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Chapter Three

Twilight 15-25

The Cullens

Edward says is that really all it would take to stop you, if you were determined to go:

"No," Edward answered his own question.

"I don't think she would know how to reattach the car battery," Rosalie said.

"That's probably true, but she's too stubborn to let her lack of a usable truck to stop her," Edward said.

After Edward told Bella she said I love you in her sleep and she says you knew that already:

"But she never actually said the words," Edward smiled; his face lightened incredibly when Alice read the words.

After Bella says I love you and Edward says 'you are my life now':

"Edward, you should have said you loved her too," Alice said.

"I said more," Edward pointed out.

"True, but maybe she wanted to hear the actual words," Alice sighed. "You know, like you did a moment ago."

Edward asks what would you say to meeting my family:

"Yeah!" Emmett cheered.

"I can't wait!" Esme beamed.

"It's about time!" Alice said.

"I asked Bella, not you people," Edward smirked.

Bella says and Jasper making you feel all warm and fuzzy, don't forget that:

"Yeah, how could you forget that, Eddy?" Emmett laughed.

Jasper smiled pleasantly and upon Alice's questioning look he said, "She remembered me."

After Bella mentions Alice seeing her coming and he says something like that:

"I wonder what I saw?" Alice said. "It would have to be either her dead or one of us … I could only think of those two as things that would bother you."

"True, both those things would piss me off," Edward said. "And neither is going to happen."

Bella says I'll always want you, forever:

Edward frowned at that - forever didn't mean the same thing to her as it did to him.

Mentions Alice ran downstairs suddenly and gracefully stop in front of Bella:

"Alice," Edward said. "Can't you try and fit in?"

"No," Alice shrugged. "Besides, I'm sure Bella will be fine with it."

Mentions Alice bounced forward and kiss Bella's cheek:

"I wonder how long you've been keeping me from talking to her," Alice said.

"What makes you think that?" Edward asked.

"I'm bouncing to meet her … as soon as you called my name," Alice said. "It's obvious I've been dying to meet her."

"Probably since the incident at the very least," Edward shrugged.

"Argh," Alice groaned; patience wasn't one of her virtues.

Mentions that Rosalie and Emmett were nowhere to be seen:

"What?" Emmett exclaimed and then he started to pout. "I don't get to meet her… but I really wanted to… "

"Sorry," Rosalie said and Emmett pout lessened… a little.

After Bella notices the piano and asks is it yours:

"Why haven't you told her you're a musician?" Esme turned on Edward.

"It didn't come up," Edward shrugged guessing at the reason.

"But you talked about music," Esme put in.

Mentions Esme shared a brief look with Edward and her face seemed almost smug:

"I'm approving of her," Esme smiled.

"Mom, I think you'd approve of a slug if that's what I chose to love," Edward chuckled.

"Was there ever a possibility of that?" Emmett burst out laughing along with Jasper and Alice.

"Of course not, you idiot," Edward said rolling his eyes.

"That might be true," Esme said thoughtfully. "But Bella really seems to go beyond any of the expectation I have for your mate … I'm really happy."

"Thanks mom," Edward smiled.

Edward is playing the piano and says 'you inspired this one':

"I knew I made something for her," Edward said. "Hm … I wonder if it's like the one that I'm thinking of now, or if it's different since I've never actually met her."

"You should play it," Esme said.

"Maybe after …." Edward started, but Esme was shaking her head.

"You'll feel better after you put the music to paper," Esme said, though of course Edward wasn't going to write the notes down.

"Maybe your right," Edward said. "And it seems that you want to hear it as much as I want to play it."

He then got up and went to his piano. As soon as his hands hit the piano keys a soothing melody came. It was beautiful, and the notes seem to flow from him effortlessly, like he always knew the melody, but he'd forgotten. Alice went to stand next to him and hummed along with him - in perfect tune - and the harmony seemed to make it even easier for Edward to play. When the music came to an end it was a little bittersweet … there was something so melancholy about it that it made everyone a little sad, but there was no denying that it was beautiful and that it was perfect for the girl that they been reading about.

"That was amazing," Esme said nearly in tears … or as near as she could get.

"Thanks mom," Edward smiled pleasantly, though he too like the melancholy at the end of the song.

"I guess I should read again," Alice said after a few seconds of silence and everyone file back into the dining room.

Edward says that he warned Jasper to keep his distance:

"Oh," Jasper said looking happier at that news, though Alice was now glaring at her brother.

'You know Jasper wouldn't do anything to hurt her,' Alice thought loudly.

"I'm just overprotective," Edward answered, he obviously wanted Jasper to hear his reasoning. "Sorry Jazz, but she is my life now …."

"I understand completely," Jasper said looking at Alice.

Alice was now glaring at her husband; he would understand that - the overprotective fool.

Mentions wordless communication between Carlise and Edward, and he knows that she knows, but she knows he won't tell her:

"Her observation is still going to be annoying," Edward sighed. "I was hoping we were past that now."

Mentions not now.

"And she's still stubborn, don't forget that Eddy," Emmett said. "So far, whatever she has put her mind to knowing or doing she's succeeded."

"Argh, don't remind me," Edward groaned.

Mentions Bella stops at the end of the hall, staring at the ornament hanging on the wall about her head:

"My father's cross," Carlisle said. "Of course, that would catch her off guard."

"I still don't understand how humans can think that violent creatures that are vastly superior in strength could have been able to get hurt by silly objects such as crosses or garlic," Jasper said shaking his head.

Edward starts explaining Carlisle past saying that he was more clever than his father:

"Part of me still wished that I hadn't been," Carlisle sighed, but as he turned to each of his family members he smiled. "But in the end, it was for the best."

