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Chapter Five

New Moon 11-19


Bella thinks that she couldn't breathe again until she made sure Charlie was okay too:

"The poor dear is living in terror," Esme sighed.

"Hmm … if and when she finds out about the werewolves, she should be better," Jasper said, "knowing that they are there to protect her."

"Yeah right," Edward scoffed. "She'll just be worried about them too."

Emmett laughed loudly at that, "I think you're right, Eddy."

Mentions of Quil and how he has gotten bigger too:

"It seems like he's going to become one too," Carlisle mused. "That's a lot of wolves … why the sudden surge in their numbers?"

"I don't know, but that's twice as many as they had last time, at least once this one joins them," Edward said.

Quil tells Bella about Jacob hanging with Sam and how his grandfather thinks Sam is the best thing that happened to this place:

"That really is unfair … they should tell them that this could happen," Esme said, looking concerned about this boy and the obvious pain and worry he was going as a result of his being kept in the dark.

"I don't think it's that simple," Carlisle frowned and grabbed her hand. "Their community may be small, but there are still too many people to ensure that it remains a secret."

"They could just tell the boys that look like they're about to change," Esme sighed.

"Maybe they just want them to have as normal a life as they can before it's all taken away from them," Edward said. "I would think that if these boys weren't such good friends, they wouldn't have been so worried about the signs of the change."

"I guess," Esme sighed. "I just feel so bad for them."

"Well, we know better than anyone what a necessity it is to protect a secret like this," Carlisle reasoned.

"Yeah, but at least we don't have to worry about anyone spontaneously turning into a vampire. These poor boys don't even see it coming when they change," Emmett chuckled.

Bella thinks there is some darkness in Jacob now, and it was like her sun had imploded:

"Maybe she won't want to be near him then," Edward said, hoping that would be true, it would be the easiest and least painful way for her to be away from the pup. "It's not good for her to be this close."

"She's not going to let this thing keep her away," Alice said. "It's only going to make her try to get her old friend back."

"I know," Edward sighed, shaking his head.

Bella's thought on how Sam was able to stand there so assured and calm:

"It means that he's found control, which the others don't have yet," Carlisle said as he glanced towards Edward, obviously trying to reassure him. Edward seemed remarkably calm at the moment, or at least not as upset as everyone thought he would be.

"You know, I'm really surprised that you haven't overreacted about Bella being alone with Jacob by now," Jasper noted, looking at Edward.

"I am a bit worried," Edward sighed. "But I know how much he cares … he will do everything he can to avoid hurting her."

"But he's young …." Jasper argued.

"I know," Edward frowned, starting to tense. "If only you could hear my thoughts right now … but I'm trying my best to control them …."

Jacob says if you want to blame someone blame the bloodsuckers that she loves so much:

"What?" Emmett exclaimed.

"How could we be to blame?" Carlisle asked.

"How dare he mention us so callously like that, knowing how much it would hurt her!" Edward growled, looking like he regretted putting any faith in the mutt.

"The werewolf gene is genetic," Carlisle went on. "I don't see how we could affect them at all … isn't it just what they do?"

Alice decided that the best way to figure this out was to keep reading.

Jacob says he knows the Cullens are gone but some things are set in motion and it's too late:

"Set in motion," Carlisle repeated gravely. "So, he's saying that by us returning here, the werewolf gene has been reactivated."

"We don't know if that's true," Edward countered.

"No, but it seems that it is," Carlisle said. He wouldn't want to be the cause of these boys being transformed. "Do you think it's already too late?"

"I'm not sure," Edward said warily. "What are you thinking?"

"If we leave now … maybe they wouldn't have to turn," Carlisle offered.

"We left then too," Edward reminded him. "We've been gone for at least five months, and they are still changing …."

Carlisle took a deep breath and looked grim.

'You just don't want to leave because then you couldn't meet Bella,' Alice thought smirking at Edward and there was the tiniest of nods there. 'Don't worry I won't say anything, I quite agree with that sentiment.'

Mentions Jacob gets angry and gets in Bella's face with fury and she hears Edward's voice again even though she wasn't afraid:

"Because your subconscious knows me well," Edward said.

"I think it's more than that," Jasper said thoughtfully. "I think that her subconscious might know him … or, more importantly, what Jacob is."

"How could she know that?" Edward asked, shocked by the suggestion.

"He told her about their legend when he told her about vampires," Jasper explained. "And then she had a dream about him turning into a wolf …."

"Right," Edward said nodding his head - he could see that.

Bella says are you breaking up with me:

"He wasn't going out with her," Emmett laughed.

"This isn't good," Alice said - in a way Bella was getting dumped again and that wasn't going to help her. "And he's doing it to protect her too …." she muttered.

"Poor Bella," Esme sobbed.



Jacob first gets to her room and says he's trying to keep his promise:

"Of course," Edward said, closing his eyes again. "He has enough lo … er … he cares enough about her. He won't lose control," he muttered this part under his breath, and it seem that he was trying to convince himself more than anyone else.

Jacob says he's there to explain and tries and then says he can't explain:

"Then why did he even bother going there?" Edward hissed.

