Danny Phantom last of us

chapter 7

Border town

It's been three days since they left. Mr. Lancer the trip so far everything is perfect. Danny and Ellie are currently stopped for a rest stop waiting for Danny to refill the truck with more gas using what he referred to as credit card. Ellie just wants to say what it is a hosted he uses steel gas crashed cars at this rest stop.

"Okay. Ellie we're done here. Get back to the truck and we will be on our way."

Ellie proceeds to reach the driver side to get in and drive again. Danny interrupts her and takes the driver seat.

"I think you have done enough driving for now young lady. It's my turn anyways."

Ellie is still shocked that, almost a few hours after leaving Mr. Lancer, Danny had insisted she take a turn behind the wheel. He gradually taught her the rules of the road. In retrospect, it had been a great idea. None of Ellie's previous travelling companions had been bothered with that particular lesson, not even Iris, something that surprised her.

"So I noticed you keep looking over your shoulder while you were driving looking for something. Is this about what Lancer told you?"

"He said there was a woman circus out here. I should be careful."

"What's that?" Danny is surprised there is a circus out here he hadn't heard of.

Ellie shifts noncommittally in the passenger seat before she answers his question.

"Supposedly after being kicked out of various groups. The wing nuts were just fundamentals, militia types misogynists etc. all found themselves exiled together and the group. This motley crew came upon an old circus. They found a few girls' still their daughters of the original performers or something. The word was a couple acrobats fire eater, etc."

"So what does it have to be so afraid of, especially for you?"

Danny unduly felt uncomfortable and how Ellie was talking of this new problem they have to worry about

"well, well the circus girls eventually escaped but the other girls that were met along the way weren't so lucky. So you fringe groups now one posse you will

"Well, they kind of restart circus enslaving the girls. They eventually escaped, but the rest of us weren't so lucky. So now this group of fundamental crazies move up and down the land entertaining as circus

unfortunately, they don't tell you the type of entertainment is having girls and young women. They capture perform."

"Okay, this sounds bad. What kind of entertainment were they providing anyways?"

Danny has a feeling he knows exactly what they were doing. Ellie answers stone-faced.

"Initially they perform additional carnival acts, but then there's a twist. The girls start performing pendants beating, torture self-mutilation and eventually rape. Hell, they even encourage that if you think a girl isn't being punished enough by performing, you could leave the stands walk right into the middle of the show and take a girl. This performing any way you please. Bottom line they believe that if enough women and girls are forced back into their place, the world would be restored to what it was, sort of the Garden of Eden."

Danny looks over at Ellie and suddenly realizes exactly why this fairy-tale scared her so badly. She's openly carrying three weapons and as a young girl was standing tall. Unless Ellie start acting like an indentured servant or his love slave, they would probably try to attack her on site and break her or worse. This is a sobering thought for Danny.

"I've never actually seen one of these Ellie, a functioning circus that's making its point to basically torture girls and force people to watch. I doubt that you keep running in the wastelands between zones a very long. Think about it logically supply wise."

Ellie considers logistics food, shelter weaponry fuel. Plus, carrying out their particular task one hard winter would kill them off. Ellie face seems to relax, thinking that it is not exactly a major threat.

"Anyways that the tales of dragons and guys in power armor running around from some government vault those just urban legends of the wastelands. We can't concern ourselves with it focus on what we can see."

Ellie considers this and she's besides to amuse herself from backpack and pulled out magazine start looking at it. Danny when the paid much heed until Ellie flipped the magazine start pulling on a foldout.

"Ellie that is not the type of magazine you should be looking at."

"Wait, I'm wondering what all the hubbub is about. How can a guy sit with that thing? I can't imagine putting something like that inside me."

Danny's hands turn white with stress as he holds the steering wheel with a dead man's grip. Thoughts run through his head of the exact magazine Ellie is reading. Just the thought of a girl her age staring at that didn't seem right to him.

"It's not right for someone your age to look at that."

"Hold your horses and get a good look at this."

Danny does a ham-handed attempt with one hand to get the magazine of still keeping control of the car

"I don't think this is my thing. Anyways the pages are stuck together. Somehow, I gross."

Ellie dumped the magazine of the window much to Danny's relief as Ellie comments, "Later boys."

She turns back to Danny.

"Anyways, got something for you. Some music."

Ellie gives Danny a CD. He reads the name and mumbles it's a good one and why not.

"It's a little before my time. Even I'm not this old," Danny quickly answers, the uninformed question for Ellie squawk away.

Ellie giggles, realizing Danny beat to the punch machine mentally does the math that gives someone 53 so far, but she still winning the war.

Music fills the vehicle as a drive on. Unfortunately, Danny doesn't notice sometime later that Ellie produces another magazine from her backpack similar to the first one. The only difference is, this one focuses on women. Danny doesn't notice her hunched breath and red cheeks as she reads it.

Danny stops the truck to examine the highway in more detail before they carry on. A sign above reads Pittsburgh. He notices the road to the right is blocked with a wall-to-wall traffic jam. The only way clear is ahead. Looking behind, Danny notices the road is clear for miles. They could double back and find a way round, but this would take up a lot of time. Alternatively, they could continue through the obvious ambush someone had set up. Neither option seemed great and both could potentially waste a lot of time, but they were the only two viable choices.

