101 adventures in time and space.

Summary: Clara Oswald's nice orderly life was disrupted in the most explosive manner. Now the girl that dreamed of travel is seeing more that she ever expected thanks to a big eared, two hearted alien that calls himself The Doctor.

AN1: hey everyone, I think the only things you need to know before we start are 1)I picture Clara's Dad as the guy we saw in the flash backs not one the one from Christmas and 2) I chose to believe that the girl we saw with Clara in the grave yard was her friend Nina. So I'll leave you be for a while, happy reading.

Disclaimer: If I owned Doctor Who I can promise you that the whole hiatus thing would never have happened also Tom Baker would probably still be The Doctor, so maybe it's a good thing I am just a viewer.

Episode 1

Clara part one

As the sun rose over London's iconic streets hundreds of alarm clocks went off signalling the start of another day. From high rise council flats to grand gilded palaces the familiar screech filled many bedrooms and dragged their occupants into the world of the waking.

One of the alarms that rang out the loudest was in a nice semi detached house and belonged to a tiny brunet who woke with a start, jumping to silence the necessary evil that sat on her bedside table.

"Clara!" a gruff male voice echoed up the stairs "are you up yet?"

"Yes Dad!" the girl called back with a slightly exasperated sigh "I'm up".

Hopping out of bed Clara quickly began her morning routine knowing that her lift would be there soon, so she had to hurry. She only paused for a moment to glace up at a framed picture hanging on her wall. A beautiful woman not much older than herself beamed down on her.

"Morning Mum" Clara smiled softly at the woman she so adored, she reached out and ran her finger gently over the glass just above her mother's cheek.

Her Father chose that moment to holler up at her once more. "Clara, breakfast's out love".

"I'm on my way" she called back reassuringly as she pulled her hand away from her mother's photo.

"You know you don't have to make me breakfast every morning" Clara commented as she entered the kitchen, throwing her bag onto the nearby counter.

"of course I do what else is your old man good for now that your all grown up?" he teased lightly.

"lots of things" Clara shot back as she took a gulp of her tea "getting rid of spiders, changing light bulbs, that sort of thing" she smiled at him playfully.

The father daughter moment was disrupted by a loud and continuous honking coming from outside. "That's my ride" Clara announced bouncing to her feet. She grabbed her bag, kissed her Father's cheek, clenched a slice of toast in her teeth and raced out the door.

"Good morning Nina" Clara practically sang at the pretty girl that was sat in the driver's seat of a small red car.

"Christ Clara, how are you so cheerful this early in the morning?" Nina groaned.

"We're off to help shape young minds, how can I not be cheerful?" Clara answered almost gleefully.

Nina just shook her head at that. "You know we're not quite at the shaping young minds stage yet right?" she questioned playfully "we're still at the do whatever the teacher asks us to do stage".

Clara's smile fell very slightly, she and Nina were still doing their teacher training so they weren't actually teachers yet (as Nina had pointed out many times) but she still liked to think that they made a difference in the lives of the children in their care. "Yeah well, I still love it" she grinned at her friend.

"Me too" Nina agreed with a laugh. "Are we still on for lunch?" She checked as they pulled up at the school gates.

"Sure thing" Clara smiled at the girl who was more like her sister than her friend. "Its spag bol today, you know I wouldn't miss it. I'll meet you in the dining hall" she promised as she got out of the car.

Clara's day followed its usual busy paten; she hopped from class to class sometimes assisting small groups of children or even just one child, other times she held down the fort by supervising the whole class. The only real respite she got was her lunch time meeting with Nina and the other student teachers.

It had been made clear to all of the trainees that the staff room was as much for them as it was the fully qualified teachers but they had all found that they felt more comfortable spending their lunch time in the dining hall among their students, this was particularly true on the rare days that the dinner lady's served a meal that they all enjoyed such as spaghetti bolognaise.

Clara and Nina were the first to arrive in the dining hall and made sure that they secured a table big enough for the rest of their party who would soon join them.