"It looks like he literally cannot tell her," Carlisle said thoughtfully. "I wonder if that's part of being a werewolf."

"What do you mean?" Edward asked.

"'Almost as though something had cut off his air,'" Carlisle repeated. "It might be more than they aren't allowed to share the secret; he might not be able to say it at all."

Jacob starts trying to make Bella remember the legends he told her, and she remembers trying to flirt with him:

"How can you be inept and successful at the same time?" Emmett laughed.

"You can't. She was probably a lot better at it then she ever thought," Edward smiled.

"Yeah, considering the pup is still fawning over her," Jasper added, effectively wiping the smile off of Edward's face.

Jacob asks Bella to try to remember the old story and to come see him if she wanted after she figured it out:

"Argh … of course she's going to want to," Edward groaned.

"You said it before, you don't think that he'll hurt her," Carlisle reminded him.

"One second is all it takes," Edward muttered. "I'm still trying to convince myself that he wouldn't … but that can change in a second."

Mentions Bella's dream where Jacob is trying pull her back towards the forest:

"This seems like the dream she had the night after she found out about you," Carlisle said, nodding to Edward.

"The one where she saw Jacob turn into a wolf," Alice agreed. "That might help her figure this out."

In the dream where Jacob disappeared and the wolf of not the original dream but the one she seen at the meadow takes his place:

"And apparently her mind is putting the pieces together more clearly than before," Alice said. "Subconsciously, she must have realized the connection when she was in the meadow and now her mind is allowing her to see the truth."

Bella thinks about Jacob not being human and what that says about her:

"That she belongs in our world," Alice said. There was an edge to her voice that suggested the one thing that she swore she would never do.

"No …." Edward snapped.

"I know," Alice sighed, "but you at least have to admit that she belongs in your life."

"Yes, you're right about that," Edward smiled.

Bella talking to Charlie saying she was going to see Jacob and he's worried because there was another attack:

"She's going to think that the wolves are attacking the hikers," Emmett said, his mouth twitching.

"That should be funny," Edward said, his mouth press into a thin line.

Bella worries about Charlie since he's going out to find the wolves:

"There's nothing to say, and the wolves aren't going to hurt him," Emmett said. "Now get down to La Push so you can tell the werewolf he's a murderer."

"The wolves won't hurt him, but the vampire they're obviously tracking might," Edward growled; knowing exactly who it was that they were tracking.



Bella thoughts on it being bad enough her best friend was a werewolf, but did he have to be a monster too:

"She really does have an interesting way of thinking about things," Carlisle chuckled.

"Yeah, most people would say you were a monster if you were a werewolf," Edward chuckled, "but not my Bella."

Mentions at Jacob's house and she sees him sleeping, and it dissolves her anger, and she knew that she couldn't condemn Jacob, that love didn't work that way:

"Which means that she could forgive you for anything you could do to her," Alice noted.

"Yeah, like leaving her in despair and in more danger than she's ever been," Edward groaned.

"Yeah … like that," Alice smiled sadly.

Bella and Jacob are talking on the beach and after she said 'It's not what you are, but what you do' and Jacob reacts to that quivering in rage and Bella hears Edward's voice warning her not to push Jacob:

"How does that voice know to warn her not to push him too far?" Jasper asked. "Isn't it just in her head."

"I think Edward's voice might be her survival instincts trying to come through," Carlisle mused. "Instinctively, she should know that he's dangerous, especially when he's mad …."

"Interesting," Edward said.

Jacob acts like a burden had been removed when Bella realize he's not a killer:

"Yeah, because he doesn't have to lie to his best friend anymore," Jasper said, "and she actually accepts him for who he is."

"I think that was my favorite part too," Edward smiled.

Jacob says he thought Bella would realize why there had been so many sightings of wolves when hiker disappeared, and she thought that Laurent was still there:

"No … I'm afraid it's worse than that," Edward groaned.

"Yeah, the wolves took care of him already," Emmett smirked. "How good do you think the wolves are … ?" he mused.

"You will not pick a fight with the wolves, Emmett," Esme scolded sharply.

"I know," Emmett pouted. "They just sound …."

"We made a treaty," Carlisle said in a smooth voice, effectively ending the discussion.

Bella whispered Laurent is dead and he thinks she's upset and explains that he was trying to kill her, saying they made sure of that before they attacked:

"Not at all," Edward said. "We're all pleased with that."

"Oh … they were on our land weren't they," Carlisle guessed. "Not that it's ours really, seeing as we left."

"Not that any one of us would hold it against them this time," Edward said.

Bella asked that the wolves didn't change by the full moon and Jacob says that Hollywood doesn't get much right:

"Actually, now that I think of it, that is different," Carlisle noted. "There are werewolves, or children of the moon, that are changed by the moon … Hmm … ."

"I think the Quiletes are more like shape-shifters," Edward said, "but it doesn't really make a difference."

Jacob talks about the vampire they're after and how she's been testing their defenses:

"Fffffhhhh … ." Edward hissed.

"This is good Eddy … they'll be able to protect her better," Emmett said.

"I know," Edward said, still looking mutinous.