Looking over he notices Ellie is asleep in the passenger seat, the magazine slumped on her. He shakes her shoulder in an attempt to wake her.

"Ellie wake up and get your stuff together"

Ellie didn't budge. Danny shook her again, but Ellie only stretches out, shifting the magazine. His curiosity gets the better of him and he looks at the inner contents and blushed for moment noticing a picture of fully naked woman.

Ellie's eyes suddenly open. She sees Danny looking at the magazine and quickly places it back in her bag, trying to desperately hide her discomfort. Danny has to chuckle at her embarrassment. He also notices how carefully Ellie placed the magazine in her bag, instead of tossing it like its predecessor. She composes herself.

"What's up?"

Danny points up ahead.

"The path in front of us is blocked. We have to cut through the city. You know an unknown city is always bad news."

Ellie knowingly shifts, automatically coming on edge her original party. She lost 4 people just cutting across the city off a main road just like this. You could be walking into anything, marauders to infected or even worst crazies."

Without further ado, Danny continues down the road. Eventually, they notice a man bent out, moving in agonized pain in the middle-of-the-road begging for help.

"Shall we help him?"

Danny shakes his head.

"He's not hurt, strap in and grab your bag."

With the click of Ellie's seatbelt Danny floors, it and drives straight at the man with the intent on running him over. The man quickly stands up straight and produces a gun. He starts shooting at them as several of his Associates in hiding start tossing God knows what at the car as they speed past.

"The hell with this Ellie cursed."

Instinctively, she looks over Danny and notices one of his gun's side holster under his arm. She quickly grabs the gun and aims straight out in front of her and starts firing rapidly. The first shot demolishes what is left of the windshield. It quickly cascades into pieces. The next three shots go straight into the man in the middle-of-the-road, who did not expect counter fire. Because of this he stumps back seriously injured. Danny continues sliding the vehicle back and forth as they drive, not noticing the blue mist coming from Ellie's mouth.

"Danny look out to the right."

Danny instinctively is on the gas and shifts the truck to the left. They suddenly see a Street car coming towards them down a steep hill. Instead, it clips the tail end of the truck, forcing the truck to go into a complete spinning circle. Danny quickly slams on the brakes and instinctively starts forcing the wheel to the right. His actions are partially successful. Instead of careening out of control into some debris truck, the truck slides sideways across the plaza, clipping the shutters of a store.

Danny's knocks against steering wheel from the force of the impact, but otherwise is fine. Ellie's side is facing the street and she can see a bus in the distance. It drops down the hill like a battering ram to finish this ambush off.


Something smashes the window on Ellie's side. Another hit on her door. Ellie quickly undoes her seatbelt and realizes she has to cross to Danny's side to get out of the truck. The attack is coming from her side. Ellie pushes Danny back to get out of the truck. Ellie loses her footing and Danny is suddenly yanked away by one of the thugs. Ellie lands on her face. Before she can get back up, someone grabs her legs and drags her out of the truck.

"What the hell?" Danny squirms, realizing he is being held by two thugs who are pushing him to a broken freezer. Danny pivots and kicks the other thug in the face, knocking him in the glass. He quickly grabs his belt and brings up one of his new blades, ramming it straight behind him, luckily connecting with the thug's neck.

The man jumps back screaming and holding his wound. Danny quickly grabs the other man as he recovers and smashes his foot into the man's leg, then pivots and grabs his head, smashing him straight into the nearby wall ending him with a snap.

The thug eventually removed the knife and regains control and proceeds to attack Danny fourthly Danny brings up the pistol and empties a single shot into the thug's skull. Taking him out permanently

Danny quickly recovers and realizes he has to get Ellie. Danny's mind turns dark for moment. He follows the implications of what could be going on inside of the truck. He has a picture of her being forced to her knees, shirt torn open, thugs forcing her to service them before they take her.

Danny's head snaps back to reality and anger suddenly flows through his veins

A few minutes earlier with Ellie

Ellie finds herself struggling as she is yanked from the truck and held off the ground, with her arms behind her back. The worst is, only realize is the other thugs arm was clothing dripping on her chest.

She struggled in horror as she realized can feel his fingers caressing her skin. And noticed that was directly in front of her. Trying to subdue her legs. She suddenly feared what they are trying do with her pants or she hallucinating in panic.

She moves her legs crazily. She sees the two thugs in front of her.

All seems hopeless for Ellie and leg sweep and familiar feeling came from her foot. The force of the energy disk hit two thugs on to their ass in front of her and power from her other foot projected her and other foot thug holding her smashing into the roof and then crash back down before luckily losing his arms long enough, you shake her loose. Ellie quickly turns and smashes the left-hand straight into the thug those holding hers face. The bromide enough force automatically snap the man's head back. The man also quickly stumbles and falls to his knees completely out of it

The two thugs that witness what just happened back up, obvious fear overtaking their faces.

Ellie quickly slides into another round house and is happy to see the same result. It hits a thug square in the chest with such force that the said thug goes flying through the nearest wall with audible crack as the man slumped down, leaving a strain of blood behind him.

