell him something … at some point."

"Well, let's finish the book first, and then you could tell him whatever you think you should," Bella said.

"Sounds good to me," Jacob said, wanting to put off the lengthy conversation he knew he was going to have to have with his father for as long as possible. Dinner was a pleasant enough event. Billy seemed pleased that the two kids appeared to have become friends so quickly and it was clear that Bella was a lot more comfortable today than she had been yesterday. She didn't look quite as gloomy as she did when he had first seen her at least.

After the meal was done, the two teens went back to Jacob's garage (Billy wondered what on Earth they were doing in there that was so interesting but didn't ask out loud).

"I guess I'll read now," Bella said picking up the book and read, "Interrogations."

CNN broke the story first.

"What story?" Jacob asked.

Bella rolled her eyes. "About the guy that …."

"Oh," Jacob said and then glared at the book.

Mentions it ended up only earning a few seconds, a few sentences, and one grainy picture:

"It's a good thing that those terrible things happened?" Jacob muttered darkly.

"I guess he just didn't want anyone in this town to notice that …." Bella said.

"I guess he didn't want you to notice that," Jacob corrected and Bella had to admit he was right.

Mentions even if Bella sees it, she probably wouldn't recognize him, I hope she wouldn't, it will make her afraid needlessly:

"See," Jacob said triumphantly.

"I wasn't doubting you," Bella said, but she was looking at the book sadly.

"What's the matter?" Jacob asked.

"I was just wondering if … that man … if someone got hurt … now, while we're reading this book," Bella said.

"I don't know what to do about that," Jacob said. "I mean even if we do tell someone … it's not like we really know anything that would help catch him."

"I know," Bella frowned, even more down than she was before, but she picked up the book and started to read again.

Alice thinks you should know, though, this isn't just me being selfish, Bella's going to like me too:

"Well of course I am," Bella said.

"I have to admit, she's not half bad," Jacob shrugged.

Mentions knowing Bella, that idea wouldn't bother her in the slightest:

Bella rolled her eyes; he just had to make it sound negative that she felt that way. Jacob, on the other hand, was laughing at her expression.

Mentions what Bella wanted and what was best for Bella were two very separate things:

"No … what Bella wanted and what you think is best for Bella are two very separate things," Jacob said and Bella nodded her head in total agreement.

Mentions had the truth sunk in while she slept:

"Er … she's known the truth for like four days or something … I'm sure it's all sunk in," Jacob said.

"Yeah, but it was just confirmed today," Bella said.

"Do you think you'll be scared of him?" Jacob questioned and Bella rolled her eyes. "I rest my case."

Edward says not as much as your reactions do:

"There's nothing wrong with my reactions," Bella said.

"Except to this crazy vampire that doesn't want anything to make him too happy," Jacob said.

Mentions it was stranger and amusing and embarrassing, to realize how much being near Bella had softened me:

"Tough luck, man," Jacob chuckled and Bella grimaced at that … of course she liked that he was able to be close to her, but the side effect of having girls like him more … that really sucked.

Mentions Bella putting on her jacket and did not realize his hands were extended to assist, causing Edward to frown:

"He really is a gentleman," Bella muttered, she was going to have to remember that and that it wasn't only car doors that he wanted to help her with.

Edward tries to figure out what Angela Weber wants ending with I would deliver something anonymously and call us even:

"Would it really be that easy to please someone?" Bella asked, she couldn't really think of a 'thing' that would make her happy.

"Probably," Jacob said, thinking about the master cylinder that he needed for his car.

Mentions that Angela proved unaccommodating ending with it was very sweet:

Bella smiled; she was definitely going to have to make friends with this girl.

"Well, it looks like you're not so unique after all," Jacob said. "There are other humans out there that aren't selfish."

"I never thought I was unique," Bella shrugged.

Jessica says wait, has he kissed you and then thinks please say yes, and then describe every second:

"Do girls really care about that crap?" Jacob rolled his eyes. "Talking about kisses and stuff like that?"