"Hmmm … she might be difficult," Jasper said. "I had thought that the wolves could have handled her by now. And the way she's described as escaping like that … she must have a really high sense of self-preservation to be capable of that."

Jacob describs that Sam had told him he couldn't tell Bella and he's the Alpha so he couldn't disobey the order:

"Interesting," Carlisle smiled. "I could see the advantages there … it must be important to have a leader and one that you have to follow would make it easier … .er … sorry," he stopped as he realized he was beginning to babble.



Jacob has taken her to meet the others and when they see Bella, they become furious:

"Why are they so mad?" Esme frowned.

"They must realize that the pup has told her … she's not supposed to know after all," Edward offered.

"I'm sure once the shock wears off, they'll be just as … er … almost as happy as we were that she found out," Jasper said.

Mentions that a shudder rippled through the other boy:

"Damn … Get her out of there pup!" Edward said.

"Jacob won't let anything happen to her," Carlisle assured him.

"I can trust that he won't phase in front of her … but this mutt … he has no control or reason not to," Edward glared. "And I don't want her there for that."

"Even if he does phase, son, Jacob still won't let her get hurt," Carlisle said. "You can believe that fact at least."

For all the good that that did, Edward was still glaring and tense.

Jacob took a step in front of Bella and Paul lost control:

"No," Edward said, looking very anxious.

"Oh dear!" Esme cried, looking worried about Bella and at the same time not wanting the wolves to fight one another.

Mentions that Jacob runs straight for the monster:

"Ah – he's going for a fight instead," Emmett grinned.

"No," Esme sighed.

"But …." Edward began, looking worried.

"Don't worry, if Bella was endanger from any of the other wolves, I doubt that he would have attacked like that," Carlisle reasoned.

Edward looked like he wanted to believe his father, but at the same time he was obviously still nervous.

Jacob's mid air transformation:

"He seems to be quite in control of himself," Edward muttered, looking relieved by his display of control. "I wouldn't have thought it was possible for them to change so easily when they were that young."

"I thought it was harder not to change when they were young," Jasper mused.

"It is … but he has to fight his nature a lot to keep himself in control when he's talking to Bella," Carlisle said. "I imagine that will make him mature faster than the others."

Bella mentions that Jacob was bigger than the other wolf and stronger too:

"Hmm … I wonder if it's the way newborns are for us, or if he's just naturally stronger," Carlisle mused.

"I think it's the latter. I don't know why being new wound make them stronger … I would think that they would get stronger the longer they are wolves actually," Edward said.

Embry mentions that Jacob has a gift at being a wolf:

"Hm … I really would like to know why that is," Carlisle mused.

"I thought that you thought it was because of his control with Bella," Emmett questioned.

"They just made it seem like it might be something else … .or something more," Carlisle said.

"He is the great grandson of Ephraim Black … . maybe it's his bloodline," Edward offered.

"Maybe," Carlisle nodded his head thoughtfully.

The mentions of Emily scar and its description:

Edward stayed still as a statue again, his face frozen in anger; and this time no one tried to say anything to him to stop him from worrying about this happening to Bella, they all seem to be worried too.

Charlie tells Bella that he heard Emily was attacked by a bear and Sam was messed up over that:

"I think I heard of that," Edward said. "It happened a little while ago."

"So it's already too late," Carlisle sighed.



Mike asks Bella if she's dating Jacob:

"What does it matter to you? She doesn't owe you anything," Edward snapped.

"Don't take your anger out on poor Mikey, you know you're really mad at the pup," Emmett laughed.

"The pup is helping her … now in more than one sense … . but this guy hasn't done a thing for her, so I have every right to be mad at him," Edward said, looking like he was fully enjoying the opportunity to be angry at someone and not be conflicted about it.

Jacob talks about Sam losing control for one second and Emily was standing too close and how he knows how he felt:

"That must be so hard," Esme sighed.

"But that would help him," Edward said. "He knows how bad it feels to hurt someone he l … cares about … he'll be less likely to do it himself."

"Ah, the benefit to a collective consciousness," Carlisle smiled.

Jacob talks about not having a chance of not becoming a werewolf and that Quil doesn't have a chance either:

"Maybe he will…if we leave," Carlisle sighed again.

"Carlisle, we know it's already been set in motion," Edward said. "And our leaving doesn't seem to have any effect."

"But that's because there are still other vampires threatening their land," Carlisle argued. "Vampires that are there because of us!"

"Well, they won't be around this time," Alice said. "And I don't think the wolf population would have grown as big if it was just us …."

"I agree … we're not really a threat to them," Jasper offered. "I would imagine the first few would be all that's necessary…as long as it's just us."

Jacob asks Bella to distract him and then asked if the Cullens had any extra talents:

"Don't tell him anything!" Rosalie hissed.

"Rose … it won't make much of a difference," Carlisle said. "We are not going to fight them, and it's not like they could do anything even if they do know."

Bella mentions going deeper and deeper with Jacob without deciding to do so, but how that doesn't take her mind off the pain in her chest for long:

"She's starting to really deal with the pain now," Edward frowned - it was a step closer to her becoming healthy again … a step farther away from him.

