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Izuna sighed, trying to ignore the Senju's complaints about having to follow his orders; as if the Uchiha had not commanded rescue missions before. This one was no different than the others, regardless of how personal it was. In fact, his sister being one of the victims made him want to finish this efficiently and safely. He was sick of hearing about how terrible of a leader he was being, simply because he was being cautious. A remark was brewing in his mind but before it could come out, Michi butted in.

"Ne, Uchiha-sama look." She pointed down to the ground at Izuna's feet with a confused expression. Izuna looked down and frowned when he saw something poking out of the ground. Not only that but it was moving, as if it was trying to break the ground. After a moment of looking at it, Izuna kneeled down and started prying at the small hole that had been made. As the hole grew larger, the Uchiha's eyes widened. Turning his head to the rest of the group, Izuna pulled out a kunai.

"One of you send a message to both clans. Tobirama's down there." He commanded before turning back to the hole, which had closed up, and his eyebrows knitted together in confusion. With the kunai he started making another hole, and members of both clans started helping him. Once the hole was big enough for them to peer down, Izuna let out a small sigh of relief when he saw his sister lying on the ground.

"Tobirama-sama! Are you alright?" Michi asked when she saw him, a small smile on her face. The white haired Senju frowned before looking down at Naomi. He looked back up at the group, who were struggling to keep the hole open, with an unreadable expression.

"She's got a fever and I don't know how to get us out of here." Tobirama shouted up, his mind trying to think of a way to get them both out of the cave. Before he could figure it out, the door slammed open. His head turned towards the door, and he saw the man who had spoken to them earlier standing in the doorway. There was a group of men behind him, all of them armed and looked ready for a battle. He was at a serious disadvantage. Not only did he not have his chakra, he did not even have a weapon to defend himself with. He also had to take care of Naomi who was sick and could not move out of the way.

Izuna cursed when he saw the hole closing. Not only that, but it seemed that Tobirama had trouble in the cell beneath them. He had been so happy to hear that his sister was with the Senju, and worried about the fever that she had, that he did not even consider the idea that someone would realize they were there. However, at the moment he had to push his feelings away and come up with a plan to get them out of this situation.

"If I remember correctly, Kenshin-san, you're an earth user correct?" He waited for the confirming nod from the brown haired Senju before continuing. "I want you and Koharu to figure out a way to keep this hole open. Any long range fighters I want to provide whatever back up you can to Tobirama from here. Hedeaki, you're going to come with me. I also need someone to send both clans a message with our location telling them that we found Naomi and Tobirama. Are any of you short range fighters?"

He turned his attention to the three remaining Senju, which only Michi nodded her head, before motioning for her to follow him and Hedeaki. He lead them away from the hole, towards a pile of rocks that he was certain was hiding the entrance to the underground prison. Unlike the area that they had started off in, where Hashirama and Madara had originally found the tunnel, there were not any structures that could have disguised the entrance.

"We need to be as quiet and careful as we can. We have no idea what is going on down there or how many enemies we will run into. Stay vigilant and try to stay together." He told the two of them as he found what he was looking for. By moving one of the rocks he was able to uncover the entrance to the tunnel. Once he got confirming nods from both of them Izuna slowly started making his way down into the tunnel. He was followed closely by Hedeaki and Michi.

The tunnel was much bigger than any of them thought; not only did they have enough room to walk comfortably, the walls were lit by torches and there were not very many doors or tunnels as they walked. Finally after walking down the long stone tunnel, they came to a larger room which split off into various other tunnels. While he could not tell anything about the other tunnels, Izuna could see that the room itself was empty.

Slowly they inched forward, being cautious with each step they took so they did not set off any traps or alert their enemies of their presence. As they got closer to one of the tunnels, Izuna could see shadows moving, from the torches lit down there. They would need a strategy if they were going to provide back up for Tobirama and save his sister.

Tobirama stood defensively in front of Naomi's sleeping form. Though his face remained stone cold and void of emotion, inside he was deeply worried about the situation he found himself in. He was about to face an enemy with no weapon and his chakra sealed away. This was more than just another challenge for him; this was life or death, and not just for him. If he failed in this fight, Naomi's death would be on him and he would have broken his promise to reunite her with her brothers. He did not want to admit how happy he was to see Izuna, the Uchiha with him, and the Senju looking down from the hole in the ceiling. Freedom was so close that he could almost taste it but that hope was squashed as the man walked into their cell, sword at the ready for an attack against the captive Senju. Maybe, just maybe if Izuna could figure out how to get to them they would stand a chance of surviving this battle.

