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I dedicate this chapter to my best friend Jacob, a cross between Xellos and Zelgadiss of Slayers.

Fushigi Yuugi

Hand of Destiny

Chapter One: Into the Book

By: Delphine

In a Classroom by Adrienne Rich

Talking of poetry, hauling the books

arm full to the table where the heads

bend or gaze upward, listening, reading a loud,

talking of consonants, elision,

caught in the how, oblivious of why:

I look in your face, Jude,

neither frowning nor nodding

opaque in the slant of dust-motes over the table:

a presence like a stone, if a stone were thinking

what I cannot say, is me. For that I came.

She was floating in darkness, a black vastness with no end. What is going on? A sudden flash of red light engulfed her. The girl closed her eyes from the blinding light. As the light dimmed she opened them slowly and gasped. A man that could only be thought of as beautiful was standing before her. His hair was the color of fire and his eyes crimson. His clothes of red and yellow had an oriental look to it. The most startling part was the red feathered wings on his back.

The girl bowed her head. I look like a dull, gray rock being compared with a diamond. A hand under her chin brought her head up. She met the gaze that made her want to melt into a pile of goo. He's so familiar looking. I feel so strange, why?

"Shhh…," he said.

Now she knew why he was so familiar. "Suza-" she started to say.

He silenced her with a kiss. Suzaku wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her close. The pressure from his lips stopped as he pulled back. "I've heard your wishes," he said in his godly voice.

"My wishes?" she asked.

"The wishes of your heart, your dreams," Suzaku answered.

"I don't understand."

Suzaku released his hold on her. "You will," was all he said.

In a glory of red light Suzaku changed to his phoenix form and flew away leaving her in the darkness. *Jennifer*



Somewhere in the U.S., on the yellow Houston County Schools bus 854 a girl opened her eyes. Her name Jennifer, a sixteen-year-old girl with waist length curly gold hair and royal blue eyes. She wore a white turtle neck-long sleeved shirt, a short white skirt, white socks, and white Reebok shoes. Lavender eye shadow was the only make-up she had on. A pair of silver hoops adorned her ears. Around her neck on a piece of black string was half of a metal heart. "I can't believe you could sleep with that racket!" yelled her friend Marcia who was seated next to her.

Marcia was around fifteen with shoulder length light brown hair and brown eyes. Her clothes were a simple light pink shirt, blue jeans, light pink socks, and plain white shoes. Her earrings were gold discs. She had on glasses and the other half of the metal heart. In the back of the bus a ruckus of sounds could be heard. Marcia sighed, I wish they'd shut up!

Jennifer gave a happy face and said, "I've just learned not to listen, Marcia."

"More like being deaf," said Jacob who was sitting behind them.

Jacob too was sixteen with long dark brown curly hair pulled into a messy ponytail and dark brown eyes. He wore glasses, a solid black shirt, blue jeans, black socks, and black shoes. The insulted girl smacked him for his stupidity. "No hitting!" yelled one of the chaperones.

The injured boy's glasses had gone swirled and all he could do was twitch and think, the pain… Marcia sweat dropped and gave a funny look. Jennifer had her eyes closed in anger as she muttered, "Men! That'll teach him to mess with me!"

Jennifer's female friend gulped, I'd best not get her mad. The for mentioned girl had already forgotten her anger as she asked, " Are we there yet?"

The bus arrived at the fair's entrance. The three friends got off the bus and gazed around. "Meet back with your chaperones at the appropriate time," told the same chaperone that had yelled at Jennifer earlier.

"YES, MA'AM!" chorused the high school students.

"So where should we go first?" asked Jennifer now wearing her sunglasses.

"What's up with the shades?"

"Yea, really!"

The girl did that spazing out looking everywhere thing. "What do you mean?!"

"Just look at the sky!" said Marcia looking and pointing up at the sky.

The dark clouds covered the sky and little lightning bolts danced around. A bolt came from the sky at the group. A scream could be heard. A rather frizzled looking Jennifer thought, I am not amused, before she fell to the ground. Marcia laughed and Jacob just looked at the ground and sighed. "Let's just go," he said seriously.

"Where?" asked Marcia.

"Oh, look a book store!" said Jennifer, pointing to a tent.

"Do we have to go?" asked Marcia.

"If we don't she'll just bug us," pointed out Jacob.

Jennifer frowned.

On the other side of town a group of cheerleaders were, well, cheering. "WHAT ARE WE? RED HOT! I SAID WHAT ARE WE? RED-HOT! HOW DO YOU SPELL? R-E-D H-O-T, RED HOT, RED HOT, RED HOT!" they cheered.

The orange and black cheerleading outfitted girls jumped up and down. One of the girls was twelve-year-old Chelsey with blond hair in pigtails. Her blue eyes shone with glee as they exited the gym. "We're gonna win the competition for sure," said Rebecca the top cheerleader of Warner Robins Middle School.

Rebecca was a tall girl with black hair pulled back by a black headband and mocha eyes. Her faithful followers surrounded Rebecca: Lindsey and Rita. Lindsey had short blond hair that covered her left eye and blank looking hazel eyes. Rita had black and lavender stripped, short hair with a black band to hold it up and her eyes were plain sky blue. The three made up the head of the school's fashion and popular club.

