The man stared intently at the large screen, the bright light illuminating the mask on his face. On the screen were different images of the same thing, a boy in a black and white hazmat suit with shockingly white hair and piercing green eyes. In some of the photos, the boy was replaced with another boy with raven black hair and striking blue eyes. Different videos of the white haired boy battling different entities were shown on other monitors. "Interesting." The man said as he gazed intently at every photo and video.

"The boy shows promise."

He slowly got up and walked across the room to the only other man in the room, both staring intently at the other computer monitors placed around the dark room, the screens producing the only visible source of light. On the other screens, a live feed of five teens were shown fighting a block-like creature.

One boy with a mask and a suit of red, yellow, green, and black.

A girl with unnaturally orange skin and glowing green eyes, along with red hair.

A large boy with metallic parts placed around his body.

A girl with a dark blue cloak and hood covering her body.

And a boy with emerald green skin in a purple and black suit.

"They are strong." The other man said, his blue skin, white fangs, and black hair that curled up into the air at the ends made him look just as evil as he was.

"But are they strong enough to defeat the ghost boy?" The man in the mask asked

The blue skinned man grinned at him. "Of course not."

The man in the mask smiled behind the metal on his face.

"Excellent. He will make the perfect apprentice"

The blue skinned man glared at the masked man. "I have been trying to get Daniel to become my apprentice for quite some time now. what makes you think it will be anything different with you, Slade?"

The masked man, dubbed Slade chuckled at the man and sighed. "Trust me Plasmius, I will get through to the boy." He glanced at the live feed of the titans.

"He just needs the right motivation."

Robin slammed his bow staff down onto Cinderblock' s head, feeling satisfaction at seeing small cracks appear down the side of the large monster's head.

But that feeling plummeted when Cinderblock swatted the Boy Wonder out of the air into a large pile of crates.

Then, the behemoth was blind-sided then a multitude of green blasts hit his side, along with a white and blue blast. "Booyah!" Cyborg yelled. Cinderblock roared as he brought his fists down onto the ground, cracking the earth, the rumbling causing the two teens to fall to the floor.

Cinderblock charges, but was pulled back as an elephant's trunk and dark black magic wrapped around his stone-hard legs and pulled him down to the ground.

Cyborg and Starfire bombarded him with blasts and shots while Robin drove him back with kicks and hard punches to the chest until Cinderblock finally tumbled to the ground and didn't get back up.

"Success!" Starfire cheered as Beastboy and Cyborg high-fived.

"Nice job team." Robin said as he smiled at his team of friends. "Friend Raven! You and Beastboy do make a team of success!" Starfire beamed. "Yeah, Ray." Cyborg chimed. "You two should work together more often." He smirked.

"What do you say, Ray Ray. Wanna work with me?" Beastboy asked as he smoothed his hair back.

"I can't wait." Raven said in her usual sarcastic monotone voice as a sliver of her magic reached out and thwacked Beastboy in the back of the head.

The Titans laughed while Beastboy yelped and rubbed his now sore head.

Slade and Plasmius smiled as they watched the footage, then turned back to the video of Danny Phantom blasting mercilessly at his enemy.

Slade turned off the monitors and faced his new-found ally, preparing to make a call to a certain agency about a big secret their biggest problem was hiding.

"He will dispose of them quickly."

Chapter 1:

Danny hit the ground with a thud, the pavement cracking under him. He groaned as he pushed himself up and flew back into the air.

"What's the matter whelp? Too much for you?" Skulker mocked as he fired another barrage of missiles.

Danny turned intangible and formed an ecto-shield around the people who might have been in danger of the exploding missiles. "Well if you aim like that, I have nothing to worry about." Danny shouted as he fired an ectoblast at the mechanical ghost.

Skulker roared as the blast hit him in the chest. Before he had time to react, Danny kicked him back, sending him crashing to the ground. Danny looked down, not having realizing that many people had formed a crowd to watch the encounter, including many reporters and camera crews, along with a few choppers that hung in the air, capturing the fight on film.

After the endeavor with Nocturne about a week ago, many more people had been showing up to Danny's fights, rooting for their favorite ghost boy.

Well, most of them were rooting for him. There were still many people in the crowd who hated the young boy, including Valerie, who was getting ready to transform into the Red Huntress, and Danny's own parents, the Fentons.

Danny glanced once more at the crowd, realizing that almost everyone in the small town of Amity Park was around the scene. He saw his friends Sam and Tucker, and his sister Jazz around the front of the crowd, watching with worry. Danny decided to end this quickly before anybody got hurt (including himself) and pulled out the Fenton thermos. He uncapped it and sucked in a screaming Skulker.

He turned his feet into a wispy ghost tail and hovered a few feet off of the ground. He smiled sheepishly at the crowd and turned up to the sky and flew higher and higher away, leaving behind a large crowd. Suddenly, he felt a seering pain in his chest and fell back down to the ground. He then realized that he had been shot with an blast and scanned the skies to see who had shot it.

"Whoa! Where did that come from?!" A dazed and confused Danny asked as he rubbed the back of his head. It was then that Danny saw two men in pure white suits with jetpacks on their backs fly towards him, blasters in hand.

"Great." The ghost boy sighed. "Now I have to deal with these two idiots." He got up and flew back into the sky.

During this, Valerie managed to slip away from the rest of the crowd, seeing this as the perfect time to make her move. Jack turned back to his wife, determination in his eyes. "Come on, Maddie. We have a ghost to catch." He shouted as he pulled out a Fenton bazooka, Maddie right beside him. Jazz looked at them in horror and chased after them screaming, "Mom, Dad, no!"

Tucker looked over at Sam and the disappearing ghost hunters. "Should we be worried?" He asked as he turned his head to gaze back at the battle.

Danny faced the two agents and crossed his arms. "Look, can we get this over with quickly? I have more important things to do." He snapped as the men fired another round of blasts. Danny weaved and dodged most of the blasts until one of them hit him in the shoulder. He screamed out in pain as they rounded back around and continued to shoot. "Give it up, Ghost punk! We've finally found out your secret." One of the men yelled.

Danny felt a hint of panic rise in his chest, that he instantly pushed down, choosing to hide his fear in sarcasm. "Oh, yeah? And just what would that be?" He smirked. The agent sneered back at him. "That you're half human."

Danny's eyes widened, a look that the two agents caught. He stared back at them in shock. " -"

"How did we figure it out?" One of them asked. "Let's just say we got a very informative call. A call that's proven to be correct." He sneered. "Now all we have to do is peer behind the mask and see who's the little punk that's been causing us trouble." He growled.

Danny's eyes widened in fear, causing them to smile and fire another barrage. "Okay, now might be a good time to disappear." Danny said quietly as he tried to turn invisible, to no avail. "What! What the heck is going on." He sshouted as he tried and failed again. "Don't bother, punk. Those blasts temporarily took away any means for you to escape. That means no intangibility…" One agent stated. "...and no invisibility." The other one finished.

Just then, Valerie, all suited up in her hunting gear, showed up on her hoverboard. "Looks like there's nowhere for you to run, ghost scum!" She screamed as she pointed her guns at him. Also, the Fentons at this point had found the perfect spot to take a clean shot at the ectoplasmic punk. They both raised the bazookas. "You're going down, Phantom!" Maddie screamed as she charged her blaster.

All Danny could hear were the high pitched whines coming from all of the guns, pointed directly at him.

Sam, Tucker and Jazz, along with the rest of the crowd watched from below as hunters from the city took aim at Danny Phantom, who couldn't escape. "Now we should be worried!" Sam screamed.

They fired