Cloud was still traveling through space on the Death Star. While the thing was on autopilot (after he had to spend quite a bit of time fixing said autopilot), he had taken to trying to set things up to regain some semblance of normalcy from the other universe.

He was trying to set up the old communications system from before when he got a chill down his spine.

"I feel… A disturbance…"


Wally looked over his shoulder and shrugged, "It looks like a fanfic. Do they not have those in your universe?"

"I know that! I'm asking why the hell is it about Yang and that Tifa girl?!"

"I don't know? What has you so worked up?"

"The fact that there's a line with Yang saying 'harder mistress'." Blake fumed, "This is a smut fic!"

"And what is Ninjas of Love?" Wally deadpanned.

"It's a novel. Totally different." Blake snapped.

"Well, who's it by? The fic, I mean."

"Someone named 'Nimbus Struggles.'"

"So… Cloud. It's by Cloud then?" Wally said more than asked "Why would he use such an obvious username? Pretty much anyone could figure it out."

"I guess." Blake threw her hands up, "Yang has some explaining to do when I find her."

"In your world or in this one?" Wally questioned.

"This one!" Blake replied.

"Hello Wally." Crona said as they walked into the room, "Is there something wrong with Blake? She seems distressed."

"She's mad because her world's writers egged on her relationship with Yang for so long, so she's upset at herself because she thinks that if she had confessed her feelings earlier, that Yang wouldn't be dating Tifa and basically being a mom to that weird Lucy girl. Actually, I think you'd like Lucy, Crona. You have a lot in common… A lot of unfortunate and traumatic things, now that I think about it, but still."

"That sounds nice… I'm not going to get adopted, right?"

"That's it!"

"Oh great. We put an idea in her head."

"I'll just adopt a kid! That'll prove that I'm ready for that family that Yang wants!"

"Are you sure about that? That whole thing is kinda a big decision, and I'm pretty sure that Lucy adopted Yang and Tifa as her moms, not really the other way around." Wally pointed out, only now noticing that he was being ignored.

"Crona! How would you like to be a Belladonna!?" Blake rushed to them.

"And with that, we're outta here!" Ragnarok started carrying his partner to the exit as fast as he could.

"GRIF! HELP!" Crona screamed as Blake kept chasing them.


"Sibler?'" Wally asked, "What? Was 'sibling' too awkward? Actually, yeah. 'Sibling' does sound weird in normal conversation…"

"Do you get the feeling that something very weird happened and that we weren't there for it?"

"I get that feeling all the time, Mewtwo." Ganondorf replied, "Now, I think I've managed to establish that old portal to the alternate timeline. Hopefully, we might find a clue about what happened there. And if all else fails, we can try to gather supplies of whatever is left of that void space."

"Assuming that the portal actually works." Mewtwo pointed out. "Let's fire it up!"

The nodes that were supposed to generate the portal generated a portal for a brief moment, only for it to fizzle out.

Ganondorf sighed, "I guess it was foolish to think that a magic user like me would be at all good with technology. Wait, is it supposed to smoke like that?"

"GET DOWN!" Mewtwo put up a psionic barrier as Ganondorf shielded himself from the-



"Well, at least that wasn't as massive as before…."

"Our equipment is not as damaged as it would normally be. I'll get to repairing it. If you could get us some food, that would be excellent."

"At least things are not getting worse."

"Please do not jinx us."

"So, this is the armor from that… Virus thing?" Barbara asked.

"Indeed. Now, the Senzu Beans you promised?" Heihachi asked.

"Hang on, the corpse of the thing that was wearing it. It's in there, right?"

"You are welcome to check." Geese gestured.

"… Mikasa, keep an eye on them. If they try anything, tear them apart."

"Of course." The soldier nodded.

"It's here. Sanji, the Senzu." Barbara nodded.

"I still hate making deals with these kinds of people."

"You're a pirate."

"I mean these pathetic excuses for fathers. I hope that they give me a reason to kick them into next week." Sanji snarled as he handed the two criminals the case of Senzu Beans.

"Might I ask what it is that you are planning to do with those remains?" Heihachi asked.

"They're called a 'Virus' for a reason." Barbara explained, "Maybe we can vaccinate them."

"This armor… It appears to be similar to that of a Beetle Drone from Jack's world." Mikasa said, "The samurai, not the robot." She clarified.

"I figured as much. It was a pleasure doing business with you." Heihachi bowed.

Barbara glared, "I only wish I could say the same."

Pinkie: Holy Elements! I won?

Wade: This is probably what we get for going after each other…

Dude: Yeah… Probably should have remembered that Pinkie was there with her Meta Knight before I tried to spike you with Toon Link's Down Air.

Wade: I missed the ledge anyways. And I kinda forgot that she was there too.

Dude: Still, nice tactic with that up-special, Wade.

Wade: Thanks man. That was a sweet spike. Bummer that it led to an S.D.

Pinkie: The benefits of not being a threat have landed me a win! WOO!