Sorry I haven't updated in ages... I have been super busy. I hope yoh can forgive me...? Here you go, though... an extra long chapter, as my apology.

The next morning, me, annabeth and Grover got into a van that the camp had and got driven to new York. I had kept the prophecy to myself, talking to Chiron, so he forgot I hadn't told it to him. Annabeth, had formed our plan. A plan I refuse to follow. She wants to go and talk to Hades. She thinks he has it. Ha! As if. No, that is not true. I know who has it. I have seen it. Simply a careless mistake, by a careless god. Simply a careless thought, in a careless mind. A master bolt, put in a careless place.

Ares has it... When he was training me, he left one of his weapons on the side table. It flashed, due to the wards in the house. The table is near the walls, you see. Where the wards are strongest. It flashed. A brief moment, when it became the bolt once more, it's magical disguise flickering momentarily. Yes, I do know the way. The son of Poseidon... certainly does. It is clear, that Ares took it for a reason. One does not just take Zeus' property.

Over my time of training, I have discovered that my Weapons are magical. Each katana has a special ability. Should I kill someone with Black Day, the sword absorbs their soul, their power. White Shadow, can take a person's memory. If killed by both blades, both their soul and memory becomes mine. If I wanted to, I could alter their memory... and bring them back to life, as my slave, my servant. I can also become the person. I don't need memory for that, but I make a it easier. If I do transform into them, they become a permanent body for me to become, and I can be them whenever I want, as fast as i want. It's useful.

The van drops us off in New York, and we make our own path from there. "Annabeth, what kind of places can we find Ares?"

"Why do you ask?" She replies.

"Well, I think he has it."

"Yeah, as if."

"Pride is dangerous, Annabeth."

"If i am so wrong, why not speak the prophecy?!" She shouts, earning us a few looks.

I recite the prophecy and she turns several shades paler. Of course, she has play the fool. "Son of Chaos... that must be one of the primordials...?" She tries to hide her shock.

Grover nods his head. "Could be any one of them. The prophecy says Percy knows...lets follow him. And so they followed me, as we made our way to the empire state building, to check Ares' ... whatever gods live in. We reach the building, and ask for the card to go up to Olympus.

"Sorry, kid. I have no idea what your talking about. If I were you, I would loosen up on the crazy pills."

That got me angry. "Excuse me, sir! You do not speak to me like that. As you can see I am perfectly sane. Also, do not call me a 'kid' I am a teenager, not a baby goat. So unless you want to be gutted, give it to me."

He gave me the key. We went up elevator. We looked in Ares' mansion... he wasn't there. We went to see Zeus instead. "Lord Zeus," I say, not bothering to kneel. "Please can you summon your son, Ares, here. I believe that he is in the possession of the master bolt."

"Boy! I am the king of the gods! Show some respect. And Ares is a God. You cannot speak of him with such disrespect."

"Ha. I have no need to respect you. I am a higher being than you. You can feel the power, that simply radiates off me, can you not? Take note of it!" I sternly speak, my face only inches from his. He doesn't say anything else, but I can see he is plotting something. Probably my demise. I stroll into the throne room. Zeus summons Ares and I shout at him.

"Ares. Give back the bolt! It is not yours." By this point, Zeus had left the room.

"Never! I don't know how you found out, but it is mine. Oh, the sweet taste of war..."

"Don't make me take it from you," I warn.

"Take from the war God? No one could beat me in battle.

"Not even someone who was trained... by you?"

He looked shocked, not remembering the time he shared with me. I charged, my Katanas already in position. I hold my sword above me, as if to stoke his head. He ducks and I flip over him. I land behind him in a crouched position. Stretching out my leg, I sweep it under him and knock him to the ground. Holding my sword to his neck, I speak two words. "Too easy."

I grasp the bolt from his backpack and pass it over Annabeth and Grover. Both of whom staring at us in shock. When they recover their wits, they head over to Zeus' temple, to give him the bolt. In the meantime I search his backpack once more, only to find Hades' helm of darkness. I shadow travel it to him. Shadow traveling is one of my current powers.

I let Ares go and Shadow travel over to where Zeus, Annabeth and Grover converse. A council meeting is to be had about the return of the bolt. Just then, Luke - from camp - enters the room. "Hi, Jackson." He walks up to me, smiling. He then grabs his sword and shoves it through my stomach, disappearing in a flash of smoke. I grip my stomach, to find it is healing itself. Odd. Though I guess one of my new powers is quick healing.

Well. He is the traitor. I won against Ares. I angered Zeus. I knew the way. Prophecy, complete. I go to the throne room. We discuss the return of the bolt. Then, Apollo raises his hand. Zeus looks at him.

"Just a minute... The prophecy said that a child of Chaos would anger the gods..." He pointed out.

"Well... I angered Zeus and Ares. Does that not count as angering the gods? I am pretty sure the prophecy was fulfilled." They all stared at me in shock. Oh, oh. This is gonna be hard to explain.