Danny Phantom last of us

FP AF two worlds collide in the past comes back to bite Danny Fenton as he gets an unlikely mission to escort a young girl across Selvage United States. Special thanks to nothing you can prove a beta and cowriting of this.


What Was

Amity Park. Several years ago

"Enough Danny, we're over. I don't care what you say, you slept with and knocked up that witch. You know what she's done to me and others. Did you ever love me?"

Sam tossed the engagement ring at Danny.

"Sam you been so moody and angry lately you told me to go away and not talk to you, I thought we had broken up. I went to one party and had too much to drink. Paulina isn't like that."

She froze up her hands in nuclear frustration, she was used to Danny being the King of clueless, but this was epic even for him.

"Danny what will it take for you to accept that Paulina is scum? The years of her tormenting me, the fact she almost killed. Valerie had her impaled. Like, with what she did to Star. "

"She was cleared of battering court. It is unfortunate that Star was kidnapped, tortured and violated and ended up with child and disowned, but that's not on Paulina."

She hugged herself as she leant against the wall, the frustration and disbelief filling her, a permanent scowl on her face.

"How blind are you? We had a witnesses, DNA. Even the damn confession was broadcasted on national TV, she really floated and bribe her way out even though they have evidence of that it. We still forgave her. What more does she have to do to be found guilty of anything in this town. How many bodies or human wreckage must she leave behind?" Sam screamed at Danny violently.

"Yeah, right. Sam, like your new harlot Sam showing off your great body. A melon chest. Well the plastic surgeons must've done a great job giving you those double D's and those curves."

Danny stood back smugly at his veiled insult, knowing that Sam used to be very insecure about her body.

"Your misguided sense of forgiveness is stupid, Danny given you seen us both naked. You know I'm all natural."

Sam showed her chest to Danny.

Danny looked shell-shocked. One of his veiled insult didn't even phase Sam at all, did he really know her anymore? He tried to ignore the obvious arousal Sam's assets on display does to him. Damn Danny thinks yes she's all-natural.

"But Sam…"

Before he could continue, Sam curb stomped away his attempts to find words and went on the offensive.

"No buts Danny, what about what she did to me? Nearly killing me and half our school body. I had to have three plastic surgery to fix the damage she did to my face and my arm. I got lucky with the total damage from that attack. Did you bother checking up on me? Thankfully, I can still have children. Not like a few other girls got hurt that day. Thanks to her."

Sam tossed a few photos of a few girls, the other girls with her during the school attack Crystal, Faith, Jessica. That were not so lucky.

Sam moved back her long hair on the left side of her face to reveal long scar, going from above her left eye down the right side of her cheek she holds up a matching scar across her left arm.


It took a few minutes for Danny to recover from his shock. Sam pressed on.

"What about what she did to your sister and better yet what about Danielle? She messed up my adoption of her years ago and since then she's MIA. well, what will it take for you to hate Paulina? I understand your conditions you might need more than I can offer. If you were honest with me and told me you had to sleep with another woman any other woman, but her."

Danny recalled. He couldn't believe Sam mentioned his sister. Jazz and Danielle, that was a low blow.

"Like who's really the jealous, manipulative bitch? Who stops any other girl getting near me? You can't even name one you be comfortable with me being with."

Danny's mind is racing. He knows he's speaking out of anger, but he just can't control himself. Sam's reply is only so super quiet, and always haunts Danny.

"I can name three, Star, Valerie, and Jazz. If I walked in you and Jazz I gladly take notes, maybe even join you. Given what happened with star one of the few people we have the support her. I put on a cheerleader outfit and cheer you on. And hell, it was Valerie I probably saddling beside you would make it a three-way. On my last birthday. I was half a drink and 2 seconds away from hooking up with two of the three I mentioned. I also know I gladly swing the other way for any of them. Given how much they mean to me. But again, you still act like I'm that scared, insecure 14-year-old girl still felt overwhelmed by everything."

Danny's response of what he does next, which was the worst in his anger he slams Sam.

"Like the guerrilla incident or the changing of the menu or wishing we never knew each other with the damn ghost portal or…"

Before Danny could finish, Sam always slaps him and a moment later her angry response always haunts him.

"I admit I made my share of mistakes, especially after the ghost portal. I had a friend and later my fiancée means you forgive me. You gave me your word. That doesn't mean you later have to bust my ass to make things right, Danny, then you throw it in my face. When you feel like it you hypocrite jerk, the hell with you. Danny I'm leaving and I hope I never see that lying kinky two-faced, manipulative asshole face of yours ever again."

