Wildest Dreams



Summary: It's a Civil War, friends against friends, lovers against lovers. Two Avengers are thought to be dead, leaving their lovers behind devastated. Are they truly dead? Rated M for non-con and torture.

Wildest Dreams

Chapter 1: Nightmare

Clint and Natasha were lying in their bed in silence. Normally they cuddled, talked about what other project Clint was planning on doing to their house. Their son slept in his bassinet at the end of the bed. While the married couple slept on their sides of the bed with their backs facing away from each other. Tomorrow Natasha was leaving for New York to support Tony on the decision of every registering who they are and their abilities.

Unbeknownst to Natasha, her husband was going to New York as well to support Steve about protecting their identities as well as Bucky. Natasha slowly turned around. "I don't want to fight," she said softly. Clint closed his eyes tight as Natasha curled up behind him. "We can't let this tear us apart," she insisted.

"Isn't it already tearing usapart?" he asked, sitting up, "You're talking about not just our safety, but our children's safety, Nat."

"I feel like they would be safer if they knew who we are," she answered.

"How? We have an enemy list as long as the Empire State building. This is dangerous, Natasha," he told her.

Natasha frowned as she pulled her knees up to her chest. "I am sick of living a lie," she answered.

"That was a choice we made when we decided to go into SHIELD. That was the choice we made when we got married and had kids," he told her, "We have to live lies to protect them."

Clint sighed as he got out of bed when Liam started to cry. He picked the baby up. "It's okay, buddy," he said softly, "Let's get you something to eat huh?" Natasha frowned as she watched her husband leave, pushing her hair from her eyes.

The next morning, Clint was getting their daughters, twelve-year-old, Lily, and eight-year-old, Alyssa, ready for school. "Okay girls, breakfast is served," he said smiling. He placed pancakes and eggs in front of them.

"Yummy!" Alyssa said excitedly.

"Thanks, daddy," Lily said smiling.

Clint kissed both of the girls on the head before Natasha walked down the stairs. "Hi, mommy," Alyssa greeted.

"Hello, sweetpeas," Natasha greeted her daughters, kissing them both on the head.

She looked over at Liam who was babbling and shrieking with excitement when he saw his mother. "Hello, my handsome little man," she coed, taking the baby from her husband. Clint removed the carrier he had strapped to his chest off and placed it on his chair. He grabbed a plate of breakfast for his wife, placing it on the table next to her coffee.

The girls glanced at each other, it was unusual that their parents didn't kiss each other "good morning" as usual. Lily pushed her eggs around on her plate as Clint sat down. "Lily, don't play with your food please," Clint told her.

"Sorry," Lily murmured before taking a bite of her eggs.

Natasha rubbed the back of her neck as she cradled Liam in her arms. "What time does your flight leave?" Clint asked.

"About one," she replied.

"I'll drop you off at the airport," he told her.

"You're leaving again?" Lily asked.

"I have work to do with Mr. Stark," Natasha replied.

"Mom, you're going to be home for my dance recital right?" Alyssa asked.

Natasha smiled at the anxious girl. "I wouldn't miss that for anything," Natasha replied, stroking her hair. Suddenly, the bus was beeping its horn loudly.

"Okay time to go kids," Clint told the girls.

The girls rushed over to Natasha, hugging her. "Love you, mommy," Alyssa murmured.

"Love you, mom," Lily answered.

"I love you two so much," she said softly, hugging them while being careful not to drop Liam.

Clint kissed the girls "bye" before they ran to catch the bus. Natasha got up, going upstairs to get ready to go. Clint leaned against the wall, letting out a deep breath as he ran his hand over his face.

When it came time for Natasha to leave, Clint was watching as she kissed Liam "bye" in his stroller. She stood in front of Clint, who was silent. "I do love you," she said softly.

"I know, forever," he answered.

Natasha hugged him tightly. Clint hugged her back, kissing the side of her head. Natasha gripped his jacket tightly when her flight was called one more time. She grabbed her carryon, walking through the gate. Clint gripped the handle of the stroller, letting out a deep breath as he watched his wife disappear through the gate. "Come on, buddy," he murmured.

In an apartment in New York, Wanda Maximoff was asleep in her bed. The sheets were resting down around her waist. A mechanical arm was wrapped around her, gently yet protectively as she slept. Bucky breathed in her scent, she smelt of freesia and cherries. A scent uniquely Wanda. He moved his thumb over her shoulder, watching her sleep. He thought of when he first met her, Wanda found him in the room that Steve and Sam were holding him. His arm held down with a huge vice.