Stories and laughter flew around the table as the young people shared their day as well as their food. Nina being the most sociable of the group had spent most of her lunch period arranging another meet up for later that night at the local pub.

"Are you in?" she questioned Clara as the two of them disposed of their plates.

"Can't sorry, I promised Mr Wilson I would help him set up those manikins from the museum they are arriving this afternoon" she explained.

"Teacher pet" Nina teased nudging Clara's shoulder with her own.

"Shut up" the smaller woman groaned "he's an old man, he needed help, you know that I'm like I couldn't say no" she sighed. Clara really was a soft touch she couldn't bear to watch people struggle not even grumpy old men like Mr Wilson.

Clara's afternoon continued as her morning had left off, busy but fulfilling. Finally the day ended and the halls emptied. Clara finished up the marking she had been assigned before going in search of Mr Wilson and his manikins.

Mr Wilson had told her that the dummies were going to be set up in the assembly hall and Clara wondered if the old guy could have possibly thought of anywhere creepier to house them. Normally the assembly hall was light, bright and lovely but at night with no one around Clara hated it and avoided it as much as she could.

Swallowing her irrational fear the young woman sighed and entered the huge room, she was surprised to find that it was full of already constructed manikins that were dressed in historical clothing. It looked like Mr Wilson hadn't needed her help after all.

The manikins were on loan from the local museum and were going to be used in the year 7 history lessons for the next few weeks. Clara was kind of glad that she wouldn't have to spend her evening building and dressing them like she had promised she would but she couldn't help feeling uneasy about the whole thing.

All around her stood immaculately made and dressed manikins but they shouldn't be ready yet. There was no way Mr Wilson could have finished them all by himself, it just wasn't possible.

"Mr Wilson" Clara called out for him "it's Clara, Clara Oswald, I came to help with the manikins" she continued talking as she walked further into the hall.

She stopped to examine one of the dummies that stood nearest her. It really was perfectly put together as were the next few she looked at, this was no rush job someone had taken great care with these manikins, Clara was sure of it. The only flaw she could find was that the hat that sat on the head of the very last manikin was very slightly crooked.

Sighing Clara reached out to straighten the head gear, "I guess he didn't need me after all" she said to herself as she tried to push her silly suspicions aside.

A sudden creaking noise made the girl freeze with her hand still in midair. "Hello" she called again "Mr Wilson is that you?" she didn't get a reply.

Clara liked to think she was both sensible and brave but she was suddenly very, very afraid. If someone had asked her she couldn't have told them what had tipped her over the edge from feeling slightly wary to being down right afraid but in that moment getting out of the hall felt like the best idea she had ever had.

She quickly dropped her still hovering hand and turned to march out of the room but she wasn't quite quick enough. She was almost at the door when the creaking started up again, it sounded much louder and closer this time. Against her better judgment Clara turned to look behind her and found herself really wishing she hadn't.

The manikins had started to move, there motions were jerky, like the zombies in old movies but they were defiantly moving. Not only were they moving but they were coming after her. Clara refused to freeze up, the backward steps that she was taking were smaller than she would have liked but at least she kept moving, even as she tried to deny what she was seeing with her own two eyes.

Manikins couldn't move on their own this had to be some sick joke, it just had to be. "Is this some kind of joke?" Clara demanded as she carried on moving backwards. "Nina is this you?" she yelled.

The tiny woman couldn't recall the last time she had been truly terrified but she had to fight the urge to cry when her back his solid wall instead of the door she had been aiming for.

The manikins just kept coming even though Clara now had nowhere to go. She could feel tears begin to leak from the corners of her eyes but she would not cry out.

"This is all just a sick joke, it's a sick joke, a sick, sick joke" she repeated over and over again but still the manikins kept up the jerky but relentless march towards her.

When her plastic stalkers were almost upon her Clara finally gave in and closed her eyes against them a moment later a hand came out of the darkness and grabbed hers, wrapping her small hand in a much larger defiantly male one. this strangers hand with its firm grip bought with it an odd feeling of peace, despite the situation she found herself in Clara felt far safer that she had just seconds ago.