He never remembers the end of Sam's curse for the next hit across the face that knocked him on his ass.

The last thing he remembers is seeing her silhouette exit out the door. He remembers how beautiful she looked. That was the last time he ever saw her. Worst was the look of pain on Sam's face. Danny was paralyzed where he stood barely noticing the other voice behind them.

"I win"

Paulina's voice comes out from the bathroom. She exits the bathroom, wearing nothing but Danny's shirt and comes up behind him, wrapping her arms around him.

Danny rolls over and realized the worst of the nightmare is over.

Unfortunately for Danny like most of his nightmares, this is just the first act. The still more to come.

Years later, the house. Danny Fenton Townsville Texas

"I told you I think that contract, we have a deal. Seem to get those guys over there today. Pouring the concrete. I don't care of if the Fitzpatrick's get it done, a deals a deal" Danny hangs up the phone in anger. Then collapses back onto to the couch.

"Hey daddy."

Danny gets a brief look at his daughter and approves of what she's wearing, for once. Some kind of tank top. Some weird Asian symbol on it and the pyjama bottoms. Short blonde hair with piercing blue eyes. With small earrings. Which seemed less invasive compared to her strong-arming Danny for her to get body piercing. Wait, is that a hint of lipstick.

She's a preteen, she's too young for that she's barely... Danny mind go off on a tangent when Sarah shifting catches attention.

"Sarah honey, why are you still doing up you should be asleep right now, don't tell me Jennifer's over again doing the same sleepover naked striptease again. She really has to stop, or there is something want tell me honey"

"Dad, you gropes, she's my best friend she just has issues at night. That's all. Anyways, happy birthday."

Sarah gives Danny a nice little box, which Danny opens seeing a nice watch, which he puts on.

"Sarah honey, this is really nice. How did you afford this?"

"Drugs, I sold hard-core drugs and pictures and a video of Jennifer's to the boys at school and surprisingly a lot of girls."

To Danny's discomfort Sarah made hand motions and gestures, of Jennifer's movements, the image Sarah best friend performing sleep striptease and pole dancing. God I hope Sarah did not use any of the near naked shots. Damn the mind of the last time Tucker dragged him to a club. As a realization of what Danny was thinking his face distorted various forms of pain.

Sarah stops briefly and chooses hit Danny in the ribs, totally enjoy her father's discomfort.

The sound of Sarah giggling and laughter filled the air.

"That's good. It might as well start helping with the mortgage, and don't take any more pictures of Jennifer without her permission and she gets a cut of course."

"You know by now daddy, Jennifer's game for anything. I swear she's a natural performer."

"Just do not take advantage of her, you know why? She trusts you and if you suggest something, anything, she'll pretty much do whatever, because she believes in you. But seriously, how did you get the money?"

Sarah shrugs nonchalantly, she really doesn't want to mention drugs and amateur near porn of her best friend just feels better than what she actually did. Shifting awkwardly like a guilty child with her hand caught in the cookie jar, Sarah finally answered.

"I sold some stuff, mostly to people at school. And some people in the neighborhood. "

"What exactly did you sell? Sarah."

"Those Packets I've been getting from Paris, this clothing, makeup, intimate apparel, etc. Just say selling it other girls were certain people with interests I made some good money."

Danny's face darkens slightly. He prefers possible amateur porn and drugs compared to his daughter selling imported racy lingerie, imported fashion clothing from Paris and high-priced makeup. The last shipment of a handful of makeup couple unmentionables in a few outfits which Danny estimated a cost made his car and mortgage payments for the month.

"Which reminds me, you have another package from your mother with instructions, you plan selling that to or something else? I know it's a sore subject. I know your last visit did noyo go well. I still remember being called from the bus station at the middle of the night to come get you. I can't believe you hitchhiked close to 30 miles to get to the station just to get away from her you know she's ..."

Sarah's relaxed posture quickly moves from comfortable to agitated with the edge. She's ready for a fight.

"She's been AWOL my whole life, and now she wants me to be her perfect trophy daughter. No way, no how. Especially with those damn instructions. She given to me. I've become the perfect slutty girl at school and popular, no thanks. Burn any Packets that come from that bitch for all I care."

