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"Talking" Everyone.

"Thinking" Everyone.

"Talking" Zanpakuto spirit.

"Thinking" Zanpakuto sprit.

"talking" Hollow or inner hollow

"Thinking" hollow or inner hollow

A Shinigami's Request with Two Quincies

{Karakura: Ishida Residence}

Uryu Ishida, one of the last few Quincies in the region along with his father was looking at a text from one of the few Shinigami he would admit was a friend.

"Uryu, I need to ask a favor, can you come to the area where we first fought hollows together, and bring your father since this would involve him as well.


"Strange, Ichigo didn't seem to like father much when I was a patient in the hospital, plus he knows father detests Shinigami, so why would he need to ask a favor of us both?" Uryu thought curious about his friend's text.

"You seem troubled Uryu is something wrong?" Ryuken asked.

"Father you recall Ichigo correct?" Uryu asked.

"You mean the Kurosaki boy, who is also a Shinigami you became friends with?" Ryuken asked recalling the boy who seemed to take after his parents without full knowledge of what he is.

"He sent me a message asking to me with us both to ask a favor." Uryu commented.

"I see, when and where shall the meeting take place?" Ryuken asked his son.

"A spot in Karakura that he believes is special since it was where we first fought against hollows side by side, but are you thinking of going?" Asked the teenage Quincy.

"His loyalty to his friends is an admirable quality despite his brashness, he seeks to protect everyone whether he's a Shinigami or a Hollow, and I owe it to his parents to at least hear him out." Ryuken replied.

"Well Ichigo it seems my father will listen, but this favor better be worth it." Uryu thought before walking with his father to that area.

{Karakura: Unknown Location (Where Ichigo and Uryu took on an army of Hollows and a Gillian.)}

Ichigo stood in the field where the Hollow Bait Uryu used so long ago caused a massive swarm of hollows enjoying the memory of the fight that ended up sparking a friendship.

"Almost feels like a lifetime ago when we fought here, and so much happened, the invasion of Soul Society, the Bounts, the Arrancar and war with Aizen, Muramasa's war to bring back his partner, Shusuke Amagai and those swords, the fight with Kageroza and his Reigai, and most recently Xcution." Ichigo thought before getting depressed as he remembered Xcution.

As he was lost in thoughts he began sensing two spiritual pressures nearing him, and knew Uryu and his father were on their way due to one being the Quincy, and the other baring a similar signature to Uryu's. However, as Ichigo sensed the other power, he felt that not only did it feel similar to Uryu's he could actually feel the control and experience radiate from it. As he turned around he saw the Ishida father and son approaching.

"So Kurosaki san is already hear, although I half expected him to be in Shinigami form." Ryuken spoke as they got close to Ichigo.

"Actually I thought of doing that so I could get here quickly, but felt it might offend you sir." Ichigo replied.

"I see so it seems you can be courteous despite being Isshin's son." Ryuken commented. "Now what was this favor my son mentioned you wanted to ask?" The Quincy father asked.

"First you know about the Fullbringers and how they recruited me and manipulated my friends and family before stealing my powers right?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, Uryu explained the whole situation, but he actually said that when your friend Yatsutora attacked you while your friend Orihime healed that Tsukishima you actually seemed broken. Of course he also added you seemed shattered when you lost your powers while your friends did and felt nothing aside from Uryu." Ryuken replied.

"Yeah, but Uryu didn't know who else Tsukishima manipulated." Ichigo said with sadness.

"Who else did he use against you Kurosaki?" Uryu asked.

"Well aside from my childhood friend Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuru, and my boss at my former part time job, he also got my sisters Karin and Yuzu." Ichigo explained.

"You still feel the betrayal they were brought into by Tsukishima's power correct?" Ryuken asked.

"Yes, that is why I asked Uryu to bring you here because you two are the only spiritual aware people I can turn to." Ichigo began before taking a deep breath. "I would like to request if I can stay with you two for a while and possibly have a job at the hospital to earn enough money for a place of my own as well as for college?" Ichigo asked.

"I see, you ask much, but what will you do in return for allowing you to stay with us?" Ryuken asked.

"Ichigo what would you be able to do besides household chores?" Uryu asked knowing Ichigo is as capable as his sister Yuzu.

"First Ishida-san, would it be possible for a Quincy to form their Reishi into weapons besides a bow, like a sword, or staff?" Ichigo asked Uryu's father.

"It's possible, but Uryu wanted to be a proper Quincy." Ryuken replied.

"Which puts him at a disadvantage when it comes to opponents that not only get the drop on him, but can evade his arrows to fight at close range." Ichigo commented.

"For once I actually agree, so you actually think you can aid my son in that weakness Ginjo Kugo capitalized on twice?" Ryuken asked making Uryu aggravated.

"If Uryu can create a solid sword with his Reishi, we can strengthen it to stand against my zanpakuto's shikai, possibly to the point to cut a Getsuga Tenshou." Ichigo commented.

"You seem to have more to that training idea." Uryu spoke.

"Yeah remember how fast my bankai is?" Ichigo asked his friend.

"Add that with Shunpo plus the strength boost, and you basically cause my strength and speed with a close combat weapon to skyrocket!" Uryu realized.

"Exactly Uryu. That was another reason I wanted to ask to stay with you two so that I could help ensure you have some skills to surprise opponents with." Ichigo added.

"In addition to helping increase Uryu's repertoire I presume you were taught a good bit about medicine from working in your father's clinic?" Ryuken questioned.

"Yes, also I kind of have a secret that I kept from everyone." Ichigo said.

"What is it Kurosaki?" Ryuken asked suspicious.

"Before I lost my powers after fighting Aizen I had often snuck to Soul Society to secretly learn Kido and Bakudo so I could learn healing spells, and I never revealed it because I wasn't able to heal serious injuries at the time." Ichigo confessed.

"By serious injuries, you mean near fatal wounds that would need Orihime's power of rejection right?" Uryu asked as his orange haired friend nodded.

"Impressive!" Ryuken exclaimed causing the two to turn to him with wide eyes.

"R-Really?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes although since you were without your powers for over a year you have probably gotten rusty, so if I allow you to live with us and work at the hospital, will you restart your healing training under Soul Society?" Ryuken asked surprising his son more.

"Yes sir." Ichigo said smiling.

"Then prepare to move in with us, Uryu will meet up with you again when you are packed." Ryuken said as he began walking away surprising the two teens.

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