Luck was a concept that was very foreign to Naruto. His life certainly couldn't be called a lucky one. The circumstances behind his birth made that very clear. But when he did have the odd encounter with Lady Luck, she was usually in a very bad mood.

Naruto's status as an orphan would make most people automatically mark him as unfortunate. To not know the love and care of a parent is something no child should have to go through. But Naruto's situation made that pain amplified an infinite amount worse. Since the day he was born, he was hated by society. The villagers of Konoha, the village hidden in the leaves, seemed to outright hate the boy. The insults, unfair treatment, lack of attention and the rare beatings were all thrown at Naruto. Not being able to experience the love that even the other orphans managed to get was traumatizing to the young child.

Today was just another chapter into Naruto's crappy and unlucky life. An hour ago he was locked in his room in the orphanage. The room had the bare necessities for a child as it only contained a small mattress that laid against bare floor. The young child was currently sat on the mattress while staring aimlessly out the window. The strong pounding of rain could be heard as a storm overhead dumped an endless stream of rain over Konoha. The sound of the rain was the only source of entertainment that boy had as he awaited the sweet embrace of sleep to drag him away to the land of dreams, a place that was far, far away from negligent caretakers, spiteful villagers and a life with no parents.

Before he could be dragged away to sleep, two men came bursting into his room. Naruto immediately took notice of the bad intentions that were quite literally pouring from the men. The caretaker turned to the two men and shot them a knowing smile. No words were exchanged as he then walked out of the door, closing and locking it in the process.

"Oh I am so going to enjoy this." One of the men said. Naruto started to slowly crawl back as the men started to walk towards him. Naruto's eyes widened as he felt his back impact against the wall. He looked up and saw the two men staring at him with a predatory look in their eyes. Tears started to pool into Naruto's as he tried to come up with ways to stop the unavoidable.

Without any warnings, the boy took off at speeds too fast for his age towards the window. Before any of the adults could move, Naruto sent himself launching head first out of the window, breaking it on contact as he was launched into the storm. The boy instantly regretted his actions as the realization that his room was located on the top floor of the orphanage came to him once he looked down. Unfortunately for the blond, it was too late to turn back as he went went plummeting to the ground.

Naruto slammed mercilessly into the ground, his body making a wet smacking sound as it impacted against the water soaked earth. A cry of pain left his lips as he felt several bones crack at the impact. Though with the threat of the two attackers still at the forefront of his mind, Naruto forced the pain away from his mind, crawled to his feet and began to limp away from the orphanage for the last time.

After several minutes of painful walking, Naruto had managed to walk into the village's center. To his left stood the Hokage tower. There worked the Hokage, the strongest ninja in the village, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Hiruzen was probably the one person in the village that could claim Naruto's trust since the man was one of the few who showed the boy any type of care. The Hokage tried his best to support Naruto while juggling his job of restoring Konoha back to it's former glory after the Kyuubi attack. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to do much for the child. He couldn't always be there for him and this fact was known to the villagers.

All around him stood the shops and stands of the people who hated him. These were the same ones that tortured and abused him. In the village he loved, the village he grew up in, he was surrounded by nothing but people that hated him. That hurt the little boy's hurt. But not as much as what happened next.

Now statistically speaking, the chances of ever getting struck by lightning in anyone's lifetime is 1 in 12,000. The chance of getting struck by lightning in a year is 1 in 960,000. Now the chance of ever getting struck at any living moment is 1 in 8,987,657. Now it would take a very unlucky person to get struck by lightning ever. Fortunately for lightning and unfortunately for Naruto, he was just unfortunate enough to meet those standards.

Naruto felt the lighting before he heard the thunder. The first telltale sign was the air around him seemed to literally electrify. When he looked up, he saw a white streak that was coming straight towards him. Before Naruto could even move, the lightning hit him head first. The boy felt his body locked up as 500 mega-joules was forced into his body. The boy's muscles were burnt to a crisp as they were overloaded with an insane amount of energy. Even with the healing powers of the Kyuubi, the boy's body was left a burning, spasming pile of flesh as he collapsed down to the ground.

The steady pounding of rain did little to soothe the pain the boy was feeling. He wanted to scream out in pain but the damage done to his vocal cords were too much for them to operate properly. All he could do was cry and hope that unconsciousness would soon take away the pain.