The last man reaches for his side arm and brings it up to shoot. Ellie quickly jumps on him, hitting him with a fury of punches. Ellie doesn't notice the slight green tinge around her hands as she hits him. After the first few volleys, the man's face collapses and is slowly disappearing.

When Ellie finally stops, the thug she is punching collapses to the floor with his head mostly carved out from the hits. The man on his knees. Ellie has coldcocked now collapses the floor, the sound of his head rolling off the other direction. Ellie doesn't realize that the force of her blow actually decapitates him.

Back with Danny. Jumping over the truck

He just sees the end of the guy Ellie is punching in the face collapse to the floor. She stands there, panting with her hands on her legs, obviously out of breath covered in sweat.

Five more reinforcements seem to be heading from the bus towards them. Acting on instinct, Danny grabs Ellie, pulling from the front of the store, hiding behind a pillar.

"What we do?" Ellie mentions out of breath.

Danny quickly rummages through his meagre supplies cursing. His backpack is still sitting in the truck's seat. Quickly without asking Danny grabs Ellie's backpack and tears it open, looking to see if she had anything they could use.

Luckily Danny finds the bottle of alcohol he'd given her back getting out of Mr. Lancer's trap right. In Danny's great rush he didn't notice anything else is in the bag like the block of C-4 or the P90

among other things

"Dammit, we need a rag or something," Danny says as he frantically searches.

Ellie finally catches her breath and regains her senses, understanding what Danny is doing. The thugs are dangerously close, only a few feet from the front of the store.

Ellie looks down and gets an idea. Grabbing the fabric of her shirt, she quickly tears up a sizable piece off her black shirt, giving Ellie quite a sizable bare midriff.

Danny understands what she is doing. He takes the fabric and dips it in the alcohol, making a very expensive Molotov cocktail ready to go at any given moment.

Danny ducks around the pillar and notices the five thugs are upon them. He tosses the expensive Molotov cocktail is happy with the results he hears. He quickly retreats to the truck, retrieving his backpack and rushes to their pursuers.

They find the street empty except for a few charred husks.

"Ellie search them and keep your eyes open for way out. We can't go back the way we came."

Ellie looks at her hands but carries out her task wondering if she was hallucinating what she just did.

Danny goes to retrieve his backpack and motions over to a shutter, they quickly open it and duck inside. Just heard some new voices behind them exploring the area.

"Ellie do not look at the table check the shelves."

Ellie shifts noticing what Danny was referring to and made a sad face at the few piles of bodies previous victims of the ambush.

"It's not important let's move on. I found some smoke bombs and a creepy list of what they salvaged from the victims."

Ellie forces herself to march on Danny behind her.

Danny felt kind of sad and shocked at how nonchalant. Ellie was talking about the other victims of this ambush he worried about her lack of empathy could be useful skill in this dangerous times, but could also be quite destructive making it unwilling to deal with people

Several minutes later.

To their right was a pool of water outside a hotel they had just observed a patrol of thugs marching into. A bridge is blocking the path in front of them, restricting their possibilities.

"I say we cut through the hotel and get to the other side," Danny mentions confidently.

"No, we just saw like 15 guys go in there and God knows how many others are roaming around. Also we would be boxed in. I say we cross-country. We climb up the side of the bridge and run down the street. I'm not expecting us to go across the street."

"But remember that vehicle, it's obviously the big dog here."

"Yes, exactly. So don't expect anyone to go directly into its path. We could zigzag straight up pass a hotel and a few other blocks."

Danny is disjointed with the two prospects in front of them fighting for box Canyon the hotel for going down the gauntlet over the bridge against the vehicle. Both sound bad in their own ways

but the road one if there caught by the vehicle they could be goners

"Danny face it on a patrol. They just went by high-speed odds are to be a few minutes. We just have to be off street and in cover before they come back around."

Danny would like to argue more but Ellie starts moving through the water to the bridge and testing the vines. Danny did find a moment of pride about how easily Ellie got to swimming even with backpack on and finds himself struggling to catch up to her.

35 min. later and Danny lifts Ellie onto a fire escape and quickly crosses to a connecting path leading ledge over a Plaza. They duck down as they hear the truck speed by.


Ellie reaches into a backpack and holds up a pair of small Fairfield binoculars which she uses to start scanning the Plaza.

Danny starts to seriously wonder what else she has stuck in that backpack. He discovered earlier that she had some iodine pills for purifying water as you boil it. Either way, he needs to know no more of her pulling a rabbit out of every so often.

"Look, there is one guard on the high ledge the right. Three in the café on the ground floor on the right to the Plaza and three at the very back center and one in the bank to the left."

"So I was thinking well okay, I got nothing."

Danny shrugs and feels a little uneasy that the pushy girl Ellie was at a loss.

Danny feels a little happy for moment they got one up on Ellie finally he points to the right of the ledge they have to be croaking on that happens to be a small body of a former guard beside him is a large hunting rifle of several clips of ammunition

Danny quickly places the rifle in Ellie's arm and walks through the procedure of using it, making only one shot just to reload after each one and is a throwback.

"Okay remember, only start shooting after we go loud. I will try to take as many as I can quietly. When you start shooting, make every shot count."

