If one were to enter The DB Hotel and Diner, they would be blown away from the sheer amount of pure awesomeness that came from all these heroes that were in one place. Turning right after entering the main lobby, you'd see a large common room filled with heroes.

The Hero Hotel was a bustling business.

Go down the main hall, and turn left, you'd find the infirmary, and a young blonde girl on a gurney, with a young brunette sitting beside her.

"C'mon, Yang. You've never given up before, and I refuse to believe you'll give up now."

Tifa Lockhart was beside the comatose Yang, praying to the gods that she would be alright. The poor girl couldn't even consume a senzu bean.

Not that it would fix her arm anyways.

"Yang, c'mon." Tifa had been constantly by Yang's bed, only leaving for food, and the restroom. "I miss your laughter, I miss your smile, I miss your puns, EVEN Toph misses your puns!"

"No I don't!"

Okay, so she lied about who other than her missed the blonde's puns, the total count was Cloud, Her, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Spider-Man, and Pikachu.

Maybe Bayonetta would appreciate them.


""IT's DANTE! IT'S DANTE!" Ah, leave it to Ryu to be excited about further representation.

"HA! YOU OWE ME FIFTY BUCKS OLIVER!" Huh, forgot all about Stark's bet with the archer.

"C'mon, Yang." Tifa begged, "You've never given up before, why give up now?"

Cloud walked in, rubbing his ear, "Hey Tifa," He was returned with a half-hearted wave of her hand, "How's our trooper doing?"

"She's stable, thankfully." Tifa commented, "But she's still knocked out." She added sadly.

"Well, let me know when she wakes up," Cloud started towards the door before pausing, "Or… If she doesn't..." He added.

"She'll wake up. I know she will." Tifa replied stubbornly.

"So, how's our little pun-master?" Spider-Man asked.

"She's still unconscious, but she's still stable." Cloud mentioned to the web-head.

"I hope she makes it…" Spidey commented, "I know how it feels to have someone you care about in a situation like that…" He added.

"Yeah, the last time that happened to you…" Cloud trailed off, realizing he was about to tell the web-slinger about a certain storyline that would even make the Green Goblin enraged.

"Huh? What were you saying?"

"Nothing, don't worry about it. I just hope that Yang doesn't end up like Aerith." Cloud replied, changing the subject.

"I remember that." Spidey commented, "I cried like a baby when I saw that scene."

"A lot of people did. Most people here cried," Cloud mentioned, "The only one who didn't was Guts, and the only reason for THAT was because his series went meta after one page of his manga."

"Dang, mine went meta a few issues before Gwen's death…" Spider-Man trailed off, clearly not wanting to have to remember that particular moment.

"Mine went meta after Aerith got kidnapped by Shinra." Cloud pointed out.

Spider-Man sighed, "Maybe we should go eat before we get too depressed."

"Yeah," Cloud replied, taking another look at the door to the infirmary one more time, "We won't be good emotional support if we're starved."

"Did you hear? The new girl lost her arm." Ryu mentioned, eating a plate of meatloaf.

"Yeah, that Lockhart girl hasn't left her side for a long while." Captain America mentioned, eating a shawarma wrap.

"Did you hear that Ying- Er, Yang crashed at Seventh Heaven for a week to get away from the angry fans?" Felicia recalled, between the clawfuls of her trout.

"Damn, I didn't hear that." Rogue replied, eating spicy jambalaya.

"I want to-a hurt those irrational a-haters." Mario mentioned, clenching his fist, his pasta being ignored.

"Ya got that right. Pass me that chili dog." Sonic mentioned, getting his food item from the mustachioed plumber.

"I heard that the two banged at some point." Tony said, fantasizing.

"That was an exaggeration, Stark." Samus replied, rolling her eyes, not that it mattered, nobody could see through her helmet visor, "They made out, nothing more."

"You always have to ruin my fun." He snarked, getting his steak.

"Someone has to." The hunter replied, getting her salmon.

Cloud and Spider-Man got to the buffet line. Cloud opted to grab some fried chicken, while Spidey went straight for his hot dog and milkshake.

"so, Bayonetta vs Dante…" Spidey trailed off.

"Bayo. She fights angels all the time, a half-demon shouldn't be a problem. Plus, her shotgun boots give her a significant edge in ranged combat." Cloud replied.

"Eh, I was going to go with Dante, but I see your point. Still rooting for the red guy though."

"Why Dante?"

"I worked with him before, plus he's fought a lot of demons, and has some high speed to work with, add in his healing factor, and the fact that Rebellion can cut just about anything, I'd have to place my money on him"

"Hmm... Well I guess we'll find out then." Cloud replied.

"Cannot wait for March."

A few hours later…

"Are you sure about this? We could get landed in the hospital!"

"C'mon Buck, think about it: We'll be the only ones who managed to get a lock of her hair, and not get maimed. You'll probably get a new show, I'll finally get back in the gaming market, and Dan over there can finally get the spotlight. We'll be famous!"

"I don't know, Bomber. It still seems like a bad idea." Bucky replied.