"Well, well what do we have here?" The man taunted as he took a step closer to Tobirama and Naomi. The latter had not even stirred yet and it was beginning to worry the Senju. "It seems our attempts to doing things subtly didn't work with you two. I guess we'll have to try a different method."

The words confused Tobirama. He was not aware of what they were trying to pull with him and the Uchiha girl so he really did not know how to react to the comment. Still, he stood his ground and prepared to fight them off if he needed to. He may not have a weapon or his chakra, but he was still good at taijutsu. That would have to be enough to get out of this fight; or at least it would have to suffice until he could either get one of their weapons into his hands or Izuna arrived to help him. Never in his life had he expected to have to rely on his Uchiha rival, yet in that instance he hoped Izuna would have an idea of what to do.

"I don't know what you thought we were going to do but it's not going to happen." Tobirama finally replied defiantly. Resisting the urge to look up at the hole to see if it had closed yet, he kept his crimson eyes locked on the vile man in front of him. He raised his fists in preparation for the oncoming fight and slouched into a defensive stance.

The man simply laughed, a deep and hearty laugh, at the Senju's actions. This took Tobirama by surprise yet he did not let his stance relax. Hashirama had always told him he was paranoid about the intentions of others, and in that moment he was thankful that he was really that paranoid. It meant that if the other man attacked he had a fighting chance of defending himself.

Tobirama did not want to wake Naomi up, but the ensuing battle probably would anyways. If he could keep her unaware of their situation for as long as he could it would help him protect her in the long run. At this moment in time she was useless to him, especially if she was not a kunoichi as he suspected. It would be up to his taijutsu skills to save them both. All he could hope was that Izuna's group found him eventually they would be his saving grace.

Maybe if he could disarm one of his opponents and steal his weapon he would be able to decently protect the sleeping girl behind him. That was his main priority, to protect the innocent from harm. He promised Naomi that he would keep her safe and he would do exactly that.

The ensuing battle was just as brutal as Tobirama expected it to be. He had already taken a hard punch to his right cheek and mouth, and a sharp kick to his ribs. Not to mention the numerous cuts and bruises littering his body; his armor did little to help him in this fight. It had been years since he had been in such a position that he would actually want help from his enemy. Actually, he had never been in a position like this. He did not want to put his trust in the Uchiha. Ever.

In that moment he hoped to see Izuna or anyone that had traveled with him to help him out of this situation, and that feeling did not sit well with him.

Tobirama let out a groan of pain when one of his attackers sliced into his side with a sword. He was quickly becoming over powered by the men in the room; the situation was rapidly getting worse. Hope was draining from him when one of them slipped past his meek defense. A shrill scream rand out from behind him and his heart stopped beating for a split second as fear took control of him. Time seemed to slow down for the Senju as he saw the man run towards Naomi, his sword raised to strike her.

The Senju willed his body to move, to block the attack or take it for her, anything he could do to keep her safe. However, before he could make a move a kunai flew through the air and embedded itself in the man's throat. Blood sprayed everywhere. The man tried breathing but only gurgled on the blood in his throat. Tobirama saw Naomi's blood streaked face as the man fell to his knees, and then flat on the floor, and his eyes widened. It barely took a minute for him to stop moving as he laid on the ground dead. Tobirama's gaze turned to the other side to the room where the kunai had come from. He saw a flash of blood red and immediately averted his gaze instinctively.

Izuna had finally found the room that Tobirama and Naomi had been kept in. He did not stop to analyze the situation like he had been trained to do; the second he saw the man go for his sister he grabbed a kunai from his pouch and threw it at his target. He smirked when he saw the kunai go straight into the man's throat, his Sharingan spinning wildly. The smirk dropped when he saw the horror stricken look on his dear bloody sister's face. With a growl he unsheathed his sword.

The Uchiha was angry; he lashed out at the first person he saw, some out of shape blond man that was idly standing near him. The man fell to the ground, his chest sliced open from the strike of Izuna's sword. Still the bloodshed did not quench his anger. He raised his sword and began to cut through the remaining men who stood between him and his sister.

Naomi could not move her body. No matter how hard she tried she could not will her feet to move. She could not close her eyes or even move them off the horrible scene in front of her. Tobirama was only a few paces a head of her, on his knees and clutching his wounded side in pain, and Izuna was quickly making his way to her. She had been trained for such an event, trained to fight and to protect herself in case something ever happened to her, but she was not prepared for this. The sight of blood did not affect her quite like seeing her brother, the very brother who had sworn to protect her with his life, tearing people down with his blade so viciously did. It scared her. No, it down right terrified her.

