Chapter 40: Epilogue

Amity Park

The Masters Mansion

Vlad groaned as he flopped down on the couch, wincing as a flare of pain spiked through his body. He grumbled under his breath as he once again forgot to be careful around his injures. He had barely been able to escape those horrid creatures a few weeks ago, but the pain from the wounds the monsters had inflicted still lingered. He shivered slightly as the image of the creatures' horrible glowing eyes drifted back to him as more and more had seemed to appear through the trees.

He growled at the memory of that forest and who had put him there.


Just the name made the man clench his fists in anger. That little menace had ruined everything! Everything he had strived so hard to create! Standing back up, he walked swiftly across the room and pressed a small button on the back of a bust of his head. A large door opened and he stepped inside, the doors sealing as the elevator shot downwards.

Once the doors opened once more, Vlad stepped out into his newly created lab. Walking over to one of the counters, he grabbed a large piece of paper and crumbled it up, throwing it to the floor.

He stared around the counter and clenched his fists, swiping everything clean off the desk, papers and books flying everywhere. Suddenly, one of the large books fell into a large red button and the large doors to the portal slowly opened, eerie green light spilling into the lab.

That partnership with Slade caused me nothing but trouble. Vlad thought to himself, oblivious to the open portal. If I'm going to be successful in destroying Daniel, then I'll need people who'll listen to me. People who will follow my orders to a tee. People who hate Daniel just as much as I do. He thought angrily as he turned his head, his eyes making contact with the swirling green portal.

A grin spread onto his face. Or ghosts who hate him just as much as I do.

He walked across the room and began to type away into his computer. If a partnership didn't work out, then maybe i need to take it up a notch.

How about a team? He smirked, a loud cackle escaping his lips as he stared into the swirling green light that was the portal.

"Just you wait, Daniel. This is only the beginning."

There you go everybody. The epic conclusion to the Ghostly Titan...or is it? Hehehe...

Anyway, this story was SUPER fun to make, and considering it was my first one ever, I think it turned out pretty good. I'm pretty proud of it. Of course, in a couple years, I'll probably look back at it and think it sucks. But...oh well!

So, just because it's over don't think you have nothing left to look forward to. *Cough, cough, sequel, cough* XD promises, but just keep your eyes peeled for...

The Ghostly Titan II: The Order Of Apparitions!