Jack took things as slowly as he could, Sam was leaning on him more and more as they walked. Looking sideways at her, he saw the determination etched on her face, the set of her jaw, and the way her eyes focused on a point in the distance. She was struggling, he knew it, but she wouldn't give in. Only someone who knew her as well as he did would be able to tell how close to breaking point she was. On saying that, no doubt Daniel and Teal'c would be able to tell as well.

"You want to take a rest? We should be back in about an hour." Continuing to take slow even paced steps.

Sam continued to walk, her good foot now aching with the continued strain on it. She took another five steps before she stopped, giving up to the fact she wasn't getting anywhere fast.

"Okay, five minutes." Closing her eyes against the weariness that was taking hold.

"Sit, I'll call Teal'c back." Easing Sam to the ground as Daniel caught up with them.

"Teal'c, we've stopped for five, fall back." Clicking his radio through this tac vest pocket.

"Understood, O'Neill." Teal'c crisp response echoing out of Jack's pocket.

Jack turned around and was surprised to see Sam with a chocolate power bar in one hand, water canteen in the other. Normally he had to fight tooth and nail to get Sam to do anything involving eating. Yet, there she was sat, nibbling the power bar and taking sips of what looked like Daniels canteen. Walking back and taking a seat on Sam's other side he glanced at Daniel, who he noticed was looking around, but keeping a sneaky eye on Sam. Yes, he had been trained well, especially when it came to Sam. She hated being watched, hated being look upon as if she needed help. Taking his own canteen he took a drink, looking to his left as Teal'c came into view.

Teal'c took up residency on Daniels right, his staff weapon running alongside him on the ground, just within each reach. The team settled into a silence, the sound of the trees and wind being the only sound. All three men kept glancing at Sam as she finished her power bar. She was starting to get nervous about it.

"Okay, I get it, look at the injured one. I am not going to break, or pass out or anything. You can all stop watching me. Maybe we should get moving, them clouds are growing dark and I don't fancy another soaking." Sam pointed in the direction they had just come.

"Let's move then. Teal'c, maybe you should assist Carter, might get us back a lot quicker." Trying to phrase the fact he was going to carry Sam in a better way.

Sam just raised her eyebrow at Jack, a perfect imitation of Teal'c himself. Jack just stared right back at her, he was not going to let her walk any further. Daniel sat and watched the exchange between Jack and Sam, he was used to the normal looks and unsaid exchange of words, yet now, he could swear it had taken on a whole new meaning. The looks seemed deeper, holding more meaning if that was even possible. Daniel stood up and brushed off the moss and leaves from his ass.

"Who's taking point if Teal'c's carrying Sam?" Daniel asked, breaking the staring contest between his friends.

"I will, you take the rear as normal," Jack answered as he stood up, standing aside so Teal'c had room to pick Sam up.

Daniel and Teal'c both stood up together, leaving Sam still sat on the floor. Jack watched as she used the ground to try and push herself up to stand. He just glanced at Teal'c then nodded at Sam for him to step in. Before Sam could so there's no place like home she was securely resting in Teal'c's arms, her injured leg on the outside so he didn't knock it.

"Ready?" Looking at Daniel and Teal'c and seeing them nod, before setting off in the direction of the ruins again.

Teal'c let Jack walk ahead, keeping him within sight before following behind. Daniel again took up the rear, watching Teal'c carry Sam like she was a small child and weighed next to nothing. He kept his eyes on the surrounding, and the path they had just taken, just to be sure. He had a feeling that whoever attacked them would be hanging around on the edge of the trees, waiting for them to reappear. He mule Dover the quick glance he had had of the people who attack Sam and himself. They were human, very behind in there developed compared to Earth. They wore animal skins and carried bow and arrows, spears and probably early knives to skin the animals they caught and killed. He wondered how they had never been detected before? He had been so caught in his thoughts about the native people he hadn't realised they had reached the outer edge of the ruins. It was the faint humming coming from his back that made him look around.

He had to remember to tell Sam that the device came alive again as it reached the city limits. This device was connected to the city, power wise at least. At least Sam could now stop in the temple and run more tests on it now she wasn't going anywhere. He wasn't sure if she would be pleased or pissed at the fact. As he contoured to walk he felt his backpack vibrate more until he had a continuous low humming and vibration coming from his pack. As he walked into the temple he looked back out, just as the first flash of lightning and drops of rain started to fall. They had made it back just in time.

Walking straight to the main chamber, he bypassed the small room Sam and Jack had taken residence in. He did catch a glimpse of Teal'c and Jack as they got Sam settled on his way past. He wanted his pack off and coffee before he considered anything else. He had just set the stove on when Teal'c appeared and took a seat beside him.

"You did well Daniel Jackson, things could have been a lot worse when you were attacked." Stating the obvious in the simple way he did.

"Yeah, tell that to Sam's face. I'm waiting for Jack to thump me for it." Taking all four cups and setting about making hot drinks for everyone.

"You returned alive with minor injuries, that is the best we can hope for under the circumstances." Trying to make Daniel see the positive side of the situation.

"Yeah, well, it was either bring Sam back or have Jack kill me. I do like life, even if it sucks." Passing Teal'c a steaming cup of coffee before standing up with the other two cups in his hand. " I'll go give them these." Moving away with two cups of coffee towards Jack and Sam's room.

Daniel walked slowly down the corridor, his eyes catching sight of the downpour of rain through the open temple entrance. Lucky the temple had withstood the test of weather and time, unlike most of the city. The rain, by some miracle, was coming from the south, so it was not coming straight into the entrance. Daniel was at least grateful for that. As he neared the rooms there were using as sleeping accommodation, he could hear Jack talking to Sam.

