Author's Note: There will be quite a few changes to canon with this fic. A few character ages will be adjusted here and there, certain interactions will happen in a different order, and some people may behave differently. If you are looking for a canon-centric fic, this isn't going to be your cup of tea. Give it a chance though, you might be pleasantly surprised. I have not settled on any ships or if the crew will be different. There will not be any yaoi pairings, though if you can make a strong case, I will definitely listen.

Prologue – Dawn Island (17 Years Ago)

The morning is hushed in the quiet Foosha Village. The birds have yet to rise and the sun is just breaking the horizon. Suddenly, a noise like thunder rips through the silence. Cannon fire rings out from off the coast in an abrupt crescendo that ends as suddenly. The newly elected mayor, Woop Slap, gazes out to see a pirate ship sinking into the cold abyss as a battered marine vessel limps into the harbor. Moans and cries of wounded sailors begin to drift over the town as residents flood into the streets.

A young green haired girl of about three years of age pushes through to get a better look. Her parents, the owners of the local tavern, attempt to corral her with limited success. A dark haired marine, his tattered overcoat smoke stained and blood spattered flapping in the breeze, scouts the beach before beckoning on board. A young woman carrying a baby in her arms staggers onto the dock.

Woop Slap, recognizing the marine, does a double take. "Garp?! What is this? What is going on? What have you brought on our village?" His tone growing more panicked and incensed as his tirade continues. His words are silenced by the steely glare the older marine leveled his way. "My family needs a place to live. Is this a problem?"

His face paling, the mayor shakes his head in the negative. " … of course not." He turns to the town. "Wake up the doctors. We need to treat these marines." He looks back to see the woman, barely on her feet, start to collapse. Garp, in a rush, catches the woman and child. "Lara? LARA?!" He looks her over and notices a shard of wood buried three inches into her side. "MEDIC! WE NEED A MEDIC HERE NOW! Stay with us, Lara…" Her eyes slowly close as a young man with black hair emerges from the water and climbs onto the dock. "We got them all, Dad. We need to talk though. The pirates weren't here by coinci…" A cry of anguish shatters the morning as a red sun rises.