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Uchiha Naomi worked her ass off to get where she was today. She suffered through the loss of three of her brothers Yuu, Hiraku, and Souta at an early age. She defied both of her parents to become a kunoichi and fight alongside her family in the frontlines. She was the princess of the Uchiha clan and as such she was expected to be the perfect house wife. After the loss of Yuu, her older brother by three years, she could not bear the idea of not protecting her family as they have done for her. She fought with her parents for the chance to become a ninja. Her mother was worried about her safety, being the only daughter of the clan head. Her father was worried she would not be able to keep up with the rest of the clan. Both had told her no every time she asked. What they did not know was that she observed them when they trained and would practice at night.

It was Izuna who stumbled across her first. He tried to stop her but her resilience was unmatched. So instead he trained with her. He taught her the katas properly, showed her how to manipulate her chakra and how to mask it. It was with Hiraku's death that gave her the Sharingan. He had been her best friend, her closest brother, the one who had always comforted her when she was upset. Izuna taught her how to use the Sharingan, feeling proud of how quickly she learned.

Madara was the next to find out about her secret training. He was angry at first. Angry at Naomi for disobeying their parents. Angry at Izuna for helping her; but once he saw how much she had improved in the three years she had been training, he knew that she would be a perfect secret weapon for the clan. So he joined in on their late night training sessions. Between the two of them, Izuna and Madara were able to teach her all of the things she would have learned if she had started at the same age they had. She worked hard to catch up with them, but when she did she could not be more proud of herself. Madara and Izuna held off on telling their father about Naomi's improvement. Instead they focused on continuing to train her, broadening her abilities in any and every way they could, all behind their parents' backs.

Surprisingly Naomi excelled at medical ninjutsu, which she had taught herself through scrolls from the Uchiha library. Izuna and Madara allowed her to practice simple ones on them, which she was completely thankful for. She loved her brothers and she hated them being hurt in any way, especially when she was the one who was hurting them; but neither of them ever complained and never hesitated in letting her practice on them. Uchiha Naomi may have been the princess of the Uchiha clan, the only daughter of Uchiha Tajima and Nasuko, but she was not a helpless girl. she had been the best kept secret of the Uchiha clan.

Uchiha Madara had been bred to take over as clan head when his father would die. It was an inevitable fact of life for people to die, especially in times of war. He had spent most of his life working to become the greatest shinobi alive in order to protect his family. He vowed that he would do anything to protect his remaining siblings. Even if that meant that he would go behind his parents' backs to train his sister. As he sat before his father and the council, he could not be happier that he had done it. Maybe then she would have a fighting chance against the bastards that took her. He could not bear to lose another sibling, let alone his only sister. Naomi had a hard time adjusting after losing Hiraku and Izuna and Madara stepped up to do their best to help her.

In the two years since Hiraku died Naomi improved greatly in her training. She had trained harder and longer, determined to do everything and anything to protect her family. Madara just hoped it paid off and helped her live through this nightmare. Izuna sat to his right and his mother off to the side as they listened to Tajima explain about what they discovered this morning. Uchiha Naomi, the youngest sibling of Madara and Izuna and the only daughter of Uchiha Tajima and Nasuko, was missing.

"How did it happen, father?" Izuna asked cautiously. Madara kept his eyes on his father though he also wondered how someone had gotten through their defenses and kidnapped their sister. She was not that far from the main house, which in itself was embedded deep in the Uchiha compound.

"I am not sure. I sent scouts out to follow the trail but it disappeared." Tajima replied sighing deeply and closing his eyes. He was upset about his only daughter being gone, and it was taking every bit of his training to not let his emotions bubble to the surface.

"What is the plan then?" Madara asked staring at his father. The older man did not acknowledge his son, but his worry was written all over his face. It was a foreign sight to Madara and Izuna; Tajima rarely showed when he was worried; but then, it was not every day his only daughter disappeared.

"One of the scouts stated that he caught Senju in the area. The two of you and Tajima-sama shall make contact with the Senju clan." One of the elders, Katsuro, stated from behind Tajima. Izuna and Madara nodded, neither arguing nor stating any other alternative. It was really their best option at this point. The trail was cold and the Senju clan were the only ones who could help them.

"When do we leave?" Madara asked after a moment of silence. Nasuko watched the interaction quietly, knowing better than to state her disagreement. She did not want to lose her only two sons as well; but she wanted to get her baby girl back. She would push her hatred of the Senju clan aside if it meant she was able to hole her precious daughter again.

"As soon as the two of you are ready" Tajima stated, waving his hand and dismissing his two sons. Both stood up and left the room to get ready for their mission. Neither wasted any time to get ready, both worried about their baby sister. They prepared in silence and once they were done they went off to meet up with their father. Nasuko saw her two sons off, wishing them good luck before sending them off to the Senju compound. Madara an Izuna met their father at the gate of the Uchiha compound and without a word set off towards the Senju camp.

It took them half the day to get to the gates of the Senju camp. None of them spoke as they ran; all three were struggling to keep their emotions in check as they thought of what Naomi could be going through. When they arrived at the enemy camp, Senju Butsuma stood there with a small army behind him. Madara recognized a few of them from the battlefield. No doubt they had the three Uchiha coming. Next to the clan leader stood his oldest son, Hashirama. Madara wondered where Tobirama was; he rarely strayed far from his brother's side. Tajima stopped about a foot away from the Senju clan leader, with Madara and Izuna behind him. They stared at each other for a short while, each side waiting for an attack. When one did not come from either side, the two leaders relaxed slightly; they were still enemies after all.

"My youngest son is missing; do you know anything about that?" Butsuma asked accusingly as he glared at the three Uchiha men. His scouts had said there had been Uchiha in the area of where the trail had taken them. Granted the scouts were near the Uchiha borders, the fact that three members of the head family dared to come to their gates indicated that something was wrong. Were they there to gloat? Or to suggest a treaty?

