So I know i haven't even finished my stories and everyone has been dying for me to finish but...this appeared and i needed to write it down. I plan on finishing all of my ongoing atories that have been untouched for anout a year or two..


"Muffled voices echoed throughout the old mansion. A lady spirit with long black hair and longy bony fingers, lingered about the mansion, drifting around with her eyes closed. Her eyes suddenly snapped open and her completely white eyes rolled front as she sensed a strong soul nearby. A strong pure soul. It made her mouth water.

"Finally...a soul so pure and strong. Just what I desired".

She phased theough the walls and ended up at the top of the staircase, following the pull of the soul, just as a team of young ghost hunters walked in. She saw the pure soul shine bright from a small petite girl with brown hair. It wavered all around the girl like a bright candle.

The ghost just smiled as a raven haired boy ordered her food around and called her "Mai".

As soon as Mai walked into thier clients mansion, she felt a shiver run down her spine and froze in place. John bumped into Mai and after stammering apologizes and not getting a response from the girl, he called out to her in concern.

"Mai?" John asked, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Hearing concern in his voice the rest of the team that were in earshot turned around and stared at Mai. She said nothing as her eyes fixiated on the top of the stairs. Her "animal instincts" for the first time were screaming her not to take another step inside and to turn and run. It was practically begging her to leave right now. Though she had no idea she was staring directly into the eyes of the smiling ghost ahead. Coughing and dry heavings sounds were heard behind Mai but she paid no attention. Masako felt sick and walked back out of the house covering her nose, feeling nauseous.

Hands were placed on Mai's shoulder and she was shaken abit.

"Mai!" Naru yelled as he eventually shook her out of a state of shock. It took her a while to look into his eyes and when she did he saw she was trembling in absolute fear. Her instincts moved her body and she latched onto Naru like as if she was clinging for her life. She just felt...targeted.

"...Naru... I feel like I am being watched... A target".