Bucky had never been treated with such kindness before until Wanda touched his cheek. She brought him food and a blanket to try to keep him comfortable. She visited him every day, until he had to escape because the military came to take him.

They heard people running up the stairs. Steve released his arm. "You need to get out of here," Steve told him. Bucky looked over at Wanda, who was staring out the window waiting for them.

"Come with me," Bucky told her.

Wanda stared at him surprised as Bucky held his hand to her. Before Wanda could answer, the door was kicked in and the police stormed in the room. "Bucky, go!" Steve called out. Bucky fought several of the officers surrounding him. Wanda threw some of her powers at one officer. She grabbed Bucky's hand as they ran through the halls together.

"I'll cover you," she told him.

"Wanda…" he started to say.

"Go!" she answered.

Bucky jumped out the window as Wanda held off the officers that were chasing them.

Bucky sat up in bed, running his hand over his face as he pulled on his pajama pants that were left discarded on the floor. Leaving the room. Wanda sat up, looking over in the direction her lover had left.

Bucky was staring out the window of the Avengers Base when Wanda moved behind him, moving her arms around his waist. "Talk to me?" she asked, "What is the matter?" Bucky moved his hands over hers, turning around.

"Nothing that you don't already know," he answered, stroking her cheek with the back of his hand.

Wanda rested her hands on his chest as he moved his fingers through her brown waves, noticing that she was wearing his maroon hoodie, making him smile. "Tomorrow things will change," she said softly. Bucky nodded his head slowly as she moved her arms around his shoulders.

"No matter what happens though, you'll always be my girl," he answered.

Wanda nodded her head in agreement before he rested his hand on the back of her head kissing her deeply. Kissing him back, she tightened her arms around his shoulders.

The next morning, Bucky was getting ready for the fight when he looked over at Clint to see him pulling his new uniform on. "Barton, can I make a request?" he asked. Clint glanced at him.

"Depends," he answered.

Bucky let out a deep breath. "Promise me that in case I can't, could you watch out for Wanda?" he asked. Clint buckled his quiver onto his back.

"That's a promise I don't need to make," Clint answered.

Clint left the room and Wanda walked over to Bucky. "I don't need protection," she told him, moving her arms around his torso.

"It's to calm my mind," he answered.

Wanda kissed his cheek as he held onto her hands.

During the fight, Wanda let out a groan when she was thrown onto her back. She let out a gasp when she heard a loud explosion. She felt someone grab onto her arms. "Get up, get up!" Clint told her. Wanda gripped her friend's hand as they ran through the airport when containers and other airport vehicles were being hit all around them. Wanda let out a scream, one was too close. Clint swung around, covering her head to protect her.

Bucky was stuck in a fight with Black Panther when he saw Natasha running past the fight towards the tarmac. "RHODEY! RHODEY STOP!" she shouted into her earpiece, "RHODEY, YOU'LL KILL THEM!"

Natasha ran towards where Clint and Wanda were, trying to get Rhodey's attention but her earpiece must have been damaged during her fight with Paul. "TONY! STOP HIS ATTACK!" she shouted, trying to get anyone's attention. Natasha grabbed the side of a truck, pulling herself up. "CLINT!" she shouted when she saw explosions surrounding Clint and Wanda.

Bucky kicked Black Panther away, running in the direction Wanda was, climbing up onto one of the cranes there. His eyes were wide in horror when he saw Clint and Wanda surrounded by fire. "WANDA!" he shouted, jumping down to grab them.

Wanda let out a scream when fire just barely missed her. "You're okay, I've got you," Clint answered, looking for a way out. He looked up and saw Natasha standing on a truck.

Natasha looked up to see Rhodey flying towards Clint and Wanda. "RHODEY, DON'T!" she screamed. Rhodey threw another missile in their direction.

Black Panther grabbed Bucky from behind, throwing him to the ground. Bucky looked up just as the missile hit the truck behind Wanda and Clint. "NO!" he shouted as they disappeared in the flames.

Natasha's knees gave out from underneath her as she stared at where her husband and friend stood. She couldn't breathe as she just sat there, unable to move.

What they didn't see was a truck on the other side of the flames. Clint and Wanda were thrown into the back of the truck and the doors locked behind them. "Let's go," a masked person ordered, getting into the truck. They waited until Tony grabbed Natasha, pulling her away before they sped off the tarmac, completely unseen with their two prisoners lying unconscious in the ba