"I guess," Bella shrugged, she wasn't one to talk about something like that unless it was pulled out of her painfully like Jessica seemed to want to do.

Mentions it can't be disappointment, she can't want that, not knowing what she knew, she can't want to be close to my teeth, for all she knew I had fangs:

"Um … this guy does realize that if you like someone you probably think about kissing them, right?" Jacob said.

Bella shrugged at that.

Mentions my lips on her lips, cold stone to warm, yielding silk … and then she dies:

Bella rolled her eyes and Jacob flinched at that.

"You really have to take that seriously, Bella," Jacob said. "He's getting used to you … but it's got to be harder for him if he's close to you like that."

"I'll be careful," Bella said, but that didn't change her mind about wanting to be close to him in that way.

Bella says but it's hard to tell, he's always so cryptic:

Jacob snorted at that.

"What? It's true!" Bella exclaimed.

"I know," Jacob said still laughing. "It's just so funny because we know how he really feels."

Bella gave him a reluctant smile at that, even as she felt sorry for her book-self for not knowing how Edward felt about her.

Bella says too much, more than he likes me, but I don't see how I can help that:

"Do you really think you like him more?" Jacob questioned.

"I think I like him more than he's shown me that he has likes me," Bella said, completely confusing Jacob. Bella sighed and then said, "Obviously, I know that Edward loves me after hearing what he thought … but in the book … there is no way that I realize that. In the book, I must be convinced that … I don't know what I'm thinking in the book actually."

Mentions that things that made perfect sense, got twisted up and turned backwards in that bizarre brain of hers:

Bella hissed as she read this. Was it her that twisted everything! He was the one who never seemed to be able to settle with just one thought. Always having to think twenty different things at once.

Mentions more than he likes me, absurd:

"You know, if he annoys you so much, you don't have to like him," Jacob said.

"It's too late for that, Jake," Bella said. "And his thoughts can be annoying, but that doesn't make me like him any less."

Mentions she took a bite from the same slice of pizza, it amazed me how trusting she was:

"Why? Is there something wrong with the pizza?" Bella wondered.

"I doubt it, he wouldn't give you anything that could have the slightest possibility of being dangerous," Jacob chuckled.

Mentions she couldn't believe that her human feeling could be stronger than the immortal passion that had building up in me for century:

Bella grimaced, when he said it like that it made sense and yet it hurt that he couldn't perceive how much she liked him.

Mentions she thought I was underestimating her feeling because I couldn't hear her thoughts, but she was underestimating mine:

"Hmph," Bella said. Yes, she was underestimating his feelings, that was clear to her, but him thinking that he wasn't doing the same thing … he didn't know how much she cared about him. She didn't know how much her book-self cared about him, but it had to be more than she did right now reading this book, and she knew that she already cared about him a lot.

Mentions how could she not realize she was the most beautiful, most exquisite:

Bella blushed, but she knew that was too much to say … he was only thinking that because he liked her … still it wasn't so bad that he was thinking that.

"Looks aren't everything, Bells," Jacob said, "and you have both looks and a good heart …."

"Stop, Jake," Bella said, he was starting to make her feel uncomfortable.

Bella says and you don't think I would do the same:

"Would you?" Jacob asked.

Bella looked thoughtful for a moment; she was so lost in Edward's thoughts that it was hard to gather her own. "Yes, if I knew it was better for him … I would have to, wouldn't I?" she said, but she was shaking her head at the same time, she knew it couldn't be better for him if she left so it was ridiculous to even think of that.

Alice shares her vision of Edward taking Bella to the meadow, but it was also the place where Alice's other visions had taken placed:

"No!" Jacob said, knowing where this was going. "You can't go there."

"It's not going to happen, Jake," Bella said, she too, knew where this was going.

"Bella …." Jacob started to say.

"Let me just keep reading," Bella interrupted and started reading again.

Mentions I focused on our unfinished conversations, pushing Alice and her flawed lying visions far my thoughts, they didn't deserve my attention:

"If it's not a flawed vision …." Jacob started, gritting his teeth.

