Summary- They met during the auditions for the Bellas', it started off with a song. Now here they are one is slowly breaking, while the other strives to be perfect. Can Beca save them both? TripleTreble Beca/Aubrey/Stacie. Trigger warning mentions of self harm and hate throughout the story.

Disclaimer- I do not own Pitch Perfect or any of the characters. I also do not own the song 'Stitches' by Shawn Mendes.


Chapter Three


Beca runs a hand through her hair as she watches over Stacie. It had been an hour since the taller girl showed up to Aubrey and Chloe's wasted, spouting stuff about drinking taking away the pain. All Beca knows is she will do whatever it takes to make the taller girl happy again.

"How's she doing?" Aubrey asks peeking her head through the open door to check in.

"Still sleeping. How's the party out there?" the DJ asks quietly so not to wake the sleeping girl.

The blonde shrugs as she walks in and sits with Beca. "Amy passed out around five minutes ago, the other girls are all asleep. Only issue is I can't find Lily anywhere."

"I swear that girl is a ninja." Beca responds causing Aubrey to laugh softly.

Silence encompases them for a few minutes before Aubrey speaks up.

"Do you think she'll be okay?"

Two pairs of eyes lock on Stacie's sleeping form, worry evident in both pairs.

"No. But we will help her through whatever is going on." the DJ responds hoping that they can help the taller girl.

Aubrey lays her head on her knees as she thinks the same thing as Beca.

'I have to keep her safe.'

A few hours later Stacie begins to wake up her head pounding from the alcohol and the crying she had done.

Thoughts of why she had gotten so drunk materialize in her mind.

Stacie had just finished getting dressed for the Bellas sleepover when her phone rang.

"Hello?" she says cautiously after seeing her mother's picture.

The anger that is heard in the woman's voice clenches Stacie's heart with fear. "You stupid little girl, I just got a call from the Dean and he says you made the Dean's list." the woman growls out through the phone. "What did I tell you about being smart?"

"That it wouldn't get me far in life like a man will." Stacie responds automatically. "I know that mom."

"Then why in the world am I getting a call from your Dean praising you on how smart you are?"

Stacie runs a hand through her hair as she tries to keep from crying, nothing she did ever made her mother happy.

"Only my teachers know mom, nobody else. They all think I'm some dumb slut like you've always wanted." the brunette tries to make her mother less angry.

Veronica Conrad growls lowly before speaking. "Do not let me hear of you being smart again! Or I will call Harvey."

Paling at the thought of that man coming to see her. "I promise you will never get a call like that again."

"Good, now go be a slut and get a man with money." with that said Veronica hangs up.

Stacie throws her phone in her anger, tears rolling down her cheeks at a fast rate. She knew she would never be perfect for her mother.

"Stace?" A voice whispers close to her causing her to flinch and come out of her thoughts.

Shaking her head to completely stop her thoughts Stacie looks up and finds piercing green eyes locked on her. "Aubrey? What are you doing in my room?"

"You're in my room, you showed up to the Bellas sleepover already drunk and Beca and I brought you to my room for you to rest." the blonde says softly moving to sit on the bed beside Stacie concern shining in her eyes.

The leggy brunette sits up more and bites her lip. "Oh, um thank you for that."

"Will you at least tell me what's wrong?"

"Nothing." Stacie says immediately while trying to avoid looking into Aubrey's eyes. "Can we just go back to sleep?"

Sighing Aubrey nods her head and lays down on her bed, watching with sad eyes as Stacie closes off.


Beca wakes up the next morning and smiles upon seeing both Stacie and Aubrey curled up on the bed. She saw what nobody else seemed to see in either woman, she saw how Aubrey was broken and trying to hide it and how Stacie wanted to be perfect even though she already was.

Standing up the DJ quietly leaves the room, wanting to let the two girls sleep for a little but longer.

"Oh good you're up." Chloe says walking over to the smaller girl. "Can you cook?"

"Dude, I burn water." Beca responds raising her eyebrows at the redhead. "Can't you cook?"

Chloe shakes her head and bites her lip. "I can't cook at all."

"I can." Fat Amy says popping up out of nowhere. "I am the best chef in Tasmania with teeth that is."

Beca and Chloe share a look before looking at Amy. "You're not going to give us food poisoning are you?" the DJ asks worriedly.

"Of course not, what kind of person do you think I am?" Amy asks crossing her arms before shaking her head and walking into the kitchen to start cooking breakfast.

Slowly every girl in the apartment wakes up within the hour, Lily just appearing and scaring the other girls when she is sitting at the table.

"Hey guys." Stacie says tiredly as she sits down, knowing they are going to ask questions.

Amy goes to open her mouth only to quickly shut it when two identical glares are shot her way. "You hungry legs?"

The leggy brunette really wasn't hungry, but she didn't want the other girls to think she was starving herself since she hadn't eaten much in the last three days.

"Um, yeah. What's for breakfast?"

"The most delicious omelettes if I do say so myself." Fat Amy says with a smirk on her lips before she puts an omelette on everyone's plates.

Clearing her throat Stacie cuts a small piece and takes a cautious bite. "Wow, this is really good." she says even though her stomach is churning because of the food.

Beca watches her cautiously, worried about the taller brunette. "Amy this is really good." she says in shock after taking a bite.

"I told you I was the best chef in all of Tasmania with teeth." the blonde responds with a shrug.

Aubrey's eyes were trailing over all of the girls, not lingering too long before they land on Stacie. "So I've decided to cancel practice for today."

Multiple exclamations of excitement are heard, while Stacie visibly relaxes.

The brunette was more worried about the possibility of her cuts from last night reopening that she couldn't help but relax when practice was canceled.

"I have a class to get to." Beca says in horror upon noticing the time on her phone.

Everyone is suddenly rushing around having realized they do have classes that day.

Stacie just grabs her phone and puts on her shoes before leaving the apartment not saying goodbye to any of the girls. She needed to get back to her room as fast as possible, she could feel her food coming up.

"Is she okay?" Chloe asks looking at Beca and Aubrey, since she knows they took care of her last night.

Beca sighs and looks at the redhead. "Honestly, I'm not sure."

"All we know is she's hiding something. And that something upset her a lot last night."

Chloe nods before they say goodbye to the other girls, everyone going to their dorms to change for their classes.


Upon reaching her room Stacie rushes into her bathroom and loses the contents of her stomach, she knew she shouldn't have eaten but she didn't want the other girls to get suspicious.

"Pull it together." she growls out to herself before turning on her shower and stripping down completely.

After showering the leggy brunette looks around her room, smiling faintly when she sees the picture of her and a little girl that looked around two or three.

"Don't worry Dinah, mommy will get you soon." she whispers softly running her finger over the picture.