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Why hello my fellow readers. It has been a while, hasn't it.

To recap events from last time, Team RWBY were hurled into many universes across the Multiverse because it is part of a test for a certain Initiate.

Team RWBY have come across many strange worlds during their travels and made many new friends.

During their travels, they have met many Initiates from one universe to the next who are trying to claim the spot of the Multiversal Controller, a being capable of manipulating all universes and is one of the five caretakers. Yet along the way, one of the Initiates has been helping them and showed them his past, especially about a woman named Blanc who became Elizabeth Schnee sometime later.

Yet while traveling across the many universes, something has happened on Remnant, and it wasn't just the BUTTERFLY EFFECT that took place because of Roman Torchwicks captured because of Initiate 2575's interference.

A fox Faunus man named Dunkle Schokolade and the revised Merlot Industries has appeared after many humans have started to accept Faunus because of the Butterfly Effect. Not only that, he established a fifth kingodm, the Kingdom of Menagerie. The place where humanity have forced many Faunus a long time ago. They are using technology that is far more advance than that of Atlas.

Because these technologies were given from another universe that is home to our SECOND enemy, the GRAND EMPIRE. However, we have a new Multiversal Controller thanks to 2575's better half's sacrifice while saving Team RWBY from him which thanks to that, he has now ascended. Team RWBY has returned to their home universe and discovered that things have changed in a week on Remnant, but 19 Days for them

But enough of catch-up, now that Team RWBY have traveled, it is time that their world has become the receiving end. You might ask, why send random people into this universe and what will happen? Only one way to find out.

The Dark Void

So, Multiversal Controller, how do you feel? "I feel...I feel..I feel so powerful and completely whole. I feel like I can do anything." Glad to hear it, but what are you gonna do now? "You said that the Grand Empire has a fix on Remnant and are ready to find out where we are?" Yes and the Creator said we are forbidden to...have our ways with it anymore. "Well then, I have an idea that would draw our enemy in one spot and lay a trap for...HER." I see. "OOOOOOO! I would love to see what you have in mind! This is going to be exciting!" "Calm yourself Scientist! You will see soon enough." "Mind if I tag along?" "Of course old friend, I may need your help with some...minor details." [Play Suburban Knights theme from Channel Awesome on YouTube]

AN: Here is a reminder: (there are some changes)


-Dutch Lycorise: Age-15. 5'5". Male. Fox Faunus (Ears and Tail). Dark Brown Shaggy Suave Hair. Hazel Eyes. White Complexion. Black shirt with a head of a fox in the color of silver with nine tails. Green leather jacket with short sleeves with a metal pauldron on the left shoulder. Blue jeans with a black leather belt. Fingerless black gloves. Light brown hiking boots with green laces with white streaks. Semblance: Unknown. Weapon: Unknown.

-Albele Schokolade: Age-Unknown. Female. 5'7". B99-W58-H90. Fox Faunus (Ears and Tail). Pale Complexion. Long hip-length white hair. Red eyes. White t-shirt with her belly showing. Dark red biker jacket with white lines on the sleeves going to the neck. A black choker with a heart-shape diamond. Black pants. Brown boots. Weapon: A red electric guitar with colored buttons on the neck instead of strings that can transform into an axe which is called Musical Cleave. Not spoiling the semblance.

-Ringo Caramel: Age-17. Female. 5'6". B77-W58-H88. Tanuki Faunus (Ears). Short red hair with a green streak on left side and a yellow on the right. Slightly tan complexion. One green eye and one yellow. Brown blouse with a yellow tie and a three colored apple design on her left chest. Red & green checkered skirt that is similar to Ruby's and Weiss'. Platform boots that are brown but the bottom of them are red. Also has gauntlets similar to that of the ones from Assassin's Creed that has a woodland design with blades and guns called Woodsman's Demise. Plus it also has a collapsible mirror. Semblance: Reflection Redirection. Uses mirrors to redirect enemy attacks. [Get it, apples and mirrors?]

