Welcome to 'The Arctic Swordsman - Watchman of the Stars'! This was an idea that popped up while reading another fiction, what would it be like if I was in Sword Art Online? The answer is right here! Before you question, no. My name is not Marcus, this is purely my dream lifestyle, if I ended up like Marcus... without all the SAO stuff. Those spotting this story from the Star Wars Catagory may wonder when it will show up, it will... eventually.

Disclaimer! I do not own Star Wars or Sword Art Online, both belong to their respective owners. I only own my OC's Marcus and Emma Cersy.

Now on with the show!

Chapter 1: Link START! "Hey big bro, welcome home!" Said a chirpy female voice as he stepped through the door and into their small apartment, "Did you get it?" She asked.

"You bet," He grinned at her.

"How long was the queue Marcus? And how many copies were left?" the younger girl asked.

"Very long, I think I got the very last physical copy," Marcus Cersy said, he yawned, he had been up since around 12:00 midnight, in line at the gaming store in town, and the game he had gotten? Only one of the 10,000 solid copies of the brand new game, Sword Art Online, and the hardware to go with it.

Marcus looked around their front room, "did you get to bed ok last night Emma?" he asked her.

"Yeah, I did, although it was strangely quiet with no big brother helping me," She said, Marcus was referring to the disability that Emma has had for a long time, she couldn't put any solid pressure on her legs, so she had to move around in a wheelchair all the time.

Their apartment was a simple one on ground level, with three rooms, the front room held all the cookware and the like, a stove, fridge, dishwasher and a microwave, there was also a small table and a single chair that was understandable.

The back room was home to their single double bed, now, a lot of siblings would be embarrassed of being under the same sheets, but the two had been through a lot together, and Marcus just wanted to keep his sister safe, there was also a chest of drawers on the opposite side of the room, containing their clothes, Marcus' on the left, Emma's on the right, next to that was a small desk, with Marcus' laptop, and underneath said desk were two boxes, of which were filled with the remainder of the siblings' things.

A small bathroom connected to the front room, and contained all you would expect, a disabled assisted loo, a small bath, and a sink, a single cupboard was beneath it, containing their shampoo and other shower gel, things here were the same as the chest of drawers in the back room.

Marcus prepared some lunch while Sword Art Online installed, "Have you any idea of what weapon you'll use?" Emma asked, she was reading the small book of instructions that came with the game.

"Probably a speed type avatar, you know my fighting style, strike fast and before they know what hit them," Marcus said.

"In that case, it says here if you prefer fast and speedy gameplay, a dagger, rapier or curved blades might be your choice," Emma pointed out, Marcus brought a plate to the small table, after lunch, Marcus checked the SAO installation, and the time.

"It's coming up to 1:00pm…" He said, an alert suddenly sounded from the nervegear, "… and I'm now ready to play," He said.

The last thing he did before logging on, was wire up a cable from the nervegear power supply to the TV, this would allow Emma to watch from the real world, Marcus laid down on the bed, "Alright, here we go," he said, putting on the helmet, watching the inner clock, he saw it tick onto 13:00, "Link… START!"

Marcus made his avatar the same height as he was IRL, and made himself as close to his real appearance, he selected curved swords as his starting weapon, and then entered the name Ion, "Welcome to Sword Art Online!" a voice said, and he found himself spawning in a large open plaza, where other players of all sizes spawned too.

"So, this is the virtual world…" Ion said, and smirked, he first examined his menu, but noticed something odd, there wasn't a log out button, "Day one and there are already some bugs, who would have guessed?" He asked himself, deciding that he might as well get some training done, he headed out into the fields.

Around 5:00 he found himself on a ledge overlooking the town of beginnings, deciding to check again, the log out button was still blank, "crap, don't keep me here all night!" Ion muttered, suddenly a loud bell rang, and Ion found himself teleported back to the plaza. Everyone was confused, what was going on? Ion heard a small noise, and looked up to see a blinking red… thing.