Then came the word that would change Clara Oswald's life, just one word whispered into her ear and that word was "Run".

The one word command seemed to echo all around them. Suddenly Clara found herself being dragged from the room via the door she had attempted to reach earlier. Clara and her rescuer raced along one hallway and down another before they reached a heavy steel door.

The leather clad man who had been pulling Clara along release her hand so he could turn and slam the door behind them. He was quick but not quick enough, just before the door closed completely one of the manikins arms shot through the gap and made a grab for him. The mystery man reacted without so much as a pause, he pulled the arm clean off and threw it to Clara so he could use both hands to finally push the door closed.

"That's a fire door" Clara called out to him when she noticed his hand searching for the lock "it can only be locked from the office, hold it as long as you can" she ordered turning to run to the nearby admin office.

She had only gone a few steps when she heard an odd buzzing sound then the man ran past her taking her hand as he went.

"But the door" Clara gasped trying to keep up with his much larger strides.

"It's locked" he yelled to her without looking back.

Clara wanted to ask how but she didn't have the breath to get the words out. The tall fella pulled her along one more hallway before he let her stop for a moment.

"This has got to be a prank, it's the year 11's, it's got to be" Clara gasped looking down at the arm she was still carrying.

"Why?" he asked quizzically.

"Well you know" Clara sighed back.

"No" he persisted "you said a prank, specifically a year 11 one, why".

"Well it's nearly the end of the term and there are some real jokers among the year 11's this year, it makes sense they would come up with something like this instead of spending their last week setting of the fire alarms every chance they get" she explained as best she could.

"That dose makes sense" he agreed "it's well thought out even, well done" he complemented her.

"Thanks" Clara shot back "but this isn't a prank is it?" she asked softly.

"No, afraid not" the man told her regretfully. About a million questions exploded in Clara mind at the same time, she wanted answers but she got the feeling the guy who could give them to her was not going to hang around for long. She didn't know where to start until she remembered the arm she still held in her hand.

"You pulled its arm off" she stated.

"Yeah he's armless now" he grinned taking her free hand and pulling her along once more but moving at a much slower pace that he did before.

"Mr Wilson is going to get into so much trouble over all of this you know" she told him "The museum is probably going to sue him" she said wondering if he even cared about that.

"Na" the man shot back still grinning "You can't sue the dead not for another 300 years at least, they'll have to settle for suing his estate" he said in a matter of fact tone.

Clara froze in her tracks; her stop was so sudden that she actually pulled him to a stop as well. "Mr Wilson is dead?" she gasped felling sick. Mr Wilson wasn't exactly nice but she would never have wished him any harm and now he was dead.

"Almost certainly" the strange man agreed as he started to walk again dragging Clara along with him but this time she was struggling against his hold instead of just going with it like she had before.

"You don't know for sure?" she insisted "if there is a chance he is still alive we can't leave him here, not with those things" she cried.

"You can't always save everyone" he told her bitterly.

"So you just snag the nearest innocent, save them, take the win where you can and congratulate yourself on a job well done, is that it?" Clara demanded, she didn't know where all this was coming from, she knew she should be grateful that she was the one being saved but she couldn't stop the words spewing from her mouth, it was like someone else was speaking for her.

"Look" the man sighed but whatever he intended to say was drowned out by a sudden crash followed by a distant but familiar creaking.

"They got through" he warned quickly recapturing Clara's hand and breaking into a run yet again. Clara was not proud of it but in the rush to save herself she let Mr Wilson slip her mind just like the man she had been lecturing did.

Racing through the halls at a speed that would get them detention if they were students the two of the soon reached an exit and Clara found herself being all but thrown out off the door.

"Now" the man said from where he was stood in the doorway "I'm afraid I'm going to have to blow up your lovely little school" he told her using that matter of fact tone again.

"But-"Clara tried to interrupt but he didn't let her.

