A Birthday Ode for LemonSupreme

A show came on a while ago

Revolution was its name.

For me, it changed a lot of things

Life would never be the same.

I'd never been a shipper

Had never heard the term

But Bass and Charlie spoke to me

And others, too, as I'd soon learn.

NBC lost their mind

And threw the show away

I had to find a way to make

Bass and Charlie stay.

A trip to Google helped me find

Fan fiction sites to search

And then I found my Charloe fix

My fan's heart no longer in the lurch.

A slew of writers filled the void

Left by cancellation

They took me back to Willoughby

And even the Plains Nation.

Hayj and Ice, Thessie, too

Romeo and Love,

JaqofSpades and Three Magpies

Fit my addiction like a glove.

So many scribes with talent

Too many more to name.

But the one who seems to read my mind

Is the prolific LemonSupreme.

Her imagination soars sky high

Where does she get her plots?

It's Charloe loving all the way

I crave it lots and lots.

With angst and humor and lots of smut

Lemon brings it all

She wrings emotions out of us

We laugh and gasp, then bawl.

But we always know we're in good hands

Charloe will find their way

Regardless of those plot bunnies

Their love is here to stay.

And when she's done with her own stories,

She goes and shares her heart

By supporting other writers

And helping newbies start.

So thank you, Lemon, on your special day

For bringing the smut and sappy.

Your stories take us to a better place

And make us wicked happy!

Happy Birthday!