In her eyes, Izuna was not the type of person to mindlessly slaughter people; but then this was the first time she had seen him in a real battle. This was exactly what her father had wanted to protect her against and they had all defied his orders. Naomi could not decide if that had been the right call or not but it was too late. She had seen the worst in Izuna and in that moment she was not sure if she was ever going to forget what she had seen.

Tobirama pulled Naomi from her thoughts when he pulled her away from the bodies and closer to the wall nearest to them. She numbly followed him, finally tearing her eyes away from the scene and to the Senju's pale face. He was paler than normal and obviously in pain. She found herself shivering against him though her entire body felt like it was on fire. As she tried to focus on anything but the sounds of the battle behind her she felt the room spin. She was not aware of the arms that caught her as she fell to the ground or the horrified scream of her name from both Tobirama and Izuna. By the time she started to fall her fever had spiked and she lost consciousness.

Izuna had taken every one in the room down, leaving himself along with Tobirama and Naomi standing. That relative peace did not last long as Izuna had hoped; he had thought that if he could defeated their common enemies he and Tobirama could get his sister out and they would go their separate ways. He was wrong. Just as he turned to speak to the two he saw Naomi pass out. Tobirama caught her as they both shouted her name. The amount of pain the Senju was in was evident on his face as he cradled Naomi to his chest. Her nightgown was stained with his blood, and for a moment he felt concern for his rival but his overall concern was for Naomi. She was shivering harshly even though it was not that cold in the room.

"Izuna-sama!" Koharu called from above them. Izuna looked up to see that the hole was opened again, and much larger than it was before, and nodded at his clansman and the Senju who opened it.

"Figure out a way to get these two out of here. I need to go find Hedeaki and Michi." Izuna ordered and, once getting the nod of acknowledgment from the other Uchiha, turned and ran out of the room. He had left the two to guard the hallway just in case someone came that way while he looked for Tobirama and Naomi. Once he found them a few steps from where he had left them he guided them back to the room where only Tobirama remained. The two earth users had created a staircase that lead to the top of the hole; Kiyoshi and Ryota were helping Tobirama up the stairs carefully. Michi ran up behind the trio and provided support for Tobirama as he walked up the shaking stairs. Hedeaki and Izuna waited until the four were at the top before running up them.

When they exited the room from the hole, Koharu and Kenshin closed it. On the surface was more dead bodies and from the break in the tree line Izuna could see members of both clans approaching them. Daiki was holding Naomi as Michi tended to Tobirama's injury. It was tense as the group waited for the two clans to approach them. It barely took five minutes for the two clan leaders to stop in front of them but to Izuna it felt like it had been hours. He was nervous and worried. Nervous because Tobirama had been hurt and he wouldn't put it past Butsuma to end the truce for such a reason even if it was not Izuna's fault; worried because his sister was looking worse by the minute. He feared that he had been too late and he was about to lose his precious sister regardless of their attempts. He had already lost three brothers and while he had been upset by their loose he was even more afraid to lose Naomi. She was his only sister.

Hashirama, despite Butsuma's orders to remain behind him, ran ahead when he saw his brother being treated by Michi. Though he was not the best when it came to medical ninjutsu he still wanted to help his brother feel better. His eyes glanced briefly to the dark haired girl that was resting in the arms of one of the Uchiha. He was sure that when she did not look so sick she was a sight to see. Even then as she laid unconscious, dark circles under her eyes and blood stained clothes, she looked refined. She looked like an innocent angel to him; the thought made him smile.

Butsuma said nothing as he stopped in front of the group. He merely looked down at his youngest son who was trying to mask his pain. He shot a glance at the Uchiha girl and frowned. He could see why Tajima had tried to keep her existence a secret from outside clans. She was beautiful and would make the perfect wife for the lucky man who got to have her hand in marriage.

Tajima kneeled down next to his daughter, Madara and Izuna following suit, and took her out of Daiki's arms. Everyone who was around the small family could see how worried Tajima and his two sons were for Naomi. The girl clutched her father's shirt as tightly as she could manage and pressed her face into the man's chest.

Though there was no spoken agreement, Butsuma knew that it would be better to leave the Uchiha alone for the moment. Tajima was not the type of man to show weakness and he had instilled that in the two sons who had survived their childhood but even the Senju leader could see that he was about to crack. He had his own wounded child to take care of anyways. With a short command Hashirama and Kenshin helped Tobirama to his feet and the Senju clan were on their way. Butsuma did not follow right away. Instead he turned to face Tajima, a frown settled deep on his lips.

"Thank you for your help in finding my son. I hope your daughter recovers Tajima." With that he was on his way, leaving the Uchiha clan behind him.

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