"It is," Bella said, her voice calm though she was a little afraid. "Edward won't let it be."

"Does he even have a choice?" Jacob hissed at her.

"He muddled up Alice's visions before," Bella said. "When he stopped talking to me … he'll do it again."

"Right," Jacob said, not believing it, but hoping it was true.

Mentions Alice was wrong, and it was just an old vision, invalid now, things had changed:

"Right," Jacob said again, in his non-believing hopeful tone, and then added stiffly, "but that doesn't mean you should take her to this meadow of yours."

Mentions we didn't have forever, passing seconds second counted more than ever, each second changed her while I remained untouched:

Bella grimaced … that sounded so sad, the way that he described her changing every second …

Jacob grimaced, it sounded like Edward wanted her to be a vampire … or at least part of him wanted that so that she would always be by his side.

Bella asks why in the world would I do that:

"Because it's the right thing to do," Jacob said.

"So, you always tell Billy where you go?" Bella questioned.

"Um …." Jacob said.

"That's what I thought," Bella said.

"I don't …." Jacob started, but Bella had started reading again.

Mentions why would Alice force this knowledge on me now:

"Oh," Bella said and then looked thoughtful. "Maybe she did it so that you would be on guard … that you wouldn't be careless there."

"You think?" Jacob asked.

"It's a possibility," Bella shrugged.

Mentions why wouldn't she see me for the monster I was:

Because it's better to see you as the good man that you are, Bella thought to herself, not sure if Jacob would want to hear something like that, with the attitude he had right now.

Edward says more like the lion, perhaps our preferences are indicative:

"That's an interesting theory," Bella said. "I wonder how the others hunt and what their preferences are."

Bella is that something I might get to see:

"NO!" Jacob said.

"Why … it's not that bad?" Bella said.

"It would be very dangerous for you to be there," Jacob said. "I mean beyond dangerous … don't you get it, you're his prey."

"Jacob …." Bella started.

"I get that he doesn't want that to be the case, but that doesn't change the fact that you've got to be a hell of a lot more appealing than any of those animals he would be hunting," Jacob said.

"Right," Bella gulped, that did sound dangerous.



Mentions so there was something Angela wanted; it wasn't something that could be easily gift-wrapped:

"She must like a guy," Bella said.

"This should be interesting," Jacob chuckled.

"It will only work if the guy likes her back though," Bella said.

"But Angela is cool … who wouldn't like her," Jacob said.

Mentions it was consoling to know that I wasn't the only one living out a tragic love story:

"Argh," Bella groaned. "Only if you keep thinking that way."

Mentions Angela story didn't have to be tragic ending with no valid reason for her not to be with the one she wanted:

"Yeah, wasteful," Bella muttered, thinking that Edward's was wasteful too, though he did have more of a reason to be so cautious.

Mentions he did not seem unwilling, he was stymied by the same difficulty, hopeless and resigned the way she was:

"Come on, people, have faith in yourselves," Jacob said.

Bella, however, was thoughtful. She wondered if this was a mirror of how she and Edward felt … both of them not fully realizing what the other felt. She was sure that her book self couldn't have known how much he loved her … there was no possible way for her to know that. And she could see clearly that Edward didn't understand how much she lo … er … however she felt about him.

She stopped that train of thought as something else seemed to go through her. She was wondering how strongly she felt about this guy that she had yet to meet … and she longed for that meeting to happen already. Jacob started reading then, drawing her concentration back to the book.

Mentions why the sudden shock of electricity in the air:

"Shock of electricity?" Bella raised an eyebrow. What was he talking about and why did that make her think of the first time he touched her in the second chapter (the first time he talked to her in the books)?

Mentions Bella folder her arms securely across her own chest:

"You're feeling this too, aren't you?" Jacob questioned, "and I know it didn't happen …."

"Yeah, I think I am feeling this," Bella answered before he could say any more. "I wonder what it means."

"It seems like you're calling to each other somehow," Jacob said, and then he bit his lip. It seemed like some kind of instinctual reaction that went way beyond human … whatever that means.