Hiruzen Sarutobi led a very exciting life. He had met and personally befriended the first, second and Fourth Hokage. He had fought through 3 great shinobi wars. He had become Hokage, retired and then became Hokage again. No one could say to him that he hadn't lived a fulfilling life

But the one thing that always bothered him was a boy named Naruto Uzumaki. Hiruzen was there for Naruto's birth and since that day he knew that he would be a special boy. But as of lately, he has doubted his earlier judgment. Naruto's potential seemed to have been snuffed out by the villagers.

Hiruzen walked out of the Hokage Tower, taking some time away from his desk to stretch his old joints. He had stayed overnight in an attempt to overcome is infinite amount of paperwork. He had managed to make a sizeable chunk in the work, an act that he felt should be awarded by a quick walk.

The man's first stop was the village square due to it's proximity to the Hokage tower. There, he would be able to speak and interact with the greatest amount of villagers. It warmed his old heart to be able to interact with the people he worked so hard to protect.

Though to the shinobi's surprise, a large crowd had formed in the direct center of the square. Curiosity and a sense of duty made Hiruzen immediately made his way over to the crowd. As soon as the citizens noticed their leader's presence, an opening formed within the crowd. The Kami of Shinobi made use of the rift and rushed his way to the center of the crowd of people.

To the man's shock, the thing that had captured the citizen's attention wasn't some interesting landmark or a wandering magician. No, it was much worse than that. Lying at the center of the crowd was the damaged form of Naruto Uzumaki. The boy's body had healed enough to make him recognizable to the shinobi but it was obvious his body had underwent some type of extreme trauma.

"ANBU, Get me Asuma." The emotions in his voice was almost palpable. The man's voice was a mixture of desperateness,anger and sadness that was unheard of from the shinobi. Even though the emotion, the ANBU seemed to get the message as two flickers could be seen speeding away in the distance.

"Who is responsible for this?" Hiruzen's voice came out as a strangled growl as he attempted from outright screaming at the people before him. His knowledge of the village's general opinion and treatment of the boy made it hard for him to not instantly accuse each and every one of them for causing Naruto's condition. His position as a leader and a unbiased role model was one of the few things holding him back.

The villagers took a step back in fear due to the anger present in their leader's voice. They weren't used to seeing this side of the old man. They were used to the gentle, docile, loving father figure that they could see wandering around the village every day. It was clear that the person in front of him was not that same person.

Fortunately for the citizens and Hiruzen's reputation, Asuma arrived, his arrival serving to dispel some of the tension that had made its way into the crowd. Hiruzen, no longer trusting his mouth, simply gestured to Naruto's injured form. The younger shinobi's eyes immediately locked onto Naruto and there was no hesitation in his action as he dashed towards the boy and scooped him up in his arms. Without a single word or warning, the young man took off with the blond in his arms.

"ANBU!" Hiruzen yelled once he was sure that his sony was heading in the direction of the hospital. Immediately, several shinobi wearing animal masks flickered into existence behind the Hokage. Their presence only served to unnerve the civilians even more.

"Take each person present here in for questioning. Do not release any of them until Anko AND Ibiki are sure that none of them had any part in that boy's injury." The scowl of the man's face served to silence any protest that the civilians would've had at the man's decision. The ANBU, forever loyal to their leader, offered a silent sign of acceptance as they began to carol the citizens, allowing Hiruzen to slip away from the square to the hospital.

Operation Room 9 was rather infamous among shinobi. It was a room specially outfitted for the use of high level shinobi like the Sannin or the Hokage. The doctors that were assigned to work in this room were heralded as some of the greatest in the elemental nations. Only someone of Tsunade Senju's status could claim to be better.

The unfortunate aspect of the room was it's reputation. The room was known as the last living place of the First Hokage, Second Hokage and Fourth Hokage. Of course, the injuries the trio suffered made it almost impossible for them to be treated but the superstition of the room being the "Kage's graveyard" was well-known and believed amongst Konoha Shinobi.

Operation Room 9 was currently where Naruto was resting. With no instructions from his father, Asuma could only assume that the man would've wanted Naruto to receive the best care possible. So he took the boy to his father's personal doctor. And this is where we find the father-son duo.