"But you're still what hurts her the most," Alice pointed out. "She's making steps … but she's feeling the pain of losing you the most."

Bella thinks that having Jacob there made it so she could breathe again:

"She has grown close enough to this pup that she could have a happy life," Edward said.

"Happy enough, but not really happy," Alice countered. "You will always have a piece of her heart that will prevent her from ever being truly happy."

"Stop bringing us all down … Eddy's never going to leave her, so this is a moot point," Emmett said.

"I know, but Edward seems to be trying to convince himself that she'll be okay without him…and that's just ridiculous," Alice said.

Jacob points at the sheer sea cliffs:

"NO!" Edward said. "Don't remind her of that now, mutt!"

"But I think that will really cheer her up," Emmett laughed.

"I don't want her doing anything dangerous just for the sake cheering up," Edward hissed.

"Then why are you okay with her hanging out with the mutts?" Rosalie asked smirking.

Edward just growled at her for that.

Mentions of the cliffs were like black knifes against the livid sky:

"She is not going to still go cliff diving!" Edward shouted, looking mutinous and petrified at the same time. "She can feel how bad the weather is and she doesn't even have the pup there!"

"It seems like that is where this is leading," Emmett said, looking worried for once.

Bella thinks why not now, why not quench it right now go cliff diving now:

"Take your stupid bike out or do some other ridiculous thing … just stay away for that cliff," Edward pleaded.

Mentions of the storm moving in quickly:

"Just stop! Can't you see this is a bad idea?" Edward pleaded again – it was hard enough to listen to her get attacked, but for her to act like this seemed to be making him just as crazy.

Bella's thought that this was the most reckless thing she's done and she would be hearing Edward's voice soon:

"Then it would be better if the voice never came," Edward groaned miserably.

"She made up her mind to do this regardless," Alice said, and her voice was almost as miserable.

Edward's voice says 'please' but she keeps going and she is saying the rain was so hard she was already soaked:

"Bella, think about this please … the storm is getting worse … this is more dangerous than ever," Edward groaned – willing her to see reason.

Mentions she flung herself off the cliff:

"Dammit," Edward hissed miserably as Esme gasped and the other all froze in place.

Bella thoughts of slicing through the surface of the water and how cold the water was, colder than she had feared:

"She's okay…after the impact," Emmett sighed with relief.

"But the water is the more dangerous part … especially now," Jasper muttered.

Bella mentions being caught in the current:

Edward froze in complete misery again, holding his breath until she was safe.

Bella's thoughts on Edwards voice still being there as she thinks that she was going to drown:

"No! Keep swimming!" Edward moaned in the most despaired voice imaginable.

Edward's voice saying 'fight' and 'damn it, Bella, keep fighting' and she thinks Why:

"Because I can't lose you," Edward said – and he couldn't … he couldn't even lose this book Bella, even knowing that the real Bella would never face this.

Mentions the iron bar dragging Bella away from Edward and to the ocean floor:

"No … not pulling her to the ocean floor," Alice said in a desperate voice, but there was a little hope. "To the surface."

"You think it's Jacob?" Esme asked, hopeful too.

"It has to be," Alice said convincingly, though she sounded as though she was trying to convince herself.

Bella thinks 'goodbye, I love you, was my last thought' to Edward:

"Then don't give up! Don't ever give up," Edward groaned.



Mentions at the moment my head broke the surface:

Edward let out the breath he was holding and his agony seem to be lifted slightly.

"See … she's fine," Emmett smiled, it seemed like everyone now visibly relaxed.

Jacob mentions she's been unconscious for a few minutes:

"If he's talking like this, she must be breathing again, right?" Emmett asked.

"Yes … the pup wouldn't be so nonchalant if Bella was still in danger," Jasper said.

Bella mentions being freezing:

"Warm her up, pup," Alice commanded.

"He must not realize that she's cold," Carlisle sighed.

"He just brought her out to the freezing ocean," Emmett said, like even an idiot would know that she would have been cold.

Bella mentions seeing a flash of fire dancing on the black water:

"That can't be!" Emmett said, shocked.

"She's that close?!" Edward growled, looking worried and angry.

Jacob asks why she didn't wait for him before jumping off the cliff:

"Because she wanted to hear my stupid voice," Edward growled. He seemed to be recovering from the agony by replacing it with anger, though he seem to be directing most of it inward.

Jacob says that he couldn't concentrate if she cliff drove behind his back again and she agreed not to:

"Will she really follow that?" Emmett muttered, this time looking like he actually wanted her to. "She doesn't seem to have a problem with breaking promises in this book."

"She'll follow," Edward said, convinced. "She's over that part, and she wouldn't want to put the pup in danger."

Bella mentions Juliet being on her mind:

"Oh … Paris," Edward muttered, his eyes going wide then narrowing suspiciously.

Mentions Romeo disappearing instead of marrying Juliet:

"In other words, what if Romeo was an idiot," Alice snapped at Edward.

Bella thinking of Paris as just being a placeholder:

"Ah … so she's thinking about going out with the pup," Emmett teased, but his face showed his disapproval of that idea.

