AN- This came about from a picture that was posted on Twitter of Sam giving Jack a huge mega-watt smile. Jack is looking on with an "If you keep smiling like that and everyone will know," embarrassed look on his face. I have no idea if this or the next chapter comes close to what we talked about but this is what my muse settled on. I never expected more than one chapter when I started it but I know so far it's, at least, two. No Beta so all mistakes belong to me. So here we go, hope you enjoy this little bit of madness.

How it all started.

Sam opened her eyes and blinked a few times, the light shining through the blinds hitting her face and making her squint. She went to move her arms to rub her face but only managed to bring one to her face. Shifting a little to see why her arm was not obeying her brain she found herself pinned to the bed, her arm under whatever, or whoever was pinning her to it. Using the little bit of leverage she had she moved her body enough to look down at the person who was wrapped around her.

The first thing she saw was a mess of silver hair sticking up in every direction possible. She could feel warm breath on her bare breast that wasn't being used as a pillow to support the silver-haired man. The sheet that was covering both her and her bed buddy was resting near both their waists so she had an uninterrupted view of the lean, well muscled and tanned back and torso that was flush against her own.

Between the arm that was placed protectively around her waist and the leg that she could feel wrapped around hers the events leading to the position she was in came flooding back.

"Carter, you still here?" Stating the obvious when he saw the woman hunched over her laptop.

"Sir, I thought I was the last one here. I was just finishing up..," But was cut off before she finished her explanations by a sharp "Ah," from the man in front of her.

"Don't care, Carter, it's home time. You remember home? The place we go to when we finish kicking Gou'ld ass and to lick out wounds." Looking at her before rocking on the balls of his feet.

They both stood staring at each other before Sam signed and turned to start closing down the multiple programs running on her laptop. Jack stood with his hands stuffed in his pockets as he waited for his blond-haired, blue-eyed 2IC and scientist to shut everything down. When she was done and she had shut the lid on her laptop she stood up and walked up to her CO.

"Ready, where's my other boys?" Looking up into Jack's chocolate-brown eyes.

Looking into Jack's eyes was never a good idea, especially after they had been on a tough mission. She could quite easily drown in the pools of swirling brown that were locked with her blue ones. When Jack let his guard down or it slipped a little, she got to see what he was both thinking and feeling in those eyes of his. Like now, he was tired and needed the four-day stand down they had been put on. Under the tiredness she could see a look of concern, but for who she wasn't sure. There was also a little sadness that seemed to always be there no matter what they had achieved.

"T is in his quarters meditating or whatever, and as far as I know Danny boy has gone home. Don't worry, I chased them before I came for you. Do you need to pick anything up or you ready to leave?" Inclining his head towards the sky.

"I'm good, I am sure I have clothes at home that don't look like this." Finally breaking eye contact and looking down at the blue BDU shirt and pants she was wearing.

"Good, let's go then. What do you fancy for supper? We can pick something up on the way." Stepping aside to let Sam past him as they headed into the corridor and towards the first elevator to take them to the surface.

"How about Pizza? We can work it off on Monday morning in the gym with a good sparring session." Looking up and smiling as they reached the elevator.

"Pizza it is then." Knowing he could never say no when she smiled at him.

Getting out the first elevator they both stood and signed out, Jack taking longer as he scanned the book and pointed to a signature halfway up the page. Sam looked at where Jack pointed and nodded. Daniel had indeed signed out and left the mountain. Stepping up to the second elevator Sam pressed the button and stood with her hands clasped behind her back. Jack still had one hand in his pocket while the other fiddled ideally with his shirt cuff as he stood beside her. Entering the elevator when it arrived it was Jack who pressed the button to take them to the surface and into the normal world.

The silence between them was a comfortable one as they strode out the elevator and towards the parking lot. There weren't many cars left as Jack scanned the cars looking for Sam's Volvo. When Sam saw his eyes darting around she pointed to the opposite side of his truck.

"My bike is there. When I came in the other day it was a nice morning and I needed the rush." Digging in her pants pocket for the key chain.

"Explains no car. So how do you want to do this?" When they came to a stop beside their respective modes of transport.

"Your house probably has more beer than mine sir." Laughing a little when she saw the smirk on his face and the eyebrow raised to near his hairline.

"Right. So do you want to go home first and I can order the pizza for say an hours time?" Glancing at his watch before looking back at Sam.

"That's fine. Shouldn't take more than an hour to get home and change." Stepping up to her bike and straddling it.