"I couldn't agree with you more," Emmett said, smiling at Rosalie. "You saved us all … and now even Eddy can't say anything about that."

"I guess I can't," Edward smiled genuinely.



Mentions it was unsettling to know that Carlisle only spoke aloud for her benefit:

"No, I usually talk out loud with Edward," Carlisle said.

"Except when you're too excited for words," Edward chuckled. "Like whenever you've come up with a new theory."

Edward says it was amazing how Carlisle was able to resist feeing when he was so new:

"It really is," Jasper said dejectedly.

"It was just my nature," Carlisle said. "Everyone is different."

"I know," Jasper sighed again, but smiled. "The important thing is I'm trying."

"That's right," Carlisle smiled, they had this conversation many times before. "And you're succeeding."

When Edward explains that he's afraid that she is going to go running if he tells her something or does something too much for her:

"Oh," Edward said, looking more confused than ever.

"You don't think that now," Esme asked.

"Not really," Edward said. "I mean at first I was worried … but not for a while now."

"It's because you know what she's thinking," Alice answered. "In the book you don't, you have no clue what she's thinking, and you have to rely on her actions. Because of this book, you know her better."

"Yeah," Edward said, smiling.

Mentions now Carlisle is all but immune to the scent of blood, and he can do the work he loves without agony:

"True, but I think that your self-control has to rival mine now," Carlisle said. "If you can turn down what her blood does to you and stay so close to her."

Edward frowned his disagreement but didn't say anything.

Edward explains about the Volturi and Carlisle staying with them for a few decades, but they disputed about his diet:

"I never really thought that they would change their minds and they were very disappointed that I wouldn't change mine," Carlisle sighed. "It became rather uncomfortable there… it was too bad I had to leave so soon though… they had so much information… "

Emmett cleared his throat at that point.

"Right, sorry," Carlisle smiled sheepishly.

Edward explained Carlisle decided that since he couldn't find a companion, he would create one:

"It was a little arrogant of me to believe that my child would want to follow in my footsteps," Carlisle sighed.

"But your footsteps were the best to follow," Edward smiled at him. "I know that I rebelled the most against your way of life … but I'm still glad that it was you who turned me and taught me your way of doing things."

Mentions Bella was intrigued rather than frightened after Edward explains that he rebelled against Carlisle's teaching:

"Only Bella would react like that," Edward said, shaking his head smiling. "I'm just glad I stuck to villains."

"It doesn't sound like she would have blamed you either way," Alice pointed out.

"It doesn't hurt though," Edward shrugged.

Alice says you should bring Bella, talking about the baseball game:

"Yeah, that would be amazing," Emmett said. "She'll really be shocked by our form of baseball."

"I don't think that's a good idea," Rosalie said, shocking everyone by her expression. She looked horrified.

"What is it?" Edward asked. "It's just a game."

"There are other vampires in the area though," Rosalie said.

"But Alice knew that," Edward said still looking panicked. "She would have seen them coming if there was any danger there."

"True," Rosalie sighed, looking relieved.

Edward on the other hand still looked worked up and he couldn't seem to dissipate the fear that Rosalie put in his head. It probably wasn't made any better that everyone must have been thinking about something horrible happening too. He must have decided to read so he wouldn't have to dwell on it.


The Game

Mentions Billy and Jacob are at Bella's house ending with Jacob stared down, his expression mortified:

"Embarrassed or fearful," Alice mused.

"Most likely embarrassed, the pup doesn't believe the stories." Edward gritted his teeth.

"Oh, I know that," Alice smiled. "But he might have thought he still had a chance with Bella…"

Edward just wrinkled his nose in response.

Bella says he came to warn Charlie:

"He can't do that," Edward said incredulously.

"Perhaps he realized that we wouldn't really break our end of the treaty, no matter what," Carlisle said. "We would just have to move away."

"I don't think I could do that," Edward hissed.

"Relax, it won't come to that," Carlisle said, ever the optimist.

Bella says actually, I did know that and it surprised Billy:

"He probably thought that she was just innocently following a dangerous vampire," Edward spat. He looked furious for a second before he sighed. "He's trying to protect her."

"Are you not mad anymore?" Jasper asked, looking at him calculating.

"I wouldn't say not mad," Edward grumbled. "I can't let go of his interfering so easily. But how can I really blame him if he is trying to protect her?"

"I'm proud of you son," Carlisle smiled at Edward's accepting attitude.

Mentions Edward sitting in the only chair forcing Bella to sit next to Charlie, and she glared at him, and he winks:

"You seem to be enjoying yourself," Emmett chuckled.

"It's the first time I've met my girlfriend's parent." Edward smiled brightly at that idea.

Mentions I don't know how Edward found his way in this downpour:

"That doesn't affect my vision at all," Edward said. "I guess I never went over that part."

"You probably just don't want her to know you can see her clearly when she blushes in the dark," Alice smiled.

"Yeah, that could be it," Edward said, smiling too.

Edward says it seems I'm going to have to tamper with your memory:

"I didn't know you could do that," Emmett said almost warily. "Have you done anything like that on me?"

"No," Edward said. "I don't know what I'm talking about either."

After Edward starts tampering with her memory by leaning in closer to Bella:

"Oh," Emmett said, looking almost embarrassed.

"I hope the answer still is that he never tried to tamper with your memory," Rosalie said, looking highly amused.

"Shut up," Emmett and Edward both said.

Bella says trees, motion sickness:

"She's not cooperating at all," Edward huffed. "Stubborn girl."

"Or she just wants you to keep tampering with her memory," Alice added with a smirk.

