Title: February 29

By janahjean

Disclaimer: I don't own and company are the property of DC and who knows whoelse and are not my intellectual property. There is no financial gain made from this nor will any be sought. This is for MY entertainment purposes only.

Chapter 1

In Alicia's...feb 27

Batman and the priest were discussing about opening a new orphanage when finally the latecomers arrive. Dick look disgusted as he tried to push away the arm that tim is putting on his shoulder.

"What?! You still cant be mad about the fight earlier! I was trying to help you!" Tim said more amuse than angry at dick's antics. He followed that one with a hearty jokerish laugh.

"You let him get away!" Dick getting tired of his brother's jovial tone, with inhumane speed knick tim's adam apple with one of his 'talon'( a mini dagger like thingy for the neophytes) said talon still havent been wipe clean.

"Uh uh ahh." Tim sang with a playful wag of his finger. He gently press the scalpel he have in dick's kidneys.

"Enough." Jason growl as he thump the bible on the table to catch their attention.

Batman is undecided whether to tell jason that what he did is sacrilege or just gape at the changes four years have done to his older brothers.

"We are brothers guys. Please. -tt-" damian pleaded.

Dick soften a bit. He have a hidden soft spot with the youngest after all. Although he doesnt like how the former sacristan ended up taking their father's place and use the mantle to not kill. Disgusting.

"Why are we here again?" Tim asked bored. For the four years he stayed in the wayne manor,he didnt venture under the batcave. Rather he either hang out in the kitchen or his room or out making people smile.

"This." Batman said as he press a button which activate the monitor. "the veil is thin on that other dimension side. We need to toughen it up."

Dick was unimpress. "Jason been doing fine doing that on his own two leap year now. Why should we join the merry crew?"

Batman hesitated a sec. "Father. He is alive on this one."he answer softly.

Dick curse. He didnt want a repeat on seeing jason looking more dead than alive during that one time he made a mistake in sealing a gap in a world where bruce is a super villain.

Tim stop clowning a bit and look hopeful. He remember a dimension where bruce is a playboy prince who love his jokes.

Dick close his eyes. "Okey we will meet here tom at 8pm. In the mean time, we have to prepare for the worst case scenario. So lets get rolling okey." He commanded.

Tim shrugged. He was the optimistic of the batch and so he is just planning to pack his best dress and he is thinking of gag toys and such that could fit in one luggage.

Jason left for upstair after tolerating batman's hug. He wanted to check upstair, or to be honest...he wanted to rest at his own bedroom gadamit. He is okey dress as he is and doesnt care about bringing more weapon and such. Dead is dead after all. He collapse into his bed after removing his boots. And with a whimsical smile, he feel at peace sleeping. He is home. Travelling to exotic places got nothing on his bedroom.

"So." dick said awkwardly after clearing his throat. He idly trace the contour of the batmobile as he look at damian.

Damian shuffled his feet. "Im okey." he assured the oldest seeming to read his mind. "Hows Bludhaven?" He inquire as well to be polite.

"Okey." Dick answer. The silence after that was weird.

Damian angry at this gulf between him and his brother, stalk towards his brother and engulf him in a hug. "I miss you." He cried.

Dick hugged him back. For a moment, it feels like hugging Lord Batman especially if he close his eyes.

"Get a room guys." Tim said as he climb up the stairs and with a cackle,somehow flip the lightswitch off the batcave.

"How can you stand him?!" Followed by "i could kill him for you you know?" Dick was offering.

" he feed me well."

The next day feb 28… It is probably base on a hive mind but the four spend their morning hanging out at the wayne's kitchen catching up on each other lives. Tim without his jester's makeup, look normal for once if you ignore his never-seen-sunlight skin. He was also serious which is a rare occurence. He urge dick to give him more tea. Jason was saying something about his african mission as damian half-heartedly listenDick smoke another cigar despite jason's frown while he serve his brother. A comfortable silence blanket the brothers an hour or so later. Damian played his batarang before he stood up and inform them about checking the machine. Tim offer to help him.

"This is real good" Jason declare as he gobble another pie. Dick look up from cleaning his knife before he tried a piece himself using said knife. "Hmm"

If alfred was there, he is going to be mortified by their lack of sophistication in taste for good food.

That night ...

Dick barely control the urge to throw Jason in the portal when the guy said they have to pray first before they step into the other dimension. He took a deep breathe before he bow his head in prayer. He also grumpily allowed tim to grasp his hand. Tim was swinging his other hand. Batman resisted the urge to hack with a batarang tim's swinging hand in his.

"Stupid clown ." batman was thinking.

The three sigh when tim recklessly went ahead and jump into the portal later.