Ellie sits up with the rifle and motions that she's got this.

"Danny remember to the side abandoned car to the right is a fire ax, half way to the bank. I think it could be useful."

Danny quickly settles down from the ledge moves is way over quietly to the bank is almost halfway there when he remembers fire ax Ellie pointed out to him. He quickly sidesteps taken up

once in the bank Danny props the fire ax to distract the guard and as he bends down to pick it up. Danny jumps him and quickly beaten down

Danny quickly exits to the right and jumps the thug in the Plaza as he runs past, he axes him in the head and slides across to the left café.

Ellie is truly impress the next few moments as a wave of motion if Danny reaches the café and pulls the first song. From the window outside and finishes them. The jumps through the café and another one comes from the back he smashes them in the face of the fridge door to the freezer and then as the thugs were covering he just clips in the head with a fire ax. Without missing a beat. The last guard was coming down the stairs to investigate. Danny is him straight in the legs falling. Making the last guard crumble down the stairs hitting the ground hard twisting his head. Odd angle. Then Danny quickly recovers and moves upstairs

"Wow, that impressive."

Ellie would've considered more when she sees Danny jump from the upper path, bringing the ax down on one of the three and landing on another one, leaving one standing and freaking out.


Danny looks up as a third guard collapses. Danny quickly finishes other two.


The far shutter opens and six guards come running out. Two more come from the left to join them

you could hear almost the mutual crap from both Ellie and Danny when they realize his a few more guards they can account for curing their scouting of the area. Danny is quickly forced to retreat. Courtesy of the onslaught of guards, ironically ending up back where we started. We took out the garden when he crossed the Plaza to get the café

Bang, bang, kaboom, bang

Danny realizes that Ellie is going full tilt firing left and right.

Danny now stationed behind cover it's takes a peek and finds out that the explosion he just heard was one of the guards was trying to light up a Molotov cocktail which Ellie proceeded to set off

Danny smiles happily realizing she just barbecue a bunch of their pursuers using their own firepower

The man and a few others on fire.


Danny should realize that in his haste a thug has snuck up behind them and cut through the bank get behind them. Danny quickly finds himself pulled up in a choke hold as he struggles another thug joins his associate to try to work him over. Luckily Danny the word. Bring up his legs he kicked the thug in front of him in the face. Unfortunately, the struggle is cost Danny valuable air and he start eyes blackened as he starts to lose consciousness


Danny finds himself pulled backwards hands double holding him away loosely. Danny jumps forward and punches the guy in front of him, not missing a beat.

Danny's fury of punches quickly takes down the guard in front of him. Then he picks up his fire ax

Danny forcefully brings the fire ax down on the man. He slumps backwards, a large gaping hole in his skull.

Danny pivots to use two pistols and empties a few more shots and then everything is quiet. Pacing around to check there aren't more, he finally signals for Ellie to join him. A moment later she is beside him, still holding a hunting rifle. Dany goes through the guards to see what he could salvage.

"You see that," Ellie mentions with enthusiasm.

Danny hates to admit it, but the girl is probably a better shot than him with a rifle, so he just turns his face away from her, not willing to let Ellie see the look on his face.

Danny quickly points out to Ellie default standard procedure checking the guards for valuables like weapons and food. He finds a small pistol on the guard in front of him in good condition and has five additional magazines he quickly gives the pistol Ellie take the rifle from her

"This is yours now, use it only when needed, and don't hold back with infected. But think first before use on human and try to make sure last resort before you do that Okay."

Ellie face hardens from being so spoken down, but she is also happy to be trusted with the gun.

"I'm not a kid, so don't tell me not to play around with it. I have like three other weapons already, you know."

"Ellie gun safety lecture, the standard procedure when you give someone a new gun. Especially young adult

You might be a really responsible young girl but I'm pretty much guess you probably met a few boys in your travels. Consider if they were given a gun. How that act?"

Ellie shifts back and forth looking at her feet knowing full well that some of the boy she met at the military boarding school had been on the end of the gun without being lectured. They were the first ones to go crazy.

She remembered once she jumped some idiot at the firing range with a crowbar after he got an ak-47 and started waving around like he was the King of the mountain. It nearly took Riley's head off with a straight shot and a few others as well. She also remembered when the stupid range master lecturing her attacking another boy student. First thing she learned was that the military boarding school was sexist as hell.

Girls always seem automatically responsible whenever there is mischief between boys and girls at school

"Danny know that I appreciated this. This is a kind of a small gun. If you're going to give me a gun, at least give me something capable of stopping power like desert Eagle or something. And really I noticed we have been getting much of anything from these guards even the one that the ambush."

"Most of the guards were carrying a hand weapons or crappy pistols. The gun you got is probably the best they have. These guys are really running lean, probably not expecting strong resistance. As for your gun it's your backup for when we will probably get you something bigger later. Right now you have the most ammunition of the both of us. One clip plus 7 spares each clip should give you around 12 shots 13 count the one in the chamber."

Ellie realizes the significance of the offer from Danny now and accepts both of their argument.

"Anyways, I noticed a workbench site three at the back in some parts to gasoline. The modified could do it now but I suggest we get the hell out here for more show up. The good news you found an exit. We can cut in to shutter."