-Kuro Kirsche: Age-17. 5'8". Male. Wolf Faunus (Ears). Spiky black hair. Yellow eyes. Pale complexion. Wears a black armored ninja outfit but no head gear or mask. A black bandana that he uses to cover his nose and mouth when ready for battle. On the back, he has a red Japanese-style drawing of a terrifying wolf's head. Carries a high-frequency katana with a black blade called Murasame, which can cut through anything that doesn't have an aura protecting it. He also carries shurikens and smoke bombs. Semblance: Shadow Leap. Allows him to teleport at a certain distance without making any noises and allows him to blend in the shadows.


-Pepper Mint: Age-17. 5'3". Female. Deer Faunus (Antlers). B85-W57-H89. Mint green hair tied in a ponytail. Blue eyes. Dark complexion. Wears a buddhist monk outfit that is green with her emblem being a mint candy with a wreath made of peppermint leaves on her chest, brown sandals, and wears a necklace made of beads that are white with red swirls on it like a peppermint candy. Her weapon of choice is a pair of pistols that shoot different colored lasers. Green for summoning tornadoes, red for fire, and white for kinetic blasts. This weapon can turn into daggers and then combined to make a dual blade staff which it is called Gozen. Her semblance is Plant Manipulation.

-Iris Poppy: Age-17. 5'7". Female. Dog Faunus (Golden Retriever Ears & Tail). B90-W60-H87. Olive complexion. Short violet hair with some yellow on the top like an iris flower. Red eyes. Wears a red corset dress with dark red in the middle and the upper part and sleeves are crimson with flower-like cufflings, the skirt however is blue with violet swirling stripes and a white lace, wearing a blue ribbon as a belt that carries her weapon, yellow stockings and blue low-heeled boots, a red scarf that has her emblem which is an iris flower with three crimson poppies that are in the gaps between the iris petals. A snake sword (or whip sword) with a revolver like mechanism at the hilt similar to Weiss' Myrtenster called Scorpiris. Semblance: Mist Creation, the ability to create mist by using the water molecules in the air. Also has earrings with poppies on them.

-Napier Green: Age-17. 6'1". Male. Human. White complexion. Yellow eyes. Spiky green hair. Appears very muscular. Wears a collared green shirt with a white tank top with his emblem of a yellow right-handed fist holding five lightning bolts, yellow shorts with green stripes on the sides, green and white sneakers with pictures of lighting bolts on the sides and white tube socks, and wears a metallic mongkol on his head. He wears metal samurai wrist bracers with some tiny tesla coils on it called Zeus. His semblance is Electricity Manipulation and Generation which not only increase his strength and speed and makes him immune to electricity, he can also cast them in the form of sparks and bolts. A side effect of using his semblance is that when he gets angry, his hair and eyes turn electric blue.

-Tan Mao: Age-17. 5'9". Male. Cat Faunus (Ears). Pale Complexion. Golden eyes. Brown hair in a braided ponytail. Sleeveless tan colored Chinese shirt and white pants with a blue martial arts belt. His weapon is a pair of gauntlets, greaves, and boots made of metal with an oriental design with small saws on the heel of the boots and they are named Chun-Kuk-Do. His semblance involves ice which he can manipulate and generate and he can make it so sharp and dense, he can use it to create blades for his gauntlets.

Team LLAC (Lilac)

-Lily Lilac: Age-17. 5'8". Female. Human. B80-W60-H88. White complexion. Lilac colored hair with curly, ringlet pigtails that rest on her shoulders and being hold by pink scrunchies. Orange eyes. Wears a lavender colored sweater with metal armor around the torso and shoulder armor with her emblem being a white lily with some lilac branches between the gaps of the petals and metal elbow pads, magenta colored cotton gloves with the fingertips removed, cargo pants with metal knee pads, and white sneakers with orange lilies on the sides. Her weapon of choice is a rifle that can turn into a naginata and can still shoot like Ruby's Crescent Rose. This weapon is named Nanako Takeko. Her semblance is petal creation and manipulation, she can create flower petals in the air and have them become razor sharp. Speaks in a French accent.

-Lou Bell: Age-17. 6'1. Male. Goat Faunus (Horns and ears). Copper complexion. Teal eyes. Neatly combed blue hair with a light blue cowboy hat covering it with a hawk feather sticking out from the left side. Wears a red t-shirt with a blue buckskin jacket over it with white patches on the shoulders with three bluebell flowers on it with two crossed muskets, blue buckskin pants with brown chaps and two brown leather belts, a dark blue bandolier worn over his chest that carries his ammo, and brown cowboy boots with spurs on them. His weapon is a musket-like gun that can fire 10 shots and can transform into a spear and is known to have three blue feathers on it called Alamo. His semblance is Deadeye, allows him to slow time down for a few seconds and locks on his targets and quickly fire his weapon at blazing speeds.

