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Lucy grunted as a kick was landed to her back. She could hear Mira cry out not to far from her. Lucy had to fight harder. She couldn't let anything happen to Mira and the baby. She ran to take a battle stance in front of the demon mage. Mira tried to argue with her but she refused to move. She was determined to keep her safe. She called out Leo and Scorpio out to help defend them while Lucy got her whip. Lucy basically screamed at Mira to get the communication lacrima to call for help. She faintly heard her talking to the master when Lucy felt a sting on her cheek as a man took a knife too it. She let out a growl as Mira let out a scream. Everything next was in slow motion. Two men had gotten past her defense of Mira. She saw the man with drawl his blade from her chest as the other had a sick smile. The other man dragged his knife against her very swollen pregnant stomach. Lucy watched defenseless as Mira's color drained and she fell to the floor.

Lucy let out an anguished scream and tried to reach out to catch her, only to feel magic cancelling ropes at her neck and wrists. She watched in horror as her spirits disappeared. She felt them take their blades and cut into her skin like it was butter. She screamed out against then man who was holding her hand. She got tears in her eyes as she knew she was going to die. She had failed Mira. 'Mira, I love you like my sister. I'm sorry' She thought to the Demon woman as she felt her self fade. Lucy felt her clothes starting to be cut off as she could no longer scream in protest. Suddenly their was a commotion, and the men look surprised. "Fuck! Its their master! run!" They yelled out. Lucy's body was dropped to the ground as they retreated.

Their was a round of gasps and cries as the guild came upon their beloved woman beaten, bloody, and close to death. Quickly they got them back to the guild but it was too late for Mirajane. Porlyusica and Wendy tried everything to save her but it then end she was too far gone. Her last words were "Save my baby, tell Laxus I love him, and tell Lucy this isn't her fault" She whispered them to Wendy before falling into her eternal sleep. Lucy felt when Mira was gone and it killed her.

Lucy turned her head and smiled sadly as she saw the woman who was like her older sister, well her spirit. Mira gave a small wave before disappearing. Lucy let out a sob, she cried until she became angry. She pushed herself out of bed and walked to Mira's room. She saw many of the Guild in there but none could meet her blank eyes. Lucy bit her lip and took Mira's cold hand as she wept by the woman's cold body. It was silent until Lucy spoke. "Where is the baby" she mumbled and looked at Porlyuscia. "She is alive, in the other room with Wendy" The older woman looked away. Lucy nodded and picked up her body. She looked down at Mira one last time, "Ill take care of her, I promise" She whispered and kissed the woman's cheek. Everyone heard the promise but none protested. All knew it would be what Mira wanted.

With the help of Gajeel and Levy, She was taken to the room with the little baby. She stared at the little incubator that held the tiny baby, born two months earlier. She couldn't have been more then 4 pounds at most. Lucy gently smiled as she saw the little tiff of blonde hair. She remembered Mira always complaining of heartburn and that the baby must have been has hairy as a ape if she had this much heart burn. Her smile turned sad and she gently reached into the incubator caress the little ones cheek. Lucy's smiled softly, "Ill always protect you little one" She whispered softly and she swore the baby smiled as she opened her bright blue eyes to look at her.

She requested the Incubator be moved to Mira's room. The only people left were Elfman, Lisanna, Master, Porlyusica, and Wendy. She sat in between the incubator and Mira, softly holding Mira's hand and softly touching the baby.

Lucy awoke with a start as there was a enormous thunder clap outside. She could hear the doors being thrown open and running. She turned towards the siblings who were holding each other. Lisanna stood up first, ready to attack whoever it was. She was clearly still out of it, she didn't even realize it was Laxus. He came bursting into the room and looked around frantically. When he spotted Mira's body, he lost it. Lucy bit her lip as she watched him fall to his knees next to her bed. He held Mira's hand to his face as he sobbed. They sat their watching him, not sure how to comfort the dragon. Bixlow came in and held Lisanna close to him, scared to let her go. Evergreen moved to sit in Elfman's lap to comfort him. Freed leaned against the wall by her, unsure what to do with himself. Master came in with Porlyusica and Wendy trailing not far behind. He had no idea how to comfort him either. It was silent expect Laxus' sobs as the cried into Mira's cold chest.

That was until a tiny little cry got all their attention, even the sobbing dragon. Lucy finally let go of Mira's hand, setting it gently on the bed as she stood up to comfort the infant. She held little Ellie close to her chest and turned to see Laxus glaring at her, well more like her chest. "You saved the baby, but you couldn't save my wife!" He growled out and glared at the little bundle in her arms before turning his rage to his own grandmother. "You should have saved her! We could always have had more babies! But now she is gone!" He yelled, loud enough the whole building shook. Lucy shivered and held Ellie closer. Laxus was gonna have to get through her if he even dared wanting to touch her.

"Laxus...we couldn't save her... we tried but we all knew she was gone. Her last words were to save the baby and that she loved you" Wendy whispered while looking down. She could see the older slayer crack, they all had a soft spot for Wendy, like she was their little sister. He turned back to his wife and gently picked her up. He cradled her body to him and took in her scent one last time. "Ill take her to the morgue" He mumbled against her hair and walked to the door. Freed got up to follow him, the only person who could really get to Laxus but even freed was ignored.

After Laxus dropped off his wife's body off and worked out the arraignments, he ran to the forest outside their little home. Every tree within a 5 mile radius was destroyed as he let out every ounce of anger on them. He could feel the storm brewing around him as he kept hitting everything in sight. His screams of rage and anguish heard throughout Magnolia. The heart of the city went out to the grieving dragon.

He soon collapsed from exhaustion. He didn't know how long he laid there but he soon picked himself up and walked to their home. He looked around in disdain at the little home he had with his demon. Walking to their room he basically tore it apart, packing everything he owned in a suitcase. He looked at her clothes and bit his lip. He would have Lisanna go through them later, when she was ready. He started to pack them in boxes, holding back tears. He already determined he was going to move back with Gramps and his grandmother. He couldn't stay in this house. Too many memories, both good and bad were haunting him.

He grabbed everything he needed and called the thunder legion, they happily agreed to pack up the house for him. He made his way to Gramps house to drop off his crap. He didn't need anything to distract him at their house. Laxus honestly considered destroying the home before shaking his head. That would just piss off his late wife. He sighed and decided he was just going to sell the damn thing. He wanted nothing to do with it anymore. He got in his Gramps house, surprised to see his grandmother there. He shrugged it off, they deserved to be together and to stop sneaky around like teenagers. Then again maybe that was the fun of it. He shuttered and mentally slapped himself. The last thing he needed to picture was his grandparents having sex.

He made his way up to his usual room he had before they got married, nothing had changed in it expect the fact it was clearly cleaned before he came. He groaned as he collapsed on the bed. He definitely wasn't ready to bury his beautiful wife tomorrow. 'Mira..'

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