Mentions enough, I ordered, though my hand ached to shape itself to the side of her face, enough:

"He doesn't sound too controlled now," Jacob muttered.

"He's touch is gentle … it's not hurting me," Bella said.

"But his mind doesn't seem to have control over his actions," Jacob countered. "His instincts do."

"And what instinct is he following now?" Bella raised her eyebrows. "It's not to hurt me."

"Right," Jacob mumbled, "but there still is an instinct in him that wants to hurt you … don't forget that."

"I won't," Bella sighed. "But that isn't the only instinct he has towards me now."

Mentions Ben Cheney entering, ah, here was my chance to give Angela Weber her gift:

"Ben Cheney," Bella mumbled and got out her yearbook to look at him. He was cute enough, though not her type at all. Still, she studied the picture, if Angela and Ben liked each other she wanted them to be together in this reality, too. She thought that things might be different now that she knew what Edward was thinking about her, so she might have to be the one to help Ben and Angela out … argh … that wasn't really her strong point. Oh well, it will have to happen someway.

Emmett who are you and what have you done with my brother:

Bella and Jacob both chuckled at this.

Mentions Rosalie was a pain but I would always owe her one for choosing Emmett, no one had a better brother than mine:

"Aw," Jacob said in teasing voice but Bella smiled at what Edward had just said.

Emmett says did you ask Angela Weber out yet:

"Oh … I get it," Jacob said laughing. "This should work."

Ben thinks Angela, they're talking about Angela:

"Hm … it definitely makes it easy that Edward knows what he's thinking," Bella muttered.

Ben thinks Edward Cullen was going to ask Angela out, I don't want him ner her, he's not right for her, not safe:

"You got that right," Jacob chuckled and Bella glared at him. "What? You want him to go out with Angela?"

"Don't be ridiculous," Bella rolled her eyes and Jacob laughed louder.

Mentions my lab partner said it was some kid name Cheney, I'm not sure I know who he is:

"That's rude … the guy's right behind you," Jacob muttered.

"Um … Jake, that's the point," Bella said.

"I know," Jacob rolled his eyes. "I'm just saying it makes him sound like a stuck up …."

"Whatever," Bella rolled her eyes.

"Wait a second, aren't you his lab partner … I guess you're the source of this information," Jacob said and Bella grimaced at that thought.

Ben thinks Edward thinks he's better than me, but Angela doesn't, I'll show him:

"Well, there's that problem solved," Jacob chuckled.

Ben thinks no, you won't, so what if she's so much taller than me:

"Oh … it's because he's short … poor guy," Jacob chuckled.

"I suppose that's not a problem you have to deal with," Bella said, Jacob seemed pretty tall for his age.

"Not at all," Jacob said. "I think I might even have grown an inch since yesterday."

"Sure you did, Jake," Bella rolled her eyes.

Mentions I like this Ben, he was bright and well-meaning, maybe even wothery of a girl like Angela:

"Well, it looks like there're three humans that he might think highly of," Jacob chuckled.

Mentions how sill humans were, to let a six-inch height differential confound their happiness:

"That is a pretty big difference," Jacob said. "That guy must be a midget."

"Jake!" Bella reprimanded him.

"Sorry," Jacob sighed.

Mentions I watched Bella's racquet with alarm, sure enough, it hit the taut net and sprung back at her, clipping her forehead and then strike Mike's arm:

Jacob was howling with laughter and Bella turned bright red and held her head in her hands. That was a new all-time low for her.

"You really are awful," Jacob choked out some time later.

"Yeah, yeah, now can you continue reading," Bella tried to sound as if this wasn't bothering her, but she was still red, and her voice was too weak to pull that off.

Mentions he didn't recognize the real phenomenon, that she'd picked me:

"Don't go overboard with that," Bella rolled her eyes, it was more of a phenomenon that he had picked her after a hundred years after all.

Mike thinks you and the freak, I guess, if a rich guy is that important to you:

Bella was glaring at the book, she didn't like this assumption at all, but what was really getting to her was how very wrong Mike was … Edward was so much more than just a rich guy.

