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"Carter, how the hell...oh crap," He called out as he stopped in the open doorway and took in the sight of Sam stood in nothing but her underwear.

He couldn't move, his body suddenly made of naquider and weighing the same as the Stargate. He even tried closing his eyes but they seemed to have popped out his head and he had lost control of them too. His treacherous eyes started at her feet and her painted pink toenails. They slowly worked their way up her perfectly toned calves, moving on to her amazing defined thighs. When they reached her groin he swore blind he had stopped breathing. Covering what he knew to be the most perfect ass in the universe was a skimpy pair of black lace panties. He did not want to linger on what was under the lace at the front so his eyes traveled north to her perfect hips, waist and torso. He could just imagine running his fingertips up and down her creamy white skin as she lay under him.

Without realising it he was shifting from side to side, a feeble attempt to relieve the pressure growing in the front of his blue BDU pants. When his eyes came to rest on her black lace covered breasts he knew then he was either dead or dying. He had never, even in his wildest fantasies, imagined her looking this hot and sexy. He had to do a deal with his groin for some one on one time later just to get his eyes up and away from her perfectly rounded breasts. As he worked his way to her chest and neck he saw the bright red tinge that coloured her skin. She knew he was still there and he knew when she removed the t-shirt he was either going to be dead, or his feet wouldn't touch the ground when she kicked his ass out the front door for still being stood there.

He finally reached the point where her t-shirt rested on her neck and was suspended in the air by her arms. Slowly she pulled it up and over, never once making eye contact as she stared at the floor till the top was completely removed. This was it, this was where he said goodbye to his pitiful life and went to be with Charlie. He watched her arms fall to her side and the t-shirt hit the floor as her head slowly rose till she was looking at him, their eyes locking instantly with each other.

Neither moved nor spoke as they looked at each other. Jack's tongue darted out to lick his suddenly dessert dry lips. He needed to keep eye contact with her, he could not let his eyes take in the sight before him again. He would wait and let her make the first move, he would live longer if she decided what to do.

As Sam's eyes locked eyes with the now near black of Jack's she was both surprised, shocked and hell, even turned on by the look that he was giving her. Between the look of pure lust and desire that shone through the blackness, there was also a look of uncertainty and a little bit of nervousness with a tiny hint of fear. He was expecting her to kick his ass, or maybe kill him for accidentally seeing her in her state of undress. By the look on his face, he had taken his fill of her nearly naked body. She could make out he was a touch uncomfortable by the way he kept shifting from one foot to the other. When her eyes flicked over his still form she found the source of his fidgeting.

As he eyes darted over his groin she caught a glimpse of the not so little bulge that was very evident in the tight blue pants. Now it was her turn to stare, her eyes glued to the spot as she watched him rocked again and the bulge twitch slightly. The blush that had been starting to fade came back full force when she saw his obvious desire for her, this time making it all the way down her skin to included her breasts. One of them needed to put an end to this and break up to the tension that had reached fever pitch. She had two choices, one was to kick his ass for knocking and busting straight in, or second she could, she was lost for a second option. As her tongue unstuck itself from the roof of her mouth and moved back and forth across her bottom lip she heard Jack groan as he watched her. This was passed forbidden territory, this was no Air Force officer land never mind no man's land.

Sam's looked back up at Jack's face and saw his fists clenching and uncurling in what she knew to be an attempt to gain some control of his body. She was having the same problem, her nails digging in hard to her palms to deflect the attention from the slow burn that was building in her panties. When she licked her lips one final time she finally broke the silence.

"Sir." The word being the only one in her brain that made it past her lips.

When Jack heard that one word his desire filled stupor was broken. His brain shot back in time to another place, another time, that one word reminding them both who they were. Things were so different then, so much easier when you had no memory of who you were and the limitations that you were bound to. He had blocked out the memories of what happened down there, the pain and hurt were too much knowing he would never get to be that person and do the things they did. Now seeing her naked and the word sir brought it all back. The colour of her skin under the orange lighting, the way he cradled her body close after they made love in the darkest corner of the power plant. How she fitted so well against him, the smell of her hair as she tucked her face into his neck and kissed her temple. He wasn't sure who he was then, all he knew for sure was that the woman he held close, kissed and worship and loved was all that mattered. Keeping her safe was his main goal, keeping her safe and loving her. That was his sole purpose, the reason he got out that bunk in the morning. He had to look after her, keep her safe and always be there for her. He was a mix of two people then, Jack O'Neill and Jonah, yet they both loved the same woman. Looking at the woman not two feet away he wasn't sure who he saw, Sam Carter or Therra. She was one and the same to him, then and now.