Bella thinks what if Juliet loved Paris, not like Romeo, but wanted him to be happy too:

"She could be with him and be happy, but it would never be enough … not for either of them," Esme said, glancing at Edward.

When Bella thinks about being irresponsible and what would happen to Charlie if something happened to her:

"Good…no more recklessness," Edward sighed.

"But it means that she'll be even closer to the pup," Alice groaned, making a face.

"I'd take that over her getting hurt any day," Edward said.

"After this incident, I would have to agree with you," Alice sighed. She didn't want anything to happen to the book Bella either.

Bella thinks there was something familiar about the flash of color on the water but her thoughts were interrupted:

"Good," Edward said, not wanting her to realize how close she was.

"She's going to figure it out eventually," Carlisle sighed. "She always does … and it might be better if she did when Jacob is around."

"You do have a point there," Edward sighed.

Bella wonders if leaving her relationship the way it was with Jacob was being cruel to him like Mike suggested:

"Right now, no … you're still healing … or starting to. Just worry about that," Edward said.

"You just don't want her to like the pup," Emmett teased.

Edward answered with a growl.

Her thoughts on Jacob being a safe harbor and how she could stake a claim:

"You already have a claim … staked or not," Alice said. And she's going to be hurt now when you return too.

Edward raised an eyebrow slightly in question to that.

There's no way that you'll let her see the pup, Alice thought. You'll think it's too dangerous … and it will hurt her not seeing him, though it won't be anywhere near as bad as it is now, of course.

Edward sighed at that.

When Bella thinks would it be wrong to try to make Jacob happy:

"But if things stay the way there are, he won't be happy … not in the long run," Esme said, "not while you're still completely in love with another man."

Bella thinks that wouldn't Edward want me to be as happy as possible under the circumstances:

"Yes … this is what I hope for … or, at least, the thought that you could be okay," Edward said.

"She's not …." Alice countered.

"I know," Edward said before she could even finish, "but I still wouldn't begrudge her this."

Bella hears Edward's voice saying 'be happy':

"Er … that's what I would say … but why would the voice tell her that now?" Edward looked shocked.

"Well, she did say 'to save my pathetic life'," Alice said, frowning at the words. "Her body must know that being with the pup is the best way to get rid of these delusions and that it's the only way to stop her from doing some other crazy stunt that might get her killed."

"Right," Edward said, still looking puzzled.

Jacob is tense after stepping out of the car and eventually says 'vampire':

"Crap! Get her out of there!" Edward hissed.

"Edward … it might not be a bad vampire," Alice said thoughtfully.

"We're not coming back, Alice," Edward groaned, but he looked almost hopeful.

"You must be crazy now without her … so you might come," Alice said. "You wouldn't know that the wolf could smell you, or more precisely, that he would even be there to smell you."

Bella mentions recognizing the black car:

"It was one of our cars … see, it's us," Alice cheered.

"I would not bring a car … I wouldn't just go and see her," Edward hissed. "I wouldn't ruin her like that as long as I still believed that she was in danger because of me!"

"Then maybe it's not you!" Alice hissed back. "You're not the only one that cares about Bella, you know!"

Bella telling Jacob that it's Carlisle's car:

"Crap … he's not going to like that," Edward said, now worried about something else entirely, but something that seemed more reasonable (to them at least). "Keep calm pup!"

Bella thinks that it's just Carlisle:

"Why would I go there, though?" Carlisle asked thoughtfully.

"I don't know," Alice said.

"None of us should be here," Edward said.

"But now whoever it is can tell you that she's miserable …." Esme offered.

"And that Victoria is after her," Alice added before Edward could say anything.

"Right," Edward growled at that. He would have to do something about that, whether he saw Bella again or not.

Jacob tells her there's vampires in the house and she wants to go back:

"Why is he so shocked? He knows how she feels about us," Emmett said.

"Because he hates us and doesn't believe that we're safe," Edward answered.

Jacob saying 'bye Bell, hope you don't die':

"Wow, such a nice sentiment," Emmett said sarcastically. "What kind of friend is he anyways?"

Bella thinks about the black water, with orange flames:

"Oh crap – now she's going to remember," Edward groaned.

"Don't worry … whoever is there will comfort her," Esme said reassuringly.

Bell realizes that Victoria was right in the harbor with her and Jacob:

"Jacob could have handled it …." Carlisle said, not liking the look of terror in Edward's eyes as Bella thought that. "And the other wolves would have known that he was in trouble immediately."

End of chapter:

"That's the end of the chapter," Carlisle said.

"Who is is?" Emmett asked impatiently.

"Perhaps we should take a break. I think it would be a good time to go for a hunt," Rosalie said as she picked up the book, smirking at her husband.

There was more than one growl in response to that suggestion.



Rosalie paused for a second, really letting the tension build and smirking at everyone's impatient faces, then she read, "Visitor."

Mentions it's Alice and then Bella slams into her:

"Yes … it's me!" Alice cheered.

"Not the brightest thing to do," Emmett chuckled. "The little elf is hard as a rock and thirsty …."

"And not use to being this close to a human, I'm sure," Alice smiled; like she could ever hurt Bella like that.

