Luigi X Reader

One Shot

You're Number One to me

Disclaimer: I don't own anything except the story idea

"Luigi verses Bowser, Ganondorf, and Donkey Kong" You were shocked that he is going against very tough opponents in the fourth Smash Bros. Tournament. You were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt someone tap your shoulder you turned around to see your friend Luigi himself. " (your Name) are you okay?" He asked with concern "You're very quiet all of a sudden" [sorry I'm not that great with accents]. "I'm okay Luigi... just worried that you're going to get injured very badly" Luigi gave you a hug "Don't worry (Your Name) they may be strong but I'm faster than them" You returned the hug "I know and good luck Luigi I'll cheer you on" You let go and gently pushed him " Now go get them!" Luigi chuckled and smiled from your support. "Thank you (your Name)!" He waved and left to The Battlefield stage.

It was a close match but Luigi won by a few KO's and using his Final Smash the Poltergust 5000. You quickly ran towards the Green plumber "You did it Luigi! You beat them!" You exclaimed loudly while giving him a big hug. He blushed from your hug and returned it "T-Thank you (your name) I wanted to show you how strong I am" You looked at his blue eyes "Why Luigi? I know that you're strong" He took a deep breath " Well during the whole tournament I started to fall in love with you, but I was afraid that you wouldn't want to be with me due to me being a coward" You sighed and started to rant "Luigi you're not a coward, you're not a sidekick, YOU ARE LUIGI! A hero who saved your Brother from your worst fear TWICE! You're a very talented man, have a wonderful personality, and my best friend." Luigi was caught off guard from your outburst "Whether you win or lose you're still number one to me... and I love you too" You muttered the last part but Luigi heard you loud and clear. You were then caught off guard when Luigi kissed you on the lips, you were as red as a tomato with your blushing You closed your eyes and deepened the kiss. But then you both break the kiss due to the lack of oxygen and blushing very hard. "I'm so lucky to have you in my life (Your Name)" Luigi said in pure happiness " Me too Luigi me too"

Author's note: My first one shot and story. I apologize if it's bad and the ending is junk.