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A Warning and Training Proposition

While most of the captains may have left most of the seated officers remained such as Ikkaku, Hanataro, and the majority of the Lieutenants.

"So the former Captain of Squad 10 is the father of one of the most troublesome men I've ever known." Byakuya commented with a glare on her regal face.

"To be fair Captain Kuchiki, Captain Shiba was only a bit more disciplined than Matsumoto." Toshiro said with a sigh.

"Yeah that's something I'll agree with you on Toshiro." Ichigo said making Byakuya and Toshiro's eyes widen while Isshin sat in a slump by a tree.

"My son is so cruel to me." Isshin said in a depressed tone.

"Hey man get up." Shinji said as he walked over with his eyes closed. "Acting like that only proves them right." He commented before looking down, and snatching something from the bummed out captain. "Hey what's this?" He asked showing that what he took from Isshin was a picture of a beautiful light brown haired woman.

"Hmm such beauty, I agree who is she?" Yumichika asked before he and Shinji each felt a fist in their heads before everyone saw Ichigo holding the picture.

"For your information you knuckleheads, that was a picture of my mother." Ichigo told them before putting the picture in his shihokusho, and turning to his father. "And seriously you kept a picture in your robes as well as that giant poster you have in our living room?!" Ichigo asked his father annoyed.

"Heh you know with how your old man acts it's obvious he's still head over heels for her." Ikkaku said with a smirk only to receive a fist to the face.

"Trust me Ikkaku that is an understatement. Whenever the oversensitive idiot gets his feelings hurt he cries to a giant poster of my mom." Ichigo told them.

"Um Ichigo shouldn't you at least show a bit more respect for your father since he's a former captain?" Hanataro asked.

"Trust me Hanataro my dad was never the most respect creating man, even when my mom was still alive he was a knucklehead." Ichigo began. "As for the whole captain thing, he's still way out of practice to where mid to high level Lieutenants will give him trouble." He finished looking at a majority of the assembled lieutenants.

"To be fair I couldn't exactly train all the time due to running a clinic, taking care of Karin and Yuzu, and trying to keep my Shinigami past a secret." Isshin spoke up with a glare.

"Well while I do some of my medic and Kido training, we can talk with the old man about sparing a few captains to help get you back into shape." Ichito started as he started walking to the Squad 1 barracks. "Maybe some strength, endurance, and speed training with Kenpachi, Soi Fon, and Byakuya." He finished before leaving in a Flash Step.

"What? Ichigo wait!" Isshin called as he tried flash stepping, but only managed to cover a portion of the distance.

{Squad 1 Barracks, Head Captain's office}

While Isshin was working to catch up with Ichigo, the orange haired Soul Reaper arrived outside the doors to the head captain's office in one flash step.

"Oi Head Captain I need to talk with you." Ichigo called before opening the door.

"What is it Kurosaki? Because I already gave you permission to train with Hinamori and Hanataro." Yamamoto asked.

"Well I know about Yhwack, and I have a feeling the Quincy King might return." He told the old warrior.

This caused the old captain's lieutenant to stiffen as Yamamoto's eyes widened.

"What proof do you have of such a claim?" Genryusai asked with narrowed eyes.

"Well when I found out that I was part quincy, I learned that the being I thought was my Zanpakuto was actually a fragment of Yhwack that gained independence from the true one due to my Shinigami and Hollow power." Ichigo stated.

"Show me this piece of him Kurosaki."
With that order Ichigo took out his dagger and focused as the blade itself disappeared revealing Juhagetsu.

"Ichigo while wise, this is a risky move, as Soul Society easily turned on the Vaizards." Juhagetsu began. "Shigekuni may refuse to believe that I am truly separated from the real Yhwack." He finished looking at the head captain with narrowed eyes.

"Tell me while you look like him, how much do you know about the true Yhwack?" Yamamoto asked.

"I know much about his past, however, I do not know everything about him." Juhagetsu began. "I will mention that all Quincies possess a fragment of him similar to me linking them all to him. He can even pass on more power to his Quincies, making them even stronger." He finished.

"What proof do you have of his returning?" The old warrior asked.

"My mother's death." Ichigo replied making all three men look at him.

"Grand fisher usually targets women, but he sensed my spiritual power and attacked me after I saw his lure by the lake as a kid." Ichigo began. "I'm sure you know of the Quincy techniques Blut Vene and Blut Ariei?" He asked.

"Yes one strengthens the Quincy's defense making their body tough to cut, while the other grants strength making their attacks more powerful." Yamamoto commented as he nodded.

"My mother's blut was extremely powerful, but that day she was unable to use the technique to save herself and me." Ichigo told him making Yamamoto's eyes widen.

"Auswahlen." Juhagetsu spoke. "A power Yhwack uses to steal back his power from his own Quincies, his own people." He began. "The technique is fatal to partial bred Quincies, but Full Quincies, while still alive, lose their power." Juhagetsu finished.

"So he is alive, and he began gathering power when you were a child." Genryusai began. "You are right Ichigo, there is a chance another war is coming to us, but with this warning we can begin to strengthen our ranks." He admitted.

"The thing is making sure warning them without causing a panic, or making me want to completely obliterate Captain Kurotsuchi." Ichigo commented making the old captain nod in agreement.

"Yes many of the younger ones would react badly knowing there are Quincies that want our destruction, while Kurotsuchi would attempt to betray us by trying to experiment on you and young Ishida." Shigekuni agreed.

"I recommend that you have all squads even those that have yet to awaken their zanpakutos train viciously, at least more than three times the effort they put into the Winter War." Ichigo spoke up.

"Indeed we need to have all our defenses sharpened, even having the R&D version ready to fight with the skill of at least third seats." Yamamoto nodded as he agreed.

"Also as a way of helping them train think you could have Kenpachi, Soi-fon, and Byakuya spar with my father?" Ichigo asked with an evil smirk.


"Yes you see my father's been so busy running a clinic and raising a family that even after he got his powers back he wasn't at the strength worthy of a true captain, so I thought that in preparation for the quincy war, he could train with Seireitei's toughest, fastest, most clever, and unstable captains." He explained to the oldest of Shinigami.

"I see, yes that would help him build his strength back up after so long away." Shigekuni began. "Very well Ichigo, your father's training is…" Genryusai stopped as Isshin flashed in.


"…Approved. Hopefully Soi-Fon and Byakuya can also learn more medical techniques as your father trains under them."

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