Mentions it was the first time he said he loved her, he might not have realized it, but Bella did:

"I guess you were right about the 'I love you' statement Alice," Edward muttered.

Bella mentions when she talks to Esme that she's all wrong for Edward:

"She's not wrong for you," Esme said incredulously.

"I think she's mostly referring to the human part," Edward said. "And maybe to the fact that I'm so close to killing her."

"But everything about her just seems to be perfect for you," Esme said.

Mentions Carlise was at the bat when Alice suddenly gasped:

"No," Edward said and looked at Rosalie, though this time she didn't seem to catch on.

"What is it?" Alice asked, not liking Edward's look, or the fact that her book-self gasped like that.

"I think Rose was right… the others are coming," Edward's voice was barely louder than a whisper, but everyone heard him clearly.

Emmett decided to keep reading, it was better to know for sure, than to speculate.

Alice says they heard us playing, and it changed their path:

"I should have realized this was a possibility," Alice said, hanging her head dejectedly - she didn't want anything to happen to Bella any more than Edward did.

"It's not your fault," Edward said, his voice thick with fear, but he really didn't blame her.

End of chapter:

"That's the end of the chapter," Emmett sighed.

"I can't believe I did that," Edward said in utter depression. "To risk her life like that."

"You couldn't have known," Esme said.

"Don't you remember the Preface," Edward asked. "She's going to be alone with one of these… monsters…"

"Edward…"Esme said, looking like she wanted to cry again. "You… I…"

"It will be okay," Alice said confidently.

"You don't know that," Edward said. "You can't see that."

"But I still know," Alice said in the same voice as before. "You'll save her like you have every time in the past."

"I…" Edward said refusing to be pulled out of his depression. "Even if that's true… How… I still put her in danger… This is…"

"I think I should read now," Esme said, picking the book up with shaky hands; anything to keep Edward from the despair he seemed to be feeling.


The Hunt

Mentions exhibiting the natural respect of a troop of predators encountering larger unfamiliar group of its own kind:

"She really compares us a lot to animals in this chapter," Emmett said.

"First of all, she is comparing them to animals," Carlisle said, almost amused, but he was too worried about what was going to happen. "And second, we do depend on instinct in situations like this and when we do, we are more like animals."

Mentions the second male ending with his eyes somehow seemed to most vigilant:

"Hmm… I wonder," Carlisle said.

"What?" Emmett asked.

"I was just wondering if the second male was really in command," Carlisle said. "If he is the most vigilant."

"You're not the most vigilant in our family," Jasper pointed out.

"No, but our family is different from theirs." Carlisle almost smiled, but otherwise let the matter drop.

Mentions their eyes were burgundy color that was disturbing and sinister:

"Good, at least her instincts don't prevent her from being afraid of them," Edward muttered in a distant voice.

Mentions Edward straps Bella into Emmett's jeep and he says a string of profanities:

"She's not going to like this," Alice said.

"I can't control my mouth at a time like that," Edward hissed.

"Not that," Alice said. "You're going to run…"

"Of course, we're running, she's not safe there anymore," Edward said. "Not until that monster is out of the picture."

"She's not going to like that," Alice pointed out.

"Too bad," Edward said firmly. "As long as she's alive… that's all that matters."

Bella says dammit Edward, where are you taking me:

Despite his earlier word Edward flinched at that; it was obvious he didn't like forcing her like this.

Mentions that Charlie would call the FBI and Carlisle and Esme would have to hide forever:

"That doesn't matter…" Edward hissed.

"Charlie," Esme gasped. "Charlie will be in danger too now."

"Argh," Edward groaned, he didn't see that one coming and knew as soon as Bella realized her father was in danger, she was going to panic and demand that they help him.

Alice says there's another option:

"Alice, you did not just suggest to turn her, did you?" Edward growled at his sister.

"It does seem a way to save her," Alice said. "And it would be the most logical thing if she was a vampire… if you want a future with her."

"I've told you, she is staying human," Edward hissed. "She's going to survive this… as a human."

Bella points out that the tracker would likely think that she would be wherever Edward was:

"That's true," Emmett said looking surprised. "Why didn't we think of that?"

"It doesn't matter," Edward said, looking increasingly panicked. "I'm not leaving her."

"It will be safest for her if you do," Alice pointed out.

"I…" Edward said, looking even more pained now.

Edward gives in to leaving Bella but warns her not to let anything happened to herself:

"Oh crap," Edward said, suddenly tensing.

"What is it this time?" Emmett asked.

"In the Preface," Edward said, his eyes going wide. "She said that she was going to die… die for someone she loved."

"You think she would die for you?" Emmett asked, though there was no doubt in his voice that she would.

"That's not what I meant," Edward said quietly. "Though yes I think she would. What I meant is, that she will willingly put herself in danger for someone she loves…"

"Edward," Esme said reaching towards him, but there was nothing to say.



Bella says go away Edward:

"That's a good idea," Alice said. "To play the 'being upset about a boyfriend' card."

"But isn't this an overreaction?" Jasper said.

"It depends on how she uses it," Alice shrugged.

Bella asked why this happened, why her:

"Her scent is too appealing," Carlisle said.

"No, it has to be more than that," Edward said. "It's my fault, I'm sure …"

"Edward," Carlisle sighed, but there wasn't anything that he could say … Edward already knew that no one here thought that he was at fault, but he wasn't going to accept that.

Bella says I thought I didn't smell the same to the others as I do you:

"If she smelled that strong to him, we wouldn't be here," Edward said.

"It might have been better," Emmett said. "He would have attacked, and we would have dealt with him already."

"She could have been hurt," Edward protested.

"We would have protected her," Emmett said in an off-hand tone.