"Sam." He croaked out, his mind deciding she was who he needed as he looked down at his boots and closed his eyes.

When Sam saw the effect saying sir had on Jack her heart nearly exploded. Suddenly she wasn't standing nearly naked in her bedroom, she was stood wearing plain white cotton underwear under orange lighting. The man opposite her stood with a black beanie on his head wearing dirty off brown coloured pants and jacket. He was Jonah and she was Therra, they were power plant works keeping their city going in an ice age. There was no Jack and Sam down there, no Air Force, no regrets. They had each other and that was enough, their love kept them going. She watched as the man she knew as both Jack and Jonah cycle through different emotions. From pain, regret, hurt, loss and isolation to love and finally acceptance. His eyes slowly lowered from hers and he closed them as he looked at the floor.

"Jack," She whispered as she took a step closer and slowly raises her left hand.

Jack heard his name, his first name, and he looked up as he heard Sam move. She had taken a step closer, her left hand coming up and reaching for him. He wasn't sure if he could do it, reach out and accept the simple gesture being offered. He wanted to, he wanted to raise his hand and take her smaller one in his. Yet he also wanted to step forward and claim her like he had back on the plant, or as Jonah had claimed Therra. He saw Sam look at him with apprehension and uncertainty in her eyes, she was as lost as he was. He knew she was playing over the same events he was, she was also letting the memories seep back out of there locked fortress. He must have hesitated too long as Sam's head dropped and she started to lower her hand back to her side. He had blown it with his self-doubt and trepidation about how to play it.

Sam was crushed, he had rejected her. She let her hand fall back to her side and lowered her head as the tears gathered in the corner of her eyes. She hoped since they were both at the same point, on the same page, they could finally let some of the walls come down and let the other inside. How wrong had she been, he had turned her down and now she had nothing. She wanted to run, hide and cover her body up. What they're shared as Jonah and Therra was all she had left now. Maybe that was all he ever wanted, all he was attracted to. She couldn't stop the tears as they slowly made their way onto her nose and dripped down, falling silently to the floor.

Jack saw the first tear drop from the end of her nose and he crumbled. Taking just one step he closed the gap between them and without saying a word he lifted his arms and wrapped them around Sam's shoulders. He felt her tense as he held her tight, every part of her screaming to get away and run so he held her even tighter. He had her and he was not letting go. After what felt like hours she slowly started to relax and lean into him. He felt her whole body shake as the tears she had started to shed came thick and fast now. One of his arms stayed across her shoulder as the other made its way up and down her back, his fingers grazing her skin in what he hoped was comforting motions. He was never good with crying, especially crying women, yet this was Sam. His tough as nails, hard ass, kill a moving target going at lightning speed military 2IC who never let emotions show never mind cry. As she let the tears fall he felt her arms make their way from her sides and slowly move around his sides and up his back. He felt her hands make fists and clutch his shirt tightly, maybe her attempt to see if he was real or to make sure he didn't let go. He held her and let his head drop so his face was buried in her neck, his lips just brushing her skin as he breathed in and out. He would hold her as long she needed him to, he needed the contact as much as she did. His own insecurities nearly driving her away.

Sam was shocked when she felt Jack's body impact with hers, his arms going around her back as he held her. She instantly tensed, unable to comprehend what he was doing and why. He didn't want her, why was he holding her now? His grip got tighter as she stayed stiff and unmoving against him, she wanted to tell him to let go so she could move away and cover up. She had never felt so exposed, both physically and emotionally. When she realised he was not going to let go she found her body betraying her, feeling it give way and melt against him. She was losing the battle, his body was so warm and solid and so Jack. As she buried her face in his shirt she let her arms move around his waist and up his back, gripping his shirt afraid he would pull away and make a hasty retreat. When she couldn't tell where her body ended and his began she didn't hold back and the dam opened, her tears streaming down her face and meeting the soft material of Jack's shirt. She could feel him shift and thought he was going to pull away when she felt his breath against the skin of her neck, his hair catching her jaw. She had all she ever wanted holding her close, letting her bawl like a baby against his chest.

They were both so caught up in the moment that they jumped apart when a loud knock was heard resounding through the house. They both looked sheepish when the noise was heard again.

"Pizza, I'll get it. You might get cold eating pizza like that, but answer the door and we can get it for free." Smirking as he tried to add a little humour to the current tension.

Sam gave him a small smile as she sniffed and ran a hand across her nose.

"Meet you in a second, eating pizza in my underwear was not on my to-do list tonight, even if it is the good stuff." Trying to carry the humour on as she watched him turn and close the door to go answer the front door.

Things had gone from good to bad to somewhere weird very quickly. Was there a way to put it put it right as they ate supper? Only time would tell.

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