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As the limo drived up the road leading to the school, Ed was meet with a huge, spontaneous building that blew his breath away. His mouth opened agape in amazement as they drove close to the school. "Wow..." he breathed out. "This is amazing...its so big!" he exclaimed.

"Indeed it is."Tamaki agreed watching the look on Edwards face grow more surprised the closer they were to the school. He chuckled softly to himself seeing the sparkle in his eyes gleam.

When the limo drove up by the front of the stairs, Edward watched as he saw multiple students enter the school. He grimaced seeing the yellow dresses the girls wore and the identical suits the boys wore. 'Well, at least I'm not the only one who looks like a dork wearing this suit.' he thought to himself.

The driver walked out of the car and opened the back door for Tamaki and Edward. Tamaki exited out first and afterwards, Edward walked out as well. Thanking the driver, Tamaki and Edward turn to face the school as the limo drove away. "So, this is Ouran High." Ed spoke.

"Yep." Tamaki looks down at Edward and asks him, "Are you ready to go in?"

Edward puts his arm behind his back while he hung on to his satchel and walks a head of Tamaki, saying, "Sure. Lets go." Tamaki follows him. On their way to the front doors, a couple of girls greeted Tamaki. Tamaki greeted them back causing the girls to blush and squeal. Edward rose an eyebrow at their behavior wondering what Tamaki did to cause them to react like that. He shrugged the thought away afterwards figuring it was nothing important to think about.

When they entered the school, Edward lets out a whistle when he see's how huge the school was inside. "Wow, compared to your house this is huge!"

"Yeah it is. So, father instructed me to show you around the school and walk you to your class."

"He said that, huh? Fine. Where's the front office than?"

Tamaki points at the right. "Down that hall is the front office so when we get there, just tell them you're name and the ladies in the front desk will give you your schedule." Tamaki explained to him. "Lucky for you, I get to walk you there!" Tamaki winked at Edward with his finger raised up to his lips, a smile laced through his face. Edward could have sworn he saw a little star come out once Tamaki winked. 'Weird.' He thought.

"Now, onward Edward and let's go to the office!" Tamaki proclaimed out loud and dragged Edward down the hallway. Edward yelped when Tamaki grabbed his waist and he tried to pull his waist away from Tamaki's grasp but he was unsuccessful. With a defeated sigh, Ed eyed Tamaki suspiciously wondering about his sudden change in mood. 'I have a funny feeling about this.'

After they got Edwards schedule, Edward tucks the paper inside his pocket and says afterwards, "Alright I got my schedule and I know the classroom I'm supposed to go to, now can you leave me alone?"

"Uh-uh little brother." Tamaki shock his head. "I still have to show you around class, luckily school doesn't start for another ten minutes so that's plenty of time to show you around as I promised."

"No you don't have to do that. Really." Edward reassured him with a forced smile. In all honesty, he just wanted to be left alone and find somewhere that was peace and quiet. Anywhere would be fine as long as he was faraway from Tamaki as possible. "B-but how are you able to find your class?! This school is huge compared to small guy like you!" Tamaki shrieked in horror when he saw the death glare Edward was giving him.

"Like I said. I can find it on my own." Ed sneered at him. Without another word, Edward walked away leaving a shivering and frightened Tamaki.

"E-Ed..." Tamaki somberly whined.

"Argh! Idiot. Calling me small. I'm not small, he's just too tall for his own good! Freaking beanpoll calling me small." Edward angrily mumbled to himself as he walked through the horde of students that stood in the hallway while they talked to their friends. "I can find my own way. I'm not a little kid I can find my own class." He continued to grumble to himself. While he walked, Edward didn't notice the stares some of the female students were giving him.

"Who is he?"

"Is he a new student?"

"I haven't seen him around before."

"He has such long hair!"

Edward was so invested in himself grumbling to himself that he didn't someone was in front of him until he bumped into them. Edward grunted and stepped back a bit. "Sorry." He apologized.

"No it's fine." A deep feminine voice spoke back with a chuckle. The person turned around and instantly smiled at Ed in greeting. "The halls are pretty crowded today aren't they?" The person asked.

"Uhm, I wouldn't know. It's my first day here." Edward says.

"Oh really? Well welcome to Ouran Academy. My name's Haruhi Fujioka." The student, Haruhi, held their hand out to Edward who took it. While they shook hands, Edward examined Haruhi. Haruhi was wearing the boys school uniform but somehow, Ed couldn't put his finger on it but something was off about Haruhi. He just couldn't figure it out what.

"Thanks. My names Edward Elric. Nice to meet you."

"Same here. So what class are you going too? I can walk you there if you want." Haruhi suggested.

"Thanks but I'm good walking there myself."

"No it's no problem. Really I'm more than happy to help."

"Well if you say so. I'm trying to find Class 1A, do you happen to know where it is?" He asked.

Haruhi's eyes beamed and he smiles. "Yeah! As a matter of fact that's my classroom! We can walk there together."

"Really, than lead the way."

By the time so they arrived to class, the room was filled with students. "So this is Class 1A." Edward said while he scanned the room. Haruhi nods.

"Yep. The teacher will come any minute so for the time being, you can stay with me if you'd like." Ed was thankful that Haruhi was the first person he had met in this school. He was a fresh of breath air with how relaxed and homey Haruhi's presence gave to him. It was much better than being around Tamaki.

"Hey, Haruhi!" Ed and Haruhi turn their attention across the room when they heard one of the students call out to Haruhi. Sitting down was a male student with orange hair and bangs pushed to the right. He was waving out to Haruhi carelessly while another male student stood next to him. Only this one looked very similar to the one sitting down. Very, very similar. 'Huh, twins.'

"Ed." Ed looks at Haruhi. "Those two are one of my friends, do you want to meet them?" Ed shrugged and followed Haruhi to meet the twins.

They stood in front of the desk once they got there and the one standing up was the first to speak. "Haruhi, whose your friend?"

"Hikaru, Karou, this is Edward Elric. He's new here." Turning to Ed, he tells them, "Ed, these are my friends Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin."

Ed acknowledges them with a nod and says a brief "Hello." with the twins doing the same.

"So Edward, where are you from?" Kaoru asked.

"Resembool." Ed tells him.

The boy sitting down, Hikaru, crooked an eyebrow up in confusion. "Resembool? Is that a foreign country?"

"Yeah it's in Amestris."

"Amestris? Wow that's a long way from here. What brings you to Japan?" Kaoru asks, curious.

Edward briefly looks down, wondering if he should tell them about Tamaki. Although he quickly changed his mind against it. They didn't need to know his personal family problem, he barely knows these people. They haven't shown any signs that they were bad people, but it was better to keep some things to himself. "Reasons I'd rather not say." Haruhi understandably nods, sensing that his reason being here was personal. The twins however were a little suspicious of their new classmate and knowing these two, they were going to find out one way or another.

The teacher arrives and everyone sits down. Before Ed could walk to the teachers desk, Haruhi stops him. "If you want, come sit with us."

Ed smiles a little and nods. "Sure. Thanks."

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