Just as they start to move away, a man runs up to them, not realizing who they are and starts to say.

"They killed him. They killed everyone at the ambush. There were a couple of tourists, an older guy and a girl and-"

The runner suddenly realizes what's going on but before he can do anything his body falls back as several bullets enter him, courtesy of Ellie's new pistol.

Not missing a beat, they quickly run the shutter and lift it and sneak under then let it down quietly

masking their escape from any future pursuers

In the distance behind them there are shouts of other guards finding out about the fates of the former comrades.

45 min. later Ellie places along by Danny into a backroom enough the set of metal stairs reaching the landing he scans all notices locked apartment door. Danny quickly kicks it in and drags Ellie behind him, slammed the door and pushes a wardrobe across the door as a makeshift barricade.

Only window safely inside they catch their breath.

"You trying to kill me, Danny? You almost ripped my arm for my socket dragging me in here."

"It's better than you being roadkill or being a cut to ribbons by that many gun on that damn tank of theirs. Remember the other couple we saw."

Ellie shrinks back in horror at what they saw as they left Plaza and cut for building difficult across the street they saw another couple, a man a woman, running for the lives. Eventually their stamina gives out and he stumbles and a truck. It caught up to them from behind and guns them down. It has a very large mounted gun. Ellie feels sick to her stomach and wishes to puke at the thought of callousness the passengers. Check victims for valuables.

"I guess we know the plan now, and the ambush this and get you the patrols. They used to get rid of the affected secure the area and will drive victims straight into their vehicle the mounted gun."

"To what end?"

"Look at us. We barely made it into this building. If we kept running, we would have eventually grown tired. Humans can't outrun a car no matter how good we are in open the road."

Ellie realizes as she shook her head and looks down feeling low about herself. If Danny hadn't dragged her so fast, she might've not made it before took a bullet by now from that truck. Her face looks up mild hope saying but now.

"If we stick to the high ground, we'll get out here."

Ellie starts boasting to the fire escape Danny says no, pulling her towards one of the bedrooms and they find an open window.

After several minutes of high level tiptoeing on some window ledges they cross to another apartment and enter.

Danny finds himself being thrown back by the large African-American man attacking him. Ellie jumps forward swinging out her fists, hitting man directly in his got several solid blows, pushing him back.

Ellie gets kicked back by a mule kick. Danny jumps up and takes their place swinging.

"Stop. All of you were not your enemy." The young boy mentions, bringing up his pistol in a firing stance.

Unfortunately, Ellie's pistol out wasn't and she wasn't willing to take chances. Danny shifts then quickly grabs Ellie pistol, pointing it down. This action saves them from a tragedy single shot hit the floor, freaking out the two new companions.

"Well you hit hard so does the girl and she's a bit trigger-happy."

"We had some close calls on the way up here with our hosts."

"How do you know when not with them?"

The boy answers at the adduce himself.

"They don't keep kids around or girls for that matter and from what I've seen the girls they do keep don't want to be kept if you know of saying, I am Sam and this is my old brother, Henry."

If Ellie had to guess, Sam is 11 to 13 years old and slightly immature for his age due to his brother sheltering him. He's wearing muddy trousers with a T-shirt covered by a grimy bomber jacket. He has short black hair with black piercing eyes.

On the other hand, Ellie would gauge that's Henry is in his late 20s, with short black hair with piercing black eyes, wearing a grubby muscle shirt and trousers with matching boots. They both have the common traveler gear. I.e. a backpack. She would gauge his downfall is being way over protective of his brother and is unwilling to let his brother get his hands dirty. Ellie start calculating ways of dropping the two new allies like dead weight.

Ellie waves back to reality. Henry mentions to follow. They cut through the building, entering a small toyshop. They took cover as they heard truck go by. Sam looks at the toys forlornly, grabbing a small toy robot of off the floor. He begins to unzip his bag, with the intent of taking the toy. Henry stomps over and his eyes regard Sam sternly.

"Sam leave it, were not thieves we only take what we need!"

Sam shuffles awkwardly, reluctant to give the toy up.

"But my backpack is feeling empty. It won't take up that much space."

After a short stare off, Sam sighs. He shakes his head and puts down the robot toy.

Ellie shakes her head as she realizes she was right. Sam is still immature. Her thoughts are interrupted when Danny points out something to her. She herself is standing in front of a toy display.

"Rollerblades. They are popular girls your age. Not really functional now not enough level services to make them work."

Danny mentions as Ellie unknowingly has already picked up a pair started examining purple and red.

"I wonder if they have size nine ½ girls."

"Come on, it's clear." Henry beckons the door to the back.

Ellie quickly takes out a knife, finds a pair that much her feet and quickly pop assuming a backpack and notices the robot and Sam was looking at grabs it as well. Dammit, Ellie thought, I'm running low on space. I have to do inventory soon, maybe even figure out what to drop.

As she enters the back alley, Ellie see another blue breath of her mouth. Danny recognizes it this time and pulls them back. Using Ellie's binoculars, they notice several guards.

"What's the play? We can sneak by them. Right?"

"We take them out."