"I wouldn't tell anyone about this if I were you, probably get them killed, so go home and forget this ever happened" he ordered before slamming the door in her face.

In that moment stood alone in the school car park Clara's conscience came roaring back to life, there was a chance that Mr Wilson was still alive in there and Clara was not going to leave him to get blown to smithereens. "What about Mr Wilson?" she yelled running back towards the closed door.

Just as she was reaching for the handle the door swung open again making her jump back in alarm. Mr Wilson was hurled out of the door in much the same way as she herself had been just moments before.

The old man looked shocked and confused but otherwise unhurt.

"One Mr Wilson" her rescuer announced "Now what's your name?" he asked looking Clara directly in the eye for the first time.

"Clara, Clara Oswald" she answered truthfully without thinking, any other day she might have given him a fake name but he had just saved both her and Mr Wilson's lives so she was going to tell him the truth.

"Nice to meet you Clara Oswald, I'm the Doctor" he smiled at her pleasantly before it morphed into his now familiar manic grin "Now run for your life" he crowed showing her something that did look very much like a bomb and disappearing back inside.

"He won't really blow up the school surely" Clara said turning to where Mr Wilson had been stood only to find that the man wasn't there anymore. He seemed to have recovered from his shock quite quickly he was already across the car park and scrabbling to get into his car.

"Mr Wilson?" Clara called as she ran after him.

"We were never here" the old man told her firmly as he climbed into the car. "We didn't see any moving manikins and that man" he said pointing back at the school "he doesn't exist" he finished.

"You think he's really going to do it" Clara realized "you think he is really going to blow up the school" she gasped.

"I am old enough to know a warrior on a mission when I see one" Mr Wilson told her solemnly.

"And that's what you think he is, some sort of warrior" the young woman asked him disbelieving, sure the Doctor had saved them but he didn't seem very warrior like to her.

"He doesn't want to be" Mr Wilson said suddenly sound very sympathetic "He would never admit to it but yes that man is a warrior, a warrior in search of redemption and that is why you and I need to be careful"

Clara didn't know what to say to say for a moment but there was something she needed to know "Do you think he's dangerous?" she asked.

"I think he could be very dangerous if he chose to be" Mr Wilson admitted "but I also believe he has chosen to take on the role of protector over all others he could have taken".

"I don't understand" Clara confessed.

"Don't worry, I don't expect you to, not yet anyway" Mr Wilson reassured the young woman. "All you need to know right now is that he is as good as he is dangerous, that is the most important thing for you to remember, now go home Miss Oswald" He ordered "go home and keep yourself safe".

Clara had never seem Mr Wilson express so much emotion, he was known for his gruff exterior but as he left his concern for her seemed to be truly genuine. It was that more than the Doctors warning that sent her running for home.

She hadn't gotten far when a resounding boom filled the air and made the ground shake. Looking back the way she had come Clara could see the orangey glow of fire.

"Oh my stars" she gasped "he did it, he actually did it" part of her had been clinging to the hope that this whole night had had been either a stupid joke or a bad dream, she had never truly wanted to believe that any harm was going to come to her school but somehow deep down she had known the truth.

She had known that every word the Doctor spoke had been the truth and while she hadn't wanted to except it she had know her life had been in danger tonight, she could have died but she didn't she was saved by the Doctor. That was the last coherent thought she had until she found herself wrapped up in her Father's arms, she had no clear memory of how she got home, she was just very glad she had.


Watching the news that night evening was not fun for Clara. Images of the smouldering heap that had been her work place dominated the screens. Truth be told she didn't really want to see what had become the building after she had run away from it but she didn't have the energy to get up and look for the remote or turn the channel manually.

Her Father had only just stopped hovering over her like a concerned mother hen, it had taken Clara an hour to convince him that she was fine and she was not about to undo all that hard work by admitting just how drained she really felt.

Dave Oswald had been fielding calls from worried relatives since just after Clara had raced through the front door. He was currently tied up with reassuring his sister Linda that his daughter was both alive and well. Clara couldn't help but feel sorry for him; she wondered how long it would take for her Aunt to come up with a way to make some money off of the nights events.