Rosalie asks why she should help:

Edward growled and he was now glaring at her.

"I don't feel that way now," Rosalie said, her eyes apologetic. "I know she'll do anything to protect this family now … but I couldn't possibly then …"

"So, who cares about her?" Edward spat harshly.

"I'm sorry," Rosalie sighed.

"Edward, you can't blame her for how she feels," Carlisle said, placing a calming hand on his shoulder. "She'll - that is her book-self - is sure to come around."

"Whatever," Edward said, letting it drop, though he was still glaring.

Mentions Carlisle intends to go with Edward, and they made up the hunting party:

"I suppose I must," Carlisle sighed. "We need to protect Bella."

"Thank you," Edward was able to mutter to his father, who he knew would hate doing this more than anything (other than not protecting his family).

Jasper says I can feel what you're feeling now, and you are worth it:

"Yes, she is," Edward said. "Thanks for telling her that Jazz."

"It's only the truth," Jasper said, smiling.



Mentions that Bella's closeness didn't seem to bother Alice:

"Alice have you been working on your self-control?" Carlisle asked; they don't usually have humans this close to them and even though Alice never really slipped, it seemed hard to believe that it was that easy.

"No," Alice smiled. "I care deeply for her too."

Mentions Alice drifts to the curtains and closed them:

"Is that why you came in there, to close the blinds?" Edward asked, appreciating the gesture.

"Maybe," Alice said. "But I might want to talk to her to see how she was handling this."

"Either way, thank you," Edward said.

"You really don't have to thank me Edward," Alice said. "I think I would be doing all of this for her sake as much as for yours."

"Thank you," Edward repeated regardless.

Mentions Jasper can feel the tenor of Bella's emotions but can't read the reasons behind them:

"No, I can't, no one can," Jasper smiled and looked at Edward, who's mouth twitched slightly.

Bella asks how you become a vampire:

"What?" Edward said starting to panic. "Why does she want to know that?"

"She's known to be curious," Carlisle said.

"You will not tell her!" Edward growled. "I really don't like where this is headed."

"Er…" Alice said. 'I think I'm probably going to tell her Edward.'

He growled at that but didn't say more.

Alice says he'll be extremely angry:

"Don't," Edward growled, glaring at her.

"Sorry," Alice said, looking like she meant it, but at the same time, that she knew she was doing the right thing.

Bella thinking that they were friends:

"Yes," Alice cheered, forgetting all about looking upset when she heard Bella calling her, her friend. "I was sure this was true … and that I had known we would be friends all along …"

"Stop repeating yourself," Emmett said and Alice stuck her tongue out at him.

Alice compares vampires to sharks and it's impossible to stop:

"Usually impossible," Jasper said. "It takes an extra sense to have the ability to not kill."

"What about in the south …" Emmett tried to contradict.

"It's for a different reason, but they still have a reason to try and keep the person alive," Jasper shook his head. "Carlisle did it of course to save you … and had the desire never to hurt anyone like that. In the south… well they needed their army … that was more important than instant gratification. At least it was for the most part and for the ones that were dedicated enough to create the newborns …"

"Right," Alice said, noticing how gloomy Jasper was becoming talking about this.

Alice says he's touching the VCR there, he doesn't watch, this is the room where he waits:

"He's waiting for Bella to come to him!" Edward hissed.

"You don't know that," Esme said.

"That has to be the reason … why would she do it?" Edward said, letting his despair overtake him.

"You said it earlier … he must have someone that Bella loves," Carlisle said placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

After Jasper says that it couldn't hurt for Bella to call her mum:

"You're wrong," Edward growled.

"What?" Jasper said he still didn't see how this would hurt.

"He already knows where Bella lives … you might not have realized it, because you don't know that the female has seen the records, but he does know where she lives," Edward said through gritted teeth.

"And he can get that message before Bella's mom does," Jasper said, groaning too; he could see where Edward was going with this. "I'm sorry."

"You had no way of knowing," Edward said. "Without that Preface I wouldn't have known how dangerous this was going to become."


Phone Call

The first time James replied when Bella thinks she's talking to her mom:

Edward growled louder than ever, as everyone else tensed.

"He really has Bella's mother," Esme said devastated.

"But how, her mother wasn't even there?" Jasper said raising his eyebrow.

"I don't know," Edward said slowly, trying to take in Jasper's words and not liking what he was coming up with.

James explains how Bella's mom arrived ahead of schedule:

"That's too convenient isn't it," Jasper said as his eyes started to narrow.

"Charlie could easily have called Bella's mother," Carlisle said.

"She would want to see her daughter as soon as possible if that's true," Esme said, looking upset; probably imagining her mother going there only to be caught by a monster, and then finding out how much danger that was going to put her daughter in.

"That does make sense," Jasper sighed, his suspicion lessening, but he was still not sure what to think about this.

James asks if she could get away from Alice and Jasper:

"Of course not," Alice said. "We won't let her get away from us."

"But then her mother …." Esme sighed.

Edward closed his eyes at that and then groaned, "Bella is going to get away."

"How could she?" Jasper said incredulously.

"Think about everything she's done so far that's caught us off guard," Edward said his voice dead. "When she puts her mind to something … she can do anything."

There were several hiss' from the vampires in the room as they contemplated that.

James says that he would have to deal with her mother if Bella brought anyone with her:

Edward became extraordinarily tense then and started to shake uncontrollably. His eyes were furious, like he was thinking about ripping that monster apart, but he didn't know where he was or what he looked like.

Mentions I already knew where I would go, but I follow his instructions exactly:

"At least we know where she'll be going," Carlisle said desperately trying to calm his son down in some way.

It worked; not that it was easy to tell, but it did help.

