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Stephanos POV Part 2

"…and then one of our friends yelled 'it's about time!' and it must have been half the camp that lifted us above their heads while our hands were intertwined only for them to throw us in the lake!" Everyone at the main table at my restaurant burst into laughter as Percy told the story of their first kiss. It probably wasn't the full story, but the edited version.

While my friends that I had gone snorkelling with had been originally miffed that they could not snorkel as long as they wanted to, Annabeth apparently used an extra layer of the Mist to convince them that their boat had crash, so demigods got sympathy from them.

When we got to my family restaurant the duo were welcomed with open arms, just as I thought they would be, "They could use some fattening up," yia yia said. "I'll make them a nice meal and then we can all dance." My wife added.

All of us were done with our meals and were just waiting for the band to show up so we could start dancing when my wife asked Annabeth and Percy, "So how old are you?"

Annabeth smiled and answered for the both of them, "We're both 22."

"Are you guys in university?" my brother, the academia in the family, asked while leaning forward.

It might have been my imagination, but it seemed like Annabeth's eyes brightened, "Yes, we both went to New York University. I studied Architecture, minoring in Greek Mythology while also doing side architecture projects for my mother's company and Percy," she gestured for her boyfriend to continue.

"I studied Marine Biology, while minoring in Oceanography and swimming for NYU," Percy said.

"You look familiar," one of my nephews said. "Where could I have seen you before?"

Annabeth smiled, but Percy just blushed, "Percy participated in the Summer Olympics last year in Swimming and got gold in every event he swam."

Everyone looked at Percy in awe, "That is something, never thought I would have an Olympian Athlete sitting in our family restaurant."

"I try not to make a big deal about it," Percy said and then looked up. "It looks like the band is here!"

I smiled, "Then let us dance!"

Everyone stood up and the band began playing a fast pace song that was fun to dance to, "The American couple are nice, aren't they?" my wife said in my ear.

I looked at her, "Yes, you can tell that they are very much in love and have been through a lot," my wife just nodded and kept dancing with the current song, but as songs changed we all changed partners. The evening went on and on with mostly upbeat songs, when I looked at my new American friends I would see them often dancing with others, but then always making their way back to each other as if they had a string that was attached to each other.

A few hours later I noticed there were only a few left on the dance floor and a slow song came on, "May I have this last dance, my dear?"

My wife smiled, "Even after all these years Stephanos you still know how to make me smile and blush."

"It's what I do best," and then twirled her into my arms. I looked over and saw Percy and Annabeth slowly dancing as well, but Percy was also speaking to her passionately about something, so I eavesdropped.

"…you know I never thought we'd be back in Greece so soon after what happen a few years go," Annabeth said, swaying with Percy.

"You're glad that I took you here, right?" Percy asked, a bit nervously.

She hit him on the chest, "Of course, Seaweed Brain! We didn't have a chance to actually experience Greece the last time we were here. It's nice that we're able to do that now."

They continued to sway for a bit until Percy said, "You know what my first thought of you was that night when I defeated the Minotaur?"

She pulled back, "I hadn't realized that you were actually conscious enough to take in your surroundings, but no, what was your first thought of me?"

He twirled her, which made her giggle, "I thought you looked like some sort of angel with you beautiful, blond princess curls," he took one hand off her waist and grabbed a curl.

She raised an eyebrow, "An angel?"

Percy smirked, "Give me a break; I didn't know I was a demigod yet!" She rolled her eyes. "Even though most would think that blonds were dumb, I knew there was something different about you, something…powerful, a force to be reckoned with," Annabeth smirked," My thoughts were confirmed when I saw your wicked, but beautiful eyes," she looked up at him and gave him a smile.

"Even when we were just friends I knew we were meant to be something more, but I didn't know what," he stared passionately into her eyes. "It was as if something was tying our fates together and then when we finally got together I felt complete for the first time in my life," she gave him a teary smile, but he stepped away and sunk to one knee, "Annabeth Chase will you marry me?"

Everything was silent, even the band to see what her answer would be and finally Annabeth answered, "Yes, of course!"

I looked over to the side of the restaurant and saw people cheering, but I also saw my sister taking pictures so I walked over to her, "What are you doing?"

She shrugged, "I thought they might want pictures of their vacation," then her eyes gleamed. "I never thought I'd get a picture of him proposing to the love of his life."

When I glanced back over at the couple they had huge smiles on their faces and I knew that was the sort of love that would never fade.

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