As if on cue Dave turned to her with a weary smile "sorry love" said "but Linda wants me to remind you her ex still works at the mirror, if you are interested in giving an interview she is sure he would make it worth your while".

Clara didn't even reply she just held her hand out for the phone. Dave paused before he handed it over knowing his Daughter and Sister were not exactly best buddies.

"Hi Aunt Linda" Clara spoke into the receiver sounding remarkably upbeat "bye Aunt Linda" she said just as cheerfully before hanging up on the annoying woman with a role of her eyes.

Such rude behaviour was not like Clara, normally she did her best to put up with Linda for her Father sake but she was hoping she could get away with reverting to a stroppy teenager given what she had just been through. Of course no one but Mr Wilson knew what she had really been through.

She waited for her Dad to reprimand her for her actions but instead he just gave her yet another cup of tea and turned the news off before sitting beside her.

"I know a news paper interview it a terribly idea" he said gently "but if you need to talk I'm here" he offered "I know I'm not your Mum but I like to think I have gotten pretty good at the whole girl talk thing over the years".

Clara laughed softly at that, she and her Father had been alone since she was 16 and honestly he had gotten very good at girl talk but that didn't change the fact that she couldn't take the risk of telling him the truth about the night's events. So she smiled brightly and lied to her Dad for the first time in years.

"I'm fine Dad" she said "I wasn't even there when it happened I was already on my way home".

Dave looked like he wanted to question her further but at that moment the phone began to ring and someone began to practically pound on the front door, the two Oswald's looked at one another and shared a laugh because they were pretty sure they know who was causing the two interruptions.

"I'll deal with Linda" Dave said reaching for the phone.

"And I've got Nina" Clara added as she got up to get the door.

"Oh My God Clara" Nina yelled pulling Clara into a hug as soon as she answered the door.

"Hey Nina" Clara managed to choke out, her friends tight grip made it hard to exhale never mind talk clearly.

"You could have died, like been legitimately dead" the taller woman babbled as Clara detangled herself and led her friend into the front room.

"I'm fine Nina" Clara lied again flopping back onto the sofa.

"Are you sure?" Nina questioned in a tone that suggested that she didn't believe Clara for a moment.

"I'm alright honest" Clara insisted "Now, do you want tea?" she offered getting up and heading out to the kitchen. In the hallway she passed her Father who was once again dealing with his Sister.

"Are you interested in compensation Clara?" He asked more to appease Linda than anything else. Clara just shook her head and started to make tea for her and Nina.

"Oh no" said Nina squeezing passed poor Mr Oswald "you are not drinking tea, you need something stronger than that, you're coming back to the pub with me. Come on get your coat" she insisted trying to pull her friend towards the door.

"I'm fine with tea" Clara reassured "tea fixes everything" she said reciting something that her mother had said hundreds of times over the years.

"But you deserve a real drink" Nina nearly pouted.

"Just how cute is he?" Clara sighed.

"Who?" Nina asked in a very poor attempt at playing dumb.

"The guy you left at the pub to come and check on me" Clara clarified.

"I was just thinking of you, getting out and being with friends would help get over your shock" Nina tried to defend herself but she could help looking slightly guilty.

"I'm not in shock" Clara told her firmly "so who is it?" she pressed.

"Mickey" Nina admitted with a grown.

"Mickey Smith?" Clara asked she couldn't pretend she wasn't surprised. The last she had heard their mutual friend had been hung up on their other best friend Rose. The two of them had a thing a while back and no one seemed clear on whether it was over or not. "What about Rose, is she OK with this?"

"She's the one that set us up" Nina grinned shyly "She told me to make a move before someone else did".

Despite all that had happened that evening Nina's news still excited Clara, she always thought that Mickey and Nina would make a really cute couple. "Someone might be moving in on him right now you know?" she teased her friend. "You better get back there".