Mentions there was no choices now but one, to go to the mirrored room and die:

"No," Edward moaned, both sadly and angrily.

"We won't let that happen," Carlisle said in a convincing voice. "Even if she does get away from us … we won't let her die."



Mentions Bella notes that Alice probably had a vision of her and James in the ballet studio:

"How could you not realize that it was her changing her mind?" Edward suddenly growled.

"Why would she?" Alice growled back. "From our point of view why would she do that?"

Edward hissed, but Alice just took that as an apology … it was the most she was going to get at the moment.

Mentions I waited for my opportunity, impatient:

"Impatient to meet Edward," Jasper hissed, knowing that's what he was thinking. "I really wish I had your ability at the moment."

"It wouldn't have helped, remember?" Edward said, trying to smile, (the statement did seem to cheer him up a little) but he couldn't manage it.

Bella says do you mind if Jasper comes instead, I'm feeling a little, and doesn't finish the sentence:

"Damnit, everything seems so innocent," Edward spat and Alice and Jasper looked like they were thinking the same thing.

"When we do meet her, I'm going to have to remember that she's more devious than she seems," Alice muttered, trying to make herself hopeful; and reminding herself that this hadn't happened yet, and they could prevent it from ever coming to this.

Bella asks if she can go to the bathroom, and he says I'll be right here:

"You just let her go," Edward started to hiss, but stopped himself; it would have been obvious if James had been at the airport … Alice would have seen it. And again, it came down to the fact that no one would expect her to be trying to get away herself.

Mentions Bella closed her eyes and spent the drive thinking of Edward:

Edward was glaring harder than ever because of that.

'She's drawing strength from you,' Alice thought. 'It might not be what you want, but at least she's not in despair anymore.'

Edward sighed at that, no longer glaring, but still looking pained by it.

James says don't worry Bella, I have no quarrel with her, unless you didn't come alone, of course:

"Doesn't she realize it's a lie," Edward said through gritted teeth. "That he wouldn't keep his word."

"She knows it's a possibility," Carlisle said. "But, if there's any chance at all … she has to try. At least that's what I would be thinking if I was her."

Mentions running from her house to the ballet studio:

"You don't have to run," Emmett said. "We must have realized by now that she's gone … and where she would end up."

"And we know how to get there," Edward said, for the first time looking almost hopeful; but it didn't really last long.

"Right," Emmett nodded. "So, it would be best if she didn't run … if she stalled him for as long as possible."

"But the suspense must be killing her," Alice groaned. "Knowing what she's facing and that she has to face it alone. I would run too."

Mentions I wished for the green, protective forest of Forks, of home:

Some part of Edward smiled at that, that she considered Forks her home and that she was safe there, but the larger part of his brain was filled with too much worry to allow that to escape.

Bella gets to the ballet studio and hears her mum and she was on the tv screen:

"She's not there … it's a trap," Jasper hissed.

Edward closed his eyes as he was assaulted by a fresh wave of pain; it was all for nothing.

The others all groaned and became still as statues.

James shows that he is recording this meeting:

Edward flashed beyond fury as he thought of that. Imagine seeing the one you love at a moment like this … the moment before they died.

James says I don't think he'll be able to resist hunting me after he watches this:

Edward wasn't the only one that looked like they agreed with that sentiment … in fact everyone looked like they do just that … they didn't even need this to be real.

James says I was afraid that Edward would see that and ruin his fun:

"He knows I can read his mind," Edward hissed, somewhat shocked.

"He must have realized it by the way you protected Bella at the clearing," Jasper said. "He's observant."

James talking about the only prey to escape him:

Alice eyes widened and the book nearly fell out of her hands at that.

"What is it?" Carlisle asked concerned.

"It's me," Alice managed to whisper.

Everyone looked at her in shocked silence – even Edward was able to stare at her through his pain.

"Are you sure?" Jasper was the first to ask, but there was no real doubt in his voice as there was none in Alice's face.

"Yes … the way he describes it …." Alice said, still shocked beyond belief. "And why else would he mention it at all …."

Edward growled. "As if I needed another reason to want to kill him."

'Thanks,' Alice thought to her brother. His fierce words snapping her out of her shock enough to start reading again.

After more description of that:

"Alice," Jasper said, softy putting his hand on the small of her back calming her down. He looked like it was a struggle for him to keep his own calm, but she came first … she always came first.

"I was always in the dark," Alice sighed, barely managing a whisper. "That's why I don't remember."

"It's okay," Jasper whispered back, knowing how upset she was right now. "Do you want me to read?"

"No," Alice said, shaking her head; she had time to worry about this later … what was important now was finding out if Bella was safe.

Mentions how James attacks ending with stepping on Bella's leg:

Edward's sobbing became stronger, his eyes were beyond pained now, and he was probably feeling more useless than he'd ever had in his life.

After James asks wouldn't you rather have Edward find me, Bella says no, no Edward don't:

Edward sobbed harder than ever – she was still worried about him, even when she was like this… when it was his fault.

Mentions that Bella was bleeding and that no matter James's plan, he couldn't draw this out much longer:

"No," Edward said though panic. "We have to save her."

"We will," Carlisle said, his voice as convincing as ever.

End of chapter:

Alice didn't say anything, she just held out the book towards Edward.

It was there only a second before Emmett took it, knowing that his brother would never be able to read what happened next and that everyone needed the story to continue.


The Angel

The Angel, Emmett read. "I think that's you," he muttered with a smirk, but started reading again without allowing himself to laugh.

Mentions in Bella's dream she heard the happiest sound as beautiful and uplifting as it was ghastly:

"Is she really dreaming or is this what is happening?" Carlisle was able to say. "It would likely be real and that's Edward coming."