Ellie nods, knowing full well how to proceed from here we ambush them they quickly devise the plan made her Danny will take the lead

"Henry and I will go up high. I'll hang out the window and take out the upper guards. Danny and Sam will I sneak up and take down 4 on the bottom."

A moment later, Danny creeps out and hides behind a box, waiting for the guard. He quickly had Sam the fire ax. The motions for him hit the guard in the legs bring it down and then use the fire ax on his face then Sam to quickly launch alone. The other guard comes investigate sneak up behind them and introduce the fire ax to his back

Meanwhile with Ellie and Henry at the window getting into position.

"Now, I would hang up this window. You hold me around the waist. See the upper ledge on the fire escape there is one guard with the rifle to pick us off if we don't take them out first. And two more pacing of the upper roof."

Ellie takes three arrows and brings them to her mouth.

She takes one a places it in her bow. Henry lowers her out of the window, hanging her upside down by her legs. Henry frantically grabs at her thighs to keep her steady, which surprisingly goes off without a hitch. The first two shots hit the mark. The guard with the rifle and one of his compatriots are put down for the count. The third one starts to react, when Ellie pulls the final arrow from her mouth. She is set up the fire when she realizes she is slipping, Henry struggling to keep hold of her.

"Dammit Henry. I said by the waist, not the pants."

Just as Ellie gets the shot off, her makeshift belt on her khaki pants gives way and she slides out of them, down the awning and towards the street below.


Danny quickly fires the shotgun at the other guards coming to investigate.

By the count should only be one guard left that Sam should be on it Danny has a bad feeling quickly heads over to assist Sam. The upside Sam had managed to take out the first guard. Unfortunately, the last guard is almost upon him

Danny realizes this is why the guard was able to jump on him. Sam has screwed up royally. In panic. Sam tosses the fire ax at the last guard approaching him and misses. Danny frantically rushes over to assist.

Sam starts to scurry back on his hands and knees away from the approaching guard in fear.


Danny almost jumps back in horror. Ellie slides down across to them on a second-floor window she's hanging out of and lands directly on top of Sam. Great surprise. Ellie quickly sits up front of her bow and empties around into investing guard and then tries to get up.

With last of guards dispatched Danny and Henry make the way Sam and Ellie makeshift all right.

Ellie now sitting up is frantically trying to get off. Sam. Henry and Danny have to hold back the chuckles of the now exposed Ellie in her underwear sees the giving a face full the poor Sam. Eventually, the two teenagers sort themselves out

After several moments later, the now embarrassed and slightly annoyed to borderline angry Ellie pulls on her khaki shorts again and marches off.

A few moments later they arrive at the climbing up some buildings crossing a few corridors Henry unlocks the office with the key he required and then lets them in.

"It's good to know that you cut the numbers but given that used to be a quarantines zone. We have no clue how many were here. After this place fell apart. You know. Does good to cut the numbers but don't go your way to do it. You know."

Danny nods in understanding at Henry. There are several notes on the board in the conference room. At one point there was probably was a meeting here: oversupply numbers for the group to dealing with.

"Get some sleep. We can cross the checkpoint and get out at night."

Danny is a sack out. He notices that Ellie and Sam are sitting side-by-side, eating some blueberries Henry had given them and laughing. Glad to know that Ellie could forgive earlier misunderstanding.

He knows from experience with some high strung young women that they would easily go for the jugular in similar situations. The beloved Sam and Valerie are two women that came to mind in that regards.

nightfall sometime later

Ellie sits alone at the conference table frantically inventorying her bloody backpack.

"Okay, side pockets inventoried two packets of water proficient pills, one sharpening stone. One compass one paradigm binoculars. One package birth-control/morning-after pill to boxes of condoms still can't believe her mother insisted she packed those. A small sewing kit and the small surgical kit one glow sticks as she calls it for marking portals of the collapsed check."

Ellie shifts all those back side pockets now doing with the main part of the bag.

"5 comic books, one adult sexy girl porn magazine. Some blasting wire, handful the blasting clips, a brick C4. One P90 lacking one component being operational. Two clips of P90 ammo. One toy robot one pair rollerblades."

Ellie looks over the collected items realizes those was causing the problem is her backpack wise.

"Now, looking over the clothing, one bikini one solid bathing suit, one, to small blue jeans, two pairs of khaki shorts, 4 T-shirts, one hoodie. Three pairs of panties and thanks to Lancer forced shopping spree five bras. And finally, one very sexy lingerie. And for some reason I she has guard belt and two sets of sexy stockings."

Ellie stick her head wondering about her conviction here. Henry just demolished the last belt. She's not even the slightest bit angry. On the other hand, when she lost the last pair of leggings and checkered skirt she practically had a giant temper tantrum. But now she's eerily calm. Is this maturity or just her accepting the reality of the situation? Her clothing was expendable her life and her associate lives are not

"Without a belt someone have to worry about shorts and pants be too loose with a stick myself that damn blue jeans for now on" Ellie screeches to the room after several shifting Ellie was a program the clothing back in bring the least functional items to the bottom gaining some valuable space. She also can gain some space if Ellie chooses to hang the rollerblades on the outside and not in that backpack.

