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Chapter One: The Outsider and the Princess

There were several reasons why this was a bad idea. In fact, the boy could name about six before his father opened his mouth to speak. He saw the man's face, the calculating expression as his slender fingers tapped his chin.

"You are going to visit her Majesty just to talk?" Baelfire squinted. "There is nothing, no price?" Even at fourteen years old, Baelfire knew that this was abnormal. With his Papa there was always a cost.

"We are. It is our young Princess' birthday after all Bae." Rumplestiltskin smiled. "The whole kingdom is going to be there."

"But we don't have an invitation." Baelfire murmured, eliciting sharp laughter from his father as he held out his hand. Within a swirl of smoke, a scroll appeared in his hand, the seal of Misthaven decorating it like a kiss. Baelfire pursed his lips.

"But of course we do!"

What are you up to? Baelfire couldn't help wondering, but of course, his Papa probably had a reason. There had to be a good reason he would suggest they venture to the castle of Snow White. His Papa never let him leave their castle, and secretly Baelfire was excited at the prospect of attending a real ball.

Being the son of the Dark One was a miserable existence. Bae knew this to be a fact. He loved his Papa, but he sometimes wished for a friend that wasn't afraid of him or seeking favor from his father. Maybe he could meet a friend at the ball. Surely the nobles had children. One advantage of being so walled off was that no one knew who he was. They knew that his Papa had a son, but perhaps if he kept his distance while Papa talked to the king and queen… yes that would be the plan. He'd sneak off as soon as the chatter started.

Emma stared at herself in the mirror, not recognizing this vision. The crown she scarcely wore adorned her blonde hair done in a sweeping knot atop her head. Gentle waves fell around her, framing her forest green eyes which were lit up in awe as she examined the gown she wore.

The gown in question was a gentle teal. It flowed down to her feet and rather than ballooning out like most fashions of their kingdom, the skirt was modest with a rippling pattern that reminded Emma of the sea, further so when she twirled and the ripples danced like crashing waves.

Snow smiled. "Happy Birthday Emma."

"It's perfect! I love it!" Emma gripped Snow tight around the waist pulling her in for a hug. "Thank you."

"I'm so glad you like it." Snow kissed the top of her daughter's forehead.

"Can I go show Grandmother?"

Snow laughed as she pictured her stepmother's reaction. "Just remember to knock before you burst in."

Emma frowned. "I will." But it's not nearly as fun.

Snow watched as her daughter ran out the door. Her thoughts drifted as they always did. Emma was thirteen today. Thirteen. How could time have gone so fast? But today was also a day that could change too much, too fast. Snow stared up at the glass unicorns, that now pranced around on her daughter's ceiling in lieu of the mobile that had hung from her crib. She sighed as she was reminded of this, the gift that Regina had presented to Emma, animating the ceiling decorations for her amusement as a birthday present last year. There was a part of Snow that wanted to hold Emma and never let go, especially since she knew what was coming. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the open door.

"Snow…" She looked up at the voice. Her husband stood in the doorway looking at her with a frown. "Oh Snow." David crossed the room wrapping his arms around her. "It's going to be okay."

"She'll never forgive us Charming. We may never see her again, and she'll never forgive us."

"We still have two more days," David said. "The best thing that we can do for Emma right now is give her the best birthday we can offer. We'll worry about Camelot and Rumpelstiltskin tomorrow." He leaned in for a kiss. "Promise me you'll at least try to have a good time?"

Snow saw no other option but to nod as she and her husband left their daughter's room. She would make sure Emma had a fantastic birthday, even though her heart was breaking.

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