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It was a usual afternoon at Ouran High and down in the old music room that no one uses anymore, the Host Club was up and running as place was filled with girls who were talking to the hosts. Well, half were talking most were usually squealing or gushing their heads off. The usual you know?

Anyways, back to topic, everything was normal. If you can say that since nowadays, besides the constant squealing you hear from girls, you would hear Tamaki shout at the twins. "HIKARU! KAROU!"

Both twins appeared in front of Tamaki. "Yes sir?" They asked at the same time.

Tamaki takes out a flyer. He shows it to the twins. "Can you explain to me what's wrong with this flyer?" He asks them.

Both boys look at it for a minute then they look back at him. "No I don't see anything wrong with it." Hikaru says.

"Except our hard work that we placed into making those flyers. Really sir, we worked hard on it and your trashing it like its a piece of trash." Kaoru shakes his head. "Tsk, tsk sir."

Tamaki growls furiously. "It's the fact that you two didn't put the correct theme and date!" Tamaki tells them. "It's suppose to be a fairytale theme and its suppose to be on the fifteenth of March! This flyer has nothing but space ships and the date is on the fifteenth of October!"

"But boss," Hikaru whines. "The fairytale is so cliche and overrated. Kaoru and I thought it would be interesting if the host club hosted a Star Wars theme instead of a fairytale theme." He explains to him.

"What's Star Wars?" Tamaki asks them, uncertain of what the twins were talking about.

"Its this really good movie that Haruhi showed us when we came over to her house." Hikaru explains to him.

"Its really interesting." Kaoru finishes.

Tamakis smile widens a bit. Common folk has been an interesting topic he has recently gotten into ever since Haruhi showed the club King Kong. Since then, Tamaki has been interested in the films Haruhi and so many people like her watch.

Tamaki was going to ask them what Star Wars was when he realized what the twins were doing. He gasps dramatically and has his hand rest on his chest with a shocked look. "Hey! I know what you guys are doing! Your trying to distract me from the poster aren't you?!"

"Aww man." They said. They look at one another with a shrug. "Guess the boss found out our plan Kaoru." Hikaru says.

"And we almost got him."

Tamaki growls. "I'm serious you guys! We need these posters up before the annual ball! Now everything is going to be ruined all because you two couldn't take your job seriously!"

"Come on boss, we were only having a little fun." Kaoru tells him.

"Besides what's so important about this ball anyways? We're not hosting it are we?" Hikaru asks.

Tamaki shoots them a obvious look. "If we weren't hosting it, I wouldn't give you guys the job in making the posters. This ball is important because for the first time in Ouran history, the academy is hosting a family ball." He explains to them.

Both of the twins tilt their heads to the right in confusion. "Family ball?" They echoed in confusion.

"Of course! On the fifteenth of March, Ouran Academy will be having its first annual ball for the students and their families." Tamaki explains further. "Its suppose to be the biggest event of the year and as the hosts of this special ball, we must take our job literally and make this the greatest ball ever! But now everything will be ruined because we have no flyers!"

Hikaru rolls his eyes by Tamakis overreacting. "I highly doubt everything will be ruined just because we messed up on the flyers boss. You shouldn't worry to much the ball it will turn out great." He reassures him. Kaoru nods in agreement. "And besides, if we miss up again well just ask Haruhi for help." Kaoru says.

'What was that now?" Haruhi spoke hearing the boys mention her name while she was carrying a tray of tea cups for the customers.

The three of them look at her.

"Yeah, Haruhi will help." Hikaru says with a grin.

Haruhi raises a questionable eyebrows. "And what exactly am I helping out with? This isn't another one of your plans is it Tamaki?" She asks.

They shake their heads at the same time.

"No it's not." Tamaki tells her.

"We were just telling the boss you'd volunteer to help Kaoru and I with the flyers for the annual ball this March." Hikaru tells her.

Haruhi raised another eyebrow. "And you guys didn't bother asking me first?" Give it to Tamaki and the twins to involve her in something without her acknowledge. She sighs. "Well I guess I could help." She walks to them "what's the ball about anyways?" She asks.

"According to boss its a fairytale theme." Kaoru explains to her.

"A fairytale theme ball for a ball? Isn't that kinda overreacted?" Haruhi asked.

"Its a family ball." Tamaki tells her. "And I thought it was a fun idea. Everyone could arrive in carriages and the students could dress up like princes and princesses while their parents could be king and queen."

"Oh that sounds fun!" Honey shouted happily hearing the conversation. He was sitting on Mori's shoulders while he hung on to Usa-chan.

"I want to dress up like a prince. What about you Mori?" He asks. Mori hums in agreement.

"Then its settled." Tamaki says. "We will be having a fairytale theme for the family ball!"

Honey shouts a yay while he laughs and giggles out loud.

"While I don't disagree on the idea of a ball involving many familes-" Kyoya spoke. Everyone looks at him. Kyoya was holding a notebook and was writing down notes. He stops and looks at everyone with his usual smile. "The host club doesn't have the money to hold such an event." He tells them. Tamaki and Honey aww in disappointment.

"In order to get the money, we will have to hold some sort of auction of some sort. An event that will male a lot money." He explains to them.

"Kyoya is right." Everyone turns their attention to Haruhi. "I think we should definitely hold a auction. And it wouldn't even be a auction, it could be like a yard sale or we could even sale something that will attract people's attention."