"I do not know anything about your son, but my daughter is missing as well. Our scouts caught members of your clan near our lands when they followed the trail" Tajima replied. He had never trusted the Senju clan, and he would not put it past them to lie about taking his daughter. Hashirama stared at Madara as he took in the fact that his friend had never told him about a sister, and as it sank in that Madara's unknown sister and Hashirama's own brother were missing, his eyes widened. The two clans were in the same boat, both clan leaders were missing a child. Did this mean that someone else was targeting the Senju and Uchiha? He knew that Tajima was not lying; utter sadness and worry were shining in his eyes. Butsuma, also realizing what had happened, stood up straighter and let his guard down, not enough that would open him for an attack but enough to show he understood what the Uchiha was going through. Assuming it was not a trick; the Uchiha clan were here to request their daughter back. They could not do that since they did not have her; Butsuma did not even know that Tajima had a daughter. Tajima followed suit, ordering Izuna and Madara to stand down. He doubted it was a trick, the Senju heir was more emotional than his father and he did not seem like the type to act that well.

"I sent a team out to follow the trial left behind. It may have been a third party that took our children" Butsuma stated. It was quiet for a moment as Butsuma chose his next words carefully. While he knew he could never forgive the Uchiha for what they had done to his clan, neither side could afford to be in a war with each other while looking for their missing members. "I propose a temporary truce until we figure out who pulled this off and recover our children."

"I will have to accept. Izuna return to the compound and tell the council of my decision. I shall remain here with Madara to talk this out" Tajima stated after a moment of silence. He could not allow his clan to fight a war while searching for his daughter. Izuna nodded and ran off to follow his father's orders; he may not be a fan of the Senju but it was a relief to not have to fight them constantly when his mind would be preoccupied with his sister. Butsuma sent a female Senju to tell the council of Elders his decision and offered to find a neutral place for the two clan leaders to speak. Tajima agreed, waiting for Butsuma to dismiss his army. Everyone except for Hashirama left and with that the four ninja left. Hashirama suggested the river that he and Madara used to skip rocks at and neither clan leader disagreed. It was a neutral spot for both sides.

"This should be fine" Tajima stated as they settled on the bank of the river. Hashirama and Butsuma were on one side facing Madara and Tajima. "Do you know when your son disappeared?"

"Tobirama was on patrol last night. The clansman, Isamu, who was with him claimed that Tobirama never indicated that there was someone around them until they were ambushed. Whoever did it were skilled enough to hide from Tobirama and take both down quickly and quietly, no one around them heard a thing. It was early this morning when Isamu was found." Hashirama explained after his father motioned for him to speak. Madara could see the worry in Hashirama's chocolate eyes, it matched the worry he felt for his beloved sister.

"I must say Tajima, I was not aware you had a daughter. Do you have any idea when she went missing?" Butsuma added directing his attention to his rival and temporary ally. Not once did any Uchiha mention or even indicate that Tajima had a daughter. He must have done everything he could to keep her a secret. Was he afraid that the Senju would try to kill her?

"Naomi is not a kunoichi and I try to keep her as far away from the battlefield as I can. The last time I saw her was before she went to bed the last night, shortly after the sun set." Tajima replied confidently. It was a false confidence though, he was terrified that his daughter was already dead. He regretted not letting his daughter learn to at least defend herself. She had begged him to let her train, and he kept refusing. He just wanted to keep her safe; and it had backfired on him.

"She was out training" Madara corrected quietly. He did not even look at his father, instead he chose to look up at the sky. He was aware all attention was on him though. He was going to get in trouble for not telling his father sooner but he was trying to help his sister.

"What?" Tajima demanded, his eyes narrowing. Madara usually did not disobey his orders like this. If he knew his sister was training he should have told Tajima; but Tajima could not have been happier to hear it. Maybe his princess would have a fighting chance. Maybe she was still alive.

"She started training by herself at night after Yuu's death. Izuna found out about it first and decided to train her properly. I agreed when I found out. She was out late training." Madara said tightening his fist around his knee. "I left before she did, shortly after midnight I would have to guess, but she was not supposed to be out that much longer."

"We will have a discussion about this later." Tajima commented angrily; he had his appearances to keep up after all. He turned his attention back to the Senju leader. Butsuma had a hard look on his face, similar to that of Tajima's. "It seems our children were taken close to each other. Madara where was Naomi training?"

"In the forest, maybe a kilometer away from the main house. She was well within our borders." Madara replied finally daring to look at his father. He could see the anger etched into his father's face and even though the Sharingan was not activated his eyes burned with a mixture of emotion, but the one that surprised Madara the most was not the anger or hatred. Rather it was the worry and sadness that were overshadowed by his anger; and the small sliver of hope.

"We should assume that we are dealing with a rival clan, one that has a vendetta against both of our clans. But I do not know of any clan able to pull this off." Butsuma stated his eyes unfocused as he thought. "Times like this I would suggest sending Tobirama out but since that is not an option I feel the best thing to do would be to send out our best trackers to try to find any sign of them."

"I agree. Madara and I will return and I will send a messenger when I have gathered a team. We will have them meet here and they can follow the trail." Tajima stated standing up. Madara followed suit as Butsuma agreed. The two Senju stood as well and, after the two clan leaders shaking hands, took their leave. Madara followed his father back to the compound silently. He knew that when they returned home his father was going to criticize him for what he and his brother had done. That criticism never came. Instead, when Tajima told his wife what their remaining sons had done, Nasuko pulled both of her sons into a tight hug. She was thankful that they had hopefully prepared Naomi for what she was about to endure.