"But what about you? I can't just leave you Clara" Nina said trying to sound firm but failing miserably.

"Yes you can" Clara shot back "now go before I decide to make a move myself" she said wiggling her eyebrows at the other girl.

"OK, OK" Nina laughed at Clara's antics "enjoy your tea" she called before disappearing out of the door and leaving Clara alone with her thoughts.


The next morning when Clara awoke the first thing she noticed was that her room was already filled with sunlight and the second was that her alarm had not gone off. Rolling over she found a post it note stuck to the normally offensive device. She smiled at her Fathers easily recognisable scrawl.

Morning love,

I turned off your alarm. No point getting up early, you have no work to go to after all. Get some rest; I'm sure you need it after all of last night's excitement.

Lots of love Dad

P.S stay off the internet, something's going on there. Trust me on this one.

Clara sighed as she read the P.S. Ever since her Mother had died her Dad had become a bit of a conspiracy nut. He believe all sorts of things that most people thought were crazy. Clara had always humoured him but she had never had much faith in his theories. She might have to change her stance on some of them in light of recent events.

Getting ready at a leisurely pace was a slightly odd experience for Clara. She never seemed to have much time to herself, even at the weekend she had obligations to fulfil. She was tutor and general babysitter to her next door neighbour's kids, Angie and Artie. They were sweethearts most of the time but still hard work. Sometime Mr and Mrs Maitland would go away for the weekend leaving Clara in charge, those weekend were particularly difficult for the young woman.

Clara really wasn't used to not having anything to do. She drank tea and watched bad daytime TV for a while but it couldn't hold her attention for long. She was debating disregarding her Father's warning and booting up her laptop in search of entertainment when a sudden noise distracted her.

It was a strange sort of scuttling noise but no matter where she looked Clara couldn't find the source of it. She was cautiously approaching the front door in hopes of finding some kind of explanation when the letter box suddenly flapped open making her jump clear off the ground.

Scolding herself for over reacting Clara lifted the flap to prove to herself that there was nothing out there. When she peered through the slot and found herself looking into a pair of inquisitive eyes she jumped once again.

Feeling agitated Clara wrenched the door open intending to give her visitor a piece of her mind but when she saw who it was all of the fight went out of her.

"What are you doing here?" the Doctor demanded from his spot on her doorstep.

"I live here" Clara shot back crossing her arms over her chest, seen as he was here she was determined to get some answers out of him.

"Well what do you do that for?" he asked seeming genuinely puzzled

"Why did you blow up my school?" Clara answered his question with one of her own.

"Must have gotten the wrong signal" The Doctor muttered acting as if she hadn't spoken at all "your not plastic are you?" he asked before poking her small up turned nose with his rather large finger.

"Oi" Clara yelled covering her now sore nose with one of her hands.

"No, bone head" The Doctor verified "Bye then" he grinned at her before turning to leave.

"Oh no" Clara called after him grabbing the hand he had been waving at her and pulling him through the door, once they were both inside she slammed it behind them.

"I have questions and you're going to answer them" she told him firmly.

"Oh am I?" The Doctor asked with a raised brow.

"Yes you are" Clara said in her best I'm a teacher don't mess with me voice.

The Doctor stared at her for a long moment before giving a slight nod that Clara took as her cue to start question of him. "Why did you blow up my school" she said re-asking her first question.

"It was the only way to stop the Autons" he answered quickly.

"Autons, you mean the manikins" Clara clarified

"The manikins became Autons when they became animated, they weren't just plastic anymore they were living plastic" The Doctor explained. "They were being controlled by a device in the school which would have been a problem if I didn't have my handy dandy bomb with me, I don't like having to carry them with me, they are horrible, destructive things but it seems they have their uses from time to time".

"So you blow up the school and that stops the Autons, like they're gone for good" Clara asked warily.

