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Mountain Glenn Merlot Branch Building/Sub-Basement 19/Friday/5:01 pm

Team DARK walks down a hallway in one of the sub-basements of the building with Dunkle, Angelica, Ryu, and Taiga to some sort of plot brewing. Albele is holding on to Ryu's arm, as if she is his lover. "Um, could you please let go?" Ryu says with an awkward tone. Albele just giggle as she continues to hold his arm. "I'm so sorry about my daughter, Kingpin Ryu. She...wants to experience love." That is actually a lie. Albele is actually ambitious and has this desire to become royal. Which is why she tried to get Dutch, I mean Arthur, but failed.

Angelica just laugh, "Oh come on now. This young lady is interested in you." Taiga just let out an annoyed sigh, "Honestly, I'll never understand." Ringo is puzzled on what is going on. "Sooooooo, what are we doing?" Dutch turned the dial of his glamour charm to become Arthur. "We're going to see the Empress. My mother." Ringo and Kuro stopped with surprised look on their faces. They are completely taken by surprise to hear that they are going to meet the Empress of the Grand Empire herself.

Arthur turned around with a serious look on his face, "Are you guys coming?" The two snapped out of it and catch up with the group. They turn at a corner and see very familiar ninjas. One of them stepped out of the crowd of ninjas, "It's been awhile my son." "Father?" Kuro said surprised. "That is correct. I have also been summoned by the prince's request. I wish to see this empress that the clan is going to serve." Dunkle then presses a button on the wall and a secret door opens.

Everyone except the other ninjas walked down a large spiraling staircase until they reach a massive room with what appears to be a large and imposing throne with smaller thrones around the circular room. Ryu, Angelica, and Taiga sat on one of the thrones near the door as the others started to kneel down and heads facing the floor. Then a giant hologram of a woman in a white and gold kimono appeared on the large throne. Then smaller holograms started to fill in the empty ones until seventeen out of twenty seats have been filled.

One hologram shows a kitsune with elf years wearing a formal military uniform with lots of medals. He is Yamato Nobunaga Date Draco-Kitsune, Head of the Military and first born. Another one with elf traits is a female with glasses and a white business suit. She is Natalia Matilda Caroline Draco-Kitsune, Head of Businesses and Treasurer of the Grand Empire and second born. Next is another half-elf half-kitsune man wearing what appears to be wizard robes. He is Merlin Seimei Sakurai Draco-Kitsune, Head of the Arcane Arts and Magic and third born. Another is a male Kitsune wearing a green business suit with some Celtic trimming. He is Toka Onizaki Benjamin Dracon-Kitsune, Head of Diplomacy and sixth born. (*097^&OIScw8

The fuck?

Empress: "Greetings, my children. What do you wish to report?"

Arthur: "Greetings to you too, mother. I have brought my teammates along with the leader of the Kirsche Ninja Clan."

Yamato: "May I see you're face, Mr. Kirsche?"

The ninja leader raised his head to reveal his face towards the holograms of the figures. After a few seconds, he stared back on the floor again. His hands started to shake a little as Kuro noticed it. Kuro then started to look up along with Ringo. After another few seconds, they face the floor again with the look of dread on their faces. 'What the hell is going on?' Ringo though to herself while being scared as her hands started to shake. 'What is this feeling? Why do I feel intimidated? But she is just a giant hologram. So why?'

Arthur: "I wish to give you my report. And, I have made my decision of this world."


Okay, what the fuck is going on? Let's see here...It's not the probes...Not the scanners...Oh, here's the problem. Someone is trying to cross dimensions. Computer, begin analysis.






-Source Found-
-Uploading Record From File-

Wait, what?

-Entity Identified-
-Entity: Zackery Masayoshi Orion-

[Give it up for Lewamus Prime for actually requesting me to put in his character in this story. If you are interested to know who he is, do a search on Deviant Art.]

Oh. Him again. *sigh* Let's see about that.

Vacuo Desert/Afternoon

A portal opened over the sands of the Desert of Vacuo as Zackery came crash landing into the sands screaming. He pulled his head out of the sand and shake it off as the portal began to close. He takes a good look at his surroundings and said to himself, "Dammit. Oh well, guess I'll take the long way."

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