"I hope you're right," Esme mumbled.

The Angel says oh no, Bella, no:

"Angel," Edwards said dejectedly, like he'd never heard a worse description of himself.

Mentions hearing a bass growling, a shocking snapping, high keening, suddenly breaking off:

"Good," Edward muttered, knowing that meant that James was being ripped apart and then most likely burned. But his satisfaction quickly vanished as the despair kicked in again.

Mentions someone was burning me:

"NO," Edward shouted, the relief he felt moments ago was completely overshadowed by the grief he felt now.

"It will be okay, Edward," Alice said – it was for the best.

"No," Edward repeated, glaring at her. His haunted look still managed to be defiant. "I won't let this happen."

"Sorry," Alice said. She hadn't meant for him to hear her thoughts; the trouble of having a mind reader with you, it took constant focus to keep him out. nothing is sacred.

Carlisle says that Edward could suck out the venom:

"Yes," Edward cheered. "She doesn't have to change."

"No," Carlisle said. "If 'you' suck it out."

"Me!" Edward said, completely shocked. "Why me? I can't taste her blood … not hers."

"I must not be able to do it … she does have multiple injuries after all," Carlisle said. "And none of the others have the strength to stop."

"And you think I would?" Edward looked angry. "You know what her blood does to me … the appeal it has! There is no way I can do it!"

"Even if this wasn't Bella you would have been the best choice, if I wasn't able to do it," Carlisle said in his rational convincing voice. "And I understand, at least in theory, how much her blood calls to you, but you love her Edward. I believe you love her enough to save her."

"I …." Edward said, being caught off guard.

"You will save her," Carlisle repeated.

"I know you can," Esme said, agreeing with her husband completely.

Carlisle tells Edward that he has to do it now:

"Make up your mind to do it Edward and it will work," Carlisle muttered, this time trying to encourage the Edward in the book. "Mind over matter, remember."

"It's not that simple," Edward answered, but he too seemed to be praying that his book-self would do just as Carlisle wished.

Edward says I will:

"I did it," Edward said in similar triumph, though there was a lot of shock and relief in his voice too.

Bella says I know:

"No, I love you back that time," Emmett chuckled, for real this time – seeing as it was now clear that Bella was going to make it.

Edward frowned at that, though after this past hour or so the frown looked more like a smile than anything else.

Bella says, Alice, the video, he knew you, Alice, he knew where you came from:

"Half dead and she still thinks of others," Edward said, this time smiling.

"And you wouldn't want her any other way," Alice smiled back at him.

"I guess not," Edward chuckled. "Even after what she just put me through."


An Impasse

Edward says Alice called them Renee is here:

"Bella must have been unconscious for a while," Edward said.

"And you must not have left her side for a second," Esme smiled.

"Yeah, probably annoying everyone with all the worrying you're sure to have been doing," Alice teased; it felt nice to tease him about this again.

Edward says you fell down two flights of stairs and through a window:

"Which totally could have happened," Emmett said, at the same time Edward said: "A very plausible excuse."

Everyone laughed at that.

Edward says it was impossible to stop:

"How could it be impossible if you did it?" Emmett asked.

"Don't ask me to explain … I hardly know myself anymore," Edward laughed.

Mentions I smiled in response, that hurt my face:

"She can't even smile," Edward said and his good mood seemed to evaporate completely.

Bella says I'm sorry:

"Oh Bella," Edward had to laugh.

"Oh joy, the yo-yo vampire is back," Jasper teased.

"She's apologizing for tasting good," Emmett laughed.

Edward explains after I pulled James off you, Emmett and Jasper took care of him:

"He didn't stand a chance," Emmett smiled.

"I didn't even get to kill him," Edward said through gritted teeth.

"You had to help Bella," Carlisle reminded him.

"Right," Edward said – if there was a choice between vengeance (or anything) and Bella he would always choose Bella.

"What's wrong?" Alice asked, because Jasper looked thoughtful at that.

"I was just wondering how I was able to be around her with … like that," Jasper said.

"You must have held your breath …." Carlisle said. "That would have held the instincts from fully taking over."

"It wouldn't have stopped all of them," Jasper frowned.

"No, but it would have helped enough to let part of your mind stay in control," Carlisle said. "You're stronger than you think you are."

"Right," Jasper smiled.

Edward says they had to leave the room … there was a lot of blood:

"And evidently we didn't stay there long," Emmett said.

"That would've helped too," Jasper smiled.

Edward tells her about Alice seeing the tape and his tone changes to sheer hatred:

"For James or my parents?" Alice asked; she was suddenly sober (which wasn't like herself at all). She had tried not to think about what James had said, and it had mostly worked seeing as she was so worried about Bella, but she'd had time to think about this too (sometimes she hated that her vampire mind could think of so many things at the same time). She could imagine what had happened. How she got into the asylum … in the dark room, and all she could think of was that her parents had her committed. She must have been cast aside … hidden away. She really didn't like that feeling at all …

"Both," Edward answered, causing her to look at him. There was something in his eyes, the eyes of her favorite brother who knew her better than almost anyone … (oh yeah, and her brother who knew where her thoughts were going, but still). There was something in the look he was giving her that made her feel better. "We're your family now, and you're stuck with us."

"Oh joy," Alice said in a sarcastic voice, rolling her eyes.

Mentions that the beeping accelerated when Edward lean closer and it stopped altogether when he kissed her:

"Edward, I don't think you should be doing that when she needs to recover," Carlisle said sternly; of course, Emmett was laughing boisterously in the background.

"Sorry," Edward smiled. "I probably couldn't help myself."