The Doctor shrugged at that one and Clara got the impression there was something he really didn't want to tell her. "I want a full explanation" she told him as she led the way to the front room. "Do you want tea?" she asked more out of habit than anything else. She wasn't sure why but she had believed every word that had come out of The Doctors mouth so far and she was sure that if she could just keep him talking then he would carry on telling the truth.

"Might as well" The Doctor sighed realising that his half truth routine was not going to work with this sharp little earth girl. "Just milk" he added as an afterthought.

Clara left The Doctor to his own devices while she made what felt like her hundredth round of tea in the last few days. She could hear The Doctor chattering away to himself in the next room but she missed most of what he said. She came back into the room just in time to hear him commenting on the size of his ears.

"Well I wasn't going to mention it" she smiled at him as she put the teas down "but you do have a fine pair of ears there, can you fly with them" she asked cheekily.

"No, ears don't make you fly" he told her flatly "I told Walt that over and over again but did he listen to me, noooo, of course not".

Clara was about to ask what The Doctor was on about when she heard the noise from earlier again.

"Did you hear that?" The Doctor asked looking around the room.

"Yeah" said Clara doing the same "I have been hearing it on and off all morning" she explained. "What do you think it is?" she asked looking back to The Doctor, only to find him pretending that the plastic arm she had accidently bought home last night was strangling him.

"I thought Dad said he was getting rid of that" she sighed with a roll of her eyes. "OK, you've had your fun, now I want my explanation" Clara said getting exasperated when The Doctor didn't stop his pretend play.

If the situation wasn't so serious she probably would have laughed at The Doctor's antics. He was really investing in his performance, his desperation looked real. Suddenly a horrible thought hit the young woman as she watched the man continue to struggle with the plastic arm.

"Living plastic" she gasped stepping closer to the Doctor. His frantic nodding told her that she was on the right track.

Without thinking Clara rushed to The Doctors side, she tried desperately to dislodge the arm but no matter how hard she pulled it wouldn't budge. Eventually she resorted to placing her foot on The Doctor's stomach so she could push off of him to gain some leverage. It must have been uncomfortable for the man but she was more concerned with keeping him alive than his comfort.

One particularly vigorous tug finally freed The Doctor and Clara felt an immense rush of relief but it was short lived because the hand turned its attention to her. It flew through the air and attached itself to her face. She managed to struggle blindly against it for only a moment before she lost her footing and stumbled backwards onto the sofa.

Even sprawled on her back Clara continued to struggle but she could already feel herself weakening due to lack of oxygen, the hand was covering both her nose and her mouth. Thankfully The Doctor intervened before the situation got any worse.

Clara heard the same strange buzzing noise as she had yesterday in the school and suddenly she could breathe again. She sat gasping and watched as The Doctor rammed a small silver tube with a blue light into the palm of the hand. Its fingers twitched erratically for a moment before freezing all together.

"What is that?" she pointed at the device in his hand.

"Sonic screwdriver" he told her matter of factly "disrupts the signal, its fine now" he grinned tossing the arm at Clara, who reflexively dodged it "See armless again".

"It may be" Clara seethed, that joke wasn't even funny the first time he made it. "But I'm not" she punched him hard in the shoulder to prove her point.

After hamming up his injury and refusing to give Clara any more information The Doctor left, taking the arm with him. He expected to make a clean get away but Clara was not giving up so easily. She followed him out of the house and down the road yelling after him the whole time.

"Hey you can't just wander off" she said watching him confidently stride along.

"Yes I can, this is me wandering off" he told her.

"But what about the plastic?" Clara was cursing her short legs as she tried to keep up with The Doctor "I know you said not to but we have to start warning people, don't we?"

That stopped The Doctor in his tracks, he stood still for just a moment then spun around and marched back to the perceptive young woman. He wasn't sure if she was impressing him or annoying him yet, the next few minutes would decide that. "Why would they need warning?" he asked.

"Plastic is everywhere and if it's going to start attacking people then they need to know" she stated resolutely "and don't tell me that there's no threat" she continued before The Doctor could say anything. "You disrupted the signal going to that arm, that mean's destroying the school didn't stop it all together. The signal is still going on and as long as it is then every piece of plastic is dangerous" she concluded.

