Hey it's Gold Testament with a new story. I know I kept saying I didn't want to post a new fic until I had one or two more completed, but this is an idea I've had stuck in my head for a while. This will also be my very first Bleach fanfic, and I'm a bit nervous about it.

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"Talking" Everyone.

"Thinking" Everyone.

"Talking" Zanpakuto spirit.

"Thinking" Zanpakuto sprit.

"talking" Hollow or inner hollow

"Thinking" hollow or inner hollow

Bonds Weakened, a Soul Reaper in Pain

On the streets of Karakura Town, a young teen about seventeen years old was walking to a small house that doubled as a business for odd jobs called Unagiya. Once he climbed the steps to the door of the business' home, he knocked on the door. As soon as it opened the boy was greeted by the sight of a beautiful woman with short black hair, a pink and white shirt with the word Unagiya on it, black pants, and looks that are guaranteed to attract perverts.

"Oh Ichigo!" The woman began. "What brings you here? Your father called me asking if you could have some time off due to some issues." She asked.

"Well Mrs. Unagiya, I felt that I should come by to resign." Ichigo said.

"What why?" She asked stunned.
"Well first off, I feel you can do better than someone like me working for you as well as those issues my dad mentioned having a harsh effect on me." He replied hiding behind a partial truth as he recalled her being manipulated by Tsukishima and the pain that shattered him.

"I see, Kaoru would be glad, but I wish I could stop you since you weren't a half bad employee when you'd show up." She began. "As much as I want you to stay, I can only wish you luck as you try to figure things out." Ikumi Unagiya replied feeling she was missing something on why Ichigo wanted to quit.

As Ichigo turned to leave before he was halfway down the stairs he stopped.

"Since I no longer work for you I can say one thing honestly." He began as he turned around. "You're a hot woman, a friendly person who wants to try and help others when they're down, and a great boss." He said to the woman.

"Oh really? So why didn't you tell me that when you were still working for me?" Ikumi asked annoyed with her hands on her hips.

"Because Kaoru would've been an annoying brat, and I doubt you would've believed me with my track record with you." Ichigo said before he turned and continued leaving his former workplace.

"*Sigh* Ichigo, I know whatever caused you to quit has to do with me and these issues of yours, otherwise you wouldn't have quit or been honest about me. I just wish I could help get rid of the pain in your eyes as you said it so it would mean a lot more for me to hear you say that" She thought to herself.

{With Ichigo}

As Ichigo was walking through Karakura on his way to his house, he was deep in thought about recent events.

"I know I shouldn't be doing this, but no one could look at friends and family the same way if someone managed to turn those they love and would do anything to protect against them the way Tsukishima and Ginjo turned Karin, Yuzu, Unagiya, Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuru, Orihime, and Chad against me." Ichigo began to think as he walked home to the Kurosaki Clinic. "I'd either be too broken to continue fighting, or dead if Rukia, Urahara, and Dad hadn't come and given me back my powers. Unfortunately it seems once Tsukishima was defeated they basically began to act as nothing ever happened, and that they didn't almost shatter my spirit." He continued as he clenched his fists and tears began to form. "I can't even look at my own sisters without feeling betrayed, at least Uryu was there to have my back until we were taken by surprise against Ginjo and Tsukishima." He finished as he arrived home.

Once at the front door he walked in knowing only his dad was home as his sisters were at Karin's soccer practice.

"So how did Unagiya-san take you quitting?" A serious voice asked as Ichigo walked in the door and took off his shoes.

"Better than I thought since I don't have any bruises from a woman's fury, especially since she'd probably be great friends with Yoruichi if she was spiritually aware." Ichigo replied in a joking manner as he looked at his father Isshin Kurosaki.

"So what do you plan to do now?" Isshin asked.

"Well I'm going to see if Uryu and his dad can let me stay for a while until I can get a place of my own, as well as let me work part time at the hospital until the end of the school year." Ichigo replied while pressing buttons on his cell phone.

"Oh and when is this meeting going to take place?" Isshin replied curious.

"In about two hours since I want to get to the meeting place without anyone I know seeing me." Ichigo answered.

"So you planned to rest a few minutes, grab a bite, and plan on how to ask them this huge favor before heading out?" His dad asked.

"Yeah, and I asked him to bring his dad so I could ask them both." The orange haired teen replied.

"Smart move, but what if Ryuken refuses to let you live or work for him at the hospital?" Isshin asked.

"Well I can point out that because I've thought of Uryu as a friend I always try to have his back in a fight, and after his attacks from Ginjo I want to make sure he doesn't wind up so injured again." Ichigo began explaining. "As for the job in the hospital, I can tell him about all the times I helped you out here, so I can guarantee him I'd have a good bit of knowledge about medicine." He continued. "Plus even Uryu's old man would know that the job working for him would be to get my own place, as well as having money for college." Ichigo finished.

"With an argument like that I think he might let you stay with him for a while." Isshin replied. "Just make sure that if he agrees, listen to what he says, since Ryuken is an extremely strict man." He added.

"I figured, but I think Uryu would be willing to help, he saw how broken I was during the fight plus he knows I have a hard time being home after Tsukishima messed with Karin and Yuzu." Ichigo added while eating a snack before looking at the clock. "Speaking of which I really need to go so I can meet them on time." Ichigo said shouting bye as he left the house and clinic as he started running to a place he and Uryu knew well, the spot where they first fought side by side.

And there ends the first chapter of my first Bleach fanfiction. Personally once I watched the last episode of the anime and started reading the manga to finish the series I felt Ichigo should've been feeling a bit more betrayed by his boss, Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuro, Chad, Orihime, and his sisters. Did not enjoy how they were basically forgiven for breaking him even if they weren't aware of it, Chad and Orihime actually realized what was happening when they were struck by Tsukishima's Fullbring. Although I'm thinking of making it M rated. Please review and tell me what you think, constructive criticism is always welcome, but no flames unless I make painfully obvious mistakes about characters or events.