The King of the Fairies chapter 2

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After covering the Guilty Crown mark on his hand with cloth as it did not stop glowing, Shu and Inori struggled to follow Makarov down the wooden hall towards where the whole Fairy Tail guild gather. The old man had given them a positive look on the guild, while Inori was happy finally having a chance to settle down with Shu and live a life with him that she never could have done in Japan. on the other hand, Shu was being cautious, ever since the events at the school, he has been keeping his guard up around people, not wanting it to happen again. As they got closer to the absurd amount of noise, Shu was starting to feels nervous, "No, this can't be happening again. I thought this habit went away", he thought panicking and shaking with fear.

"Shu, are you alright?", Inori's calm voice pulled him out of his thoughts. He had not noticed that he had stopped walking.

"I'm sorry, I guess old habits die hard, don't they?", he told them.

"It's alright Shu", Makarov tried to assure him, "They may be a strange and fairly odd bunch, but they all have good hearts. Everyone here will help you if you need it, so there is no need to feel nervous"

"Thank you for telling him that Makarov", Inori told him gratefully, while hugging Shu to make him feel ant ease.

"That's quite alright Inori. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, a young man with pink hair called Natsu Dragneel will ask you to fight him, don't let it get to you, he does it to practaly everyone he meets", Makarov informed the couple, so they didn't feel uncomfortable the moment Natsu sees them. Makarov stopped when a door was blocking their path, with out waiting for an answer from Inori or Shu he opened it, revealing them to the guild, which now, did not make a sound. "Makarov was right",Shu thought, "These people are a strange bunch". Makarov led them to the front of the guild members, so that he can announce them to the guild. Following Makarov, Shu would have already run away if Inori wasn't there with him, he could feel all of their eyes on him and Inori.

When they got to the front of the guild, Makarov started speaking to the guild...actually he is definitely yelling at them, "Alright brats, this is Shu Ouma and Inori Yuzuriha, these are the people Lucy found under the cherry blossom tree and right now these are our guest, so treat them well, and I'm mainly talking to you Natsu."

"Hey", a voice loud said in the crowd. A pink haired teen looked younger than Shu, "What are you talking about, all I was going to ask them was if they will fight me."

Makarov sighed, "This is the complete opposite of what I told you Natsu, they aren't even fully healed yet"

Shu took a closer look at Natsu, he is very muscular but that isn't all. Shu thought he saw something else, almost like a flame inside of him. "It must be the magic Makarov was talking about", Shu thought, "but I shouldn't be able to see the type of magic a person can use, but I don't think it is the type that they use...I wounder"

"Excuse me Makarov", Shu suddenly cut in, drawing Makarov's attention, "The magic wizards use, is it apart of the users soul?", he asked.

"I guess you can say that Shu, why do you ask?", Makarov asked, wondering about his sudden question. "I can't believe it", Shu thought to himself in shock, "A wizards magic, it is a Void."

"That's very interesting", Shu said to no one in particular, "I will fight you Natsu, but it will not be right now. After I get to know people, I promise, I will fight you."

The guild were shocked, but they had all right to be, after all he just got on his feet again.

"Alright, I finally get to fight someone other than the stripper", Natsu, with his voice full of excitement. That was until a female with long scarlet hair walked up to Natsu, only to smack him across the back of his head.

"Natsu look at Shu, he can barely stand by himself, and if you bother to pay any attention to him, he only has one arm.", she told to Natsu, whom was on the ground, cowering in fear. The female did not notice that Shu was giving her a cold stare, he hates it when people say he's disabled in any way.

Shu had decided that she had been going on for too long and called, "Hey, Natsu", drawing the guilds attention towards him, but this time he did not feel nervous, "I wan't to challenge you right know, to prove everyone that they are wrong", and with that, Shu turned around and walked out the guild with Inori still by his side.

XxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLine BreakxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX

By the time everyone int the guild was out side Shu and Natsu stood on opposite ends of the field. While Cana was placing bets on them, the master was looking a Shu with great interest. No one from the guild actually had challenged Natsu before, because if they wanted to, they wouldn't get a chance because he would have already asked them then punch them with his fist ablaze.

"Okay Natsu, I don't want this to be a easy fight, so don't hold back on me. If anything that will be your downfall", Shu said, making everyone look at him like he was mad.

"Thanks for the heads up, for that, I will let you have the first move", Natsu replied.

Shu just smirked, "I've already won this fight", he told himself. Shu brought his left had up to his mouth to bite the cloth covering his hand to untie it. Needless to say no one thought it was special when they saw it. "Well Natsu, how about we entertain some people", he said as he brought his left hand to his chest as it lit up, then letting his hand go in . Pulling out his Void in its natural form, which is just a few strings he brought it closer to where his right arm should be another bright light formed as the strings settled down to form an arm out of the purple Apocalypse Virus crystal, even further shocking everyone as this was not magic that they hadd ween before. Not letting anyone recover from what they had just witnessed, he ran towards Natsu so fast he disappeared from sight. Natsu had recovered and covered his fist in fire ready to counter attack, only to see Shu appear right in front of him and to put his right hand in to his chest, to pull out his Void, only to pull out fire that looks like all Voids that he draws out now.

"What did you do to me, how did your arm grow back, and what did you pull out of my chest?", Natsu demanded.

"It's simple really, I did nothing to you, my arm is my Void. A Void is a manifestation of someones heart put into physical form so a Voids abilities and shape are unique to that person, and a Void reflects on what the persons heart is. Last question, this is your Void." Shu explained to him.

Shu already knew how to use Natsu's Void, after all it is just a copy of his magic. Bringing air in to lungs he let out an attack.

Fire Dragon's Roar

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