Mentions Alice voice was relieved and confused:

"Why would you be confused?" Emmett asked.

"I don't know …." Alice said.

"It seems like you're surprised that she's there," Edward said, confused. "But nothing surprises you."

"Especially not someone coming into their own house," Jasper said.

"Hmm …." Alice said frowning and feeling a little annoyed. "I don't know what's going on here, but I know I'm not going to like it."

Alice asks how she's still alive:

"Okay, that would explain why you are there," Edward said, looking more confused than ever.

"But not why I wouldn't know she was okay," Alice frowned. "I'm really not going to like this."

Alice says that she saw Bella go into the water and waited but she never came up:

"I can't see the mutts," Alice hissed in frustration. "That's just perfect."

"I guess that explains why we didn't know that our coming here would affect them," Carlisle muttered.

"Why can't I see them?" Alice continued to hiss, not paying any attention to Carlisle.

"They don't really make a decision when they change," Carlisle smiled joyously at the new puzzle to work through. "It seems like they run on instincts more than anything else."

"Argh," Alice groaned.

When Alice leans in and sniffed Bella's shoulder:

"Why are you smelling her?" Edward snapped.

"Relax, Edward," Alice said, rolling her eyes. "I must have realized that she smells like the wolves," she added grumbling.

Alice asks how Jacob had managed to swim through the currents and Bella says he's strong:

"Oh … she's going to try and protect the mutt," Rosalie groaned. "She didn't seem to care when she was telling him our secrets."

"She's going to tell me Rose," Alice snorted. "She's just hesitating because she knows the pup wouldn't want her to."

After Bella tells Alice that Jacob is a werewolf and Alice replies that explains the smell:

"I'm disappointed, Shortie," Emmett said, shaking his head. "Where's the 'your best friend is a werewolf!' reaction?"

Alice is lost in thought and then she suddenly turns to Bella in shock and says 'your best friend is a werewolf':

"Ah, there it is," Emmett chuckled along with Jasper and Edward.

Bella tells Alice that Laurent and Victoria are after her and then calls herself a danger magnet:

Edward rolled his eyes, his anger that seemed all consuming a moment ago seemed to ebb slightly at her antics. Emmett was of course laughing again.

Bella begs Alice not to leave her and Alice eyes opened wider, and she tells Bella that she's not going anywhere:

"Hmmm … she's seemed to have been doing better with Alice there," Carlisle mused. "I'm not sure that you realized just how bad she was."

"And right now she's showing you just a little of the real turmoil that she's been going through," Jasper sighed.

After Jacob called and Bella thinks 'that's going to be a problem':

"A big one," Alice said. "And one that you'll have to deal with."

"I might not have to deal with it in reality though," Edward said. "They probably won't become this close if I never leave."

When it mentions Edward is not with the family and he checks in every few months:

"Where are you?" Esme asked, frowning.

"I don't know," Edward said.

'It must have been hard for you to be around us … with us having our mates,' Alice thought sadly.

Charlie and Alice having the conversation about how Bella's been doing and he's saying Jacob has been good for her and Alice says it's good she has him:

"Do you really agree, or do you just want more information out of him?" Emmett asked.

"I agree," Alice said. "He saved her more than once and I know it … and I want her to be better, so if the pup is what she needs … argh … whatever."

After Charlie says it was like someone had died' and Bella thought that it was like that and how she had lost not only Edward, but also the future and a family and a life she chosen:

Edward closed his eyes again and took in all the pain she described, imagining what it would be like if she left him.

Charlie says that 'she doesn't get past things or change her mind':

"That makes her sound like a vampire again," Emmett said. "She doesn't change often, but when she does, she changes for life. Is it weird that she has vampire-like qualities?"

"Yeah," Edward said.

"I wonder if that means she's supposed to be a vampire," Carlisle mused.

"NO!" Edward shouted, effectively putting an end to the conversation.

Mentions of Alice doing personal research about her past:

Alice frowned at this, not sure if she really wanted to know- she mostly hadn't thought about this incident since she first learned of it.

That her name is Mary Alice Brandon:

"I like that name," Jasper smiled. "Mary Alice."

"I think I prefer Alice," Alice said a little coldly; she didn't really want to be reminded of that.

Alice says the date of admission to the hospital was the same as the date on her tombstone:

"That's horrible!" Esme exclaimed angrily.

"I guess I was dead to them," Alice said expressionlessly.

"Well, they were stupid to do that," Emmett said immediately. "You're the best, Shortie!"

Alice didn't say anything, but she did feel better after that.


The Funeral

Jacob was at the door and Bella things 'even blind, Alice wasn't slow':

"Thanks," Alice nearly growled at the reminder of her ineptness.

"Now you know how I feel," Edward laughed.

"At least it's not the person I love," Alice growled and that pretty much stopped Edward's laughter, though it only made Emmett laugh harder.

Bella thinks that she doesn't like Jacob when he acted angry about vampires:

"Which means you'll want to be careful about how you treat the pup when you come back," Jasper said. "She wouldn't want you to be hostile to him either."

