Chapter 8: The Experiment

Natasha was looking around as she was being pushed on a gurney through the halls. She couldn't remember how she got there, she just knew it was happening. Yelena smirked down at her victim as she pushed her through the halls.

Natasha was pushed into the lab, she could hear Bach playing and humming. The creepy doctor stood over her. "Good morning, Mrs. Barton, I hope you slept well," the doctor said giddily.

"I could have used a pillow," Natasha answered.

The doctor tsked then waved his finger at her. "Such a sense of humor," he told her. Natasha laid there as the creepy old man started feeling her up. "Yes, she does nicely, better than the little girl," he told Yelena.

"What's going to happen to her?" Yelena asked.

"We make her better!" the doctor answered excitedly, "They will both be better!"

Natasha frowned, tugging on the shackles around her wrists as the doctor undid her shirt, humming to the music. Natasha tugged harder on the shackles. "She needs to be able to heal fast, her skin is so weak," the doctor told Yelena. Yelena looked at Natasha, crossing her arms over her chest.

Natasha looked around when four men came over with IV poles with red liquid in the bags. "Chto eto takoye?" she asked. (What is that?)

"Eto sdelayet vas luchshe ... Po mere togo kak khoroshiy vrach skazal," Yelena replied. (It will make you...better as the good doctor said.)

Natasha struggled as they stuck the needles into her arms and thighs while the doctor put electrodes on her chest. The doctor smiled when the liquid was released and it went into her blood stream. Natasha's eyes grew wide.

Clint was in his room when he heard his wife's screams. "NAT!" Clint shouted, running to the door. He tried to grab the bars to his door, but his arms throbbed, making him stumble backwards. "NATASHA!" he shouted.

Later, while Natasha was lying unconscious, Yelena stared at the person who was once her rival. All the years she spent trying to impress Ivan. To get even a glance from him. Yelena stroked Natasha's hair as the woman groaned in her sleep. She hushed her softly, smiling as she looked at her tests. "I can hear your husband scream for you, of course you would get him," she seethed.

She tightened the restraints, glaring at Natasha. "U vas yest' vse: muzh, deti, vse! Ideal'nyy malen'kiy Natal'ya, poluchat' vse, chto ona mogla kogda-libo khotet'," she hissed. (You have it all: the husband, the children, everything! Perfect little Natalia, getting everything she could ever want.) She leaned in closer. "YA dazhe pytalsya smotret', kak vy, on do sikh por nazyvayut vashe imya," she hissed. (I even tried to look like you, he still called your name.)

Yelena wrapped her hand around Natasha's throat. "YA nenavidel tebya vsyu svoyu zhizn'," she said angrily. (I hated you all my life.) She straddled Natasha's hips. "Teper', vy vse ravno poluchite vse, chto v syvorotke krovi v vashey sisteme? Eto syvorotka, chtoby sootvetstvovat' vashim mertvym drugom, Kapitan Amerika. On isportil, khotya, teper' vy budete zhit' vechno. YA predpolagayu, chto priz dlya menya yavlyayetsya tot fakt, v to vremya kak vse vokrug vas stareyet i umirayet, vy budete ostavat'sya molodoy i krasivoy," she said with a laugh. (Now, you still get it all, that serum in your system? It's a serum to match your dead friend, Captain America. He messed up though, you will now live forever. I guess the prize for me is the fact while everyone around you grows old and dies, you will remain young and beautiful.)

Yelena smirked. "Eto moya mest'," she hissed. (That is my revenge.) Yelena climbed off Natasha, walking away. When she left, what she didn't see was a single tear slid down Natasha's face.

Back at the hospital, Wanda slowly woke up. Her body ached then she remembered. The torture, being forced to leave Clint behind. "Clint!" she gasped.

"Shh, shh," Bucky answered, stroking her hair.

Wanda looked up at him and tears slid down her cheeks. "James?" she asked.

"Hey, you're alright," Bucky assured her, stroking her hair.

Wanda had tears slip down her cheeks. "It's not a dream?" she asked.

"No, it's not a dream," he answered.

Slowly sitting up, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Bucky hushed her softly, kissing the top of her head. "The babies…" she started to say.

"They're just fine, they're fighters," he answered.

Bucky set her back down on the bed. "Wanda, what is the last thing you remember?" he asked. Wanda thought for a second.

"I remember…I remember a woman trying to claim the babies. I remember her constantly in my room…but every time she comes in she's giving me a sedative so they can experiment on us," she answered.

Bucky stroked her cheek lightly. Wanda reached up, holding his hand. "I remember in a haze…I used my powers on them…because they were going to experiment on us even more and I couldn't let them," she replied.

"Do you remember where they kept you?" he asked.

She shook her head slowly. "It was a bunker of some time…" she replied, "But Clint…" Tears fell down her face. "I was forced to leave him behind," she said softly. He hushed her softly.

"Don't do that to yourself," he answered.

Wanda held onto his hand. "I feel like a horrible person, I left him," she whispered.

"You had no choice," he answered.

Then Bucky realized something, while he sat beside Wanda he hadn't heard from or seen Natasha. "James?" she asked softly.

"Just rest, I will be back," he replied.

Bucky got up from the chair, walking out of the room he made his way down the hall.

Walking outside, he pulled out his cell phone, calling Natasha. The call went straight to voicemail. "Dammit," he hissed, turning the phone off. Bucky went back towards where he found Wanda.

Reaching the forest, he found Natasha's footprints. Following it, he ran down the hills when he found the bunker. It looked like it had been abandoned recently. "No…" he murmured. Walking over to the door, he slowly opened it and went inside.

Bucky made his way through the empty bunker. It looked like people had literally grabbed what they could and left. He walked through the empty bunker, making his way down the stairs. He found the room where they might have kept Wanda, but the room next to it made his stomach twist. There was a room set up for two babies. Walking into the room, he reached down and grabbed a discarded stuffed giraffe. Tossing the toy across the room, he left the room.

Walking through the halls, he found the examination room. He felt sick to his stomach seeing the bloodstains on one of the tables. They were gone, no one was there, which meant another dead end.