Renee says he never leaves:

"She must not like me very much," Edward said. "After what I did to her daughter."

"You didn't do anything to her," Esme argued, she could be as stubborn as anyone when it came to defending one of her children – even from themselves.

"In her mind I'm the reason why her daughter fell through a window – and that's so much better than the truth," Edward said. "I should never have endangered Bella's life like this …."

"Bella's fine, and you didn't make her get hurt," Esme continued to argue.

"Right," Edward said, letting the subject drop and starting to read again.

Renee mentions Bella moving to Jacksonville with her:

"Like she wants to go to Jacksonville," Alice said, rolling her eyes.

"She should go," Edward said looking depressed and some other emotion that was harder to read. "It will be safer for her …."

"She'll never agree to that," Alice said. "And you can't make her."

"I know," Edward sighed, and relief filled his eyes.

Edward telling Bella to move to Jacksonville and she says that he would have to stay inside like a real vampire:

"I am a real vampire," Edward scoffed smiling.

"Edward, do you have to bring up leaving her when she's feeling so bad already," Esme reprimanded.

"Sorry, I guess I have to get it off my chest," Edward sighed.

Edward mentions she 'overreacted' to the idea of him leaving:

"No, you're just a slow learner," Alice said. "She … doesn't … want … you … to … leave …." she added painfully slow to try to get it through Edward's thick skull.

"I know," Edward said and there was something in his eyes that frightened Alice a little. She let it go … for now.

Bella asked why Edward sucked out the venom:

"What?" Edward said.

"Does she want to be a vampire?" Alice questioned – if that's what she wanted it would be easier to make it happen ….

"No," Edward hissed.

"If it's what she wants?" Alice said.

"It's not what she wants," Edward hissed again.

"We'll see," Alice said smugly.

"It doesn't matter if she says it's what she wants or not," Edward carried on, not allowing Alice to gloat. "She doesn't know what she is asking for … she doesn't really know what it's like being a vampire."

"So, you won't even turn her if that's what she wants?" Alice questioned.

"She's not becoming a vampire," Edward said, his tone final.

When Bella says she doesn't want to be Lois Lane, but Superman too:

"A vampire isn't a superhero!" Edward said. "As long as she glorifies being a vampire, she doesn't have a clue what she's asking for!"

"I will give you that one," Alice said frowning.

Bella says you are my life:

"Just when I was starting to like her," Rosalie muttered – she was the one who missed humanity most … everyone knew she would give up anything to be alive again.

Edward says Charlie, Renee:

"Ah, your best defense," Alice said. "That will work for now Edward, but not forever."

"Then I'll just have to come up with something else," Edward said and that look was back in his eyes – the one that she really didn't like seeing.

When Edward refuses to have the discussion anymore because he wouldn't dam her to eternity of night:

"Do you not know how stubborn she is?" Emmett said. "She's not going to give up that easily."

"And she gets what she puts her mind to, remember," Jasper added this time.

"You too," Edward groaned at Jasper.

"I would like to actually be able to be around her," Jasper said.

"Well, she won't be getting this," Edward said stubbornly.

Bella says you'll never catch me betting against Alice:

"I never thought I would, but I am now," Edward said confidently and Alice didn't like this confidence.

Bella says I'm betting on Alice:

Everyone laughed at that as Edward sighed, "That's my stubborn Bella."

Mentions and then the night closed over me:

"That's the end of the chapter," Edward said.

"So, are you going to tell us what you're thinking Edward?" Alice asked, staring at him suspiciously.

He sighed, then rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I think it's best if we finish the book first," Edward finally said. "There's only one chapter left."

"Okay," Alice said, giving him the look that he knew meant she wasn't going to let him get away with this. "Esme can read then."


Epilogue: An Occasion:

Edward says I'm shocked you haven't figured it out yet:

"It must be something obvious," Emmett chuckled. "She has the most difficulties figuring out the obvious."

Bella says I'm not coming over if Alice is going to treat me like Guinea Pig Barbie:

Alice sighed; she could just imagine the joy she would feel having a new subject. One who wasn't as perfect as she was.

Edward says Hello Tyler:

"Why would Tyler be at Bella's house?" Emmett asked confused, but Edward and Alice started to laugh uncontrollably. "What?"

"He was telling everyone that he was taking Bella to prom," Rosalie said, barely able to hide her own smile.

"Oh," Emmett said, his eyes lighting up and then he joined in his siblings' laughter.

Mentions Edward's eyes were melting all Bella's fury, and thinks it's impossible to fight him when he cheated:

"I hate it when he cheats too," Emmett said and then added because everyone was staring at him laughing. "Not because he stares at me, because he's a mind reader."

"Sure Em, I'm sure that's what you meant," Jasper teased.

Mentions there had been no progress with Rosalie:

"Looks like you haven't tried to accept her yet, babe," Emmett sighed.

"Sorry," Rosalie said. "You know I can hold a grudge… "

"Yeah," Emmett sighed again.

Mentions I followed his gaze and finally I could see what was bothering him, Jacob Black:

"Did he have to come there?" Edward groaned.

"Jealous," Emmett teased.

"Of course not," Edward said tensely. "Maybe a little… "

Mentions that Jacob must have grown half a foot:

"That's peculiar," Carlisle said.

"He is a adolescent," Edward shrugged, not really interested. "He's hit his growth spurt."

After Jacob gave Bella Billy's warning and she tells him thanks:

"The only reason why I'm letting this slide," Edward said.

"You wouldn't have done anything anyway," Carlisle said looking at him carefully.

"No," Edward admitted. "But I would have been upset … okay more upset if I didn't realize that he was trying to protect Bella."

