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Maya POV

If there was one person I wanted to be paired with in a Greek Mythology project, it would be Percy Jackson.

Sure he was nearly failing at everything but Greek Mythology and Marine Biology but if we were partnered for this project to pick a god or goddess to research then Percy was the one to be with since he seemed to know more than the teacher.

So when my name I was called out with Percy's I was relieved, but slightly taken aback when the first thing he said after sliding into the desk next to mine was, "We're doing Poseidon."

He said that with seemingly no room for argument and it slightly peeved me that I had no say I wanted to know why, "Why?"

The Goode swim captain gave me a smirk, "My dad's side of the family is Greek and still prays to the Greek gods. Poseidon is my family's patron god so I know a lot about him."

I nodded, that was a good reason, "Okay, so Poseidon and we have another week until it's due," I looked up at him into his sea-green eyes. "When do you want to work on this? I know our teacher is giving us time in class to work on it, but I think we'll need outside time as well."

He pursed his lips and said, "I can't do it this weekend," Percy gave her an apologetic smile. "I'm going to camp to make sure the winter campers are doing alright."

Shaking my head, everyone at school had heard about this secretive camp of Percy's and it was really sweet that Percy cared for the young campers even though it wasn't summer, "That's okay, how about Thursday? Yours or Mine?"

Percy gave me a breathtaking smile, whether he knew it or not was still up to debate and the said, "We can do it at mine, you'll be able to taste my mom's blue cookies."

"Blue cookies?" I scrunched my eyebrows together.

He smirked, "Inside joke," the bell rang, so Percy quickly gave me his address even though we weren't meeting for a few days.

Thursday, After School

When Percy learned that I didn't have my own car and my parents didn't get off of work until 5PM, he offered to drive me to his apartment instead.

It was 5 minutes after when I was supposed to meet Percy and usually I would call the person, but for some reason he didn't have a cell phone, when a sleek, black car with sea-green detailing rolled up in front and the one and only Percy Jackson steps out of the driver's seat.

"Are you going to continue to stare or are you going to get it, Maya?" Percy asked with slight humor in his voice.

I shook my head as if that would clear my thoughts and began to move towards the car and saw that instead of a car brand on the tires, there were tridents, "I'm coming!"

He sat back in his car and I slid into the passenger seat and said, "Nice car, I don't know anything about cars, but it looks awesome!"

Percy gave me a crooked grin, "Thanks, it was a gift from my dad," he stared out the front window as if he was lost in memories. "It's tradition for my friends and family on my dad's side of the family to receive a car when they turn 17."

Raising an eyebrow I asked, "Not 16?"

He shook his head and turned out of the school parking lot, "No, our parents want us to have a year of experience before they give us new cars so we don't immediately crash them."


He shrugged, "I didn't get much practice in this last year due to family drama so I was surprised when my dad still bought me it."

Then I remembered that he had been gone the majority of the school year, "That's right, you were gone most of last year."

He gave a tight smile and then said, "Like I said, 'family drama'."

We were silent, but it wasn't uncomfortable, until we reached an apartment complex and we got out, "I know that the main objective is to do our project, but whenever people come over I always have them try my mom's cookies because they are the best thing ever."

I giggled at his enthusiasm, "Really?"

He nodded as he unlocked the door and gestured me inside, "My camp friends even stop by in the middle of the school year to get them."

Percy's apartment was warm and I don't mean the temperature. What I mean is that it made me feel comfortable, plus it smelled like chocolate chip cookies. He passed me as I stood in the doorway and moved towards the kitchen, "Follow me."

I sat at the counter that looked into the kitchen and saw that he was opening a container filled with cookies then putting them on a plate, they looked good but they were blue.

"Here you go and I know they're blue but they're good all the same," I hesitantly took one, a small bite and my mouth exploded with a marvelous taste.

My eyes went wide, "That's amazing!"

He smirked, "I know," he brought the plate of cookies and two glasses of water to the dining room table so we could begin our project, something I had forgotten since eating the blue cookie.

I sat down, blushing and said, "I almost forgot about the project."

He nodded and said solemnly, "My mom's cookies often have that effect on people, don't worry you aren't the only one."

"That makes me feel better, but let's get started."

We didn't have much left to do, just go over our presentation but then I said, "Don't forget to dress up like Poseidon."

He looked aghast at that, "W-what?"

It was my turn to smirk, "Since we're doing a male god, you have to dress like the god," he looked confused. "Don't you remember that requirement?"

He shook his head but then said, "So you'll want me to wear a toga, right?" I nodded. "Because I can totally see Poseidon in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts with sandals."

Rolling my eyes I said, "Very funny, just do a toga so that you fit in with everyone else."

He slumped, "Fine, I think my family has something I can wear."

My eyes brightened, "Good, everyone else will probably be wearing bedsheets!"

He clapped his hands together and looked through our papers that were all in English, so it took a few minutes since he had dyslexia, "So are we all good? Sorry that you have to edit it all because of my dyslexia."

I waved him off, "No problem, you gave me plenty of information about Poseidon that I didn't even know about and I'm sure our teacher didn't either."

My phone beeped, signaling that my mom was waiting in front of Percy's apartment, "Great, so we'll each practice our part of the speech and we should pass with an A!"

"Yes we should!"

Monday, Greek Mythology

When I walked into class Monday with the poster of Percy and my project I saw an overload of bedsheets messily tied onto people to try and look like togas, but not succeeding. When I looked around the room I couldn't find Percy, but there was still another minute so I didn't worry too much.

I did start to worry when the bell rang and Percy wasn't in class, but then right when our teacher said his time during roll call the door slammed open and there was Percy in all his glory.

Everyone seemed to be blasted back or maybe it was our imaginations, but he seemed to have this aura about him and wearing that toga (not just a bedsheet) made him look like a god. Whispers were exchanged between all the girls in the room before Percy said, "Sorry, my teacher last period held us late even though I told her I had to change into my toga which is harder than it looks," he gave our teacher a crooked grin.

She blushed, "T-that's fine, just go sit next to your partner."

He nodded and slid into the desk next to me, giving me a smile (that almost made me melt) and putting his trident on the floor.

It was silent for a moment before our teacher cleared her throat and said, "Right, we will be going in alphabetical order, so for the group that did Ares…" for some reason when I looked over at Percy he had an annoyed and almost angry look on his face.

The presentations went on and on, they only really used information from our text book, no real background reading at all. So I knew that Percy and I would have the best project because of that.

Unlike the other presentations, all eyes seemed captivated by us; no one could take their eyes off of us.

Finally at the end, Percy had to say, "Now in Ancient Greece I wore togas, but I'm sure if I were still around today I would be wearing Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts with sandals."

Everyone laughed at that and on Friday when we got our grades we received an A+

This is a One-shot series, updates will be sporadic