Now for the main event. She opens the back of the large pockets of her backpack, reaching under the flap. She finds a zipper and opens it, revealing a secret pocket. Inside there was a map of the country and a small book titled introduction to supernatural powers, in particular ghost powers, written by Jazz Fenton along with a small leather bound book. Tucked beside them was a small leather satchel.

First off. Ellie scans the ghost book and thinks the gods mother gave her this book way back when

especially the fear of her powers might be returning putting the book back away. She marks of information on the map then place them back in the hidden pocket and goes to the other book in the satchel

"Okay. Ellie come with more confirmation do you need the affected dimensional portals seem to be linked. The collapsing the portals seems to reset the infected but how is this possible? What do ghosts and the infected have in common?"

Ellie goes over the list of information. Most of the information points to the same place to investigate. Next Amity Park that her sister Iris went. The only other clue they had this information on the guys in white. Unfortunately, last information she had no main headquarters in all the personnel went up the flaming fireball, when everything went to hell. Five years ago

so said this focused on her parts in the little bag which of the parts of various satellite phones

she had the parts from the guys in white phone and also the satellite phone. She acquired a Mr. Lancer's which no one seemed to notice at the time

"This has to work."

Ellie quickly flips the page notebook, which mentions a contact information, and GPS numbers. It lists her mother herself Iris Jazz, and lastly, someone by the name of Valerie and now the guys in white frequency.

Ellie face. It looks hopeful realizing the phone she is working on his temperately working just picking up a signal

"Our first priority must be food production and defense was still researching the cause of the outbreak or never have long-term security nothing is really changed just a level of supplies and-"

The phone goes dead after a small burst of signal. Ellie is filled with hope she knows the voice of her aunt anywhere. It also means that lease which heard about California is mostly true. She has to try to contact them. Even if it's a long shot

"Rising star and Anaconda it's me, the lost Princess I found the red night and the Phantom and Iris is all right as well. Progress is slow to get it done. Don't worry will return soon, love Ellie."

The phone goes dead again. It's obviously broken Ellie looks back with sadness. Realizing she has long shot at best. The chances of signal crossing the country or even all the way to Paris is slim to none.

"What you doing? We need to go soon!"

Ellie is shaken realizing she been caught by Danny. She quickly recovers, deciding to go with half-truths.

"Trying to repair my satellite phone, the satellite orbit still out there if you get the device connect to them being in a bird's eye view of everything. Hell, if you backhanded some of the other satellites using gets a bird's eye view over everything is, like Raiders and infected"

"So what's the problem?"

Danny asks with great interest as he sat down beside Ellie at the conference table.

"Mine got broke a while back so I'm salvaging parts, by my reckoning. The problem with communication is because no one manning the equipment. You think every satellite. Cell phone tower and TV station just stopped broadcasting. Equipment is all still there. No one running it, so you can power on and use it."

Danny shrugs, realizing if it was that easy to get steady communication, someone would've done it by now. There is probably more to it.

"The other option is most the collapse of people panicked. What I've seen someone turned on a mesh network. If the type of military jamming use in war zones secure your communications take out the others. It also has the added benefit if you listen to the network to allow it causes feedback to damage your equipment. For one I reckon someone either in a panic, or try to control thing sure initial outbreak turned it on and never got back to turning off of. Most of the country. The other side if someone's doing it on purpose."

Danny nods, understanding know exactly what that meant, communications, except your own people like the military fascist regime and you could take over. You could run the chaos for years use that to break people and bring them onside. Talk about long-term dictator plans. This is such a Vlad idea that Danny's thinking of his old arch nemesis. Danny can only hope that the situation was caused by incompetence and not a grander scheme. Danny waves away this unsettling thought and focuses back to the task at hand.

"So how does you get around this?"

"Simple once we get the encryption key. We can walk right in and listen to the whole damn thing. Even when own communications without any issue. Which is one of think of building one by combining multiple phones to get an upgraded working phone. So I am MacGyver something more. I just need to find a military chip and I'm done."

"I'll keep an eye out for one. But don't take any essay risks. You understand to end up dead because you're trying to get this together."

Ellie quickly finishes packing up. Luckily Danny did not notice as he goes to wake the other two. As Ellie quickly hit away her other pieces of cargo.

After some eventful minutes of traveling and find themselves an old lobby with two former guards straight out on the floor after Danny and Henry took care of them. Other side of the lobby is reinforced tempered glass that has done remarkably well. The still be intact after all this time.

"So what's the plan?" Ellie inquires nervously.

"You see, once you go out the door. We cross the street and then head up basically with regard house above it is a Searchlight was referred back checkpoint were home free to the bridge."

"It is that easy Henry how come you haven't done it?"

Danny shrugs and looks at Ellie's obvious question the Henry wasn't playing straight with them it is probably something more to this

"Simple. The light is patrolling and is like 10 guards. Which, around half of what they have during daylight hours. It's obvious we take out the light and neutralize the guards before we can cross"

"It's obvious they tried before and failed, but seeing our skills. We think we can pull it off right."

Again, Danny shrugs for moment and considers the situation. He feels they still have no choice. This is the best bet of getting out of the situation.