"This has to come off, we need to see it and make sure it's not broken." Knowing he was indicating to Sam's boot.

As he stepped into the doorway of their chamber he heard Jack say three, and Sam swear loudly before flopping back onto her pack.

"See, that wasn't so bad, and look, Daniel has coffee." Looking between Sam and Daniel.

"Thanks, Daniel, just put them over there. Can you bring the med kit in please, probably have more in than the normal field kits." Taking a cautious look at Sam's ankle, now he had removed both sock and boot in one go.

"Sure, you want anything else? I can make dinner while you patch Sam up." Bending over to get another look at Sam's ankle now they weren't in any danger. "Swelling seems to have stopped, was about that size when I wrapped it. Least there's no blood." Seeing Sam lift her head to look at him.

"Sure, dinner would be good. Can you bring them through, don't think she's going anywhere fast. We maybe should have kept the cart, just in case." Feeling Sam's dagger look directed at him now.

"Sure we can knock up a stretch if needed," Daniel suggested, "Or maybe not." Sam's eyes now burning into the side of his head. "I'll go get that medkit now." Making a sharp exit before Sam threw something at him.

"He's right, we may need help getting you back. For now, though, you're safe and dry, and you have the best doctor on the planet to look after you." Giving Sam his award-winning smile.

"Yeah, Daniel does make a good doctor, doesn't he. Shame it's in the wrong field though." Smiling back at Jack as she sat up and tried to shuffle back to lean against the wall.

"Funny, really funny. Let me know when you're done, I'll pass you your coffee while we wait for the medkit and dinner." Edging closer just in case she needed help.

When she was finally resting up against the wall, Jack passed her the cup of coffee. Sam took it in both hands and smiled as she took in the aroma. Even field coffee smelt good after going without for so long. Just then Daniel appeared with the medkit case.

"Dinner is, I would say cooking, but stewing seems to fit better. I'll bring it in when it's done. Here, rather you than me." Pausing the case to Jack and leaving before either of them could say anything.

"Let's patch you up and get you settled for the night, you're not going anywhere for a few days so best get comfortable." Starting to dig around in the medkit for what he needed.

Sam knew he was right, but hated the idea of being stuck inside. She still had data to collect and tests to run. This was going to be a tough couple of days, but with Jack, Daniel and Teal'c there to help, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She took a few sips of her coffee before placing it on the floor and leaning forward to look at her ankle and foot. Wiggling her toes wasn't as painful as she expected, yet it still sent a sharp pain through her foot as she did it. She watched as Jack laid out bandages, dressing tape and padding in one pile, and then antibacterial wipes, gauze, and some small suture strips in another.

"Foot first, then face." Sliding one hand under her calf and slowly raising her leg so he could rest it on his thigh.

Sam watched as he gently placed her leg on his lap and set about carefully padding around her ankle. For someone with such big, strong, masculine hands he was so gentle and attentive. She couldn't help staring as his fingers made quick work of wrapping the bandage around her ankle and then tear the tape to hold it in place. When he was done he admired his handy work and looked up at her. So was so transfixed by his fingers gently stroking her calf she jumped when he said we name.

"Carter, you okay? You look miles away." His finger still drawing a figure of eight patterns on her leg.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little distracted." Looking up at Jack's face and then down at his still moving fingers.

He looked down and saw his fingers moving against her warm, delicate skin.

"Oh, sorry, we just need a TV to watch." Smiling as he stopped and saw her grin. "Right, let's see if we need to call in the doc, as in the real one, and get this stitched properly. Don't want it scarring." Wriggling his left eyebrow as he shuffled slowly on his knees closer to her upper body.

Looking closely at the cut once the dressing was gone, he could see Daniel had done a good job cleaning and dressing it. The bleeding had stopped but it was sticky where the stitches held it together. He wasn't sure if he should risk removing them and cause bleeding, or leave them and let the skin knit a little first. Seeing as they were clean and doing the job he left them alone. Dabbing gently at the cut and the surrounding area to clean away the dry blood, he heard Sam hiss as the wipe came in contact with the raw skin.

"Sorry, just making sure." Placing the used wipe with the rubbish and picking up the gauze and tape. The gauze would help if it bled, and keep it closed. Applying it as gently as he could he sat back when he was finished and looked at Sam.

"All done, you can go back to your coffee now." Gathering all the rubbish up and standing up. "I'll go get rid of this and check on Daniel and Teal'c. You gonna be okay?" Knowing she would be but asking anyway.

"I'm fine, it's just a scratch and a sprain. Few days and I'll be up and about again. Speaking of up and about, I need to be up." Using her hands and good leg to try and push herself up.

"What are you doing? You should keep off that leg." Moving back to her side and trying to keep her from getting up.

"Well, I really need to go, so getting up is the only option." Looking at Jack intently and hoping he understood.

"Oh, okay then. Let's get you up first and we can take it from there." Bending slightly so she could use him as a sort of crutch.

When she was stood, he made sure he had a tight hold around her waist and was supporting her injured side as best as he could. Slowly and steadily they made their way to the room being used as the makeshift bathroom. Helping her inside, he just stood there, unsure of what he was supposed to do.

"I've got it from here, if I need any help I'm sure I can hollow for help." Seeing him nod almost relieved before making a quick exit.

Sam stood and looked down at her bandaged foot and the facility's, this was going to be an interesting few days, to say the least.