Jack stood back and watched as she turned slightly after sitting and opened the box to remove her helmet. Taking the helmet she pulled it on and did the chin strap up, the key dangling from between her teeth. Jack was focused on her mouth as her watched her put the bike key in her mouth, her lips parting so he could see two rows of purely white teeth. His mind went on a little trip as he wondered what it would feel like to run his tongue along her teeth as he sought access to her mouth while he kissed her. Giving his head a little shake he focused back on Sam as she took the key and slotted it in the ignition. When she turned it the bike gave a sharp loud roar and then spluttered before going silent. Sam looked at Jack and then back at the bike. After trying to start the bike three more times she gave up and removed the key. Climbing off she bent over and started to look the bike over, trying to identify the problem. She was just about to start pulling at some part when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Don't even attempt to, let's lift it on the back and get it back so you can work on it tomorrow." Giving her that look that said he was not going to back down.

Sam saw the look on his face and stood up, she knew he was right.

"Yes, Sir." Unclipping her helmet and stowing it back in the box.

Between them, they managed to lift the bike and Jack secured it with some straps he had rolled in the back of the cab.

"Your house first, then mine?" As he did the last clip on the tailgate up and walked to the driver's side.

Sam just nodded as she walked to the passenger side and opened the door. When they were both in the truck and both seat belts were fastened, Jack started the truck and pulled out of the parking space. Driving to her house they again sat in silence, only the odd glance passing between them. Words were rarely needed when it was just the two of them. Years of them working and fighting side by side had given them a unique bond that went past the normal. Neither was sure if it was the fact they had faced so much together or the fact there was always that undercurrent of their professional relationship. The never far from the surface sexual tension that ebbed, flowed and seemed to grow with each passing day no matter how much they tried to deny it.

Sam was lost in thought about some of the things that had happened over the past week when she was stirred from her thoughts by a warm, firm hand resting on hers and squeezing it. Turning she looked at Jack and gave him a half-smile before a huge yawn took over and she covered her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Go open the garage and we can get the bike in. I will order pizza and we can stop here, you're too tired to be traveling around." Letting go of her hand before getting out the truck.

Sam realised that the drive home had made her suddenly tired, the weeks events finally catching up with her. Getting out the truck she made her way to the garage and opened the door, reaching just inside to flick the light on. When she reached the truck Jack had released the bike and together they lifted it down. Sam took it and slowly wheeled it up and inside the garage, flicking the light off and shutting the door when it was secure. When she reached her front porch she saw Jack stuff his phone back in his pocket and smile at her.

"Pizza is on its way, now hurry up and open the door, I need to check beer supplies in case I got to go and get some." Watching Sam laugh and shake her head as she used her key to open the front door.

Letting Jack enter first she watched as he made his way straight to the kitchen. Looking down at her boots she decided the bedroom was better for removing them, hearing the refrigerator open and close and bottles clink together.

"Carter, how come the only thing in there is beer and diet soda? At least mine will contain some new forms of antibiotic when I get back. Probably from milk and yogurt that have been there a month." Popping the lids on the two beer bottles and passing her one when he meet her in the hallway.

"Is it bad I can't remember the last time I was here to actual buy groceries, sir. I am sure the last couple of days off I got I was called back from Daniel's when we were sat eating Chinese. I never left the base after that as the gate was playing up for the full three days." Walking into the lounge and flipping a table lamp on.

"Yeah, I would say you need to come home more if you can't remember the last time you were here. Like I keep saying, you really need a life." Kicking his shoes off and dropping down onto the couch.

"I would say make yourself at home but looks like you already did." Watching as Jack shuffled around and rested his sock clad feet on the coffee table. "The remote is there if you want the T.V on, sir. I won't be long, just going to get changed." Turning to leave the room as Jack picked the remote up.

Sam walked to her bedroom and heard the T.V in the lounge. Sitting on the bed she started on her laces and after a couple of minutes, she had her boots off. Tucking them under the bed she stood up and undid her belt, then flipped the button and slid down the zipper on her pants. Shimming them down she stepped out of them and picked them up, throwing them in the laundry hamper. After slowly undoing the shirt buttons she let it slip off her shoulder and balled it up. Sending it across the room she took hold of the hem of her black t-thirst and started to pull it up over her head. She had just pulled it up over her head and was about to fully remove it when she heard a knock on the bedroom door and the door opening.

"Carter, how the hell…..oh crap." She heard Jack say as he stepped into the room and got a sight of her with her t-shirt still half way off and covering her head.

It might not have been so bad if she could actually see the man in question, but her head was still in the middle of her t-shirt. She could feel her cheeks flame and the ensuing blush spread down her neck and stop just short of her breasts. She could hear Jack's breathing as he took in the sight of her stood in just her underwear, her not so military issues black panties and bra on full display. Well, at least, she had decent underwear so there was a plus side to this. Slowly she removed the t-shirt and contemplated using it to cover herself, yet decided it was a little late. Looking down when her head popped out the garment she looked at the floor before dropping her arms to her sides, the t-shirt falling beside her feet. Taking a deep breath she slowly raised her head and looked at Jack, his body stood still in the bedroom doorway.