"Tch, what a whimp. His series never went meta, so he's scared." Dan had much bravado in his voice, "WE can do this on our own, without captain Bucky O'Scare over there."

"'Bucky O'Scare'? I'll show you I'm no fraidy cat, I'm in!" He responded.

"Good. Now all we need is to wait for Mr. Emo to take Tiff-ah to bed, and then we can get to her." Bomberman replied.

Dan placed his hand down as a signal for one of those 'team hand raise things' (as he called it), "Alright! Operation: 'Get the hair off the blonde chick who everyone claims only won due to bias' is a go!"

"I'm picking the next name Hibiki." Bomberman deadpanned.

"C'mon Tifa, let's get you to bed." Cloud was back in the medical room, Tifa was too exhausted to put up much of a physical fight.

But she wasn't exhausted enough to stop snarking, "I'd like to see you try- Ack!" Cloud picked her up, and hefted the girl on his shoulder.

"You're getting some sleep T, and that's FINAL…" Cloud looked back to see if Yang would come in and reply with the word 'fantasy' to complete the pun, but there was no pun that came out of the blonde's mouth.

"Okay, first off: Only Yang gets to use that nickname, and second: I'm not tired at all..." Tifa tried to struggle and get free, but the only thing she could muster was a yawn before her eyes started to get heavy.

"Tell you what: I'll get you the room closest to the Med Room, so first thing in the morning, you can get back to her as soon as possible." Cloud reasoned with a smile, "That good for you Tifa? You wanna be close to your girlfriend?" He chuckled a bit at his laugh.

"She's not my girl…" Tifa yawned yet again, "She's not my girlfriend Cloud…" Tifa could barely keep herself conscious as she started to drift off into sleep despite her efforts.

"Alright we're here." Cloud announced, they were one floor above where they started, and he had Link plan ahead and reserve the room for Tifa and Yang. He had frowned upon the news that Yang had to remain in the Med Room and couldn't spend time with Tifa though. But the room was still well-furnished with everything the two brawlers would need or want to call the place 'home'. "Get some sleep Tifa, okay?"

Tifa had fallen asleep, if Cloud wasn't aware of her feats, he'd call the sleeping brawler a princess.

"Alright, this is Saikio Man reporting to Funky Fresh Rabbit, are you in position?"

"This is Bucky O'Hare, and I thought Bomber and I agreed that the codenames were unnecessary." Bucky replied.

"But Funky Fresh, if we don't use codenames, people will know who we are! Back me up here Big Bomb!" Dan complained, "Over." he added.

"I'm literally the ONLY person whose primary weapon is explosives, 'Funky Fresh Rabbit' is in Buck's theme song - Not to mention he's the ONLY rabbit in this hotel, and nobody uses your stupid fighting style but you. It's not going to be that hard to figure out who we are." Bomberman replied, scissors in hand.

"Well, I'm still going to use them Big Bomb. Over." Dan replied, sticking his tongue out at his walkie-talkie.

"... You're sticking your tongue at him aren't you?" Bucky said more than asked.

"Wha- How'd you- I mean, uh, no." Dan stumbled.

"Quiet, we aren't even IN the Medbay yet." Bomberman replied, turning on the hallway lights.

The trio were actually right outside the door. For some reason, Dan had insisted on giving everyone a walkie-talkie and using codenames.

"Okay, carefully, carefully…" Dan said meticulously, as he was opening the door slowly so as to not let it squeak.

"Oh, for pete's sake," Bomberman replied, shoving the door open, "She's in a coma. She won't wake up anytime soon!" He whisper-yelled.

"But there could've been someone in there keeping watch." Dan complained.

"I hate to agree with Dan, but he does have a point there," Bucky noted "That bartender girl wouldn't have willingly left without leaving something there to make sure that blondie would be alright."

Bomberman turned on his flashlight, and noticed a monitor there, ensuring that someone, likely Tifa, would hear anything that went on in the room. Bucky tip-toed over to the device and turned it off.

"Alright, let's do this." Bomberman pumped his fist and made his way to the blonde. He grasped a sizable lock of her hair, and placed the scissors to it. He closed the scissors and cut the hair.

The three pairs of eyes were joined by a new pair that were glowing red.

"Oh…" Bucky lamented.

"Crap" Dan finished.

Tifa was woken up by her alarm clock, quickly making her way to the infirmary to get back to her friend.

She found Dan Hibiki, Bucky O'Hare, and White Bomberman in the infirmary, but no Yang.

She started to look around, and then she found a familiar blonde girl having slight difficulties getting food on her plate at the buffet.

"You woke up." Tifa noted after making her way to Yang.

Yang looked up, and had a small smile on her face, "I guess I did." She replied, scooping some scrambled eggs onto her plate, "Thanks for taking care of me while I was out of it."

"Hey, no problem Yang." Tifa reassured, "Anything for a friend."

"I still have no idea what I deserved to get you as a friend." Yang replied.

"You don't need a reason, what matters is that we're friends." Tifa replied.

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