The look of hurt all over Danny's face, he wanted Sarah to have a relationship with her mother and suspected the best of Paulina. But in the back of his mind, he realized, Jazz, Valerie and especially Sam were right. For some reason Danny could never accept that Paulina was full of beauty, but completely evil and self-serving. In retrospect Danny realizes Paulina has cost him most of the important people in his life, his sister, his ally, his best friend and fiancé and worse, Danielle. Making sure Sarah being only child.

Sometime later

Ring ring


"Danny, Jennifer's there, right? Her dad's here is in a mood again and he's been drinking. Don't worry just something bad going on at work. Just tell me she's safe with you."

Danny heard a smash and the screech before the line went dead. They sat up in bed any and could hear the screams in the distance from his nearest neighbour, Jennifer's parents.

Before Danny headed out, he quickly checked she was with his daughter. He was happy to see Sarah back to sleep with Jennifer squeezing her applicable oversized teddy bear. Her long blue hair with pink stripes visible poking out of the blanket. Then he shook his head with disdain, realizing she stripped again while sleeping.

At least Danny didn't get another Birdseye view of her other piercings below the neck. Damn he knows full well he swept the take Jennifer probably Sarah clothing shopping soon. Given how fast Jennifer is developing that will probably lead to awkward conversation. Probably birds and bees or worse another scream from his thoughts and realize he had to get in gear.

The problem was that Cletus, Jennifer's father, is a known drunkard with a bad temper and can't hold down a job because of it. It is also widely known he likes to beat his wife and daughters. Apparently. That's why his oldest daughter ran off years ago as soon as she turned 14. To be honest, he is more concerned with making sure Jennifer was safe, and to hell with her parents.

Given that she's still asleep in her daughter's room Danny felt like it's mission accomplished and was ready to go back to bed, until he heard the crash and the sound of a gunshot.

"It's one thing for Cletus to punch and kick, but when he bringing guns into it. Someone is going end up dead."

Danny quickly followed the invitation of the phone call marched over to the side door to his nearest neighbor and banged on the door.

As the door opened, he saw Rita on the ground covered in blood and Cletus stomping around, waving his fist.

Danny had enough. He tackled Cletus and proceeded to punch the living crap out of him. Eventually finishing by picking them up and smashing him headfirst into the china cabinet, knocking his ass out.

Behind Danny, Rita arose, twisted at unnatural angle, her eyes appearing inhuman. The large gash with some kind of growth extending from it.

Danny turned and saw her running towards him, her teeth chattering. Danny fell back to trip overturned chair and landing on his back and she stormed towards him.

Just as she was about to bite down on Danny's neck, a shot rang out and Rita fell back. Danny looked up and saw Jeff, Cletus' talented brother, who was a total opposite of him in every way. Jeff turned and put two bullets in Cletus as well.

"What's going on?"

Jeff was panting heavily from the struggle, and only they look like you could stand. His clothes were a mess. He was covered in grime and blood. Danny just got a little shocked by the turn of events. Not realizing that Jennifer is now an orphan.

"Danny listen, take the girls and get out of here, you heard about that pandemic thing. It's here, get them somewhere safe. I'm counting on you. You need to protect Sarah and my niece Jennifer, and no, I can't go with you. You see, I'm already infected. All I can do is try to keep others off you. Go dammit!"

Danny noticed the large cut on Jeff side.

Not asking twice, Danny quickly got up, not noticing the blood on his shirt and ran outside door.

Danny's house. Moments after Danny left to check on the neighbors


Sarah's eyes open abruptly as she hits the hard wooden floor, her room slowly materialising in the darkness. A dull ache begins to creep up her thigh from the impact of her falling from her bed. She is probably going to get a bruise. She looks around in confusion, wondering why she has fallen. The reason for her fall soon becomes apparent.

She feels something warm pressed against her back and arms clutching her. She turns her head slightly to see that her best friend, Jennifer, is squeezing her like an over-sized teddy bear.

Jennifer is always so touchy feely. As this thought crosses Sarah's mind, Jennifer's hands begin squeezing the wrong place in the wrong way. A quick glance over at her best friend confirms what Sarah already knows, Jennifer has stripped again.

Sarah sighs and frowns at her best friend's issue. She has long since accepted the fact that she had to be there for Jennifer, regardless of how awkward it can get sometimes.

"Man Jennifer, this must be the third time I've had to redress your ass tonight. Why does this happen when you go to sleep? You can't keep yourself covered up. That's what got us kicked out of summer camp."

Disturbingly, Sarah pulls on the clothing on to her best friend and notices the birthday card she forgot to give her dad.