"Okay I'll go out the door sneaked up on the kind of light. Booby-trap on the door. Here the when the trip and though get hurt somehow. Then you guys can." Danny trails off not sure how to complete the plan. Luckily Ellie finishes off for him.

Ellie riffles through a bag and finds something to help her great-grandmother's diamond ring should be a will make short work of the tempered glass on the far side of the lobby. Giving the team a second exit

Crossing the lobby, Ellie uses the ring across the class and repeats several times. Eventually the moment of truth comes when she pushes the panel and luckily it gives way.

"Okay me, Sam and Henry sneak out from here and set up an ambush for when the guards come. We want them to go back the way Danny came to the lobby and we get them from behind."

Moments later, as Danny's sneaking down and finishes off the patrolling guard Ellie is fine. He pulls Henry through the hole she created and make their way the guard tower. Henry is in the shadow of Sam and Ellie climbs the tower and waits.


As the lights go down and Danny runs off back to the bank like a gazelle on steroids with luckily diving past tripwires and making way Ellie's secret exit, and barely makes it through.


Four guards go flying as the trip wire goes off, eyes filled with shock. Ellie quickly pushes one off the tower and quickly finishes another with her knife, and Sam hid behind a box. Totally useless

The next few moments are a blur. The guards that weren't killed by the ambush double back and find themselves being attacked by their own guard tower and Danny hitting of the side with Henry joining him.

A few moves later they work for the gate and end up in a small alley there was a truck across the way making a barricade and down shudder to the right.

"Okay that happened. So just over the truck and were done."

Ellie instinctively tries to shatter a window and finds it can be opened as Danny help Sam and Henry on to the truck then motions for Ellie do the same on a half louder. Just as Danny almost gets up the ladder broke trapping Danny in the alley.

The group which is now frantically trying to help Danny up. Unfortunately, their time is up as the Humvee. Is starting to force its way through the back gate to get to them. Once it's through. There are as good as dead

"Sorry, we got to go. You'll make it alright."

Ellie seeing with both the happened next side she has to take action getting behind. Sam she waits until he reaches for Danny one more little time and she gives them a slight push. Her plan works and all observers, it looks like Sam overextended himself and fell off the truck. Landing on Danny

unfortunately, Danny realize what Ellie has done. Thankfully Henry was still clueless

"I'm sorry I fell down, my bad" Sam said apologetically.

"Plan B I guess" Ellie mentions as she jumps down to join them reluctantly Henry joins her soon after.

bang bang bang

"Man that was close. It's get through that gate and we are dead."

Danny and Henry quickly left the shutter in motion Ellie and Sam get underneath

Ellie quickly undoes her boots. Giving them the Sam the hold and wears the rollerblades using

her knife. She quickly cuts small chunk c4 she places blasting pin and a primer wire. From her backpack Lastly, gives one and of the wire to Sam and mentions when he gets the other side the shutter to light it.


Another couple punches and the Humvee will be on them.

Ellie quickly rockets away zigzagging left and right on her rollerblades. They try to bring the gun down on her eventually after doing the double somersaults she lands right on engine block of the Humvee and attaches her new explosive charge.

As she races back, she notices the wire. Burning down to her charge, at the last moment. She ducks aside and slides right under the shutter and Danny and Henry drop it them know exactly what going happened the grabs Sam and Ellie and take cover.

Ki-boom follow a minute later by several other loud explosions then silence the wall the shutter is peppered with shots from the minimums and then a large piece of debris smashes into it. Twisting the metal but luckily it still holds.

"That was intense, who knew they had some guards of the other side the gate, luckily it was three guys and they really were phoning it in."

"The plan worked out so well. How come running along the bridge and them chasing us."

"Vengeance, we just trashed the big dog and a barricade, drawn every infected in the town. There away at this point its matter of principle for them for sure or anchor stupidity."

Behind them they notice the checkpoint is now a flaming fireball rising in the sky as the Humvee burns. The explosion triggers a chain reaction with the generators and the equipment at the checkpoint sends it all up.

"Guys, we are doomed, before you ask yes we been halfway across the bridge. Unfortunately, there is massive hole in the way."

The trio stops and notices the center the bridge had been blasted away from various explosions and other disasters. They could probably get past if they climbed on the girders and work through 100+ guys chasing him they don't have time to work through.

"Simple. We jump. I Admits Danny. Those swimming lessons. You made me take about the payoff big time"

With that Ellie jumps following straight into the water. Danny. Screaming oh crap in his head quickly follows her realizing they haven't covered diving yet and given the speed of that's River is no way Ellie would have the skills to manage it not having any choice. Henry and Sam were forced to do the same leaving the would-be pursuers in the dust.

Hundred plus Raiders reach the end of the bridge and scream in anger at Danny and company gone the way. Their leader Lance got on his radio and messages the suburb squad and orders remaining parties their way. Except for the ones trying to salvage some the two valuables within the letting go.

After we finished his orders. He turns to his men, motioning them to leave and realizing he was now alone and his men are now piled bodies around him.

The last thing he saw was a woman in red armor and several soldiers behind her finishing off any stragglers. He only had time to blink before the red armored woman brought up Blade up to his neck and removes his head, ending his life.