Talon!Dick was about done punching the bag and he is unwrapping his bandages when Nightwing shows up. "cool beard." nightwing remark like a hundred times now.

talon!dick grunted in acknowledgement. He was the only one sporting a beard and so tolerated everybody trying to pet(everyone) and comb it(bruce's) "What are you doing here fly boy?" He asked as he took a drink.

"Gonna fly." Nightwing responded as he pointed at the gym equipment. Talon!dick was secretly impress at how numerous the acrobatic equipment the cave held.

"So how many times do you practice anyway?" Nightwing asked as soon as his warm up is done and he is about to do his set.

"Im okey as long as noone see it." Talon!dick confess. He didnt mind being open with his doppelganger.

"So that means every morning huh?!" dick said slyly.

At talon's reluctant "well not exactly every morning coz sometimes i went out of bludhaven and have mission"

nightwing laugh. " come one, let me see what you got!" He challenged before he took off and fly.

Meanwhile …

"Well you at least pretend to feel remorseful with what you did?!" jason priest wanted to bang his head on concrete upon hearing Red Hood's spree of murder.

"What?!" For a minute red hood look startled from reminiscin. Unlike the oldest, the two jasons have occupied the living room and they defended it well from invasion that Bruce calmly get out of the house thru the 2nd floor window. "No way! You think this is a confession?! Its not! Im telling everyone." Red hood yelled.

Jason priest rolled his eyes. "Well you better confess to me. Better me than in crime alley." He smirk as jason paled. "Glad to know that the old hound is alive in this dimension." Jason priest thought.

In the bathroom upstair…

"It stings." Jester!tim whine as Tim dyed his hair back to his natural black.

"Shuddap. We cant troll them with your hair green timothy!" Tim said in a monotone voice.

Jester tim cheer up immediately. He caught tim's eyes in the mirror and both cackle evilly suddenly.

Bruce somewhere else suddenly experience goosebumps.

Robin damian glare at his grownup self unlike his counterparts he dont want to spend more time than needed bonding with his other self. "so," he pushed away the glass of milk grownup dami handed to him, "can i go now?"

The grownups thought it was hilarious to stick big dami in babysitting duty especially since robin damian insist that he can take care of himself. Himself! Geddit? That joke was still funny even now.

It was weird seeing himself reading a newspaper and a him that could fit into Bruce's clothes. Or a him that could smile easily at tim and jason, the two robins who are unworthy. "Lets go buddy." big damian said as he carefully fold the newspaper exactly how bruce wayne do it.

"Huh?!" damian small blink at him.

"Either you will go downstair and practice swordmanship but i dunno bout you but it feels like a nice day for the zoo." damian said casually forcing not to smile as his evil younger version tried desperately to maintain his cool bratty attitude. "And i dunno maybe draw them too."

That seals it for Damian jr. He fled screaming for the butler. "Pennyworth, wheres my snoopy tshirt and my teenage mutant ninja turtle snickerssss?!"

Damian Sr smile pleased that theres an actual 10 year old behind the mature mask of damian.

That evening…

Both Timmy cling onto batman as both jasons and dicks give them scathing looks. The only reason why the timmys survived is because batman and the dammis find the prank hilarious. Batman was snickering while trying to dispel his last words of advise to the otherworlder. big damian was desperately trying to soak it like a dying plant who needs water. Robin per usual take his father's words like it is the gospel. Both timmys and dicks eyes glazed over at the longwinded sermon. Somehow jason priest is supporting red hood who had felt asleep during the thirty minute mark.

They ignore some gang members who pretended to sleep to avoid another beating and they pointedly pretend not to hear others who are screaming to be taken in the hospital-like several minutes ago! As some sort of farewell party, batman decided that now is a good time to entrap all the gangs in one warehouse after implementing a protocol he made as match malone. The cleanup was beautiful as the brothers work by partners to bring the gangs and their leaders down.

Talon!dick in a desperate bid to stop the sermon short so as he can go home and kill people properly hug freeze. "Not while in my costume dickhead." he growl as he slap his oldest upside down in the head. Dick moaned.

Batman sigh realizing that it is getting late. "Come on lets get you guys home." He said as he produce his grapple gun.


"Finally!" Talon!dick yelled happily when he step out of the portal and find himself back home.

Damian just look sad.

Jason priest was wondering why tim is trying to escape.

"Daddy!" Red Robin yelled. He weep.

The trio look alarmed "sht." Jason priest curse, realizing that he grab the wrong tim when the portal open.

Jester!tim still sporting the identical red robin suit wonder how long can he pretend to be red robin before the family caught on. He giggle as he throw a grapple gun and follow his new family.


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