Mentions of Ben and Angela dancing together:

"Ben's a good guy," Edward said.

"Why does that matter?" Emmett said curious.

"Well, Angela has been a good friend to Bella, I just thought it was nice that she was happy with this Ben guy," Edward shrugged.

"You have completely changed, bro," Emmett smiled and then smirked wickedly. "And you haven't even met Bella yet."

Bella says I think it will make you mad or sad:

"She's right," Edward said.

"She's going to bring up the vampire thing again, isn't she?" Alice said.

"I think so," Edward sighed.

Bella says do you remember when you said I don't see myself clearly, you obviously have the same blindness:

"I agree," Esme said; she was constantly telling him how great he was, but he always just scoffed and focused on the negative.

Mentions when Edward acts like he was going to changer that her body was rigid, hands balled, and breathing was erratic:

"She's not ready," Alice sighed.

"Told you," Edward said smugly.

Bella says mostly I dream about being with you forever:

"Forever," Edward said.

"It's a lot shorter if she doesn't change," Alice said You know at least a part of you wants that.

Edward frowned but didn't say anything.

The end of the book:

"That's the end of the book," Esme said, putting it down.

"So, Edward, what are you thinking?" Alice prompted.

Edward groaned, the look that had been so strong in the last chapter had faded considerably, though it was still there. Alice took this as a good sign, knowing that whatever it was he was going to say, wasn't going to be something that she liked, and any faltering on his part would help her.

"I don't think I should even meet her," Edward said, pointedly not looking at Esme … actually he was looking at Rosalie – the one that would have the mildest reaction to this.

"What?" several voices exclaimed.

"But Edward, you love her," Esme said pleadingly.

"I know," Edward said. "I do love her. I haven't even met her, and I know I love her. And I know that I don't want anything to happen to her."

"Edward, we've been through this," Esme groaned. "And after we've read these books … you won't allow the bad things to happen."

"Those things, no," Edward said. "But her just being involved with our world is dangerous to her …."

"Edward," Carlisle said. "What happened with James' coven will never happen now that we know about it."

"But if she loves me, she will want to become a vampire," Edward said. "I can't justify that … no matter what arguments you come up with, you can't say anything to that."

"Without the catalyst she might never become curious about being a vampire," Alice said, arguing with the point that she wanted most to happen; but if she had to give it up to get to know Bella she would. "And I promise not to tell her … or do anything to make her one."

"I thought you wanted that," Edward said looking at her for any signs of lying, but he had already heard her thoughts, so he knew she was resolved.

"I want to know her more," Alice said firmly. "Edward, you're not the only one who wants to get to know her. Please."

"Do you really think it's right to ruin her life like this?" Edward said, closing his eyes.

"I don't know if you were reading the same book as the rest of us, her life didn't seem ruined at all," Alice said. "She's happy with you."

"But there's no future in our relationship," Edward said. "All I can offer her is myself."

"That's enough for her," Alice argued.

"For now," Rosalie said.

"Stay out of this," Alice growled.

"Look, I have nothing against Bella," Rosalie said. "I could probably even like her sometime in the future, but she doesn't know what she's giving up …."

"And if Edward never meets her, she'll never know what she was supposed to have," Alice said. "She'll never find a love like the one they have."

"How can you be so sure about that?" Edward said. "That she can't find someone else." He couldn't say the words without flinching. Another thing that she had going for her is … she stopped thinking about that, not wanting him to read her mind.

"She might be able to find someone else, Edward," Alice sighed. "But it wouldn't ever be the same as it was you."

"Yeah, she would be safer," Edward scoffed.

"You were made for each other," Esme said.

"And could you really let her go?" Emmett asked. "Just let her be with someone else?"

"I think I can," Edward said, without any conviction. "If that's what she wants," he added sounding more convinced.

"How could she really know what she wants if she was never given all of her options?" Alice questioned.

"I don't know," Edward sighed. "I want her to be safe."

"Then change the future," Alice said. "Like Carlisle said, if she was never in that clearing then she would never have been in danger, right?"

"I guess," Edward said, he really looked like he wanted to be convinced to meet her.

"Then don't take her there," Alice said. "Problem solved."

"Should I do everything before that the same," Edward said, anxious now. He must have given up the ridiculous idea of never meeting Bella.

"That's up to you." Alice shrugged at first, then frowned. "No, then I'll have to wait months to meet her. To actually be able to talk to her."

"Aw … I'm liking this plan even more now," Edward grinned.

"Well, I don't," Emmett frowned too.

"Don't worry Em," Edward smiled. "You'll still get to hear most of our discussions. And this time you'll see her reactions … I bet that will add to the effect."

"That still doesn't seem good enough," Emmett said, chuckling slightly. "But it should be amusing anyway."

"I guess I'll go down to the Thriftway more often," Esme mused. "If you're going to wait so long to bring her over, I'll have to meet her some other way."

"But then that will change things," Edward said.

"Then I'll just have to make sure she doesn't see me," Esme smiled.

"Maybe I'll change things after all," Edward smiled. "We'll just have to see what happens when the time comes."

"Can't you just make up your mind already," Alice said. "It's making seeing the future impossible."

"I know," Edward grinned.

"Should we read the other books that were sent to us," Alice asked, trying to ignore her brother.

"What's the point? It's not going to happen now," Edward said.

"But there should still be amusing parts to it, we wouldn't want to miss that," Emmett laughed.

"Besides Edward," Jasper said knowingly. "You would learn more about Bella … her reactions … her thoughts …."

"Okay then, let's read," Edward said, not needing any more than the words 'her thoughts' to persuade him.

"I'll be right back," Alice said rushing off to wherever it was that she had hidden the other books.