Hey all! This is my first Carmilla fic. I have some Glee and Rizzoli & Isles ones if you care to check those out. But I hope you enjoy, and please review! This will be a multi-part piece, but not sure about how many parts just yet.

Chapter 1

"Hey Danny, change of plans. So...don't come. The time isn't right. Just trust me. K thanks! -Laura"

"What are you doing?" Carmilla quirked an eyebrow at the ancient flip phone Laura was rapidly clicking away on.

"Uh, just texting Danny," Laura stammered. She noticed the wall of flint Carmilla's dark eyes seemed to become at the mention of the red head's name. "You know, just, telling her not to stop by like she was going to. Cause we are having...uh, roommate bonding...I think."

"Oh. Well, good," a smile tugged at the edge of Carmilla's lips and the hard obsidian of her eyes melted into a dark, smoldering ember once again, training themselves on Laura, flickering over and relishing the flush that was creeping into the smaller girl's cheeks. "I didn't much feel like sharing you anyhow." Carmilla's quick fingers grasped Laura's phone and tossed it across the room to her bed. She then reached forward, pulling the rolling chair Laura was sitting on towards her swiftly, letting her free hand fall onto the sheer white fabric just above Laura's knee. As she felt her heart rate increase at Carmilla's touch, Laura watched the vampire's eyes unabashedly flicker to her pulse point, which was surely dilating with blood. The ambiguously hungry look in the brunette's eyes made Laura quickly realize that, with that text message, she had potentially sealed her fate. And she could only hope that the carnal look in Carmilla's eyes would not be the last thing she ever saw...