Figuring she's already up, she might as well answer nature's call. She exits the bathroom. Moments later, she notices that her dad's door slightly ajar. She enters in and realizes he is not there.

"Where are you dad?"

Sarah looks over and notices a few pictures on the mantle, she always tried to ask dad who they are. Him and the redheaded girl. In the picture there is an African-American girl and the goth girl.

The one that peaks her interest the most is the goth girl, another dark-haired girl that looks about her age.

Walking over to the photo of the two dark-haired girls, she looks at them.

"Sam and Danielle, Uncle Tucker told me once. In a perfect world they would have been my mom and my sister, I would've known more, if Danny hadn't shut him down."

Sarah frowns at the large photo on the right wall from other.

TV news. This is Stacy Lane downtown as the roadblocks the put up this is seen to see information on the latest outbreak were trying to. Amy man Lady get back isn't it's dangerous. We have a gas leak the frantic reporter mentions.

The TV goes silent after she hears the explosion, Sarah looks up and notices the motion that the distance a large fireball.

"Something's going on. I gotta find dad?"

Ring ring

"That's his cell."

Sarah looks around and realizes and here she quickly travelled downstairs. Looking around for a few minutes, she finds a cell phone in her dad's study.


"Sarah honey, it's your uncle Tucker. It's bad. Where's your dad?"

"He's not here, Tucker. I don't know where he is."

"Okay, this is bad, Sarah it's important to stay inside. Don't let anyone in. I'm on my way. Oh if Jennifer is with you, get her and yourself ready. We have to leave as soon as I get there."


The line goes dead on Sarah, she looks up as Danny comes from the outside glass sliding door and quickly pulls a steel box from his desk and unlocks it pulls the gun. Sarah tries frantically getting to get her dad's attention.

Instinctively, she starts moving towards the glass doors leading out to the backyard. The last second before she reaches the doors, she is grabbed and pulled back.

"Don't." Jennifer quickly squawks pulling Sarah out of the study and across the living room. She is in her panties and tank top, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Sarah turns so that she sees the study window give way. One of the neighbors comes rushing in. Danny brings up the gun and shoots the neighbor dead.

The next few minutes are blur. Jennifer pulls Sarah into Tucker's car, slamming the back door with Danny getting in shotgun.

It's hard to focus the different noises as Jennifer start shovelling into a pair of pants and slapping on her boots. She quickly tells Sarah to put on a jacket.

Serious confusion wonders over Sarah's face. How had her friend had enough time to grab anything on the way out? She is not willing to question it.

"Dad, what about those people what's going on, is that man on fire?' Panic gripping Sarah's voice is a cut into town.

"I got this focus on the road" Tucker winces.

Jennifer quickly responds. She quickly grabs Sarah and kisses her replacing one panic with another, but at least the new one can be control.


The rest is a blur with Jennifer pulling Sarah part of the truck, Sarah mentioned her leg is hurt. Danny's trying to carry her. The infected tries to attack them. Jennifer quickly smashed him in the face with a tire iron.

The makeshift group quickly run down the alley, Tucker and Jennifer leading. Some frantically trying to find ways for the group to continue.

Jennifer turns around the corner and notices the door torn the buildings and frantically tries it.

The loud noise you hear somebody debris that was the fire escape crashing down the alley apparently right where Jennifer was. They can't see her. They hope she wasn't crushed.

"We can't do anything for her. She got crushed. We got to go."

"She could be on the other side. We can't just leave her?"

"We have no choice. Run."

Looking across the alley. The makeshift group only see the mangled wreck of the fire escape and other things that fell from the roof, totally cutting off the left half of the alley. Leaving only the right. They cannot see Jennifer anywhere.

Danny can feel the panic rising in Sarah as she buries her head against his chest, not willing to accept the fact that her best friend might have just died.

"Jennifer if you can hear me meet us at the snake tree up on Route 67, remember those disaster drills we did in the past. Good luck" Danny screams as he runs down the alley.

Danny's heart sink in the chest realizing the chance of seeing Jennifer again is small. But he has to stay strong for Sarah and Tucker.

The curling sound of the infected I heard behind them.

The last moments always play out in slow motion, the cutting across the bar, Tucker covering them. Danny living up the Hill to Route 67. On the other side of the bridge. The soldier whispering the orders and then a gunshot.

Sarah is on the ground bleeding out, Tucker shows up a moment later and kills Sarah's killer.

"No, no, no."