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Lucy woke up very confused. She was pretty positive she was naked cuddling her dragon slayer when she fell asleep, but when she woke up their bed was strangely absent of him. She got up and groaned at her sore muscles. "Guess sleeping on a hard chest isn't ideal for neck support" she mumbled as she tried to rub the sore muscles of her neck. She got up and slipped on a simple sundress. She had an idea that it wouldn't be wise to hunt for Laxus stark naked.

She wondered out of the bedroom, hearing noise from the kitchen. She peeked around the corner and had to stifle her laugh behind her hand. In the kitchen was Laxus, Ellie on his hip as he was attempting to cook. And by the sound of his frustrated growls and Ellie's adorable giggles, he was failing miserably. She leaned against the wall, watching the shirtless man try to cook something on the stove while Ellie wiggled in his arms, arguing with him in her adorable babble.

She snuck behind him, gently wrapping her arms around his stomach and her face pushed into his back as she hugged him from behind "I was wondering where my morning sex was but I see the baby is back" she smirked. She felt Laxus' chest rumble as he laughed. He turned and wrapped his free arm around her waist. Ellie noticed her and screamed in excitement. She wiggled and tried to get to Lucy. She gently took the wiggling infant and smiled down at her as she cuddled her chest "I missed you too bugaboo. Did you have fun?" She smiled as the little blonde girl peeked up at them with a big toothless grin.

Laxus felt pride swell in his chest as he looked down at his little family. His mate holding his child close. It only made his dragon try to convince him that they needed to make Lucy pregnant and have their own little pack of dragon and celestial babies. Laxus shook his head, as much as he liked the image, he knew they weren't ready. Ellie was already a handful enough as it was. Not to mention the threat of his father. No babies would have to wait till their lives were actually stable.

Lucy looked up at her dragon and arched her brow at him. "Hey earth to Laxus, are you okay?" She asked as he had this stupid grin on his face. He looked into her eyes and shrugged before smelling his burning food. "shit!" he yelled and turned around to see the scrambled eggs he was making were completely ruined. Burned so much he wasn't even sure if Natsu would try them.

Hearing his growls and yells, Lucy peeked around his arm. On the stove was a pan with some black stuff in it. She wrinkled her nose. "while this is sweet, why don't you take Ellie and I'll cook us breakfast"

Laxus sighed and nodded his head "Okay" he said and gently took Ellie from her arms. Ellie fussed and tried to reach for her mommy. Lucy smiled and kissed the little girls forehead "It's okay baby, I'm here, I always will be" She smiled at her softly.

Saika Pov

She walked down the long underground corridor, her footsteps echoing off the walls. She walked outside Ivan's door, hearing moans of pain through the door. It wasn't something unusual. He like to obviously torture his prisoners in some demented ways. He liked to experiment. Trying to find new ways to make his super weapon. None of the mages were ever powerful enough though, and usually died in the process or shortly afterwards.

She knocked on the door but was ignored. A frown graced the snake woman's lips. When she heard a grunt that was obviously her master's she thrust the door open, ready for a fight. She however was not expecting to see such a sight. A young man bent over Ivan's desk, his ass in the air. What was more surprising was the sight of Ivan's dick in the young man's ass. Her master was roughly thrusting and clearly enjoying himself with this young man. He wasn't shy and looked right at her as he continued to move as if it was the most normal thing ever.

Her face was obviously a bright red and she turned to look away "I'm sorry sir, I thought you were under attack" She mumbled and heard the older man laugh. "Wait outside, I want to hear your report on what happened" He grunted. She nodded and closed the door with a slam. She was leaning against it but the now obvious sex sounds still assaulted her ears.

It was no secret in the guild that their master enjoyed the company of men and women but she had never seen him with a male lover. It threw her for a loop and hurt her heart a bit. No one wanted to see the man they love fucking anyone else. She sat in the hall, hiding her face in her knees. Saika was a confident and beautiful woman but in that moment she felt like nothing but a hurt child.

Soon the door opened to reveal the young man in a bare state of dress. He looked at her and blushed "Sorry" he mumbled in a squeaky voice before running down the hall. She shook her head before standing up. Ivan was standing in the doorway, waiting for her. His chest was bare and he just wore boxers around his hips. He didn't care who saw his state of nakedness.

He would have been an idiot not to know about Saika's crush on him, he loved using it to his advantage. Saika would do anything for him, taking pride in being his right hand. He motioned the woman in, a hand on her lower back. "My dear, what information did you find out?" He grinned and made his way with her to his desk. It was still in a disarray from his actions not to long ago. She sat across from him and sighed.

Saika began explaining all about her mission, from poisoning Lucy and blaming it on a the blue pegasus mage, to having to heal her. She also explained all she knew about Laxus and Lucy mating and how protective Ivan's son is about his mate and daughter. The man seemed to grow more angry and growled. She suddenly saw him sit up and a smirk grow on his lips. "Saika come here"

The woman listened, coming to sit closer to him on the arm of his chair. He was grinning up at her like a child. "Sir?" She asked softly. Honestly the grin reminded her of a shark. "Saika my dear, what is one way to make a dragon come out of hiding?" He asked. She could only look at him confused. He laughed and patted her knee. "It's easy way to get him off the island, we just need to lure off Lucy and we have them. She is the key to Laxus and my granddaughter" He could only grin more, evil glint clearly in his eye. "Were going after Lucy Heartfilia."

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