"I'm a quick learner … I'm sure I'll pick it up," Edward said.

"Well, before the pup does at least," Alice smirked. "You're also a stubborn, overprotective idiot and that will keep you busy for a while."

Jacob says that 'you'll only be safe in La Push':

"She would be quite safe in my hands," Alice said and Jasper looked at her worried. "Don't bother."

"I know," Jasper sighed, "but you know I can't help it."

"I know," Alice smiled at him.

Bella tells Jacob to run to Sam and tell him the scary monsters aren't coming to get you:

Emmett leaned over, looking like he was about the burst, and whispered "Boo" in Rosalie's ear before laughing.

"Dork," Rosalie rolled her eyes, but the corner of her mouth twitched upwards.

Jacob comes back and is nicer to her and says 'it should have taken me by surprise how she acted because she knew how she felt about them:

"It's hard to change presumptions like this," Edward said. "I will have a hard time too … especially since I won't know everything, he's done for her."

Bella asks can't I be friends with both at the same time and Jacob says I don't think you can:

"That will be difficult," Edward groaned. "But I'm sure she's going to try."

"And knowing her … she'll succeed somehow," Alice smiled.

Jacob traps her face between his hands:

Edward froze, looking angry and horrified at this.

Bella thinks that she hasn't made her decision yet but rejecting him now would have consequences:

"Don't think like that!" Edward hissed. "Do what you want … don't let your guilt for that mutt control your decisions."

The phone rings:

"Saved by the bell!" Emmett chuckled.

Jacob says 'he hung up on me':

"He?" Emmett asked. "Who was calling then?"

But Edward, Alice and Carlisle were all frozen.

"What?" Emmett asked again.

"You think it was you?" Jasper asked Edward, looking alarmed.

"I thought she killed herself," Alice groaned. "I saw it!"

"But you wouldn't have told Edward," Esme assured her.

"No," Alice said. "But if he thinks she has died …."

"I'll go to the Volturi," Edward finished.

Everyone froze at that proclamation.

Jacob says that he had asked for Charlie as to why he didn't give Bella the phone:

"Why would you ask for Charlie?" Emmett asked. "Why would you even call at all?"

"To make sure," Edward said, emotionless. "Just my luck that someone else would have died …."

Jacob suddenly is on edge and is trembling:

"I'm there," Alice said. "You really did call … you're going to get yourself killed …." she hissed the last part.

Alice is on the phone with Rose and asks to talk to Carlisle and then she listens to what Rose has to say looking appalled:

Rosalie groaned and everyone looked at her. "I must have told him," she said in a hollow voice.

"Why would you do that?" Alice growled. "You knew how he would react!"

"No, I obviously didn't!" Rosalie growled back. "Do you think I would want something to happen to him? You know that I would do anything for my family!"

"Sssssfffff," Alice hissed, she did know that. Rosalie may be very selfish, but she still cared about her family more than anything else. "How could you not see how much he would care?"

"Are you telling me you'd expect him to do this … I mean, if you didn't know about the first chapter of this book, would you have thought he would have done that?" Rosalie asked.

"I don't know, but I would know that it wasn't something that he could handle over the phone!" Alice growled. "How could you be so heartless?"

"I …." Rosalie stammered and her face fell. "I never tried to understand his obsession with her … I don't know how much he loves her."

"It's okay, babe," Emmett said sweetly (yes, he could be sweet if he wanted to be) holding her. "We'll get Eddy before he could do anything stupid."

"Yeah, and it will bring Edward and Bella back together again," Esme said, still sobbing in Carlisle's chest, but it seemed that she had a little hope in her eyes now.

"That's true," Alice agreed, looking thoughtful, the anger leaving her a little. "As long as this works out … it might not be so bad."

"I don't want her anywhere near the Volturi!" Edward hissed, knowing where this was all leading.

"Then you should have thought of that before you went off to get yourself killed!" Alice hissed at him.

Alice tells Bella that Edward was the one that called and he thinks she dead and Bella is relieved because that's not what she thought Alice would say:

"She doesn't understand," Edward groaned. "Didn't I tell her what I would do if this happened?"

"A lot has happened between you two since then!" Alice growled. "For some reason, she's under the impression that you don't care about her!" she added bitterly.

Alice mentions that Edward didn't plan to outlive Bella by long:

"And you better not be thinking that way now!" Alice growled toward Edward.

"I promised I wouldn't, didn't I," Edward said, but his resolve looked weakened.

"And I told you…I'd know if you change your mind," Alice looked at him sharply. 'And what that would mean for Bella.'

"I know," Edward growled.

Alice warns Bella that it would be risky to go the Volturi:

"How can you risk her life like that?" Edward hissed.

"Because if we can save you, it would be worth it," Alice said. "And if we can't, then I don't think she'll survive anyway."

Edward shuddered at the truth of her words.



Mentions they just made their flight, and the true torture began:

"Yeah, there's no way to make the plane go faster," Alice groaned.

"We really should get our own plane," Emmett said, smirking. "That would be awesome."

"And that's why we don't have one," Edward said, making a face; Emmett had obviously thought of something inappropriate.

