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No one knows where I came from. I was found on the orphanage steps. I had no note, and no one had rang the doorbell, they simply found me. My name is Perseus Jackson. That is what they named me. The person running the orphanage was called Sally Jackson. They say that if not for her I would have died outside in the cold.

I am known at the orphanage as the boy with no belly button. Only Sally called me Percy, my preferred name. I am sixteen now. I am one of those people who keeps their friends close, and their enemies closer.

The enemy in question? Her name was Nancy. We constantly quarrel. And I have no friends. Nancy shares the same dorm room as me. Now you know all about me, I will tell you about my life. You will hear my story as if you were me.

I walk down the stairs slowly. I do it deliberately, for Nancy is behind me. She starts to try and push me down the stairs. She fails. I get to the bottom of the stairs and walk over to the dining table, where I sit down. I say 'hello.' to Sally, who rushes out of the kitchen with our breakfasts.

I spend the whole of breakfast staring at Nancy. I eat too, but stare at the same time. Sally smiles at us all as she eats. We have a tutor who comes here to teach us. His name is Mr. Brunner and his favourite subject to teach us, is Greek mythology.

I don't know where he got them, but he also has Greek armour and swords that he uses for demonstrations. He is an old, wise looking man in a wheel chair with a blanket over his lap. Today he had gotten permission from Sally to take us all on a trip.

There were about fifteen of us and being orphans, many of us are badly behaved. Only he and Sally would be there to watch us, and so it will be hectic. We were going to a museum all about ancient Greece.

I walked towards the coach they had hired, thinking about what was to come. I sat on my own at the back of the coach. Then a boy I had never met before came down the aisle and sat with me.

He smiled at me nervously and said, 'hi… I'm Grover… Uh, can we be friends? I am new here, so I don't know anyone yet.'

I smiled at him. Most people don't want to even go near me. I nodded. He hugged me and I tensed up, but he let go quite quickly and I relaxed. I wasn't used to that kind of contact.

It made me realise my loneliness… but no-one cared about that! I talked to Grover for the whole ride, and pretty soon we knew each other so well it was like we had been friends for much longer.

We soon arrived at the museum.

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