"What can you tell us, Hijomi-san?" Hiruzen's question was addressed to a man dressed in typical, blue hospital gowns. His face showed the obvious signs of ages as it was covered in wrinkles and spots. Tiny specks of blood decorated the man's attire as he pulled off the gloves covering his hands. A small sigh left the man's lips as he deposited the gloves in a trash reciprocal before locking eyes with Hiruzen.

"I'm not going to lie to you Hiruzen. I wasn't too sure what to do with the boy when I arrived. Most of the external damage done to his body had healed up, most likely due to his prisoner. Internally though, a phenomenon had taken place." The man started off as he led the duo into the operation room. The father and sony immediately made their way over to the operating table where Naruto was still resting.

"The best way to explain it is that the boy's body has become electrified. I hypothesized that the boy was either struck by some type of lightning technique or he was struck by lightning itself. I personally believe its the latter considering just how much of an effect its having on his body. The cells in his body are releasing an insane amount of energy in the form of a static charge which is making it hard for us to get an accurate reading on his condition." Hijomi finished as he allowed Hiruzen and Asuma to inspect the boy.

"When will he recover?" Asuma was the first to speak the thought that was being shared between himself and his father. After several seconds of silence, the duo turned to face the doctor and were upset to find the man had a sullen look on his face.

"I'm sorry to say that we are unsure of that at the moment. The boy is currently in a vegetative state. It seems that whatever had hit him overloaded his brain function and has sent him into a coma. We aren't entirely sure when he'll wake up or if he even will wake up." Hijomi's revelation only served to upset the duo. Asuma's head found its way to his hands as the young man tried to cope with the fact that his little-brother figure could potentially be brain-dead. Hiruzen could do nothing but glance forlornly at Naruto as his mind once again filled with guilt and regret at the boy's condition.

"Kami, why did this have to happen? Hasn't this boy suffered enough?"

When consciousness returned to the boy, Naruto immediately noticed the fact that he couldn't breathe. He immediately scrambled up to his feet, coughing and gasping in the process as he attempted to regurgitate the dirty sewer water he was just lying in seconds ago. The boy continued to sputter and cough for several seconds before finally observing his environment.

"Where the heck am I?" The boy's thought was pretty appropriate considering the fact that he was pretty sure he was in a sewer. The walls around him were circular as they curved and met at the ceiling. Running along the walls were a countless number of pipes that seemed to stretch for miles. A light blue glow emitted from the pipes while small amounts of electricity danced along it's exterior.

"I don't remember what happened." He muttered to himself as he walked over to the sewer's walls. He tentatively reached out with his hand to inspect the electrified pipe. The boy was caught off-guard when the electricity from the pipes seemed to latch onto his fingers.

"I … I don't understand." He couldn't help but mutter as watched the electricity continue to flow into his body. The thing that confused him the most was the fact that the experience didn't hurt. It actually made him him reinvigorated. He felt lively and rejuvenated. It was the best that he ever felt.

"So I have a visitor." Naruto couldn't help but almost jump out of his skin as the smooth, booming voice came from behind him. The blond turned around and immediately noticed that his scenery had changed. The curved wall that was previously behind him was nowhere to be found. Instead, the sewer now seemed to extend into a massive room. The walls of the room were covered in one massive sealing array. The array an electric blue color that ironically seemed fitting considering the fact that sparks could be seen emitting from the pattern.

Though, all of these details did not matter to the young child. What really caught his attention was the massive gate that stood at the end of the room. The bars that made up the cage were as thick as five men and as tall as the Hokage tower. And stood behind that gate was one of the most monstrous creatures Naruto had ever laid eyes on.

From his first glance, Naruto knew immediately what this creature was. It was hard not to considering Konoha's annual Kyuubi festival and history lessons. The beast was just as terrifying as the written descriptions made him out to be. His form was massive, his body taking up the full height of the cage. The steady, rhythmic exhaling coming from the beast was strong enough to almost blow Naruto off his feet. The beast's eyes were locked on to the much smaller form.

"K-K-Ky.." Naruto could barely articulate as he locked eyes with the beast. An indescribable fear clutched onto his heart as he felt his legs collapsed under him. He had never been so shocked in his life and it was showing.