Mentions that Edward would go on a killing spree through the city to get the Volturi's attention:

"Edward," Esme gasped and Carlisle frowned.

"I don't think I would really go through with that," Edward muttered and he looked like he hoped that was true.

Alice tells Carlisle to be prepare the odds aren't good:

Carlisle put his head in his hands as he thought of losing his son and possibly his daughters as well; without seeming to realize it, the Cullens had already adopted Bella into the family.

Alice promises Jasper that she would find a way out one way or another:

"You'd better," Jasper said.

"I will," Alice said, and then as if she knew exactly what her book self was going to say. 'Edward don't read the next line,'

Edward hesitated for a moment and then frowned.

'It goes on too long for you to skip that doesn't it?' Alice groaned in her head and Edward gave a slight nod of his head.

Alice says 'I hate lying to him':

"What?!" Jasper snapped his head to her. "You were lying to me?"

"Jazz, you couldn't come …." Alice sighed.

"Whatever … that's not what I care about," Jasper said impatiently. "You're coming back!"

"I don't know what will happen yet," Alice sighed. "I would try my hardest to come back … that's not a lie."

Jasper glared at her but didn't say anything else.

Alice explains to Bella and then says 'I can't lose Jasper like that':

"And you think I could lose you like that?" Jasper asked.

"No," Alice sighed. "But you would do the same thing."

"Yes," Jasper sighed too.

Bella thinks about Alice protecting Jasper at their expense, and Edwars, but she couldn't blame her:

"Actually, if you're going to make it out of this, it might be better if we don't come," Jasper said thoughtfully.

"Why?" Emmett asked pouting – he really would have loved to have been there for this.

"Because if we were all there, we would appear to be more of a threat … if the Volturi saw us together, they might decide it was too much of a risk to let us go and it would be better just to get rid of us," Jasper said.

Bella says couldn't Edward hear Alice and that she could tell him in her thoughts that Bella was alive:

"I would never believe that," Edward smirked and sighed.

"Yeah … we would be thinking that no matter what," Alice said.

"Right now, it would be really nice if I could hear her," Edward said.

"And every other moment for that matter," Emmett smirked.

"Yeah," Edward smiled.

Bella thinks that it's hard to imagine something scarier than Emmett Jasper, Rosalie and Alice:

"Well, she has a point there," Emmett said smugly.

"But the Volturi are," Jasper said. "We wouldn't stand a chance."

"I'm just saying … there's no one else out there who could take us," Emmett pouted.

"That's true … though I wouldn't want to face the Southerners," Jasper said. "They would be no match, of course, but their numbers would be a problem."

Alice says that it's the Volturi's age that gives them the ability to live peacefully together:

"I have a feeling it's a little more than that," Carlisle mused. "I expect that there's someone there that helps everyone get along better. I don't know how else all those vampires could go that long without fighting."

Bella thinks about saving Edward but that he still wouldn't want to be with her and he would leave again, but she was willing to pay that price:

"She seems to be doing what you've been trying to do this entire book," Carlisle said. "Putting your feelings and safety above her own."

"And she's doing it so much better than you," Alice said. "All you managed to do was ruin everything … hopefully she'll be able to fix that now."

Alice says that Edward has decided how he was going to ask to be killed:

"You don't really have to worry about that," Carlisle said. "I'm sure if you do get an audience with them, Aro would want to see it for himself."

"What do you mean?" Edward asked.

"He has the ability to see your past … to know everything you've ever thought in your life by touching you with the palm of his hand," Carlisle said. "I would think that he would want to do it as soon as he realizes that you're part of my family … he was quite interested in my chosen way of life, after all, and would like to see how I had managed it. He is quite curious."

Alice mentions it's easier for her to see Edward's future because they are so attuned:

"And why are you so attuned to Eddy?" Emmett smirked.

"Because, most of the time, he's the only one I'm allowed to play games with," Alice answered immediately.

"That's because you're both cheaters," Emmett grumbled.

"It's not our fault that we're special," Edward smirked.

"Freaks," Emmett muttered.

"Whatever," Alice shrugged, rolling her eyes.

Alice says that she's debating whether to just change Bella herself:

"Alice!" Edward shouted.

"Well, honestly Edward, you're not really leaving me with much of a choice!" Alice shouted back. 'And this should just show you how serious I am about our agreement.'

"Hmph," Edward huffed, still glaring at her.

Alice says that Edward will wait to walk out into the sunlight until the sun is exactly overhead:

"I've never been happier about your dramatic tendencies than right now," Alice smirked.

"That's the preface," Edward scowled. "Her racing to get to me … The bell ringing."

"So, it's going to be close," Alice said convincingly. "But she'll make it."

Alice explains how Saint Marcus Day and how the Volturi vampire had supposedly chased out the vampires with crosses and garlic:

"Why did he say he used those things?" Emmett asked.

"He thought it would be nice to have people believe that religion could stand up to the demons trying to destroy the world," Carlisle frowned. "Indeed, I found out how wrong that assumption was … as for the garlic … it's an old Greek superstition that garlic keeps away evil spirits. As it spread to the rest of the world, it became evil in general."