-Aero Acacia: Age-17. 6'0". Male. Gazelle Faunus (Antlers). Dark brown complexion. Orange eyes yet wears sunglasses. Shaved head but wears an akubra. Wears an orange T-shirt with a yellow safari jacket over it with a white patch on his right shoulder that is his emblem which is a golden sun with a red acacia tree in it, brown cargo pants with a steel chain on the left side and a red belt, and a pair of safari boots. His weapon is a sniper rifle that can fire up to six shots and can transform into a chainsword called Vasily. His semblance is Hunter's Vision, allows him to see everything from different visions such as heat, x-ray, ultraviolet, soundwave detection and see people's aura. Speaks Australian accent.

-Cyan Xing: Age-17. 6'0". Male. Bull Faunus (Horns). White complexion. Black hair in a samurai topknot. Cerulean eyes. Wears a cyan samurai armor for torso and shoulders along with the emblem of a white star on the front with crossed katanas, turquoise wrist bands and turquoise sash around the waist, light blue pants with cyan samurai leggings, and turquoise boots. His weapon is twin katanas that can turn into a dual bladed staff he calls Hattori. His semblance is Aerial Slash, which allows him to create slashes in the air to slice objects from a far distance. He can also use Dust for different effects.


-Feu Pyros: Age-17. 6'2". Human. Male. Spiky maroon hair. Burgundy eyes. Tan complexion. He is muscular considering that he wears an unzipped red jacket with hood that has his emblem being a shield with a flame on it, red tinted sunglasses on his head, red fingerless combat gloves, two gold earrings on his left ear, black jeans, black shoes with straps rather than laces, and a chain for a belt with his emblem as a belt buckle. He carries a sword with him simply called Blazer because it is custom made for his semblance. His Semblance is the ability to generate and manipulate heat. He can use his semblance to heat up his sword and set it on fire and can use it to melt metal objects or burn people.

-Ignis Crimson: Age-17. 5'9". Tiger Faunus (Ears and tail). Male. Crimson pompadour hair. Rust colored eyes. Dark complexion. Wears a jasmine colored t-shirt with an orange coat with gold buttons and shoulder pads draped over his shoulders, baggy orange pants with his emblem on his left leg which is a set of gold torches with a crown between the flames, a fuchsia headband with the words 'Beat it!' on it, fingerless green glove on his left hand and a black bracer on the other, and white and black shoes. His weapon is a crossbow that can turn into a crimson colored axe called Parashu. His semblance is Blazing Speed, he can turn into a fireball and travel at high speeds while leaving a trail of flames.

-Ruddy Red: Age-17. 5'5". Lion Faunus (Ears). Male. White complexion. Red eyes. Long gold blonde, messy hair. An orange t-shirt with a red suit like rockstars wear over the shirt with his emblem being a golden chaos symbol with a red sun in the middle on his left shoulder while the right has a skull with fangs on it, auburn gloves and boots, and maroon pants with mahogany colored pads on the knees and a belt on his left thigh with a silver lion as a buckle. His weapon is a pair of silver gauntlets with a gothic design with retractable blade claws called Simba. His semblance is Burning Anger, the angrier he gets the more damage he deals and sets his body a flame.

-Ebony Blaze: Age-17. 5'6'. Ram Faunus (Horns). Female. B87-W60-H90. Dark complexion. Orange hair tied in a bun with even cut bangs on her forehead. Yellow eyes. Wears a black long-sleeved suit with puffy cufflings with a fiery design with some cleavage showing and the neck part is attacked to a golden choker with a flaming heart-shape ruby on it, she wears a metal plated skirt that is painted cardinal and has a red sunflower emblem on the side, tangelo colored stockings, and amber colored high-heeled boots with zippers on it. Her weapon is a spear with three blades that can transform into a laser cannon that can lock on it's target called Gungnir. Her semblance is Solar Beam, she can harness the power of the sun and shoots it into a highly powerful focused beam without Gungnir, but can be super powerful with it.