The Kyuubi seemed to be amused by the boy's reaction as the beast released a booming laugh. The volume of the laugh shook the beast's cage and the sewer walls themselves. Naruto was forced to cover his ears lest he go deaf from the laughter.

"My first visitor in years and he is too scared to even speak. How amusing." Despite it's size and reputation, the beast's voice could be described as smooth. His words sounded like they belonged to someone of the upper class. It was a harsh contrast that Naruto was finding very difficult to overcome.

"I...I… How are.." The situation was just too much for the young child to comprehend. Standing before him was the beast that the Fourth Hokage had vanquished. Everything he had taught was being torn apart by the tailed beast in front of him.

"Worry not child. We will have plenty of time to get you an understanding of these current events. But don't be mistaken. My words are not those of a friend. They are those of a predator simply waiting for their prey."

The crisp autumn air told of the passage of time since Naruto had entered into his coma. The boy had been transferred to a much more comfortable patient room where his condition was being constantly measured by the numerous machines he was connected to.

Hidden away from the visible eye, several ANBU were stationed in each corner of the room. Under specific instruction from the leader, these shinobi vigilantly watched over the young child. They had been given free range to use the full extent of their powers to make sure no more harm would fall upon the boy. No matter what their opinion of the child was, their honor bound duty as a shinobi made sure that they did their job well.

Throughout the two months of Naruto's condition, his amount of visitors had been limited to a mere three people. These three people were Hiruzen, Asuma and, of course, Hijomi. The doctor was tasked with performing daily check-ups on Naruto while Hiruzen and Asuma would visit periodically.

All in all, Naruto's life and those surrounding him had become pretty mundane. Though today, those same people would find that their lives were about to take an interesting shift.

"Your struggle is as amusing and pathetic as the rest of your species." Naruto couldn't help but sigh at the sound of the Kyuubi's voice. The boy collapsed to the sewer floor and would've gotten soaked if the water beneath him hadn't morphed to form a rudimentary chair.

"I was for sure that I was going the right way." He mumbled to himself, an act that earned him a laugh from his prisoner. The fox leaned it's maw against the bars of the cage as it glowered down at Naruto.

"I've already told you. You can't simply waltz out of this place. You are trapped here into your body finds it fit to release you. You're a prisoner to your own body. How ironic considering our current roles." The tailed beast couldn't help but find pleasure in the blond's sadness. Ever since the child had originally arrived in his mindscape and learned what had happened to him, he had been attempting to escape. Unfortunately, the concept of a coma didn't really register in the child's mind. He couldn't simply will himself away from here no matter how hard he wanted to.

"Shut your mouth, stupid fox. You said that this is my mind. I can do whatever I want." The boy's childish comeback did little but amuse the fox even further.

"Oh, please do continue your struggle. You idiocy has turned out to be a giant source of entertainment for me." Naruto paid the beast no mind as he clenched his eyes close. The words of the tailed beast meant nothing to him as he strained his childlike imagination into imagining himself out the seal.

"Wake up, Wake up, Wake up." The child began to mutter repeatedly to himself. At first, like his many attempts before, the boy was met with no results. But ever so slowly, the child's mindscape began to react. It started off with a subtle, almost unnoticeable quaking that went undetected by both Naruto and the Kyuubi. As time progressed, the shaking grew strong enough to catch the attention of the tailed beast. The kitsune could do nothing but watch on with apparent interest as the water surrounding the child began to levitate. Miniature arcs of electricity danced along the floating water.

"Wake up, Wake up, Wake up." The boy's voice only grew louder as the water around him grew more turbulent. The Kyuubi was forced to take a step backwards as the bars to his cage became charged with arcing electricity. The beast was left shock as the boy's form became covered in electricity. Seconds later, a loud thunder crack rang through the entirety of the mindscape as a lightning strike appeared out of thin air. The lightning honed onto Naruto as it traveled down towards the boy within the blink of an eye. Before either of them the react, the lightning struck Naruto, blasting the boy, literally and figuratively, from the mindscape.

"Hmmm … I guess the child proved me wrong."

"Contact the Hokage immediately!" The inside of the room Naruto was occupying was absolute chaos.

Just moments ago, things had been just as calm and mundane as they had been for the past two months. Hijomi had inspected the boy and reported an increase in the boy's mental activity, a fact that served to please the ANBU as that meant they were closer to finishing the assignment. Past that, nothing interesting had taken place.

