What would have happened if caroline attempted to compromise Mr Darcy? How would Georgiana try to save him from marrying Miss Bingley to repay him for saving her from Whickam?

Chapter 1

For the purpose of this story Lydia and Mr. Whickam do not elope.

Caroline was seething, this was supposed to be the time. They had arrived at Pemberley yesterday and she had it all planned out. She would pay great attention to Georgiana, so that her brother could see how good a sister she could be to her and display all the accomplishments that a good wife should have and he would finally propose. There was no one else to compete with in Pemberley, or any callers that might interrupt like in London. They were in his home so he would have to be a good host and spend time with them.

And then she arrived at Pemberley to find out that Miss Elizabeth Bennet had been touring the house and had encountered Mr. Darcy. And now his focus was back on her fine eyes. She could not understand the appeal of Miss Elizabeth, she was unrefined, came from a dreadful family connected to trade, with an embarrassing mother and younger sisters. She was nothing compared to her.

Caroline suddenly realized she would have to be more proactive. Mr. Darcy was an honorable man, if she was compromised by accident he WOULD have to marry her. So she decided to come up with a plan, a plan that would ensure that her dream would finally come true. Caroline would become the next Mrs. Darcy and she would be the Mistress of Pemberley.

She summoned her trusty maid that she had had with her for many years. She had chosen her for her ability to find out any manner of gossip and her lack of scruples. She suited Caroline just fine. She had to act quick, tomorrow Mr. Darcy would be going to Lambton with Georgiana to call on Miss Bennet, and she could not give Miss Eliza any more time to bewitch him away from her.

"I've had enough of this Miss Bennet and her fine eyes! Pemberley is supposed to be mine! Mr Darcy was supposed to look at me, not at that country nobody. So I've decided that a change of plans is in order. I am going to need your help tonight, it's time to take a different approach to becoming the future Mistress of Pemberley. If I can't convince him that I'm the perfect wife material I will have to give him a little push?"

Her maid gave her a knowing smile and responded "I think that is a wise idea Miss Bingley what do you need of me?"

"I need you to get some information so that we can come up with a plan to compromise him. I was thinking of going to his bedroom while he is sleeping and laying next to him so we can be discovered." She said all of it with an exited glint in her eyes. She could hardly wait.

"I'll figure out everything that you need Miss Bingley. Especially the times of that valet of his, he is very loyal and if he is not yet asleep might catch you and the plans will be for naught."

"Indeed, so you know what to do, find out as soon as you can so we can start to get our plan in motion, my future as Mrs. Darcy awaits." Her maid started to giggle and in her excitement she started to giggle as well.

Suddenly a knock on the door startled them, the door opened and a maid entered. "Miss Bingley dinner is ready and about to start"

"I will be down shortly" The maid curtsied and left. Miss Bingley finished preparing herself and went down to dinner with an air of superiority and victory, without knowing that tonight was not going to be her night of triumph, no, it was going to be her night of ruin.