"Your good" The Doctor couldn't have contained his grin if he had tried.

"Thank you, now warning people, why aren't we?" she asked shortly.

"Because threats are always easier to handle without mass panic" he told her simply.

"OK" Clara nodded; she had to admit she could see where he was coming from on that one. "But can you handle it?" she asked feeling genuinely concerned for the strange man that had stumbled into her life.

"Of course I can" he dismissed her worry.

"So you are going to face off with whatever is turning plastic murderous all alone, who is that by the way?"

"Yes just me and it's a long story" he answered both of her questions as quickly and honestly as he could.

"Isn't there anyone that can help you?" it was on the tip of Clara's tongue to offer to help him herself, if he had no one else.

"I don't need help I'm fine by myself" he almost snapped at her.

"So while your off single handily saving the world is this killer plastic going to keep coming after me?" she snapped back at him. She was trying to act brave but The Doctor could see the fear in her eyes and couldn't help but taking pity on her.

"Oh so the world suddenly revolves around you dose it?" he asked in his most teasing tone. "You were an accident, you got in the way that's all" he reassured her.

"Really?" Clara asked hopefully.

"Really" The Doctor confirmed. "It was after me not you. Last night at the school I was there, you wandered in and nearly ruined the whole thing. This morning I was tracking it down, it was tracking me down. The only reason it fixed on you was because you met me" he explained.

"So the whole world really revolves around you?" Clara smiled feeling a lot better.

"Sort of yeah" he grinned.

"You're pretty full of yourself aren't you?"

"Sort of yeah" The Doctor replied again grinning even bigger.

Sadly the moment of levity passed and Clara's forehead once again creased in concern "why would someone do this" she asked softly "more importantly how are they doing it" she added as an afterthought.

"Well it's not a price war" The Doctor told her brightly, for some reason he wanted to keep the smart young woman smiling. "Their not aiming to take over Britton's shops".

"Doctor" Clara protested at his horrible jokes.

"Thought control" he told her no longer beating around the bush. "The thing controlling the plastic projects life into it, cut off the signal like I did with this" he held up the hand that had attacked them "and there dead. As to why, they want to over throw the human race and destroy you" he finished solemnly.

Clara looked completely shocked but also strangely accepting. "Do you believe me?" The Doctor asked.

"I don't want to" she said shakily.

"But here you are still listening" he pointed out.

"Who are you really Doctor?" Clara asked in a small sad voice "why are you so alone?"

"Do you know like we were saying about the earth revolving?" he asked she just nodded in return. "The first time someone tells you the worlds turning, you just can't quite believe it because everything. I can feel it" he told her taking her hand as if to share his experience with her. "The turn of the earth. The ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour, and the entire planet is hurtling round the sun at sixty seven miles an hour, and I can feel it. We are falling through space, you and me, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world and if we let go" he let go of Clara's hand so quickly that she stumbled slightly.

"That's who I am" The Doctor told her seriously "now forget me Clara Oswald, go home" he ordered firmly before softening slightly "go home and trust me to keep your planet safe".

Clara found that as much as she wanted to leave she just couldn't make her legs move, she watched as the Doctor sauntered away. It wasn't until he was around the corner and out of sight that she turned to go back home. She had only gone a few steps when an odd wheezing noise filled her air.

To Clara The Doctor and strange sounds seemed to go hand in hand. She ran back to where she had last seen him but no matter how hard she looked she could not find him anywhere. Clara knew she should listen to the Doctor and stay out of trouble but she had never been good at following orders, her Dad put it down to her being a little bit of a control freak.

Then and there she vowed she was going to find out everything there was to know about the mysterious Doctor.


AN2: OK guys here are a few things you might want to know as we go ahead with this story. As I'm sure you noticed this chapter is very long and also only half an episode (there is more to come I promise), believe it or not it has taken me 6 months to get to this point, so we are in for the long haul on this one I'm afraid.

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