That had all changed when the machines Naruto was attached too started to beep erratically. One of the ANBU immediately signalled for Hojimi to be alerted just as the child's body began to spasm uncontrollably. All the shinobi could do was stand by helplessly as the boy's spasming grew more and more erratic.

Things grew even more out of control when the machines' peeping grew louder. Before any of the ANBU could react, each of the machines simultaneously went up in flames. At the same moment, a large, visible amount of electricity began to pour from Naruto's body. The sheets surrounding him were instantly disintegrated as the sparks coming from the boy grew more and more intense.

"I'll restrain the child. Alert one of the staff members!" The cat masked ANBU yelled as they flickered into existence. The shinobi quickly approached the boy, making sure to avoid the wreckage of the hospital in the process. Unfortunately, the ANBU didn't make it far as an arc of electricity leapt from Naruto's body at blinding speeds and struck her in the chest. A loud crack of thunder resonated through the room as the shinobi was sent flying into a wall.

"Cat! Shit." The dog masked ANBU yelled as he sprinted over to his fallen comrade. The man was completely ignorant to the fact that the boy he was charged with protecting was now levitating off the bed. The ANBU was too focused on his injured comrade as he scooped the fellow shinobi into his arms and quickly flickered out of the room.

The man's decision came not a second too late as the arcs of lightning coming from Naruto grew to outstanding intensity. The electricity carved massive holes along the interior of the room as the glowing of Naruto's body began to reach. The boy's skin turned a blinding, brilliant blue just as a shockwave of electricity emitted from his body.

When Hiruzen arrived at the hospital, he wasn't greeted by the gentle, caring and loving atmosphere the building and it's staff usually possessed. He was greeted by mass chaos, fear, and a building with a massive chunk of it missing.

"What in Kami's name is going on here?" The Hokage couldn't help but question as he watched civilian and hospital staff alike rush around in a wild panic. In the distance, he could see a squadron of his own shinobi rushing to the scene to attempt to restore order to the hospital.

"Hokage-Sama!" Hiruzen turned and watched as one of his most trusted ANBU, Dog, landed before him. The man's uniform was dishevelled as he sucked in uneven gulps of air.

"Dog. What happened? Where is Naruto?" He questioned. Dog sucked in one last breath of air as he attempted to reign his breathing under control to answer his leader.

"He's in the room. He was t-" That was all Dog got to say as Hiruzen took off towards the remnant of Naruto's room, leaving the ANBU all to himself.

"-he cause of this.." Dog finished just a bit too late.

"Earth Release: Earth-Shaker!" Hiruzen shouted just moment before the rubble surrounding the hospital shifted away. The man released a curse as the technique revealed yet another pocket of nothingness. It had been already been several minutes into his search and he yet to find any sign of his blond ward. The panic he was feeling only seemed to continue the longer he spent searching.

"I can't lose him." The old man muttered to himself as he attempted to search for Naruto's chakra signature. Before he was able to stretch the technique to its full extent, several yards away the rumble exploded upward in an explosion of chakra and electricity. Without any hesitation, Hiruzen immediately dashed towards the site of the explosion.

"Naruto-kun!" The Third Hokage yelled in relief as the boy came within his view. The child laid in the middle of a pile of rubble, his body containing not a single scratch. He was groaning as he slowly propped himself up on his elbows, confusion clear on his face.

Hiruzen wasted no time in making his way down towards the confused child. With a quick leap, the He kneeled down to the boy's level and attempted to help him to his feet only to be greeted by an electric shock from the child.

"...This is odd." Hiruzen couldn't help but note as he attempted to make contact with Naruto once again. Just like before, a small bit of electricity leapt from the boy's body and literally shocked him. The Hokage would've spent more time inspecting the new development if it wasn't for the fact that his ANBU had arrived at his location.

"Hokage-Sama. The area has been contained and order has been restored. What are your orders?" The ANBU asked and were promptly ignored as Hiruzen's full attention was on Naruto. The boy released yet another groan as his eyes slowly fluttered open. He quickly began to examine the area around him, his eyes taking in the massive amount of destruction, before eventually landing on Hiruzen's form. At the sight of the old man, a wide smile graced the boy's face as he uttered his first words in two months.

"I'm awake now, Old man."

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