Asper, 17 , and Steel were swiftly tossed out of the restaurant leaving the blue haired owner fuming as she looked around at all the damage they had done to her establishment. She moved towards the back area and her foot grazed a shattered piece of China lying on the floor next to the register. She gave out a sigh of sadness as she picked I up and stared at it, remembering when she had first setup this restaurant. Thanks to that group she had to remodel the whole thing- wait.

That's when something lit up in her eyes and she got an idea. She can make insurance claims on the things that had been destroyed and, with that money, Launch could remodel the whole restaurant. At the thought of this , she spun on her heel and smiled brightly as he headed out of the door.

Once out into the street, she looked around for the men that she had just thrown out- to thank them for destroying her place. But they had been no where to be found. She huffed lightly upon seeing the empty streets and headed back inside "They said something about a tournament...Oh, I'll bet they're in the World Martial Arts Tournament today!" She said excitedly as she rushed to the kitchen.


17 looked down at the city as he , Asper , and Steel soared offer it at breakneck speeds. He sighed in annoyance and looked to his friends "You think we should go back later? That gal seemed awful upset and I'd have to leave things like that"

Asper nodded as he heard this and turned towards his friend "Yeah, I know. She was so upset when she threw us out. We'd better go back after the tournament to at least try to make amends for what we've done." Steel soared on his left side with an abrupt grunt and a nod in agreement with what had been said.

And that was that, they'd return later. But for now they're primary focus was the tournament. 17 began to land as his water soaked green shirt stuck to his skin. The cold breeze that rolled through every so often was not helping the situation as it made the hairs on the man's stomach stand on end. But he'd have to ignore that for now, because they'd just reached the gate leading to the stadium. "Alright guys...this is going to determine so good luck to you 17 , and if we face each other eventually do not hold back'' Asper says as Steel smiles and 17 crosses his arms, giving a nod

"I'd never hold back against you bozo" he says with a smirk as he gives a friendly punch to Steel's left arm and heads inside. Steel looks down at Asper "Comrade Seventeen is correct...there will be no holding back from him my friend. And he'd be wise not to hold back against you...given I made that mistake and was caput in the preliminary rounds." He holds out a fist, which Asper happily meets and the two fist bump. The fist bump is packed with so much energy that it creates a small shockwave that ripples throughout the courtyard and shakes the bearings of the gate a bit.

The three await the announcement of the first round of the Semi-Finals , the anticipation coursing through each of their veins. Asper had to win this, he simply had to. If he did, he wouldn't have to worry about sleeping on rocks and searching for food again.

Steel needed to win in order to fund his Auto shop business, and by find he means start it. But that was all out of the window now that he was no longer fighting.

And then there was 17, the bakery owner. He needed this money to support himself and his sister. And with her out of it, there was no way in hell he was going down easy.

The announcer finally began to tell the stadium of the first battle. "Alright people are you ready?!" He shouted into the microphone with a ferocity that could only be matched by a wild animal. The excitement of the crowd was more than enough to boost moral for the fighters, who'd grown weary by this time. Asper smiled happily as he slid out of his shirt and began to do some push-ups.

"The first match of the Semi-Finals will be...17 vs Rose!".

Upon hearing that , 17's eyes widened and he turned towards the pink clad bandit who stood off in the corner of the vast room. {No way , no fucking way...she beat 18 earlier...Alright then I'll just have to fight with the ferocity of both of us... } He caught his bearings and flicked a stand of hair out of his eye before staring coldly back at her. And then, 17 gave a smirk as a means of throwing her off guard. It seemed to work as she raised an eyebrow in bewilderment.

The two took to the ring at that moment, standing 25 feet from one another. They both took a bow and then took their stances : 17's mirroring the stance used by Japanese Karate Master, Müten Rōshi. Roses stance mirrored the renowned martial artist, Taö Pai Pai. 17 smirked at the somewhat familiar stance she'd taken and rushed on ahead at 2,300 MpS. He charged 2 terajoules of ki into his left and right hands and aimed his left straight at Rose's temple.

Rose brought her arms up to block this attack with the swiftness of the wind. 17 had expected this and quickly brought his right hand to meet her side, sending her flying towards the edge of the arena. Rose recovers as she reaches the corner of the ring and grabs onto the edge, then turns her body and launches herself back into the ring.

17 watches her closely but suddenly, she seemingly fades out of existence. A second later she reappears, delivering a sharp kick to her neck. 17's face twists and contorts into a look of pure pain as he is sent to the ground. He lands face first and turns his head aside to look back at Rose. But he can't seem to move any other part of his body.

{Dammit...she hit me right in a pressure point. God, how could I have been so foolish?! I can't move...wait! i may habe a shot if omly...if only...I have to try this..} and with that on his mind, he began to transfer his ki throughout his whole body at a slow pace , listening as the announcer begins the ten count.


His body aches as he tried to pull through.


The sweat drips down his face in a stream as he moves his fingers and toes.


He could feel it. That energy began to surge through him and filled him to the brim.


He did it. He lept to his feet and turned back at Rose before popping his neck in the direction he received the kick. He took and new stance and stared at her emotionlessly. "Let's try that again..." He says as she looks on in confusion before taking her stance. This time, Rose was the first to rush into battle, aiming another kick at his temple.

17 was too swift for her and easily moved backwards then grabbed onto her ankle and slammed down into her leg with 2 tons of force. Rose let out a grunt if pain as she was flung back by 17. As soon as she landed on her feet, 17 fired a straightforward beam of ki at her backed by 12 terajoules of energy.

Rose had to act fast. And what was faster than her vanishing technique? She swiftly over her ki throughout her body and faded away, appearing several feet behind 17 as she did this. 17 smirked and redirected his beam to the back of him. The energy flew into the center of the ring right before her eyes and imploded , the shockwave given off from the blast sends her flying onto her back.

As soon as she hit the ground , 17 turned and fired one single ki blast at her chest, sending her skidding across the ring and over the edge.

Rose hung over the side of the arena in a dazed state of mind. She sat up to bring herself back in, but was met with the smirking face of 17 as he applied pressure to her forehead, throwing off her center of gravity and sending her to the grass below.

The announcer looked down at Rose's now unconscious body as it lay there and raised 17's arm "The winner of this match...17!". And with that the crowd was hyped to the fullest. Shouts and cheers and even a few boos filled the air as 17 walked over and lifted up Rose. "Hey come on, wake up." He says as he carries her to the back area