Another girl, thirteen-year-old Brittany snorted. Her hair was a dark brown put up in a messy ponytail. She had on a white shirt with orange letters that said BAND, black pants, and black shoes. Her brown eyes narrowed as she turned to her friend. "I still can't believe you joined up with the snob group," she said.

The young trombone player held a hatred for cheerleading. Hate shared with my sister, Chelsey noted. Her sister, Jennifer, considered cheerleaders rude and obnoxious. The high schooler once told her younger sibling when Chelsey had joined, "They act as if the universe revolves around them and only them. Don't you become the same. Many years from now those of us who paid attention to our studies instead of flirting with some guy will have high paying jobs. Those so-called popular girls will strive by probably taking jobs based solely on their looks and as they grow older and wrinkles can no long be hidden by pounds of make-up where will they be? Watch your back, popularity will only get you so far."

My sister doesn't understand that I like the attention so who cares. "Everyone on the buses," called one of the gym teachers, Ms. Parker.

A large competition for cheerleading and bands was held at the county fair each year. It was considered a lack of school spirit not to go to the fair and compete. That was the reason for the hundred something students standing in the bus parking lot.

"Hey Chelsey, ditch the loser and come sit by me," said Rebecca.

Chelsey left the band member and joined up with the rest of the cheerleaders. Chelsey and Brittany's other friend Amy gave a sad look as she followed after the two cheerleaders. Amy was thirteen as well with short, snow blond hair and intelligent blue eye. She too wore a band member's outfit. Brittany growled, "They're already corrupting her!"

"Just forget it," advised Amy.

The tent smelled of old papers and dust with a hint of rosemary. Several books were placed on shelves and tables; most were old with yellowed pages. Jennifer's blue eyes sparkled as she looked at all the books. She gave a delighted squeak. "Oh brother. Jacob, do you realized how hard it is to drag her away from a collection of books like these?" said Marcia with a downcast look.

The teenager shrugged in response. Ever the avid reader Jennifer looked at every book with starry eyes, scanning for a certain subject. "May I help you, miss?" asked a gentle, raspy voice.

The owner of the voice was an elderly lady who apparently owned this large collection of books. "I was wondering if you have any books about mythology?" the girl asked.

The lady smiled and walked over to a table. She picked up a red book and handed it to her. "The Universe of the Four Gods of Earth and Sky? I've heard this name before," said Jennifer, a nagging familiarity in her mind.

"Go on and take it," said the lady.

"How much?"

The old woman shook her head. "That book I found in my house when I first bought it. I was going to throw it away, but for some reason I felt compelled to keep it. I think it's your turn now."

The blond was puzzled at her strange comment, but she nodded anyway. "Thank you."

The woman waved away at the thanks. "You got your book so you young'uns scat now you hear me."

"Yes, Ma'am," said Jennifer politely before leaving with her two friends.

The woman stared at the three until they had disappeared. She closed her weary brown eyes. "That book is a mystery, I feel that girl will solve it. God, help her."

Jennifer sneezed. "Someone must be talking about me," she said.

"What?" asked Marcia.


"I can't believe she just gave you the book. Something must be up," said Jacob, logically.

"Don't be paranoid"

"I'm not paranoid."

"Yes you are!"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"Are not!"

"See, I told you so."

Jennifer face faulted. Recovering quickly she spotted a bench near a lake. "Let's sit down over there," she said. She muttered to herself with an annoyed expression, "It always worked on the TV."

The others nodded for their feet had begun to hurt from walking. Jennifer plopped into her seat and brought out the red book. "This title sounds so familiar, but I can't seem to place it."

"Me, too," spoke up Marcia.

"Me, three," said Jacob.

Jennifer raised her eyebrows. "Maybe reading it will jog our memories." She flipped over to the first page and started to read, "This is a story of a girl who made her dreams come true after she came to possess the seven stars of Suzaku and many powers were bestowed upon her. The story itself is a spell. The one who reads it through will be given the powers, and granted a wish just like the girl in the story. Because the story begins and becomes real the moment the first page is turned."

"That sound very familiar," said Jacob.

"I remember now, they had the same thing in Fushigi Yuugi," said Marcia, snapping her fingers.

Jacob's eyes widened. "Jennifer, don't turn the page!"

"I already did," squeaked Jennifer.

"Crap," he said leaping out of his seat, taking Marcia with him by the hand only to have Jennifer disappear in a red light. He looked uneasy. "Marcia, you have that friendship necklace on you?"

She nodded. "Hand it to me," he ordered.


"Because Jennifer was wearing hers. If this is anything like the anime then your necklace is your connection and the last thing we need is you to disappear too."

Marcia handed him her necklace. "Now what?"

Jacob picked up the book. "I guess we have to read."

"I hope she's all right."

Jacob snorted, "If there is any similarity to Fushigi Yuugi where she is she's probably in heaven."

"Does that mean she might meet Tamahome?"

"It's a possibility."

The teenage girl whined, "I want to see Tama-kins!"

Jacob raised his eyebrow and wisely said nothing.