"I do believe it's called a hexagon, not sure if I'm saying that right…" a player muttered nearby, then, more hexagons popped up, and filled the entire sky.

"The sky is… bleeding?" Ion muttered, the strange goo kept coming until a large hooded figure towered over the players.

"Is this an event? Or part of the open ceremony?" Ion heard someone ask.

"Attention players!" The hooded… thing boomed with a deep monotone voice, "I welcome you to my world," it said, players started muttering questions, what does he mean by that? Ion asked himself. "My name is Akihiko Kayaba, and as of this moment, I am in control of this world." That didn't sound ominous at all, Ion thought, while rolling his eyes.

"As some of you may have noticed, there is an item missing from your menus," Ion opened his menu, checking, it's still not there, he noted, "The logout button," The hooded figure opened a giant menu, demonstrating the claim he just made. "I assure you all that this is not a defect," a pause, "I repeat, this is not a defect. This is how Sword Art Online was meant to be. You cannot log out of SAO; and no one on the outside can remove the nervegear from your head. If this does happen, the Nervegear will discharge a powerful microwave signal into your brain, and ending your life."

Ion dropped to his knees, Emma was all alone outside, and he was stuck in here, he felt uncontrollable rage attempting to surface, not yet, you'll get play time soon enough, He thought to himself, the hooded figure claiming to be Akihiko Kayaba explained how 213 players had gone offline… permanently, Ion glanced at several of some screens that popped up, showing some of the dead players, some showing mourning families, Ion gasped when he saw his own apartment on one screen, Emma crying, while the situation here in Aincrad was being shown on their TV.

"It is important to know that from now on… if a player's HP drops to 0, then they cannot be revived, that player's avatar will be deleted from the system, and the Nervegear will simultaneously destroy your brain!" the words echoed into Ion's digital skull, and he realised, one mistake now… and I could die! Kayaba explained how the only way to leave Aincrad was to make it to floor 100 of the floating castle, and defeat the boss there, he explained the way of the floors and their bosses, how clearing the boss will unlock the next floor.

The crowd was getting mad, "Why should we believe anything you say?!" Asked one player

"All one hundred floors… Even the beta testers never made it that high!" Yelled another.

Kayaba ignored them all, "Lastly, I have placed a little present inside the inventory of every player. Please… take a look." The way he said that sounded like he was enjoying this, Ion opened his menu, and pulled out the first thing that he saw. A mirror flashed into his hands.

"And this is for what exactly?" Asked a nearby player.

"I don't know," Ion muttered to her, suddenly, the entire courtyard was filled with a bright blue flash, Ion glanced down at the mirror, and saw not the face of the avatar he had made, but the real life face of Marcus Cersy.

"Right now, you're probably wondering… why? 'Why would Akihiko Kayaba, developer of Sword Art Online and Nervegear do such a deed?'" Kayaba asked, Ion didn't care anymore, It's because he wants to play to role of a God, well let me tell you Kayaba… only one God commands my world! Ion glared sharply at the hooded form of Kayaba, which suddenly started looking like he was lagging, and vanished in crimson red smoke.

Ion stood on the top of a tower in the Town of Beginnings, looking out at floor 1, "Emma, don't give up, I will not die in this world! Be strong sister, I will be home before you know it," He said, gripping the handle of a new rapier he had bought with his earnings in the fields, and drawing it to thrust at the sky.

And that is the first chapter done! Please, I'm still rather new at all this writing shindig, so any constructive critism would be appreciated!

Emma: Big brother? What is this?

Ion: It's just a small omake, you know, so we can 'speak' to the readers.

Emma: Oh right! Man, what a first day huh?

Ion: Tell me about it, ugh, who does Kayaba think he is?

?: A selfish moron who thinks he is a mighty God! Lets see how mighty he is on the end of my sword!

Ion: Who are you? I didn't invite you!

?: But you did... see you next chapter everyone!