Tamaki smiles. "I like Kyoyas and Haruhis idea." He tells them. "Okay its settled!" He makes a pose with his finger up in the air and his fist on his hip. "We will be selling something that will make us enough money for the ball!"

Honey and the twins exclaimed happily while Mori stood there with his emotionless face and Kyoya already typing away in his laptop.

Tamaki looks at Haruhi. She was collecting some of the empty tea cups the quests had left behind. Tamaki walks behind her. "What do you think we should sell Haruhi?" He asks her.

Haruhi turns around facing him. She hums and looks up at the ceiling, thinking. "Hmm...well..." She says deep in thought. "I think we should sell sweets." She tells him. "At home, there's this old lady in my neighborhood who sells cupcakes and all kinds of different sweets. Sometimes during the summer time, kids always hold these lemonade stands and they always make good money." She explains to him.

"Really? Have you ever done a lemonade stand?"

"Only once but it was with a friend. Anyways, if we're really going to host this ball we have to make something that will make a lot of money." She tells him.

Tamaki understandably nods. "Of course."

Haruhi smiles a little when they heard the door open. The hosts look at the door and they see someone from the office enter the music room. It was middle aged man and he wore the staff uniform. He walks to Tamaki. "Tamaki Suoh."

"That's me. What's the matter?" Tamaki asks worriedly.

"Your father wishes to see you in the front office immediately." The man tells him.

"Okay. Thank you."

The man bows and walks away.

Once he left, Haruhi asks Tamaki, "Do you know why your dad is calling for you?"

Tamaki shrugs while he looks at the door. "No clue. But I better go and see what he needs. Its properly important."

"Okay. See you later then."

After he excused himself from the club, Tamaki walked to the office.

On his way over there, Tamaki was wondering what his father was going to tell him and why it was so important that he had to leave during club hours. He had a sinking feeling that he knew what it could be.

Walking down the stairs to the very first floor, Tamaki walls to the front office where the receptionist tells him his father is waiting for him in a private room. After Tamaki thanks her, he walks down the hall and to the left where he was faced with a closed door. Letting out a nervous sigh, Tamaki opens the door.

When Tamaki enters the room, he was greeted by the presense of his father. Mr. Suoh was standing in front of the desk, wearing a while suit with a purple long sleeved buttoned shirt underneath it. His blonde hair was slicked back and his violet eyes, which Tamaki inherited from, greeted him warmly.

"Hello Tamaki."

Tamaki smiles. He closes the door behind him and bows his head. Standing straight, he says, "Hello father. Is there a reason for your visit? You don't normally visit me during school hours."

Mr. Suoh nods. "Yes there is." He gestures to the seat in front of him. "Please. Take a seat."

Tamaki nods and does what his father tells him. Tamaki looks up at his father, waiting for what ever news he was going to tell him.

Mr. Suoh goes on both of his knees and places both of his hands on his shoulders. Getting a good look at his father's face, Tamaki notices the sadness in his eyes and how distressed he looked. It was odd seeing him like this since Tamaki has always known his father to such a happy man. What could cause his father to looks this way?

"Dad, are you alright?" Tamaki asks cornered.

Mr. Suoh nods. "Yes I'm alright." He was lying but Tamaki decided not to say it outloud.

Mr. Suoh clears his throat. "Tamaki, do you by any chance remember your mother?"

Tamaki nods. It was no doubt he did. He still does nowadays. Tamaki remembers his mothers loving nature and her gentleness mixed with it. She was very loving and Tamaki remembered looking forward to visiting her during school breaks. His visits stopped when he was young so he hasn't seen her in thirteen years. According to his father, his mother was sick so he was allowed to visit her until she was treated. He knew the full truth why he wasn't allowed to see her again but that was another story for another day.

But the part that she was sick was indeed true. Could it be happening that she was finally treated and that he was allowed to see her again? If that was the case, why did his father look so sad? Did something happen to his mother? Was her illness getting stronger?

"Well Tamaki. I have some news to give you about your mother."

"What is it? Is she feeling well? Am I allowed to see her again?" Tamaki asks. 'Oh please tell me am allowed to see mother again. Please tell me she's fine and well.' Tamaki begged to himself.

Mr. Suoh sadly sighs. He looks down. "I'm sorry to say this Tamaki but your mother isn't with us anymore." He shakes his head. "I'm sorry but your mother is dead."

Silence. That was all Tamaki heard afterwards when his father told him the tragic news of his mother. She was dead. His biggest fear has happened and she was gone. 'No. That can't be right.' he thought to himself. 'She can't be dead. Mom promised she'll be fine. Mom said we were going to see each other when she was well again. Mom...mom...mom'

"Tamaki." His father spoke. "Tamaki."

Tamaki hadn't realized he was looking at the floor until his father lifted his chin up to look at him. Tamakis eyes widened in shock seeing the pain in his father's eyes.

He looked truly hurt and heartbroken. It was hard seeing his father like this.

"I'm so sorry you had to find out this way." Mr. Suoh says. "But you must remember that your mother always loved you and that she fought hard to defeat the illness that was killing her. She was trying for you, me..." Mr. Suoh looks down, avoiding his sons look.

"And your brothers."

Tamakis eyes popped open when he heard the last part.

"Bro-brothers, what brothers?" Tamaki asks.

"You have two younger brothers named Edward and Alphonse and they are fourteen and thirteen years old."" Mr. Suoh tells him. "And as of now, they will now be residing with us back at the Suoh estate."