Mentions then suddenly, a giggle burst through her lips:

"You laughed?" Jacob looked at her incredulously.

"Um … the irony of that must have gotten to me," Bella said. "I'm sure it was a nervous laugh if that makes you feel any better."

"It doesn't," Jacob said and then started reading again.

Edward says hello, how was gym:

"Argh … did he have to mention that?" Bella groaned.

"Yep," Jacob chuckled. "Besides, isn't it better that you know he's watching you … not as creepy that way at least."

"Whatever," Bella shrugged.

Mike thinks why couldn't he just leave her alone, stick to his own kind, to the freaks:

"What does he mean, his own kind?" Jacob asked. "He doesn't know that Edward is a vampire."

"I suppose he means rich?" Bella said slowly, not sure of the answer herself. "That or he instinctively knows that Edward is different."

Mentions of the male students around the car and their thoughts:

"Um … Jacob do you want me to leave," Bella chuckled as Jacob was practically drooling at the description of the car.

"No, but I want you to get me into the Cullen garage sometime in the future," Jacob said.

"You do realize that's Rosalie's car …." Bella said smirking.

"Argh," Jacob groaned. "Why did you have to remind me of that?"

Mentions I never tried to dazzle Bella on purpose before, but now seemed like a good time:

"Oh great," Bella mumbled, blushing already. The thought of him actually trying to dazzle her was too much for her.

Mentions of course, I was having a bit of difficulty looking away from her, equally dazzled, it was good thing I had this road memorized:

"What?" Bella said, snapping out of her daze … she liked thinking of them both being dazzled by each other … but still, "He's not even looking at the road!"

"But he has it memorized … that's just as good," Jacob laughed at her expression.

"That is not good at all!" Bella snapped, note to self, no dazzling in the car … um … while it's moving at least.

Mentions for one second, I struggled desperately to find the strength, the control, to be able to put my mouth so close to her skin:

Bella froze in place … waiting in anticipation … heart hammering.

Jacob shifted uncomfortably and was wary about how dangerous that would be.

Mentions I did not believe that any member of my family would hesitate if he or she were offered a chance back:

"But you can't go back," Bella said sadly, which meant that if they were ever going to be equal she would have to change …

Mentions Most of our kind prized immortality about anything, not us, not my family, we would trade anything to be human:

"Right," Jacob said, and he believed what Edward was saying, it really did explain why they did what they did.

Mentions I would have to find some way to hold my ground if we were ever going to have any peace:

"Well, that's most definitely true," Bella said. "I wonder what he's going to ask me."

"Well, it looks like you're going to have to wait a long time to figure it out," Jacob said putting the book down.

"Why?" Bella said looking at the clock, it was nine. "We still have some time."

"That's not why," Jacob chuckled. "It's because that was the end of the book."

"What?" Bella said. "That can't be the end … there so much more … I don't know what happens!"

"Sorry, Bells, that's it," Jacob shrugged.

"Is there at note or anything like that?" Bella asked, picking up the book and noticing a small note and read:

I'm sorry that this was all that I could give you, but this was all I could writebefore you got to school. But there is no need to worry;your story goes on for a long time after this.


Bella frowned as she read this, how could this person end the book here but promise that there is a lot more for her to find out? "Who is this SM person?"

"Um … I'm not sure, but it's the person that left me the note in the first place," Jacob said.

"Yeah, I figured," Bella rolled her eyes.

"So … um … what do we do now?" Jacob asked.

"I'm not sure," Bella said.

"But you're planning on meeting this Edward guy for real, aren't you," Jacob said.

"Of course," Bella looked at him suspiciously. He had promised at one time that he wouldn't let that happen. She hoped he had changed his mind because there was no way she would allow that.

"And how do you plan on meeting him at first?" Jacob questioned.

"Um …." Bella said, she didn't think of that, but he was right … the first meeting really was something that she had to think about … Edward was, after all, going to be deathly attracted to her. "I suppose we'll just have to think of something."

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