Hell to your doorstep (Fan Revised Lyrics)

This world is a case where the vermin of the world stays in its place

Taking what you love away from your face

Stolen moments are now erased

But now its my turn as those demons will soon enough learn

I will strike them and make each of them burn

On the day of my return

You run from your sins, thinking you can be freed

But you won't escape and then you will see

I have brought you hell to your doorstep; I will make you pay

You will make your last mistake on my judgment day

Every day will be damnation

Once I spill your gore

I will bring the Chateau D'If knocking up on your door

And love is a lie just a vow that was destined to die

Disappearing like a star in the sky

As the morning sun flies high

But what do I care?

Women are just playthings caught in your glare

That I have no more time for when I'm prepared

All enemies beware

Temptation will bring every one of you onward

And just when you're sure you've earned your reward

I'll deliver hell to your doorstep defying the odds

With my strength I'll tear your soul like an angry god

Once you're in my shining cathedral hear the bell tolls rise

It's the only sound you hear as you meet your demise

Fall down on your knees

Grovel so I can see you pray

Fall down on your knees

Too late, I heard all your bargaining, scheming, begging and screaming to pay

I will carry hell to your doorstep; you on final day

Your lies will destroy your life no matter what you say

It's a place that lacks all mercy, splattered in cold blood

Stones of fear and stones of pain

No forgiveness until your sane

Through my justice

Then, amen