Hello everyone, I had originally decided to finish this fic with the previous chapter but a few of you wrote wanting to know what happened with the characters so I decided to do an epilogue explaining were they all ended up. Hope you enjoy it!


A year after the debacle with Miss Bingley a lot of things had changed. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy were married, as well and Jane and Mr. Bingley. The Gardiner's and Elizabeth had been invited to stay at Pemberly for a week instead of staying on with their tour. The Gardiner's seeing that something was happening between Lizzy and Mr. Darcy agreed to see if they could give the couple a bit more time. During this time Lizzy got to know Darcy better and started to fall in love with him, and while they had not reached an understanding by the time she left Pemberley, Darcy was being extra cautious after Hunsford, it was clear to those around them that they would reach to an understanding soon. When Mr. Bingley came back to Lougnbourn to propose to Jane, Darcy joined him, and a few weeks after Mr. Bingley had proposed to Jane he proposed to Elizabeth. Both couple eventually married in a double wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Darcy were very happy, they had their disagreements as they both had strong personalities, but they never allowed them to get out of control and damage their relationship. Jane and Mr. Bingley were also very happy, especially after they found an estate in Derbyshire a few hours away from the Darcy's. Even the amiable tempers of Jane and Mr. Bingley could only take so much of Mrs. Bennet descending on Netherfield every day. Jane eventually started having a nice honest friendship with Mrs. Hurst, without Caroline's influence the family dynamic changed drastically and over all they were much happier.

A year after being sent to her aunts Caroline was allowed back into society, so she joined her siblings in London. Her reputation while not shattered was not the best after the rumors that Lady Matlock had ensured did spread, but Caroline did not wish to acknowledge them. She tried to use her connection to Mr. Darcy through marriage to rise in society and marry someone higher in status than Mr. Darcy. Her arrogance and ignorance had not diminished, Bingley and her sister tried to direct her and contain her but in a few weeks it was glaringly obvious she had learned nothing. After disobeying her bothers orders one too many times, and making a fool of herself and ruining her reputation by chasing after a Lord shamelessly she was sent back to her aunt permanently. She never went back into society after that.

As for why Lydia did not run away with Mr. Wickham, it is simple, he was already dead. When he arrived at Brighton he found a young shy rich heiress, the problem was that she was well protected. As his situation got more desperate and he fell more into debt he attempted to seduce her so that her family would have no choice but to have them marry. He did not count on her very protective uncle that when he saw Wickham trying to seduce his niece killed him and threw his body into the sea. With Wickham gone Lydia did not run away but that did not stop her from compromising herself with Captain Denny. Only she was caught by Mrs. Foster that informed her husband that informed her father.

So Lydia did in the end marry before any of her sisters. Unfortunately for her it did not bring her the satisfaction that she thought it would in the long run. Kitty who had always been the forgotten sister became quite good friends with Georgiana Darcy in one of her visits to Pemberley and with their combined efforts they managed to convince their siblings to allow Kitty to stay with them part of the year. In the end Kitty would rotate from the Darcy's to the Bingley to her parents. And with the influence of Georgiana and her older sisters she grew up to be a more accomplished, mature, kind woman. She also grew more beautiful and with her connections managed to fall in love and marry a very wealthy man, not as wealthy and Mr. Darcy but almost a wealthy and Mr. Bingley. He was handsome and enjoyed city life and parties as Kitty did, so every time that Lydia would visit Kitty she would be very jealous of her circumstances. In the end Kitty had a happier and more fulfilling life and Lydia hated it. She could only lord over Mary as she had married a clergyman and Lydia thought that was the dullest possible future any woman could have, but even in that she was wrong. Mary was exceedingly happy. She married a man of morals and integrity but also a kind and tolerant man that helped her bloom. He adored her and she was very much in love as well. Mary was perfectly happy with life, indeed it had turned out better that she could have imagined.

In the end only Caroline and Lydia were dissapointed by their lives, their greatest tragedy though, was that they never learned and bettered themselves. They remained bitter and blamed all their misfortunes on other people except themselves.